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Cinderelena (part 6)


Five long days later, Duo sighed to himself wearily and sank down to the ground. The abandoned alley was quiet and dark, just perfect for his sullen mood. Life just didn’t seem to treat him fair at all. First he’d been having the time of his life with Heero, then the stupid bells had to remind him the time and he had to dash away. Then he’d lost the wooden scythe somewhere in the ensuing dash to escape. He’d even picked up a lot of new bruises but those would heal over time. The hole in his heart and the lost of the scythe wouldn’t however.

Infatuation, puppy-love, he’d tried to persuade himself over the last few nights. But it wasn’t, he knew it. There was something between them, something very deep and special. He’d dream about the Crown Prince during the nights and woke up feeling very horny... and no Heero there to please him. And with the scythe gone, so were the wishes.

He’d had to work twice as hard to filch food and clothing and medicine for the other children. Well, you were growing soft, he berated himself. Now he really had to exercise all his talents in stealing to keep the younger and more feeble children alive.

Little Tressa was ill with a strange fever that he could find no cause for yet, nor a cure. It was that recurring fever, which had always been mild yet suddenly, struck her down seriously this time. He and the others had kept by Tressa’s side the whole time and sponged her down in cool spring water to try to keep the fever down. The street kids couldn’t afford a physician or a healer and had to make do with what they had. He hadn’t been able to summon Doctor J to heal Tressa without the scythe and he felt so helpless to see Tressa dying slowly inches by inches before him. Just like Solo, he thought, stifling a sob as the old bitter memory rose again.

There had been many rumors and news about the Gathering Ball on the streets. Duo had heard everything from someone assassinating Heero to the Crown Prince choosing some old haggard lady to be his wife.

Thinking back, Duo wasn’t sure how it started. He and Heero had been talking about their lives in general (he didn’t exactly lie, but polished things up a little) when they both stared into each other’s eyes and suddenly SNAP! Something had fallen into place and Duo found himself reaching out to kiss Heero. The Crown Prince met him first and kissed him deeply, tongue invading into his mouth to caress and touch everything, sending thrilling bolts of pleasure all over his body.

Then the bloody bells rang and reminded him of Doctor J. Duo tightened his fists and slammed it into the brickwall, ignoring the blood that splattered everywhere to cover the surface like some mad painter's artwork. He drove his fists again and again against the wall, driving his frustration and helplessness into it.

There was no way at all he and Heero could be together, he a street rat and Heero the Crown Prince. With the scythe gone there was no way he could heal Tressa at all. Tressa was going to die and it would all be his fault. Small, little Tressa, dearer than any real sibling he might have had. And I'm going to lose her the same way I lost Solo.

Tears welled up as he slammed his fists against the now bloodied walls again.


That voice….Someone caught his hands tightly and spun him around. A boy with a dark fringe of bangs and the most intense piercing eyes glared at him and held him with a strength he hadn’t thought possible. A boy dressed not in the rich clothing of the nobility but well used old clothing that wouldn’t have set him apart from the ordinary folk.

"Stop that, Duo. You’re hurting yourself," Crown Prince Heero said softly.

I must be dreaming, Duo thought dazedly, knees turning to water and letting him sink down to the ground.

Without another word Heero tugged his hands down towards him and cleaned it off with some water from a canteen. Then he proceeded to efficiently bandage his hands with some strips of cloth cut from his cloak.

"He..Heero?" Duo stuttered. What was Heero doing in these parts? It wasn’t safe for the Crown Prince to be wandering alone in these parts. He peered around him and saw no guards at all. Heero was wandering around here by himself?

Duo didn’t realize he’d said it aloud when Heero replied him with cutting honesty.

"I was looking for you, Duo. And the guards would have been in my way."

" were?" Duo cursed his glib tongue for getting tied up now. Where was his infamous humor and slick talking?

"To return this," Heero held out the wooden scythe. Duo’s heart plummeted. Heero wasn’t looking for him. He just wanted to return the scythe.

"Oh, yeah, I must have dropped it when I split," he muttered as he mechanically picked the scythe from Heero’s outstretched hand. He froze when Heero’s other hand caught his.

"Why did you leave?" Heero demanded, pushing him gently against the wall. Duo met him straight in the eyes and applauded himself for not flinching at the angry (and hurt?) orbs boring holes deep into him.

"I made a promise, Heero," Duo answered carefully. So Heero did have an ulterior motive. Duo’s heart climbed up a few notches.

"To who? What is the nature of that promise?" he demanded, eyes a hard sheen.

"Relena," he returned. "I promised to see her home exactly at 12." Duo crooked a grin to see Heero relax minutely.

"You care about her?" Was there hesitation in that?

"Heero, I care for her as much as I care for a ... a," Duo glanced around and picked a pebble up. "As much as I care for this!" He threw the pebble far away into the air. In the distance, they both heard the agonized scream of some poor unfortunate soul. Duo sweatdropped then cleared his throat. "A promise is a promise, that’s all, Heero. I never want to see that minx again."

Heero drew closer until all he could see were his eyes. "Promise me you, Duo."

"Heero!" Duo gasped at the close burning proximity. "Isn’t..are you absolutely sure? I mean, I’m just an orphan kid on the streets! You’re the Crown Prince! What’s more, the King is already unhappy enough with Quatre and that Red Guard!"

"Do you hate me?" Heero demanded.

Duo shook his head. Oh gods, didn’t he dream of this ever since that night? Why was he refusing to simply pull Heero down and fuck him silly and love him until the end of time?

"Fuck the King," the Crown Prince said calmly. "I can deal with him. What I want to know is do you hate me?"

Duo kept silent, eyes closed, for one long moment. So long that Heero must have thought it a refusal and released his tight hold on his shoulders. "Gomen, Duo," Heero began roughly.

Duo silenced him with a kiss and proceeded to show him exactly what his feelings were about the matter.

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