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Cinderelena (Epilogue)


Duo yawned and rested his head against Heeroís chest. The other boy was almost asleep, as was he. As he was slowly drifting off, a thought occurred to him. "Heero?"


"How did you find me?"

One eye opened to regard him. "There arenít many with hair like yours, Duo. And I did have the scythe. Doctor J was very informative." Strange, why did Heero sound so sarcastic? What did Dr. J tell him anyway? He resolved to interrogate the genie later.

"Ah," Duo murmured and settled back, curling his arms around Heero. Mine! He thought in satisfaction. Then another thought occurred. "Heero?"

"What?" Exasperation and slight impatience tinged his reply.

"Now itís happily ever after for us, right?"

Heero smiled lazily and kissed him. "Happily ever after, from now till eternity," he agreed.

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