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Lizard Queen

"Itai! Itai!"

"Will you shut up Duo, it can't hurt that bad."

"How would you know Heero? It's stuck in me not you!"

"Just hold still and let me get it out."


"Quit moving around! It only makes it harder."

"I can't! It's so big and it hurts."

"You baka. It's not big at all. Now hold still."

"Aaaah! Stop!"

"For the last time, HOLD STILL!!"


"That does it! Trowa, Quatre, Wufei, could you come here please?"

"Yes?" said Quatre as he and Trowa walked into the room.

"This had better be important." growled Wufei

"Trowa, get his hands, Quatre, Wufei get his legs and hold him still while I
try to get this out of him."

All four pilots held a struggling cursing Duo down.

"Waaa! Traitors! Murderers!"

"Hold him. Hold him almost.... got it!"

"Was that what all this fuss was about?" Asked Wufei, looking at the offending
thing in Heero's hand.

"Well," said Quatre. "It is kinda big."

"See?" Sniffed Duo.

"But I've seen bigger."

"And don't forget, he had to use a pin to get it out of me."

"But there was still no reason to make that big of a fuss, Duo," said Trowa

"Well I hope you get one twice as big stuck in you Trowa."

"So how did it get in there anyways?" asked Wufei

"Well ummm," blushed Duo. "See me and Heero were.. and I grabbed.."

"Aaah!" he wailed before blood gushed out of his nose like a fountain. The
other pilots watched him run out to the nearest bathroom and shut the door
with a resounding WHAM!

"What was that for? All I was gonna say was that Heero lifted me up to get
something and I grabbed a peice of wood so I wouldn't fall."

"So that's how you got that splinter in your finger?" Quatre said.


"I still don't believe you made that much fuss about it."

"Well it hurt, Heero." Suddenly a mischievous grin spread across Duo's face.

"Want to kiss it and make it better?" he asked offering his injured finger to

"I'll kiss more than that," was the response he got.

"Eep!" was all Duo got out before Heero pounced on him, kissing him soundly.

Trowa and Quatre just got sweatdrops and walked out, leaving the other two
rolling on the floor.

"You know," said Trowa when they got back to their own room. "What they were doing did look kind of fun."

"Wha.." was all Quatre got out before Trowa pounced on him.


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