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The Kawaii Misadventures of Chibi Trowa


Once upon a time in the magical forest there was a small cottage painted
pink with a white picket fence surrounding it and a small red brick path
leading up to the doorstep. Inside this tiny dwelling lived a chibi Cupid
Quatre and and a Chibi Trowa. They were very happy together picking flowers
in the meadow during the afternoons after breakfast and at night they'd sit
cuddling watching the stars in the sky. Everything in their small world was a
perfect picture of domesticity. Chibi Trowa would wear a little frilly pink
apron and make breakfast humming a song and make dinner when chibi Cupid Quatre would have to leave to spread love all over the world with his magical sugar pink heart arrows.

     Everything was going fine until one day chibi Trowa happened to find a
bag of arrows with his name on them hidden under the bed. He wondered if
chibi Cupid Quatre had used the arrows on him to make him fall in love.
Broken hearted the sad little chibi ran out of the house as fast as his
little legs could carry him crying his eyes out. determined to find true love
this time. He wandered through the woods, suddenly very afraid because it
was growing dark and he realized he was far away from home. He could hear the wild animals howling in the distance and he  ran until he spotted a cave
nearby. He ducked inside fearing what might be lurking out there as he
ventured deeper into the cave.

    Chibi Trowa huddled against a wall, hearing the whipping wind outside
feeling very afraid. He was trying to catch his breath when the howling of a
wolf was approaching more steadily. He leaned closer against the wall hoping
to go undetected hearing the noises coming closer. A growl startled him and
he turned around quickly seeing two cobalt eyes glaring at him through the
darkness. He whimpered tried running away but was grabbed from behind. Slowly and shaking Chibi Trowa summoned up his courage and spun around quickly bapped his attacker on the nose. he heard a sniffling sound behind him and noticed a small body sitting on the ground.

    As the light began to shine through from a fire deeper within the cave he
saw another small Chibi crying on the ground rubbing at his nose. What stuck
him as odd however was the two furry ears and tail the other had.

"Waah." Wailed the chibi. "You hit meee! Omae o korosu!" But instead the
chibi just cried harder and Chibi Trowa began to feel really bad.

"um.. I'm really sorry, but you scared me and I though you were a monster."
The sobbing Chibi blinked once then glared at him. He stood up brushing
himself off.

"I'm not a monster. I am Chibi Ookami Heero!" He exclaimed proudly also
baring his pointy teeth at the same time. Chibi Trowa gulped then backed

"Don't eat me..." the little chibi cried afraid of the expression he saw.

"You bapped me... and now I'm going to eat you." He growled and started
chasing Chibi Trowa around the fire in the cave.

"I'm sorry!" cried Chibi Trowa trying to get away. He jumped as Chibi Ookami
Heero dove for him and narrowly escaped being bitten as he ran out of the
cave leaving a dusty and dirty sniffling chibi behind him.

    Chibi Ookami Heero stood up saddened. He was so close to dinner, and now he would go hungry.

"Ninmu shippai" He pulled out a self destruct button and was about to blow
himself up when a black winged chibi with a braid and a scythe floated in
front of him.

"I don't think so." He grabbed the button.

"Who are you?" he growled. The other responded back giggling and fluttering
around the cave.

"I'm Chibi Shi Duo" he said smiling. "And you can't self destruct yet. I'm
Death and I said so." Chibi Shi Duo said nodding happily.

"But I failed my mission" came the immediate protest. Chibi Shi Duo pulled
out a list and read from it. "Sorry. Your time isn't for another thousand

"But what will I do in the meantime?"

"Now that..." said the flying Chibi happily "I can answer easily." He let
himself fall landing right in Chibi Ookami Heero's lap.

"You're going to spend the next thousand years with me koi."

"And then?"

"Then we're moving to my place." he added with a wink.

    After Chibi Trowa ran out of the cave he had come to a small clearing out
of breath. He was still worried about the other creatures in the forest, but
they weren't nearly as scary as the wolf that almost ate him. He was so
exhausted that he just curled into a little ball and fell asleep. When he
awoke the next morning, it was because a sharp something was poking him in
the side.

