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In 1974 KNX brought back radio drama. And it has met with great success! These exciting, action-packed programs continue to be a popular listening habit for all ages. For those of you listening to the Drama Hour online world-wide, please note that the programs you see in our drama hour listings will be available one day AFTER they are broadcast on the air. In some cases, they may be available to hear online the same day. See below for program schedule dates. Click here to stop the background music

Golden Age of Radio Schedule

Tuesday 1-1
Burns & Allen: New Year's Resolution - Part 2
Inner Sanctum "Death Out of Mind" 12/29/1947  

Wednesday 1-2
Mail Call: Special Greeting to Illinois Fighting Men, 1/5/1944 
Mary Foster, Editor's Daughter: Talk About George and Mary # 2379, 5/2/1905  

Thursday 1-3
The Weird Circle "Murders In The Rue Morgue" by Edgar Allen Poe, 1/2/1944 
The Unexpected "Jailbreak" 5/1/1905

Friday 1-4
Mystery Is My Hobby "Phony Husband" 4/28/1905 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Silent Queen Matter - Part 4" 11/1/1956  

Saturday 1-5
Have Gun, Will Travel "Comanche" 7/5/1959 
Frontier Fighters: Program 26 - Oregon 54-40, 4/18/1905  

The Shadow "The Cat that Killed" 12/21/1939 
Front Page "The Nine Striking Beauties" 11/5/1933  

Monday 1-7
Alan Young Show: Guest - Fred Waring, 1/16/1945 
Our Miss Brooks "Cure That Habit, Inc. - Part 1" 1/15/1950

Tuesday 1-8
Our Miss Brooks "Cure That Habit, Inc. - Part 2" 
Fort Laramie "Galvanized Yankee" 10/7/1956 

Wednesday 1-9
Richard Diamond, Private Detective "Marilyn Connors Case" 1/12/1951 
Mary Foster, Editor's Daughter: Ida Henderson is Injured # 2380

Thursday 1-10
Exploring Tomorrow "First Contact" 5/10/1905 
The Third Man "Amnesia" 5/5/1905  

Friday 1-11
Gangbusters "The 24 Hour Twins"
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Silent Queen Matter - Part 5" 11/2/1956  

Saturday 1-12
My Favorite Husband "George Tries For A Raise" 10/7/1949 
Milton Berle: Salute to Brooklyn - Part 1, 9/30/1947  

Sunday 1-13
Milton Berle: Salute to Brooklyn - Part 2
Hopalong Cassidy "Gunfighter in Short Pants" 10/13/1951 

Monday 1-14
Abbott & Costello "She Rubbed Him Out" (Sam Shovel) 1/13/1949 
Fibber McGee & Molly "Mrs. Uppington's Window - Part 1" 1/20/1942  

Tuesday 1-15
Fibber McGee & Molly "Mrs. Uppington's Window - Part 2"
Michael Shayne "Man Who Lived Forever" 5/2/1905

Wednesday 1-16
Fort Laramie "Army Wife" 10/28/1956 
Mary Foster, Editor's Daughter: Who Will Take Care of Ida? # 2381

Thursday 1-17
Escape "Present Tense" 1/31/1950 
Blackstone, The Magic Detective "Phantom Intermezzo" 1/23/1949  

Friday 1-18
The Fat Man "The 19th Pearl" (1st Show) 1/21/1946 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "Star of Capetown Matter - Part 1" 7/16/1956  

Saturday 1-19
Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show "The Hair Restorer" 10/15/1950 
Baby Snooks "Knitting Lessons" 2/5/1942

Sunday 1-20
Suspense "Always Room at the Top" 2/20/1947 
Front Page "A Doctor's Love" 12/3/1933 

Monday 1-21
Lum 'n' Abner: Going To Washington DC, 1/16/1949 
The Life of Riley: Free Medical Advice - Part 1, 1/30/1946  

Tuesday 1-22
The Life of Riley: Free Medical Advice - Part 2
Adventures of Philip Marlowe "The Black Halo" 1/15/1949

Wednesday 1-23
Romance: Home On Approval, 7/23/1955 
Mary Foster, Editor's Daughter: George Stands Up to Ida # 2382

Thursday 1-24
Quiet Please "Pathetic Fallacy" 2/2/1948 
Vic and Sade: Russel Interrupting Vic

