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North East of Eden

Radio 4
1997 (six episodes)

Sitcom by Peter Kerry.  Sophisticated metropolitan GP Marcia (Rebecca Front) inherits her uncle’s medical practice on the windswept island of Paradise, just off the northeast coast of England.  Activity on the island being by and large limited to fishing, drinking and watching violent action adventure films on the big screen at the island’s only pub, Marcia is at first alienated, but gradually comes to find common cause with the islanders via some heroic rescues, an unfortunate brush with HM Customs and Excise, the unsmooth course of true love and a shared disrespect for the fearsome Mrs Peevis (Jean Southern).  Joan Sims played Marcia’s Auntie Annie, a local historian engaged in correcting the distinctly fanciful folklore of Paradise, and James Garbutt, Sammy Johnson and Stephen Thirkeld appeared as island fishermen.

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