Golden Age of Radio Online in 2004

Thursday 4-1-04
Charlie McCarthy Show, 6/21/42, w/Abbott & Costello and guest Judy Garland, Part 2
Boston Blackie, 10/8/46, Barking Up the Wrong Tree

Friday 4-2
The Shadow (see below), 3/6/38, The Bride of Death
Vic and Sade, 3/31/43, Brainfeeble's Housewarming

Monday 4-5
Pat Novak for Hire, 4/30/49, Watch Wendy Morris
Jack Benny Program, 12/9/45, Ronald & Benita Colman Debut, Part 1

Tuesday, April 6
Jack Benny Program, Part 2
The Cisco Kid, 4/21/53, The Mummy in the Desert

Wednesday 4-7
Theatre Royale "Country of the Blind" by H.G. Wells (a mountain climber discovers a land where eyes are unknown and tries to take over)
Father Knows Best, 9/11/52, Minding Pierre Part 1

Thursday 4-8
Father Knows Best, Part 2
Family Theatre, 12/14/49, The Other Wise Man

Friday 4-9
Greatest Story Ever Told, 12/14/47 episode: Go and Be Counted
Sergeant Preston of the Yukon, 5/9/46, Eskimo Justice

Monday 4-12
Gunsmoke, 6/11/61, "Doc's Visitor" is a hospital recruiter from Pennsylvania
My Friend Irma, 1/13/52, Cub Scout Speech Part 1

Tuesday 4-13
My Friend Irma, Part 2
The Whistler, 8/20/45, X Marks a Murderer

Wednesday 4-14
X-Minus One, 1/2/58, Prime Difference: a man has a mechanical marrionette of himself made to fool his bickering wife
Life with Luigi, 3/27/49, Luigi's Dance Lesson, Part 1

Thursday 4-15
Life with Luigi, Part 2
Rocky Jordan, 12/3/49, Case of the Sleepy Camel

Friday 4-16
Suspense, 6/15/54, The Earth is Made of Glass: a man tries to prove he can commit a perfect murder without upsetting the natural order
The Strange Dr. Weird, 11/21/44, Journey into the Unknown: a scientist takes his own formula and regresses into a Neanderthal gorilla

Monday 4-19
Mr. District Attorney, 5/19/48, Spring fever
Abbott & Costello Show, 3/2/44, Hedda Hopper Joins the Boy's Newspaper, Part 1

Tuesday 4-20
Abbott & Costello Show, Part 2
Have Gun Will Travel, 8/23/59 "Bonanza" (no relation to Bonanza TV-series)

Wednesday 4-21
Mysterious Traveler, 4/11/50, Operation Tomorrow
A Date with Judy, 11/3/49, Oogie Pringle and his High School Hot Licks, Part 1

Thursday 4-22
A Date with Judy, Part 2
Richard Diamond, Private Detective, 12/3/49, Leland L. Leeds & The King Tut Idol

Friday 4-23
Screen Guild Players, 3/22/43, For Me and My Gal
Vic and Sade, 12/4/45, Orville Weenie Gets Fired

Monday 4-26
The Lone Ranger, 5/23/38, Cottonwood Dam
The Aldrich Family, 11/11/48, The Broken Toy Part 1

Tuesday 4-27
The Aldrich Family, Part 2
Box Thirteen, 12/18/48, Dan and the Wonderful Lamp

Wednesday 4-28
Dimension X, 8/2/51 "Universe" by Robert A. Heinlein
Our Miss Brooks, 3/6/49 "Getting Beautiful for the Falculty Dance" Part 1

Thursday 4-29
Our Miss Brooks, Part 2
Frontier Gentleman (John Dehner) 7/13/58, Justice of the Peace

Friday 4-30
Sherlock Holmes, 11/6/39, Adventure of the Bruce-Partington Plans
Blackstone the Magic Detective, 2/13/49, Coins of Cleopatra

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