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Truly, Madly, Bletchley

Radio 4
1997 (six episodes)

Of inestimable value on account of its title alone, this quarter-hour sketch show charted moments of high drama among the members of a local council in the Home Counties.  The material was usually connected to the premiss rather tenuously, if at all, and included a plethora of wilfully meandering idea gags.  Julian Dutton wrote the series and also appeared, anchoring each programme as Councillor Dutton.  His co-stars were, in the first series, Liz Fraser, David Battley, Toby Longworth and Simon Godley, and in Series Two Fraser again, Matthew Bell, Stephen Critchley and Peter Hugo-Daly.  Also appearing each week were the local tea room’s resident band, Enrico Valdez and his Orchestra, featuring Mickey Binelli (both of whom may well be apocryphal, but are dutifully indexed here anyway); in Series Two the Orchestra accompanied the talents of a special guest, chanteuse Cleo Rocos, best known as the one-time muse of Kenny Everett.

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