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Sean Lock's 15 Storeys High

Radio 4
1999 (six programmes)

As might be guessed from the title, this was effectively a continuation of Sean Lock's 15 Minutes of Misery, now filled out to the standard half-hour episode length.  The 'Bugger King' was absent this time around, but the device of broadcasting snippets from the lives of Sean's fellow flat-dwellers remained.  For this series, Lock gained a co-writer, Martin Trenaman, and his maundering character (whose solitude had driven him to sending a birthday card to his kettle) accordingly gained a flatmate in the shape of Errol, a rather naïve Lincolnshire exile.  Life in Flat 76 was thereafter punctuated by various mishaps revolving around art, children, an unfortunate incident involving a swan, and Errol's abortive career as a trainee fish-sexer.  Other roles in the series were played by Felix Dexter, Jenny Éclair, Tim Mitchell, Tracy-Ann Oberman, Chris Pavlo and Peter Serafinowicz; the scripts were edited by Robert Fraser-Steele. 

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