Friday 1-25
The Green Hornet "The Ghost That Talked Too Much"
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "Star of Capetown Matter - Part 2" 7/17/1956

Saturday 1-26
The Great Gildersleeve: Testimonial Dinner For Judge Hooker, 5/31/1942 
Groucho's You Bet Your Life, Secret Word: Picture - Part 1, 8/11/1958  

Sunday 1-27
You Bet Your Life, Secret Word: Picture - Part 2
Rocky Jordan "Man In The Nile" 8/15/1951  

Monday 1-28
Fred Allen Show, Guest: George Jessel, 1/20/1946 
The Bergen & McCarthy Show, Guest: Edward Arnold - Part 1, 1/13/1952  

Tuesday 1-29
The Bergen & McCarthy Show, Guest: Edward Arnold - Part 2
Fort Laramie "Trooper's Widow" 7/1/1956

Wednesday 1-30
Damon Runyon Theater "The Brakeman's Daughter" 9/18/1949 
Mary Foster, Editor's Daughter: Ida's Quilts # 2383

Thursday 1-31
Creeps By Night "The Strange Burial of Alexander Jordon" 4/27/1905 
Blackstone, The Magic Detective "Vanishing Pearls" 1/30/1949  

Friday 2-1
Bold Venture "Spanish Gold"
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "Star of Capetown Matter - Part 3" 7/18/1956  

Saturday 2-2
The Screen Guild Players "Rebecca" 11/18/1948 
Front Page "Retribution" 11/26/1933

Sunday 2-3
The Whistler "Dark Island" 8/3/1952 
Unsolved Mysteries "The Bandit Priest"

Monday 2-4
Our Miss Brooks: Stretch is in Love, 2/26/1950 
Life Of Riley: Riley's Mother-In-Law Visits - Part 1, 5/13/1945

Tuesday 2-5
Life Of Riley: Riley's Mother-In-Law Visits - Part 2
Night Beat "City At Your Fingertips" 7/31/1950 

Wednesday 2-6
Alan Young Show "Eloping" 2/6/1945 
Mary Foster, Editor's Daughter: Quilt Article Gets Attention #2384

Thursday 2-7
The Hermit's Cave "Reflected Image of the Desert"
The Strange Dr. Weird "Devil's Cavern" 4/3/1945  

Friday 2-8
Mr. District Attorney "Case of the Lovers Lane Killing"
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "Star of Capetown Matter - Part 4" 7/19/1956  

Saturday 2-9
The Cisco Kid "The Cattleman's War" 5/26/1953 
Frontier Fighters: Program Three "Pike"

Sunday 2-10
Pete Kelly's Blues "Zelda" 8/29/1951 
Calling All Detectives "Two O'Clock in the Morning" 1/3/1949 

Monday 2-11
Duffy's Tavern "Mystery Valentine" 2/9/1951 
Fibber McGee & Molly: Valentine Candy - Part 1, 2/10/1942 

Tuesday 2-12
Fibber McGee & Molly: Valentine Candy - Part 2
Night Beat "The Old Itch" 7/3/1952 

Wednesday 2-13
Jack Benny Program, Guest: Jane Wyman (Sorry Wrong Number) 2/18/1944 
Mary Foster, Editor's Daughter: The Fosters Visit Ida # 2385

Thursday 2-14
Dark Fantasy "The Sea Phantom" 2/6/1942 
The Unexpected "Silver Fox" 9/19/1948  

Friday 2-15
Mr. & Mrs. North "House of Hate" 5/6/1905 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "Star of Capetown Matter - Part 5" 7/20/1956  

Saturday 2-16
Hopalong Cassidy "The Unwilling Outlaw" 4/28/1951 
Captain Midnight: Captain Midnight Approaches, 11/21/1939  

Sunday 2-17
Candy Matson "The Cable Car Case" 7/7/1949 
Calling All Detectives "Parole Violator" 1/4/1949  

Monday 2-18
Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show "Wrong Studio" 2/12/1950 
Life With Luigi: Traffic Light - Part 1, 2/21/1950

Tuesday 2-19
Life With Luigi: Traffic Light - Part 2
The Adventures of Nero Wolfe "Party For Death" 2/16/1951  

Wednesday 2-20
Behind The Mike "Lady From Oklahoma" 2/9/1941 
Mary Foster, Editor's Daughter: Disappearance to Be Investigated # 2386

