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The Adventures of John and Tony

Radio 4
1999 (four programmes)

A series of audio adventures written by poet John Hegley, and also starring him in the role of keen traveller John, whose sidekick Tony McKenna (a recurring character in Hegley's poems) was here played by Simon Munnery of Alan Parker/League Against Tedium fame.  The four pieces, which were quite different in style -- and spilled over once or twice into a self-indulgence absent from Hegley's shorter works -- included a version of his play A Tale of Two Tenting, a glasses-based version of the Nativity story, and an account of a hiking holiday conducted entirely in rhyme.  Terry Malloy, Sunny Ormonde, Andy Hockley and John Korne played additional roles, and original music was provided by regular Hegley collaborator Nigel Piper. 

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