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Slices of Life
Radio 1
Series One 1995
Series Two 1995

Hour-long show presented by cartoonist and stand-up comedian Phill Jupitus.  Like Alan’s Big 1FM, this was a ragbag of comic ideas with no real theme, although the basic set-up was that the show was supposedly presented from Jupitus’ house, hence items like “Garage Band” (a different live band each week, performing from — yes — the garage), and complications when Mark E Smith of the Fall moved into the spare bedroom.  Other features included “1FM’s first on-air relationship-trashing service, the Chuckline” and bizarre characters such as overenthusiastic “master builder” Geoff Docherty and gormless personal assistant Tricia Yates.  All of these were voiced by just two actors, Alan Francis and Ronnie Ancona.  Jupitus had an engaging radio presence, announcing the first music track with a cheery “If it starts jumping don’t worry, I’ll put the next one on…”  Some of the Series Two programmes were broadcast from the Edinburgh Festival: for these, the title was altered to Slices of Edinburgh.

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