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Cinderelena (part 4)


"Relax, Heero," the youth said softly beside him. The boy had jet black hair slicked back into a tail and dark obsidian eyes.

"They are not chasing after you, Wufei," Heero returned quietly while smiling woodenly to another girl. Chang Wufei was the son-in-law of the Ch’in Ambassador and had followed the ambassador here to learn of other people and customs. They had met each other in a mock-battle and respect grew between them when each realized the other was as good and skilled as himself.

"Nor are they after you," Heero told Quatre who stood on his other side and was grinning openly. Trowa was nearby too, in his duty as Quatre’s protector, although Heero knew the King still disapproved of it. The Queen, to the best of his knowledge, had voiced no protest at all and so far had shown her approval for her son. None of the girls bothered approaching Quatre; probably because Trowa wore a touch-or-even-see-Quatre-and-you’re-dead face.

"Ugh, look at that one," Wufei muttered, discreetly pointing at a girl in black with long hair and the strangest split eyebrows who was laughing loudly at some joke or other.

"Dorothy, daughter of Lady Une and Lord Kraft," Quatre identified easily.

"Ugly," Trowa observed. "Loud, crude."

"Didn’t know there were so many girls in the kingdom," Heero grumbled under his breath as a new one strode in. He lifted his eyes to examine the newest and gasped in surprise. "Wow," was all he could say.

"She does look very beautiful," Trowa observed. "Very attractive."

"Trowa!" Quatre protested, blinking wide hurt eyes at him.

"But not as much as you," Trowa finished.

"Oh, thank you, Trowa," Quatre flushed with pleasure and turned to peer at the girl. "But you are right, she does look better than most of the girls here so far."

The girl who entered with her escort had an elaborate hairstyle that accentuated the lines of her youthful face. She wore a blue dress that showed off her slim figure and was highlighted by the glittering silver jewelry she wore. All in all, she was a very pretty girl.

"Relena, daughter of Lord Kraft and the Lady Kraft," Quatre finally said. "I haven’t seen her in years. Remember her, Heero? She came to your birthday the year before you left. Heero? Heero!"

Heero was still staring at Relena who was followed by her escort, a boy with the longest braid Quatre had ever seen and black clothing that suited him very well.

"Well, looks like he is smitten," Wufei chuckled. "No more doubt at all."


"There he is, Duo!" Relena smiled triumphantly. Duo figured he could keep his temper in line. He’d never been this close to the Palace before and its splendor was overwhelming him. It was easy to keep on a pleasant, happy face. As long as he ignored Relena that is.

"I see him," Duo replied glancing at the direction she was headed. A group of four boys stood there, watching everyone else. One was a brown-haired Red Guard who stood protectively near the blond Prince Quatre. The dark haired one must be Crown Prince Heero while the other one must be the one people said was from Ch’in, wherever Ch’in was. The Crown Prince was dressed in dark green clothing with a golden circlet holding part of his dark hair back. He looked every inch the noble, handsome Prince.


"She’s coming here," said Wufei. "It must be mutual attraction."

"Heero?" Quatre glanced at his brother. Heero was still staring, fixated. Quatre nudged him, hard. "Brother, it’s rude to stare."

"Oh, sorry." Heero straightened himself as Quatre observed his impassive mask slip into action. Relena drew closer as did her escort who was looking around everywhere at everyone else, as if he tried to take everything in at once. "Heeee~ro!" the girl called out as she neared them. Heero did not reply but merely stared. She still called him with that irritating way of hers that hadn't changed over the years of his fostering away. And it still irked him enough to do something to stop it, permanently.

"Your Highness," Relena bowed upon arrival. They all waited expectantly and waited and waited, then Relena stomped the escort’s foot.

"OWW! Hey-sorry. Give me a break, would ya? May I present, the Lady Relena," the escort muttered then turned away to nurse his foot. Quatre found it comical and grinned widely. The escort caught him smiling and winked back at him.

"I’m her escort, Duo. Nice to meet you all," the youth grinned and waved, only to receive another attack from Relena, this time a discreet kick at the shins.

"It is permissible. There is no need to be so formal," Heero interrupted.

"Of course," Trowa said softly behind them, amusement in his voice.

"How is your grandfather, Heero?" Relena asked. Apparently she’d taken his admonishment to heart and addressed him on a first name basis.

Wufei noticed that Heero’s eyes were not on the young girl but rather on her escort who kept glancing around, almost as if he felt cornered.

"He is in good health, Lady Relena. Who is your escort?" Heero asked impassively. "He seems to be very worried."

Duo started. "Oh sorry. It’s a reflex action," he got out before Relena stepped in front of him smiling sweetly. Predatorily, Wufei thought privately.

"Duo is a kinsman, Heero. He is just here to make sure nothing unwanted happens to me while in the company of others as my father is deceased and I have no brothers," Relena said. Wufei caught the threatening gesture she made behind her back and hid a grin. She wanted something to happen with Heero and would kill Duo if he interfered. "Come, they are starting the music. Dance with me, please, Heero?"

Heero stared at the hand she held out then forced a slight smile. "If you do not mind, there are some things I would like to discuss with your escort."

Quatre shot a glance at his brother. Wasn’t that a bit too fast? He had barely spent five minutes in her company! But Relena’s smile grew brighter if anything else.

"Of course, Heero," Relena told him and turned to Duo. Wufei caught the slight whisper and hid his grin. "Be good, Duo. Don’t mess this up."

Relena then turned to Quatre and engaged the youth in a conversation about the latest wedding dress fashions in the street.

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