Thursday 2-21
X Minus One "Venus Is A Man's World" 2/6/1957 
Third Man (Orson Welles) "The Swindle" 5/5/1905  

Friday 2-22
Rocky Fortune "Social Director"
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Plantagenet Matter - Part 1" 3/5/1956  

Saturday 2-23
The Green Hornet "The Parking Lot Racket" 10/31/1939 
My Friend Irma: The Lonely Hearts Club - Part 1, 1/26/1948  

Sunday 2-24
My Friend Irma: The Lonely Hearts Club - Part 2
Mr. Keen Tracer of Lost Persons: Girl Who Flirted, 2/3/1944 

Monday 2-25
The Great Gildersleeve: Be Kind to Birdie, 2/25/1948 
The Burns and Allen Show: George Becomes a Singing Butler, 2/22/1944  

Tuesday 2-26
The Burns and Allen Show: George Becomes a Singing Butler 
Night Beat "The Death of Riley" 5/15/1952  

Wednesday 2-27
Red Skelton Show, 2/25/1951 "I Caught The Devil" 
Mary Foster, Editor's Daughter: Photographer Arrives # 2387  

Thursday 2-28  
The Haunting Hour "Til Murder Do Us Part" 
Blackstone, The Magic Detective, 2/27/1949 "Message from Nowhere"  

Friday 3-1  
The Shadow, 2/29/1948 "The Man Who Was Death" 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar: 3/6/1956 "The Plantagenet Matter - Part 2" 
Saturday 3-2
Judy Canova "Masquerade Ball" 6/23/1945 
Charlie McCarthy Show: Highlights of Bergen's Career - Part 1, 6/11/1953  

Sunday 3-3
Charlie McCarthy Show: Highlights of Bergen's Career - Part 2
Frontier Gentleman "The Well" 6/15/1958  

Monday 3-4
Alan Young Show "Housing Shortage" 3/22/1946 
My Favorite Husband "Women's Rights - Part 1" 3/10/1950  

Tuesday 3-5
Pat Novak For Hire "Rueben Callaway's Pictures" 3/13/1949 
My Favorite Husband "Women's Rights - Part 2" 3/10/1950  

Wednesday 3-6
Suspense "The Diary of Dr. Pritchard" 10/6/1952 
Mary Foster, Editor's Daughter: Henry Is Angry at Kelsey # 2388

Thursday 3-7
Mysterious Traveler "Case of Charles Foster" 3/10/1945 
Vic and Sade: Vic Entertains Dottie, 3/5/1943  

Friday 3-8
Gangbusters "The New York Narcotics King"
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Plantagenet Matter - Part 3" 3/7/1956  

Saturday 3-9
Gunsmoke "Kitty" 11/29/1952 
The Unexpected "Free Passage" 8/8/1948  

Sunday 3-10
The Saint "The Tony Cartega Case" 8/27/1950 
Calling All Detectives: TV / Bookie thing, 7/8/1948  

Monday 3-11
Life of Riley "The Monkey" 3/13/1948 
Fibber McGee & Molly "The Flying Saucer - Part 1" 3/28/1950  

Tuesday 3-12
Fibber McGee & Molly "The Flying Saucer - Part 2"
Dimension X "Almost Human" 5/13/1950  

Wednesday 3-13
Romance: A Girl's Best Friend, 9/17/1955 
Mary Foster, Editor's Daughter: Does Mary Have a Crush on Kelsey? #2389

Thursday 3-14
Have Gun, Will Travel "Somebody Out There Hates Me" 3/6/1960 
Wonder Show "Julius Caesar Haley" 11/11/1938  

Friday 3-15
Mr. District Attorney "Case of the Desert Killer"
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Plantagenet Matter - Part 4" 3/8/1956  

Saturday 3-16
The Cisco Kid "Dynamite in Big Trouble" 3/31/1953 
Frontier Fighters: Program 5 - Kit Carson

Sunday 3-17
Lights Out "The Projective Mr. Drogan" 1/26/1943 
Front Page "The Sword of Fate" 12/10/1933  

Monday 3-18
Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show: Alice's New Car, 3/19/1950 
Burns & Allen: Gracie the Detective - Part 1, 3/6/1947  

Tuesday 3-19
Burns & Allen: Gracie the Detective - Part 2
Sam Spade "V for Vendetta Caper" 3/30/1951  

