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The Unauthorised Biography of the United Kingdom

Radio 4
aka (in some listings) 'The Unauthorised Biography of the British Isles'
1999 (four programmes)

In the era of devolution, this was a series aiming to dissect the fragile and complex identities constructed at both individual and corporate levels by the UK's various nationalities, or, failing that, to make jokes about them.  Andrew Rawnsley was the chair for these half-hour comic discussions in the Friday/Saturday 'topical things' slot, with a suitably representative panel consisting of Rob Brydon (Wales), Stuart Maconie (England), Tim McGarry (Northern Ireland) and Bruce Morton (Scotland).  Each of the four shows was themed around, and recorded in, a different panellist's homeland.  Also present, in the role of "impartial observer", was Kevin Hayes from the Republic of Ireland (described in the series as "the one that got away").

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