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Seymour the Fractal Cat
Radio 4

A complex and wonderfully inventive fantasy series by Gary Parker.  Paul Bown (of ITV’s Watching) played Jeremy Stone, a redundant young computer programmer who develops the revolutionary Chaos Analysis Transformer, or CAT.  His computer Omni-Tec (voiced by the poet John Hegley), which turns out to be part of a global artificial-intelligence conspiracy to take over the world, promptly applies the CAT to another sort of cat — Jeremy’s pet kitten Seymour — rewiring his brain to transform him from a dumb animal to the wisecracking hero of the title (American comedian Greg Proops in arguably his perfect role).  There follows a series of suitably chaotic misadventures as Seymour and Jeremy, together with psychotherapist and love interest Nathalie (Nisha K Nayar), spineless acquaintance Michael (Robert Bathurst) and the increasingly morally confused Omni-Tec, go on the run from the might of the Large Artificial Intelligence Network and the minions of Jeremy’s former employer, who also has an interest in acquiring the CAT.  They soon discover that nothing is ever as it seems, and there is no manual for Earth marked “Read me first”…

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