Wednesday 3-20
CBS Radio Theater "1489 Words" 2/10/1957 
Mary Foster, Editor's Daughter: Kelsey Offers to Help George #2390

Thursday 3-21
Exploring Tomorrow "The Liar" by Isaac Asimov, 5/11/1905 
The Third Man "Cigarettes" 5/5/1905  

Friday 3-22
Mr. & Mrs. North "Collector's Item"
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Plantagenet Matter - Part 5" 3/9/1956  

Saturday 3-23
Life of Riley: Riley the Rent Collector, 3/30/1951 
Duffy's Tavern: Bully - Part 1, 3/16/1949  

Sunday 3-24
Duffy's Tavern: Bully - Part 2
Defense Rests: Joseph Moriano (Audition) 4/17/1951 

Monday 3-25
Jack Benny Program: From Lemoore Air Base, 3/5/1944 
Life With Luigi "Income Tax Problems - Part 1" 3/11/1952  

Tuesday 3-26
Life With Luigi "Income Tax Problems - Part 2"
Sherlock Holmes "The Blue Carbuncle" 3/13/1955  

Wednesday 3-27
The Weird Circle "Bride of Death" 4/28/1905 
Mary Foster, Editor's Daughter: Doc Wants to Take a Drive With Mary #2391

Thursday 3-28
New Adv. Of Nero Wolfe "Case of the Midnight Ride" 3/16/1951 
Red Skelton Show: Careless Driving (Excerpt) 3/25/1947  

Friday 3-29
The is Your FBI "Success Story" 3/23/1950 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Clinton Matter - Part 1" 3/12/1956  

Saturday 3-30
A Day in the Life of Dennis Day: Worthless Oil Property, 10/16/1948 
The Fred Allen Show, Guest: Reesa Stevens - Part 1, 12/20/1942  

Sunday 3-31
The Fred Allen Show, Guest: Reesa Stevens - Part 2  
X Minus One "A Logic Named Joe" (the internet becomes self-aware) 12/28/1955
Lux Radio Theater version of Casablanca with original cast members
If clips above will not play, Click here. Access the entire old time radio library as a subscriber, ten-day free trial. Or try the homepage If you cannot hear programs because your computer does not have the latest Flash Player, you can get it free from
Note: Turner Classic Movies had a marathon showing of all of "The Whistler" movies followed by Red Skelton's "Whistling In" movie trilogy and even a Lum & Abner movie

32 page American Flyer Trains by A.C. Gilbert for 1948 presented by Superman!

Fred Foy 1-hour interview (Lone Ranger, Sgt. Preston, Green Hornet)
Note: radio episodes of Chandu The Magician had no relation to the Boris Karloff movie of the same name, in which Karloff plays Chandu as a villain

Have a suggestion for a radio program you'd like to hear? Email: whenradiowas@gmail

Paul Harvey...stand by for news!
Paul Harvey delved into the forgotten or little-known facts behind stories of famous people and events. Harvey's widely known The Rest of the Story has been broadcast since 1946, similar to the weekly story segment of Bill Stern's Sports Newsreel. Substitutes when Paul was away or ill included Mort Crim (1980-84), Gil Gross, Doug Limerick and Paul Harvey, Jr. Paul Harvey 1966 broadcast (more audio on Paul Harvey page). KEX radio Morning Update archive (2007-2009, including Paul Harvey) ABC Radio Networks has notified affiliates that ABC News Radio's Gil Gross and Doug Limerick will fill the three daily slots of Paul Harvey News & Rest Of The Story. Gil Gross also has a 2-hour interview program. Paul Harvey reads a letter from God

Robert L. Ripley's radio series ran from 1930 to his death in 1949. Music was provided by 1930s band leader Ozzie Nelson and vocalist Harriet Hilliard--who later became sitcom stars, believe it or not!

