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The Chibi Prince

Joyce W.

There was once a pair of kings who were good looking beyond all telling, and enormously fond of each other named Treize and Zechs. They had a little son named Duo who needed to be christened by all the fairies. Of course, you know what happens, someone's name is left off and bad things happen.

Now it happens that the bad fairy Dorothy arrived in her limo and found to her annoyance, there was no valet to park her vehicle. She walked in the middle of the christening, and said, "Zechs-sama, Treize-sama, you were so rude to me. I'm afraid Duo will be nothing but a chibi until he does something heroic." She was about to utter more curses when the fairy Noin stands up

"Be quiet," cries the good fairy Noin, who had this kingdom under her special protection. "The rule book says that you can only leave one evil curse or you will have your fairy license suspended for a century!"

Dorothy gives a haughty little laugh and says, "Without me, there wouldn't be a story. " She goes back to her limo and says to the driver, "Take me to the christening of Relena-sama. If the food is bad, I'll curse her with extreme stupidity." Then she laughs again.

"My poor son, a chibi?" says Zechs, appearing quite distressed.

Treize pats him on the back to comfort him. "It really wasn't our fault, Noin. There were 3,000 people to invite."

Noin sighs. "I shall make sure that he has every advantage. But he still has to do something heroic to break the spell, but I'll make sure he has an opportunity to do so."

As the years passed, he remained chibi. But he was so outgoing and friendly and cute, that people were drawn to him anyway. He discouraged being picked up and thrown around by learning how to stomp on people's feet and dislocating their knee caps. He knew that people called him 'Chibi Duo' or 'Chibi Chibi," but he usually laughed it off.

One day, an ambassador named Jay from L1 came into the court and announced, "Let the whole world know that whoever reaches the summit of Ice Mountain shall be allowed to marry Prince Heero." With that, the old man showed a portrait of the prince. After one glance, Duo immediately rushed forwarded, asking to sign up. The ambassador then said, "Oh, my God, I've been dropping acid while watching Teletubbies one too many times."

Duo stomped on his foot, causing him to howl. He snatched the paper and put down 'Chibi Chibi' then scratched it out, then put down 'Prince Duo.' Zechs and Treize gave each a worried look that only parents can muster, but stayed silent knowing that only doing something heroic would make him more than a chibi.

Before he went on his journey, Noin gave him a sack of dust that would cause any stick of wood to grow into a tree. That way, he'd always have wood for fire and food. Waving goodbye, he got onto a galleon and left for Heero's kingdom.

On the way there, he stopped at the Kingdom of L4 where he saw nothing but dogs. They all crowded around him and barked and wagged their tails. They all motioned him to follow them. Curious, he followed them after making sure that the ship would wait for his return.

Strangely, enough, the kingdom was inhabited and run by dogs, who did the things that humans would do. They took him to a castle where the king lay upon a rich Persian carpet.

The king was a kawaii little doggie with golden fur and blue eyes. The king wrote him a note, saying that unfortunately he could only communicate by writing.

"My name is Quatre," he wrote, "A very bad fairy Dorothy came by and demanded that I strip to my skivvies, wear a collar with spikes and let her flog me, but I refused, saying that only my fiance Trowa, King of L3, could demand that sort of thing from me. Furious, she changed my entire kingdom into dogs until the chibi prince is no longer chibi. Therefore I will help you as much as possible."

They became fast friends. Quatre showed Duo the picture of his fiance and lent him two doggie retainers.

He soon reached Heero's kingdom and found out exactly what had happened. Heero's father, the Emperor Wufei, had an enormously bad habit of saying, "Kisama." Now his wife Meiran scolded him constantly about this, but to no avail. He made the mistake of saying it to a fairy named Une. Extremely vexed, she told Wufei she would take revenge. Meiran turned to Wufei and said, "See what I mean?" Then she smacked him on the head with her scepter.

When their child, Heero, was born, he was given all the niceties that one expects from fairies. Une, however, snuck into his room, snatched up his heart and put it in an ice castle on top of Ice Mountain.

Nobody noticed for a while until the queen said, "Wufei, he behaves even worse than you do."


However, Wufei realized that she had genuine concern for their boy and called upon the fairies to figure out what was wrong. They were swiftly told about the theft and told them they had to promise Heero's hand in marriage to the prince who could retrieve the heart. Wufei frowned and said, "Prince? Don't you mean Princess? No, wait, a woman can't . . ."

Meiran smacked him on the head with her scepter.

"Ow! Stop that, woman!"

Prince Duo walked into the court and paid his respects to the Emperor and Empress. Wufei sweatdropped while Meiran smiled.

Heero wandered into the room and saw the little chibi with his pair of dogs. The dogs immediately ran up to him and wagged their tails. Strangely enough, for a prince without a heart, Heero still retained a liking for animals and chibis. He looked down at Prince Duo and asked his parents, "Is he a present?"

"No, he's a suitor."

Duo would've gotten pissed and hit him in the nuts at that remark, but he was snatched up and held very close to Heero's chest, which made him blush. Heero then put him on his lap and tugged his braid, smirking.

"Heero," admonished his mother. "He's alive, he's not a plush toy. He's also royalty, so put him down!"

"I can't, he's glomped unto me." Which was true, Duo had glomped his little arms around his neck and busy bussing his cheek with chibi kisses.

Wufei was about to yell, "Ki. . ." when he saw a scepter being raised in a threatening manner.

Heero took the chibi prince with him and slept with him like one would sleep with a teddy bear. Frustrated, Duo decided that he must become non-chibi and left the next morning with the two doggies and some pieces of wood for the Ice Mountain.

When they stopped for lunch, Duo took out the bag of powder Noin had given him and sprinkled it on the bits of wood he'd taken with him. Soon, his camp was surrounded by fruit trees and trees good for firewood.

It took three months to reach the Ice Mountain. When they reached the summit, they saw the Ice Castle where the heart was supposed to be. Quickly, they searched the entire castle, which was beginning to melt due to the heat of their bodies. Duo had just enough time to snatch the jewel that was the heart before the cold got to him. But Quatre's loyal doggie retainers snatched him up and got him out of their before the castle collapsed in on itself. They licked his face until he came to.

As he walked back towards Heero's kingdom, he noticed that he was growing bigger and bigger with each step. After a while, he found that he had stopped growing. "Hey, Noin!"

Noin appeared. "Yes, Duo?"

"I'm still pretty short."

"This is your natural height, which puzzles the heck out of me since both your fathers were tall."

"Well, what are you going to do about it?"

"Pray for a late growth spurt?"


"Heero's the same height as you, so it won't matter."

When he reached the castle, he found Heero waiting for him on the front steps. "Who're you?" Heero asked.

"I'm Duo. I used to be chibi, but not anymore. What do you think?"

"I think you'll be much more fun to sleep with."

Duo smiled at that, then gave Heero the heart he'd found in the Ice castle, but Heero said, "Keep it, it's yours."

Wufei grumbled, but accepted Duo as his son-in-law while Meiran called on the friendly fairies to help with wedding preparations.

Everybody was invited to Heero and Duo's wedding. As the bad fairy Dorothy's spell over Quatre and his kingdom was broken, Noin immediately dispatched her chariot to pick up him and his fiancÚ Trowa. And thus there was a very nice double wedding.



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