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The Adventures of Chibi Duo and Neko Trowa


We see Chibi Duo carrying Neko Trowa in his arms as they leave the house.

[I made a big decision a little while ago

I don’t remember what it was which prob’ly goes to show

That many times a simple choice can prove to be essential

Even though it often might appear inconsequential.

I must have been distracted when I left my home because

Left or right I’m sure I went. (I wonder which it was!)

Anyway, I never veered: I walked in that direction

Utterly absorbed, it seems, in quiet introspection.

For no reason I can think of, I’ve wandered far astray.

And that is how I got to where I find myself today.]

Here we see Chibi Duo and Neko Trowa playing in the woods. Chibi Duo triumphantly carries a flag with his and Neko Trowa’s name on it and sticks it in the ground. Neko Trowa is looking at a map and eating their rations for the afternoon.

[Explorers we are, intrepid and bold,

Out in the wild, amongst wonders untold.

Equipped with our wits, a map, and a snack,

We’re searching for fun and we’re on the right track!]

The scene changes and we see Chibi Duo hiding behind the couch from his mommy, Catherine, who is bent over cleaning up a vase that Chibi Duo broke.

[My mother has eyes on the back of her head!

I don’t quite believe it, but that’s what she said.

She explained that she’d been so uniquely endowed

To catch me when I did Things Not Allowed.

I think she must also have eyes on her rear.

I’ve noticed her hindsight is unusually clear.]

Chibi Duo fearfully imagines Catherine’s butt having evil eyes.

The scene changes to Chibi Duo in bed with Neko Trowa curled up at his feet. He dreams of Monkey Quatres swinging from vines into ice cream. Little Wu Fei Rhinoceros prance around with cherries on their horns and give them to Chibi Duo and his Neko Trowa.

[At night my mind does not much care

If what it thinks is here or there.

It tells me stories it invents

And makes up things that don’t make sense.

I don’t know why it does this stuff.

The real world seems quite weird enough.]

The scene changes and we now see Chibi Duo hiding under the couch cushion from his frustrated daddy, Heero, who’s trying to find him.

[I did not want to go with them.

Alas, I had no choice.

This was made quite clear to me

In threat’ning tones of voice.]

Chibi Duo darts out from under the couch cushion but is grabbed by Catherine. He holds on to a floor lamp, knocking it over as Catherine and Heero try to pry him from it.

[I protested mightily

And scrambled ‘cross the floor.

But though I grabbed the furniture,

They dragged me out the door.]

We now see Chibi Duo alone in the backseat of the car while Heero drives and Catherine sits shotgun. Chibi Duo claws at the windows, making faces and yelling to the cars that pass by.

[In the car, I screamed and moaned.

I cried my red eyes dry.

The window down, I yelled for help

To people we passed by.

Mom and Dad can make the rules

And certain things forbid,

But I can make them wish that they

Had never had a kid.]

Here Chibi Duo is finally in bed. Neko Trowa is sleeping, stretched out beside him, as he’s closest to the open window. Chibi Duo looks back at the neko sourly.

[Now I’m in bed,

The sheets pulled to my head.

My tiger is here making Zs.

He’s furry and hot.

He takes up a lot

Of the bed and he’s hogging the breeze.]

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