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The Bodgers

Radio 4
Series One 1986?
Series Two 1987?
Also known as “Bodgers, Banks and Sparkes” (see below)

Sketch show with a bit of a narrative, notable as the programme which (eventually) brought together the team who went on to make Absolutely for Channel 4.  The original cast — the Bodgers themselves — were Moray Hunter, Jack (formerly known as John) Docherty, Gordon Kennedy and Pete Baikie, the last of whom also did the music.  After a few programmes, this team were joined by Morwenna Banks and John Sparkes (who were, we can only assume, not Bodgers): very unusually, the title changed mid-series, becoming Bodgers, Banks and Sparkes.  All six then went on to Absolutely, which ran for several series from 1989, and led to numerous other TV series featuring different permutations of the same team.  Several Absolutely favourites, including “mr don and mr george”, received their first broadcast outing on the radio show.

© JB Sumner 1999. Based on info provided by Simon Davis.  Minor edit 16/5/99