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Trowa looked down 50 ft at the ground beneath him. It certainly did not look
like what Duo had called "fun". The water rushed through the slide in front
of him as he sat down reluctantly peering into the dark corridor of the tube.
Nope not fun. He briefly recalled Quatre exiting the slide a few moments
before the 10,000 (at least it seemed like that many) stair climb and the
look the blond boy had on his face was quite...unique.

    He couldn't understand what had happened to caused Quatre to blush so
terribly. Duo on the other hand simply exited with a ridiculous grin
plastered to his face looking for all the world like he was high and
immediately ran up to slide down again. Heero had bravely volunteered to be
the first one down and after stepping away from the ending looked a bit
disturbed. He had whispered to Wufei the secret of the mysterious tunnel after
which the pilot of Shenlong refused to even set foot near the entrance.

    Trowa pondered all of this before taking the final shove off with his
arms feeling a rush as he felt the first dip down waving a fond goodbye to
his stomach. The speed caused his bang to be lifted and pushed back from his
face and he could see for the first time in years out of both eyes. It was
short lived as he was assailed with torrents of water on the way down. His
stomach may have deserted him long ago but he still could not fathom why this thing had evoked such a reaction from the others.

    He was about to shrug everything off when suddenly light broke through
and he was at the end, ride almost over. It was then he felt the strong jets
of water shooting quickly up his legs and underneath his swimtrunks even
until a tremendous surge of water filled him completely inside sending an
immense jolt of pleasure up his spine. He flushed with embarrassment, the
water exiting as quickly as it came when he stood. *Now* everything made
sense. He looked down in dismay noticing the obvious erection which was
visible through the swim trunks plastered to his body. He decided perhaps the
pool for a while...

    "Oi Trowa! Enjoy the ride?!" came the shout from Duo who had just exited
after what must have been his 10th time on. Trowa blinked at him feeling the
heat returning to his face as he looked away in embarrassment. Duo shot him a
knowing look before grabbing him by the arm tugging him in the direction of
the stairs.

"Wanna go on again?" he asked with a wink. Trowa simply nodded.

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