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Cinderelena (prologue)


Long ago there was a mighty kingdom named Korinth and it was ruled by the Royal family and a Council of ten. The King was a man in the twilight of his years and many called him a stern but just ruler. His marriage to his present Queen was one of political purposes, meant to strengthen his power. His first marriage had been a marriage of love but unfortunately she had not lived long. Barely had she delivered the Crown Prince when she had fell ill and died not long after.

By the advice of the Council, the King married Quaterine, the daughter of the ruler of the neighboring kingdom. Quaterine and Chrystal were as different as night was to day. Whereas Chrystal was a dark-haired spirited woman full of vigor and action but of little words, Quaterine was a gentle woman of sunshine hair who loved gardening and disliked the delicate dancing of politics. Even their sons reflected their motherís temperament.

Heero, the son of Chrystal[1], was a somber dark-haired boy who spoke little but was quick of mind and deeds. His cool, hard demeanor made him few friends but those he did call comrades were very close and true to him. His half brother, Quatre, son of Quaterine, was a youth with platinum blonde hair that shone and shimmered. The slightly smaller and younger youth was loved by everyone and made friends easily much more easily than Heero. While not as adverse to politics as his mother, he was just as quick-witted as his brother and often helped when he could. But under his friendliness and smiles lies a core of iron will and strength that made him a formidable enemy, or a trustworthy ally.

As the Crown Prince, Heero had been fostered away to his grandfatherís kingdom to learn what he could of ruling and life. It had long been a tradition to do thus. However, when the King grew old and ill, he sent for the Prince to return home to Korinth. For the Prince was now of a suitable age to be betrothed and it would be better if the next King in line already had a wife and child to bolster his claim.

And so it was that 8 years after being fostered away, at the age of 15, the Crown Prince Heero returned home. His return was cause for a day of great celebration, for the King had given orders for a magnificent ball to be held one night after his return. All eligible maidens of the kingdom were asked to be present, so that the Crown Prince would have the best choice available. A political marriage with a daughter of other kingdoms was not, at the moment, suitable for there were no daughters of proper age and the nearest suitable candidate was too old for the young prince.

Alas, little did they know that Crown Prince Heero had different ideas in mind.... 


[1] uh, I just named her myself. I don't think Heero's parents' names are given.


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