"Hey you!" Chibi Trowa rolled over blinking awake looking at a black haired
chibi with a forked tail and two little horns on his head.

"Me?" he asked pointing to himself.

"Yes you! What are you doing in my part of this forest." The chibi glared
almost as frightening as the wolf he met only this one waved around a sword.

"I was just passing through. I ran away from home and I got lost in this

"That's no excuse. Go away. I don't want you in my forest." Chibi Trowa
blinked saddened. How was he going to find true love if everyone was mean to

"B-but... why don't you want me here?"

"Because" he exclaimed haughtily, "I am Chibi Oni Wufei, the devil of
solitude, and I like being by myself. So just run back to where you came
from." He stuck his tongue out and started to walk away.

    "Wait please! Can't you help me find true love?!"

"Love?" he asked turning around.

"Well, okay maybe that's too much too soon, but we could still be friends."

"Friends? Hah! Devils don't know the meaning of the word!"

"It's the easiest thing in the world. It just means that we talk to each
other and play together." Chibi Oni Wufei eyed him speculatively.

"Does that mean I can call you bad names and punch you in the snoot?"

"That's not really the idea..."

"Then I don't want to, so there." And with that he stuck his tongue out and
walked away.
      Chibi Trowa blinked and was thinking about following him, but instead
he was stopped when he felt his arms grabbed. Flailing his little chibi legs,
he tried to free himself but the two on either side wouldn't let go. To his
left was a chibi with long blond hair grinning evilly licking his lips. What
struck Chibi Trowa as odd was his antennae and shimmery wings. The other bore much the same appearance, only with short ginger hair and a pair of funny forked eyebrows. He squirmed but couldn't break free as the two carried him off into the sky.

"He's so cute isn't he sir?"

"Indeed Mirialdo, I think we can have a lot of fun with this one."

"Um sirs..." Chibi Trowa protested as he saw the ground become smaller.

       "No sirs please, the short haired chibi said, "I am Chibi Hachi
Treize, and this is my... 'assistant' Chibi Hachi Zechs."

"Okay, but where are you taking me?"

"Ah, now that is easily answered. You see, we are taking you back to our
hive. We need a new queen."

"But I'm a boy."

"So are we" The long haired chibi said smiling ferally. Realizing he was in
quite a bad situation, Chibi Trowa begin to call for help. The two bees
laughed at him.

"scream all you want, no  one will hear you. They both laughed wickedly not
paying attention to where they were going, and flew into a tree.

       Their grip in Chibi Trowa lost, he began to plummet to the ground
crying for someone to save him. He was afraid he's hit the ground and go
splat, but it never happened because a soft cushion was underneath him.

"what?" He looked up puzzled. It wasn't a cushion, but the hand of a man.
Chibi Trowa was ecstatic. It was Ralph the woodcutter. Now he was saved.

"Chibi Trowa," he began, "What are you doing so far away from home?" Chibi
Trowa felt embarrassed now, but he told him everything that had happened as
Ralph slowly walked him back to the cottage he shared with Chibi Cupid

"But Chibi Trowa, remember, you're not the only one named Trowa." Ralph
admonished gently.


"No silly. Remember last year the Chibi Trowa bear who was terrorizing the
chibis living in the mountains?.."


       Suddenly Chibi Trowa felt horrible. He had run away from Chibi Cupid
Quatre all because he was doubtful. He started crying again.

"Don't be sad. I'm sure he'll understand." He set Chibi Trowa down in  front
of the cottage and walked off whistling. Nervously, Chibi Trowa knocked on
the door and all of a sudden Chibi Cupid Quatre bounded out and glomped him, raining kisses all over.

"Tro-chan! I missed you so much! Why did you leave me?" Chibi Trowa sniffed

"I thought you didn't love me anymore..."

"Silly Tro-chan, of course I love you where would you get an idea like that?"

"Well, I saw the arrows under the bed and..."

"I understand." Chibi Cupid Quatre started dragging him inside.

"But let me show you how much I love you." Chibi Trowa smiled, beaming from
ear to ear and nodded happily as they both skipped inside."


OKay.... that was weird but oh well ^_^;;

few things in case anyone needs to know

ookami= wolf
ninmu shippai= mission failure

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