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Quando Quando Quando

Radio 4
1999 (six episodes)

Cartoonish quarter-hour oddity that made few concessions to its audience's understanding.  "Quando Quando Quando" -- apart from being the title song -- was, so we were told, a kind of hairdressing hypermarket, with hundreds of basins on multiple floors, presided over by three brothers with the surname Quando: Rene (the creative genius), Carlo (the financial wizard) and Charlie (the family idiot).  The Italian superstars' hectic misadventures involving local crime firms, large-headed VIPs, etc, were interspersed with bits of documentary reportage on the salon and a lame "I want to look like..." running joke.  The series was written by comics Rainer Hersch (All Classical Music Explained) and Mark Maier, who also performed various of the numerous roles.  The cast was completed by Catherine Tate and Stephen Greif. 

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