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Sex Ed


The pilot of the Gundam Sandrock had been watching his fellow pilots
for a while now and he noticed something that had him slightly worried.
        Wufei was obviously a virgin despite his marriage, Trowa was too, and
likewise, he decided, were Heero and Duo. The sexual tension between him and
Trowa and Heero and Duo was almost palpable in the air. The ever watchful
Arab was worried about how much the virgin pilots knew about what they were getting into.
        Quatre's eyes followed Duo carefully as the braided boy left Heero's room.
The two of them both wanted the same thing, but they just kept dancing
around each other, each watching the other sleep and wishing for more. This
was getting serious fast. //Do they even know what to do? Do they know how
to keep it safe? Hm. . .// An idea started to form in the blonds head and he
left the room in search of Trowa and Wufei, they should hear this too.

        The four other pilots sat in the living room waiting for Quatre who had
called them all in for  little. . . chat.  None of them were prepared for
what he wanted to discuss.
        When he finally arrived, Quatre sat down a large box on the floor of the
safe house. "All right I have noticed a lot of tension between all of us
lately. I thought you could use some advice on the camels and cobras.
        Duo made a funny face, the rest stared at him silently. "Camels and. . .
        "You know." Quatre smiled, "sex."
        Duo fell off of the couch laughing. "Y. . . hahahaha. . . you mean the
birds and the bees?"
        Quatre smiled and nodded which only made Duo laugh harder.
        Wufei stood and started for the door, "There is no way that I. . ."
        Next thing Wufei knew, Quatre had him tied to a chair. "This is important
Wufei." He insisted.
        Duo was still snickering. "Do we get to do research?" He asked with a
hungry grin.
        Trowa seemed a little flushed under his unibang.
        Heero just took it all in, just in case it was useful in a mission of
course. //Duo has nothing to do with why I am listening to this.//
        Wufei was ranting about injustice. Quatre gagged him.
        "Now. . ." Quatre dug in his box and pulled out a model of a man's organ.
"This is a penis."
        Duo started to laugh again.
        "Duo. . ."
        "I'm sorry Q-man but really this is too funny! We're all guys! We know what
that is!"
        Quatre smiled slightly, "But do you know what it can do?"
        That stopped Duo's laughter, "huh?"
        "I've noticed none of us are very oriented towards women. . ."
        "Ok, I'm all ears." Duo grinned.
        Quatre nodded. "Now I'm sure you all know how men and -women- fit together, you've all been in locker rooms and heard stories. . . But men can fit with men too."
        "uhuh." Duo shrugged, "How?"
        "Have you ever heard the expression, 'taking it up the @$$'?"
        All four of the pilots blushed cherry red.
        "I see you get my point." The blond giggled and dug in the box again
pulling out a model of a mans rear end. "Before I go on, have you all
masturbated before?"
        They got even redder at this but nodded. Even Wufei was silent now.
        "Then you know how good it feels to pump yourself." Quatre smiled and
demonstrated on the model.
        More nodding.
        "Well imagine that same feeling only tighter and hotter. Pumping -into-
somebody." He parted the rubber cheeks on the model, "First though you need
to stretch your partner with your fingers. Lube is also a big help. Anything
slick will do, don't use peppermint oil though, it burns."
        Heero actually licked his lips. Trowa's eye got wider, Duo placed his hands
in his lap to cover his arousal and Wufei got a nosebleed.
        "So once you've coated yourself and your partner. . ."
        The boys watched Quatre's simulation in amazement and embarrassment both. Duo turned to catch Heero panting slightly from his parted lips and placed a hand in his partner's lap.
        Heero jumped and looked at Duo with wide eyes.
        Quatre untied Wufei and then went to sit on Trowa's lap.
        Wufei vanished, and so did. . .
        "Hey!" Quatre looked around carefully, "Where are my models?!"

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