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Sean Lock's 15 Minutes of Misery

Radio 4
late 1998/early 1999 (six programmes)

Sean Lock, otherwise known as a stand-up purveyor of sharp-edged whimsy, wrote and starred in what was basically an honest celebration of the English at their most miserable and irritating.  The show was supposedly presented from Lock’s council flat halfway up a neglected tower block: his musings on life were interspersed with scenes from the lives of the other residents, provided courtesy of the ‘Bugger King’ (“nothing to do with meat or sex”), a device installed by his plumber which allowed him to listen in to what was going on in each of the other flats.  All the additional voices were supplied by Kevin Eldon and Hattie Hayridge.  Easily the funniest of Sean’s neighbours was Honest Alf (a one-joke character, but a truly great joke at that): Alf’s sense of probity was so highly developed that, on absent-mindedly humming a tune, he would immediately phone the Performing Rights Society to check how much he owed them for the privilege.

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