Golden Age of Radio for May-July 2010

Saturday 5-1
My Favorite Husband, 4/29/49 "Where To Vacation?" Policeman: Frank Nelson
The Easy Aces: Jane takes over the family budget (syndicated, 1940s)

Sunday 5-2
The Weird Circle "Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde" 4/29/45
Unsolved Mysteries: Jack The Ripper

Monday 5-3
Columbia Presents Corwin, 4/4/44 "Odyssey Of Runyon Jones"
Baby Snooks: At The Zoo 4/3/41

Tuesday 5-4
Rogue's Gallery "The Impossible Murder Case" 5/16/46
Calling All Detectives (syndicated) starring Paul Barnes

Wednesday 5-5
Molle Mystery Theater "Close Shave" 5/14/48
Chandu The Magician (cont. from last Wednesday)

Thursday 5-6
CBS Radio Workshop 5/11/56 "The Enormous Radio" narrated by William Conrad
Mary Foster, Editor's Daughter (cont. from last Thursday)

Friday 5-7
Pat Novak For Hire (Jack Webb) "Fleet Lady" 3/6/49
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar, 9/25/1956 "Meg's Place Matter - Part 1"

Saturday 5-8
Red Skelton, never-broadcast rehearsal for 12/7/41 show "Money" with Ozzie & Harriet

Sunday 5-9
The Green Hornet 5/5/38 "The Political Racket"
Speed Gibson of the International Secret Police

Monday 5-10
The Jack Benny Program (final radio broadcast) 5/22/55, Mr. Twomley: Mel Blanc
The Answer Man

Tuesday 5-11
Pabst Blue Ribbon Presents Summer Mercury Theatre Of The Air 6/7/46 (Orson Welles) "Around The World in 80 Days"
Norman Corwin's "14 August" narrated by Orson Welles

Wednesday 5-12  
Murder at Midnight, 5/5/1947 "Island of the Dead" 
Chandu the Magician, 11/9/1948 "To Go To Scimitar Mountain"  

Thursday 5-13  
Columbia Workshop, 12/1/1942 "Cromer" 
Mary Foster, Editor's Daughter: Who Tampered With Car? (#2288)  

Friday 5-14  
Boston Blackie, 5/28/1947 "The Ghost of Florence Newton" 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar, 9/26/1956 "Meg's Place Matter - Part 2" 
Saturday 5-15  
My Friend Irma, 5/10/1948 "Bon Voyage" 
Bill Stern Sports Newsreel, 10/15/1948, guest: Rex Harrison 
Sunday 5-16  
Lights Out, 5/25/1943 "Little Old Lady" 
Unsolved Mysteries (syndicated) Mystery of Sgt-Major Thomas 
Monday 5-17  
Burns & Allen, 5/8/1940 "Boarding A Train For Omaha" 
The Answer Man, 3/9/1959 "Why Do Birds Sing?"  

Tuesday 5-18  
Fort Laramie, 5/27/1956 "Sergeant's Baby" 
Forecast, 8/19/1940 exerpt "To Tim at Twenty" by Norman Corwin 

Wednesday 5-19
Inner Sanctum, 5/21/1946 "Detour To Terror" Mason Adams, Mercedes McCambridge
Chandu the Magician: 11/10/1948 "Call From Paris"  

Thursday 5-20  
Columbia Workshop, 8/3/1941 "Descent of the Gods" 
Mary Foster, Editor's Daughter: Amelia Spoils Mary's Plan (#2289)  

Friday 5-21  
Nightbeat, 5/29/1950 "Harlan Matthews, Stamp Dealer" 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar: 9/27/1956 "Meg's Place Matter - Part 3" 
Saturday 5-22  
Fibber McGee & Molly, 3/19/1940, Dog License 
Bill Stern Sports Newsreel, 12/21/1945, guest Ezra Stone 
Sunday 5-23
Tales of the Texas Rangers "By Just a Number" 4/19/1950 
Blair of the Mounties "Fur Theives" 3/7/1938  

Monday 5-24
The Fred Allen Show, guest Bing Crosby, 5/23/1948 
Baby Snooks Show: Driving Home From A Wedding, 5/14/1942  

Tuesday 5-25
Dimension X "Knock" 5/6/1950 
Calling All Detectives "Restaurant With No Customers" 6/14/1948  

Wednesday 5-26
Suspense "Death on My Hands" 5/10/1951 
Chandu the Magician: Threat From Dimitri, 11/11/1948  

Thursday 5-27
Columbia Workshop, 5/30/1944 
Mary Foster, Editor's Daughter: Amelia Goes Too Far (#2290)

Friday 5-28
The Falcon "Curious Cop, Case of the" 5/20/1951 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "Meg's Place Matter - Part 4" 9/28/1956  

Saturday 5-29
Red Skelton (rehearsal show) "House Guests" 12/21/1941  

Sunday 5-30
The Whistler "Witness at the Fountain" 9/9/1946 
Unsolved Mysteries "Haunted Railroad" 4/19/1905  

Monday 5-31
Hopalong Cassidy "The Unwilling Outlaw" 4/28/1951 
Captain Midnight: Captain Midnight Approaches, 11/21/1939  

Tuesday 6-1
The FBI in Peace & War "The Traveling Man" 6/10/1953 
Calling All Detectives "Taxi Cab Protection Racket" 4/15/1947  

Wednesday 6-2
Inner Sanctum "I Want To Report A Murder" 6/18/1946 
Chandu the Magician: Stranger Spotted, 11/12/1948  

Thursday 6-3
Mayor of the Town: Town Tomboy Serves Overseas, 9/20/1942 
Mary Foster, Editor's Daughter: Mary Decides to Investigate #2291

Friday 6-4
The Saint "Peter the Great" 6/24/1951 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "Meg's Place Matter - Part 5" 9/29/1956  

Saturday 6-5
The Great Gildersleeve: Engaged To Eve (Kisses Leila) 5/14/1944 
Lum and Abner: Citizens Leaving Pine Ridge, 1/21/1943  

Sunday 6-6
The Adv. of Sam Spade "Overjord Caper" 6/5/1949 
Police Headquarters "McKenzie Death"

Monday 6-7
Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show: Planning A Trip To Europe, 6/4/1950 
Baby Snooks "New Fishing Rod" 5/7/1942  

Tuesday 6-8
Broadway Is My Beat "Earl Lawson" 6/9/1951 
Blackstone the Magic Detective "The Phantom Detective" 7/10/1949  

Wednesday 6-9
The Shadow "Death in A Minor Key" 6/2/1946 
Chandu the Magician: Fortune Told, 11/15/1948  

Thursday 6-10
Damon Runyon's Theatre "Joe Terrace" 10/9/1949 
Mary Foster, Editor's Daughter: Mary Gives an Ultimatum #2292

Friday 6-11
Casey Crime Photographer "The Reunion" 6/2/1946 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "Fathom Five Matter - Part 1"

Saturday 6-12
Life of Riley: Father's Day" 6/16/1950 
Bill Stern Sports Newsreel, guest Allan Jones, 6/22/1945  

Sunday 6-13
X-Minus One "A Gun For Dinosaur" 3/7/1956 
Unsolved Mysteries "Disappearance of Judge Draper"

Monday 6-14
The Jack Benny Show: From Cleveland Palace, 6/20/1948 
Life With Luigi: At the Race Track, 6/5/1949  

Tuesday 6-15
Pat Novak, For Hire "Agnes Bolton" 6/4/1949 
Calling All Detectives "Locked Door Murder Case" 6/15/1948  

Wednesday 6-16
Lights Out "Immortal Gentleman" 6/14/1939 
Chandu the Magician: Chandler Trapped, 11/16/1948  

Thursday 6-17
Screen Guild Theatre "Vivacious Lady" 12/3/1945 
Mary Foster, Editor's Daughter: Mrs. Darby Learns the Truth #2293

Friday 6-18
Richard Diamond, Private Detective "Two Tickets To Bolivia" 5/31/1953 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "Fathom Five Matter - Part 2"

Saturday 6-19
Burns & Allen Show: Final Broadcast For CBS, 6/27/1940 
Baby Snooks "Lockstep Higgins Fortune" 2/1/1940  

Sunday 6-20
Hopalong Cassidy "The Sundown Kid" 6/5/1951 
Blair of the Mounties "The Cherry Hill Mystery" 4/11/1938  

Monday 6-21
Father Knows Best: Father's Day Trip, 6/15/1950 
Lum & Abner: Belated Report on Black Pelican, 7/14/1942  

Tuesday 6-22
Adv. of Philip Marlowe "The Key Man" 6/25/1949 
Blackstone the Magic Detective "Missing Palmist" 3/20/1949  

Wednesday 6-23
Dimension X "Nightmare" 6/10/1951 
Chandu the Magician: Enters Cave, 11/17/1948  

Thursday 6-24
Rogers of the Gazette: Story About An Artist, 7/8/1953 
Mary Foster, Editor's Daughter: Mrs. Darby Becomes Ill #2294

Friday 6-25
This is Your FBI "The 3 Day Fugitive" 6/20/1952 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "Fathom Five Matter - Part 3"

Saturday 6-26
Red Skelton (rehearsal) "Military" 2/15/1942  

Sunday 6-27
Big Town "Lost and Found" 12/1/1948 
Police Headquarters "Infiltrating the Mob"

Monday 6-28
My Friend Irma "Assuming The Worst…" 2/2/1948 
Lum & Abner "Ghost in Abner's House" 7/15/1942  

Tuesday 6-29
The Shadow "The Voice of the Trumpet" 7/3/1938 
Shadow Documentary, Part 1

Wednesday 6-30
Suspense "You Were Wonderful" 11/9/1944 
Chandu the Magician: Learns Estaban's Identity, 11/18/1948  

Thursday 7-1
Bright Star "Employment Contract" 11/13/1952 
Mary Foster, