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Cinderelena (part 7)


The blond prince sank into the padded chair, weary and tired. The King already knew about him and Trowa so there was no secrets there, but he did not yet know about Heero and Duo. Heero had bounced off the King’s enquiries about a suitable bride by saying he had already considered a candidate and was investigating the candidate’s background. He had carefully made no mention of the sex of the candidate, a wise strategic move on his part.

They had all danced around the King very carefully to keep Duo a secret with aid from Wufei who grew to be very useful for excuses to be locked up in a room for private conferences. Conferences that were between Heero and Duo only that is.

Relena meanwhile, had been laboring under the idea that Heero was making plans to wed her and had made no secret of this. She had told everyone she met and boasted of it so much that it had reached the ears of the King, who by all signs seemed to approve of it. Lady Une, he heard, had made no secret that she was displeased with Relena’s behavior and that her daughter Dorothy was far more suitable for Heero.

A brown head dipped in from behind and planted a gentle kiss. "Trowa," Quatre greeted, smiling. "You’re looking very happy today."

"We have some good news and some bad news. Which would you like first?"

"Oh?" the young prince said carefully. "Is it a very big problem type of news or small stuff type?"

"Your brother never does things by half measures. He summoned Relena to Court today, along with Duo. They’ll have an audience with the King in an hour. He plans to tell everything."

"That was the good news?" Quatre asked, aghast. Their Father was sure to have a heart attack at this announcement.

"The good news is that Wufei found something that can refute your Father’s orders and make it legal for us and Heero and Duo to stay together."

"Truly?" Quatre cried happily as he leapt to his feet and embraced his lover. He pressed himself against the other boy as he started a series of slow, wet, hot kisses. "Is the door locked?" he murmured. Trowa’s arms came up to embrace him tightly as he responded favorably to Quatre’s attentions.

"Should bring you good news more often," the other remarked, smiling slightly. "I’ve taken care of the door already." [1]

"I love foresight in a guy," Quatre grinned slightly. "Do you think Heero could do without us for a few moments?"

"I’m sure he can."


Duo concealed a grin as a flustered looking Quatre walked in with hurried steps, followed by a only slightly less flustered looking Trowa. He felt extremely jumpy and on the edge. Today was the day the world either ended for him or started a whole new chapter in his life.

He fingered his braid nervously while glancing discreetly around. Relena was there, looking rather smug with herself in her new dress, a dress he heard Lady Une bought only because it seemed attention by the king was inevitable. Heero was to his right, again in the dark green clothes that matched him just perfectly and the band that proclaimed his position as Crown Prince.

He was dressed rather respectably for a change. Of course, that time during the ball didn’t count as the clothing then had been conjured. His new clothing were specially tailored for him. Heero had somehow bullied the tailor into keeping his presence a secret while making up a whole new wardrobe.

Which wasn’t much of a challenge, Duo grinned. Since most of his taste ran to black color and priestly-looking clothing, the tailor probably got the better end of the bargain. On the other hand, an ever-present "Omae o koruso" threat probably didn’t make the tailor’s life easier. Quatre had lined himself up near Heero on the other side with Trowa standing behind him. The chamber was empty save for them.

The King was wearing a face that Duo immediately termed as His-Royal-Displeasure-Face. Probably couldn’t figure out why he was here, Duo thought mirthlessly. He kept his hand ready on the scythe, just in case didn’t go as well as planned.

"Well, Heero?" the King demanded. How fortunate, or unfortunate as the case may be, that Heero had chosen one of the King’s better days for a private audience. Out of the corner of his eye Duo saw Wufei, dressed in rich white silk, coming up behind them.

"My lord," Heero replied in monotone while Relena smiled and curtsied gracefully.

"I am here to reveal my future mate."

The King’s face creased into a smile. "It's about time, my son. Congratulations, Lady Re-"

Heero cut him off with a sharp jerk of his hand. "It is not Relena, Father,"

The King looked surprised then his eyes narrowed in suspicion when no other girls arrived into the chamber. Relena looked shocked and her eyes were bigger than saucers. If it wasn’t such a serious situation, Duo would have laughed.

"May I present, Duo Maxwell, Your Majesty."


[1] know its a bit ooc, but there's a reason for it. Maybe a prequel?....

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