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Not Now. . .


The phone rang.

Heero awoke, still groggy from his late night. He looked down at the sleeping angel entwined in his arms.

“if the phone wakes Duo up, I’m killing whoever’s on the other line”

Heero reached over and answered the phone, conveniently located next to the bed. “Hello”

“Good morning Heero, I was just wondering if you have received my invitation for vacation next week” the voice on the other end said cheerfully.

“good lord, it’s Relena” Heero thought and grimaced. Duo stirred and opened one bleary eye. “what’s the phone doing ringing?” “it’s Relena, she’s stalking me again,” Heero said, not attempting muffle his voice.

Heero returned to attempting to rid the phone of Relena and get back to his previous plans, such as sleeping. Duo finished the waking up process and was quite happy to realize he was still in bed, snuggled against a scantily clad Heero. Seeing nothing better to do while Heero was on the phone, he began nibbling on Heero’s neck.

“Duo, not while I’m on the phone”

Duo grabbed the phone from him. “Relena, Heero says not while he’s on the phone, so I’m going to let you go so we can”

Relena’s eyes widened and her jaw dropped in shock. Before Duo could get the phone all the way to the receiver she heard, “you know, you’re absolutely sexy when pretending to be dismayed.”

“but I’m not pret* mumph *”

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