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Protesting Too Much

Radio 4
1997 (six episodes)

A sitcom by Kate Brooke and Sally Phillips, reflecting the growth of environmental protest in Britain.  The series is set shortly before the 1997 general election, and ineffectual Tory backbencher George Dank (John Fortune) is staring defeat in the face.  His constituency is the proposed site for a major new bypass which is about to become a target for roads protesters, and, in a desperate bid to attract some kind of support, the MP agrees to join the campaign if the road goes ahead.  Work on the bypass duly begins, and George and his family find themselves living up a tree, and discover aspects of the life which hold a definite appeal for them.  Eleanor Bron played George’s wife, and Louisa Millwood-Haigh his daughter; the series also featured Brian Bowles, Elliott Nicholls, Kevin Eldon and co-writer Phillips.

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