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Radio 4
Series One 1999 (six episodes)
Series Two 1999 (four episodes)

A novel solution to the problem of finding reliable radio sitcom material, Bristow was derived from the long-running syndicated cartoon strip of the same name.  The strip, which has appeared in various regional and national newspapers since 1962, concerns the misadventures of the eponymous hero, an unconventional buying clerk with the faceless Chester Perry Organisation, and his ill-assorted colleagues. Bristow's creator, cartoonist Frank Dickens, wrote the scripts himself: his three-frame graphic source material adapted surprisingly easily into half-hour audio shows, resulting in a polished sitcom farce with a traditional flavour.  Apparently, five of the first six episodes were based directly on material which had appeared in print during the strip's formidable 37-year history.  Michael Williams played Bristow himself, with Rodney Bewes as his hapless workmate Jones and a supporting cast including Dora Bryan, Owen Brenman and Jon Glover. 

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