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Cinderelena (part 3)


"You cried, lady? Never fear! Your knight in shining armor is here to save you!" A boy leapt into her room easily. Not quite an easy feet considering that her room was three floors up and the only access was a staircase that was barred by Lady Une. The boy grinned rakishly and tossed his long brown braid over his shoulder and smoothened out his black priest-like clothing.

"Whatís up, Relena?"

"I called you over 24 hours ago," she bit out, glaring at him.

"Hey, hey, I was busy!" Duo protested. Besides, he told himself. If I didnít owe you for that one time I wouldnít even be near here.

"The Crown Prince Heero has returned," Relena informed him. She waited expectantly for a reaction. And waited. And waited. "Well?"

"So? Iím just a street rat. Royalty doesnít concern me," Duo shrugged and perched on an old rickety chair.

"I want to attend the ball."

"The one theyíre holding tonight? Then why are you here?" Duo asked in surprise. He laced his fingers together and blinked at her.

"Have you ever noticed my clothes?" Relena asked sarcastically as she fingered the holes in the faded dress. "Besides, Lady Une barred the door. I canít get out. I need the Doctorís help."

"Relena, I have never known a door to stand in your way," Duo told her, wryly. "Donít you usually bash it down?"

"And get myself into an even worse mess? Iíd need a bath, which I donít have time for! Call the Doctor now!"

Duo frowned at her. "This isnít a light matter, Relena. I donít have that many wishes left."

"Duo. Call. The. Doctor. Now. Itís a matter of life or death. I need to see Heero!" Relena glared at him, arms folded over her not-very-ample bosom. Duo hesitated then brought out a small carved scythe. He rubbed it insistently and presently a glowing green smoke oozed out and coalesced into a not so young man with weird metallic eye implants and a metallic claw.

"Yo, Doctor J," Duo greeted.

"What is it?" Dr. J asked. "I was in the middle of a very important experiment, Duo. I was Ė"

"Doctor J!"

Duo saw him wince visibly. "Yes, Relena?"

"I need to be presentable to the Crown Prince."

"You do, do you?" the genie grinned viciously and waved his hand. When the smoke cleared Duo saw Relena not in a ballroom dress but in a set of black armor with a long onyx cape. Emblazoned across a bobbing balloon tied to the scythe in her hand was the word 'Deathscythe'.

"Kawaii!" Duo laughed. "Thatís cute!"


"Hey, you look presentable to me!" But Dr. J waved his hand again. This time Relena was covered in a white trenchcoat and her long hair had somehow been shaped into a mushroom-like puff around her that only allowed one eye to be seen.


Duo laughed again.

"Whatís the matter with her? She looked attractive enough to me like that," he grumbled. But he waved his hand again and this time Relena appeared in a beautiful long blue dress with her hair done up in some intricate pattern that Duo couldnít discern. Silver leaf earrings and matching jewelry adorned her.

"Thatís better," Relena admired herself, preening all the while like a peacock.

"Picky," Dr. J muttered to Duo who agreed softly. "Thatís one wish gone, Duo."

"I know. But if it keeps her out of my life it makes me happy enough," the boy nodded.

"Well, my experiments await me. Remember, thereís only a short-term warranty for those clothes, Relena. They have short shelf life and will expire exactly at 12 oíclock midnight, not a second more but maybe less. Bye."

"Wait!" Relena cried.

"What is it now?" he asked, not bothering to hide his anger.

"I said I need to look presentable."


"No woman of good reputation will be without an escort. Nor transportation."

"So you want a few Gundams to take you to the ball? I suppose Sandrock will look impressive enoughÖ"

"NO! Dress Duo up, please. And I want a proper limo," Relena stated.

"Wait! You gotta be kidding me! There is no way Iím going to the Palace!" Duo cried in alarm and started backing away.

"Sorry, Duo. But I want her out of my life too," Dr. J muttered apologetically as he caught the retreating boy by the braid and in a wave of his hand Duo was dressed in rich black clothing trimmed in gold. A black half-cloak with scarlet underneath and shining boots completed the looks.

"Iím out of limos. You get a flying carpet instead. BYE!"

Before Relena could even protest Doctor J zipped back inside the carved scythe and a large beautiful carpet appeared in his place.

Duo sighed. Might as well get it all over with. "Come on, Relena. Or weíll be late."

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