Peg Riley on "The Life of Riley" (ABC Radio: 1944-1945; NBC Radio: 1945-1951) was played by Paula Winslowe (1910-1996), who had previously been the voice of Bambi's mother in the Disney animated movie, and later played Mrs. Conklin in the TV version of Our Miss Brooks (1953-58) as well as reprising her (uncredited) role as Bambi's mother in Disney cartoon short No Hunting (1955)

Want to get away from it all? We offer you Escape
Turner Classic Movies is doing movies based on radio series this year including Fibber McGee, Gildersleeve, I Love A Mystery, The Whistler, Crime Doctor, etc.
Blake Edwards created Richard Diamond for radio, then later the hard-boiled private eye tv-series "Peter Gunn"

Jack Benny Show broadcasting live

Part 2 of Jack Benny broadcast

Jack sneaks onto Groucho's quiz show as a contestant

Beverly Sills died 7-2-07 from cancer complications. Beverly Sills spoofing opera on the Danny Kaye Show

Gracie Allen vs. the Tax Auditor

(he leaves in confusion) Gracie Allen was born in 1895 but her birth certificate was lost in the 1906 San Francisco Fire/Earthquake so she always gave 1906 as her birthdate

Miss a recent broadcast? You may be able to "hear it now" on your computer for up to a week after broadcast, check the archives

Ripley's Believe It Or Not (1932 clip)

Origin of the term "Pot-head" for a drunk in Korea

This is Wally Ballou reminding you to Hang by your thumbs.
I love a mystery so welcome again through the squeaking door

Note: Stan Freberg hosted "When Radio Was" for 10 years, after previous host Art Fleming passed away suddenly. His final broadcast as host was 10/6/06. The new host from then until June, 2007 was Chuck Schaden. Greg Bell, program director and host of XM Radio’s very popular old-time radio channel, "Radio Classics", has been named as the new host. Chuck Schaden has interviewed some of the radio stars (recorded in the 1970s, see broadcast archive).

Superman 1950s TV intro, now a major motion picture

See banner below for the two radio episodes available to hear today online

The Shadow: Greatest Radio Adventures is available (40 episodes, 20 hours), episode list on Shadow page 2

Also - The Shadow: The Lost Shows (no episode title list available) and The Shadow 3-Hour Collection (18 episodes), plus other Old Time Radio series on tape or CD produced by Radio Spirits in association with the Smithsonian

Fun fact:
Jimmy Stewart's The Six Shooter only lasted one season (he wouldn't accept a tobacco company as sponsor), and he made the Hitchcock movie "Rear Window" the same year.

Walter B. Gibson co-created and wrote the Shadow novels. When he left The Shadow magazine after asking for more money, he became head script writer for radio's Nick Carter, Master Detective for awhile.

X Minus One/Dimension X had no big-name guest stars because most of the weekly budgets were used to purchase broadcast rights to the latest sci-fi stories

Morton Downey "The Irish Nightingale" was a popular singer on 1930s radio (and TV host of 1950s Star Of The Family), heard alternate nights on a 5-day a week radio broadcast from his New York nightclub. His son Morton Downey, Jr., went instead into talk radio with a spoof of bombastic Wally George on a California radio station - when he left radio in 1988 to do a TV-version of his show, the Sacramento station replaced him with someone named Rush Limbaugh.

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Jack Benny vs. the Floor Walker (Frank Nelson)
Note: in 1943, NBC sold its Blue network, creating the American Broadcasting System (the name was changed to American Broadcasting Company the following year). The Columbia Broadcasting System promptly dropped the call letters of its New York radio station WABC (which ABC snatched up)

For those interested in more trivia facts about radio drama, we suggest the book, "On The Air: An Encyclopedia Of Old Time Radio," by John Dunning. The publisher is Oxford Press. It is one of the many books used in radio drama research.

These programs are made available by a guy who's nuts about old time radio and a retired CBS executive: More

Possible alternate webcast available:
Zenith 1950s radio
All programs heard are supplied by & available from Radio Spirits.
The show titles shown on this banner are for a nationally-syndicated version of this program with different radio shows 7 days a week.
Click here for the When Radio Was upcoming national schedule courtesy RadioSpirits

Radio classics are also available on XM and Sirius Satellite Radio

Carl also produces the Twilight Zone radio series based on TV's Twilight Zone

Back to or Scifans

Ripley's is back on cable TV, believe it or not

Email: scifanscom

Click here to stop the background music from Keytrax. More music from Keytrax

Gracie Allen's Roast Beef Recipe

1 large roast beef
1 small roast beef
Take the 2 roasts and put them in the oven. Turn oven on. When the little one burns, the big one is done.

In addition to starring in both the radio & TV versions of "Life With Luigi" J. Carrol Naish portrayed Dr. Daka, the first villain to go up against Batman on the silver screen, in "The Batman" (1943 serial). He also appeared in two episodes of Lux Theater after it moved to TV
Life Of Riley was originally co-created by Gummo Marx for his brother Groucho as The Flotsam Family. But the sponsor saw William Bendix in a 1942 movie and cast him instead.

Marcus Brace Beemer (born in 1903) and John Todd (born as Fred McCarthy in 1877) played The Lone Ranger & Tonto on radio. They also both had to lie about their age to serve (separately) in WW1. Beemer was too young (15) to enlist and Todd too old (30). The War Department says Beemer was the youngest U.S. serviceman in WW1; he was wounded while serving in France. By the way, Arthur Godfrey was almost killed in an auto accident in the 1930s, yet learned to walk and fly his own plane. When he was turned down for WW2 enlistment as a Navy flier due to the old injury, he asked friend FDR for help. The President told an Admiral to accept Godfrey since he couldn't walk at all yet was serving as Commander in Chief!

The greeting "How" may not be a Hollywood invention. There is an actual Indian greeting "A-Hau," which means Peace be with you or All is well. The first Texas Rangers used muzzle-loading single-shot rifles. But their first hand guns were actually a 5-shot revolver, not a 6-gun!

Jack Benny was born on Valentine's Day, and Robert L. Ripley was born on Christmas Day, believe it or not! In 1974, Jack Benny & George Burns were cast in The Sunshine Boys but George became ill and was replaced by Walter Matthau, then George got better and Jack suddenly died.

In the 1930s, comic strip Terry & the Pirates had many storylines in which Japan (changed to "the invaders" by nervous newspaper editors) attacked China and then Pearl Harbor. This storyline was also adapted for the radio series Captain Midnight, also before the real attack on Pearl Harbor! Fran Stryker wrote the life output of Shakespeare every 15 weeks: How he did it

NBC/GE chimes (G-E-C musical notes, for General Electric Co.) NBC's special alert 4 chimes (used for Hindenberg crash, Pearl Harbor, and WW2 bulletins)

Fun facts:
When a pitcher, catcher & umpire get into an arguement, it's called a "rhubarb." This term dates back to live radio drama when angry crowds would be represented by 5 or 6 actors saying "rhubarb" over and over. Nick Carter, Master Detective predated Sherlock Holmes by a couple of months--the American detective appeared in his own Street & Smith magazine just before the first Holmes appearance in Strand Magazine. Walter B. Gibson, co-creator of The Shadow in print, wrote for radio's Nick Carter during WW2.

Countdown to blast-off X-5,4,3,2,X-1...Fire
It's Sunday night and time for Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy
Who is it? The Fatman...The Falcon...The Green Hornet strikes again
The Shadow knows in 1939, in 1941 and 1948...the end
The Jack Benny Program presented by Lucky Strike. There's always room for Jello...Sold: American!
Welcome to the Hermit's Cave...Duffy ain't here
Welcome to the Black Museum (Orson Welles) That was the end of Harry Lime
I'm the first person they look for and the last they want to meet
Henry? Henry Aldrich...Hi ya, Baldy!
I carry a badge. Hi-Ho Silver. I am The Whistler. Yes King, this case is closed. A tale calculated to keep you in Suspense!
Join the new 1940 Flight Patrol with Captain Midnight. Flash! Ethiopia surrenders to Mussolini
Turn your lights out, everybody. If you are easily frightened, turn your radio off now.
It is I, Digby Odell, the friendly undertaker By golly, I believe that's our ring. Don't open that closet. Heavenly days!
Mr. Keen, tracer of lost persons. How do you do? Yours truly, Johnny Dollar

This is your FBI

Suspense radio series history on Wikipedia
Who're you gonna vote for?
I wonder what The Lone Ranger would sound like in Jamaica

There was even a radio version of Doc Savage By Lester Dent
Lester Dent bio on YouTube

Or click here to join Raymond in the Inner Sanctum

Prefer comedy? Check out 1940s radio's Spike Jones Show

(guests include Groucho Marx, Peter Lorre, Basil Rathbone & Boris Karloff)

CBS Radio Theater (these are big MP3 audio links so save it to your computer or ipod if you are on a slow dialup) series by Hyman Brown, creator of the original Inner Snctum radio series

Sherlock Holmes Vs. Dracula (broadcast date unknown)

Some of the above clips are from

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Harry Shearer's LeShow, a little news, a little music, a little satire

Paul Harvey's commercials: ForeverHotWater (mp3)...Audibel (mp3)

Paul Harvey files
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