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Richard Barton – General Practitioner!

Radio 4
One-off special, October 1997
Full series 1998 (five programmes)

Dick Barton — Special Agent! is a fondly-remembered and much-imitated action adventure serial created by Edward J Mason in 1946.  This affectionate update was actually created by Mason’s son, Lol Mason, and featured Robert Bathurst as Richard Barton, a rural doctor, whose now-retired father Dick (Moray Watson) was still very much alive, if not entirely in control of his faculties, and still capable of bringing a touch of derring-do to the quiet countryside.  Julian Dutton played the younger Dick in flashback sequences, Iain Cuthbertson appeared as Dick’s faithful sidekick Jock, and Richard’s wife Sally was played by Sally Phillips in the original programme and Matilda Ziegler in the series.

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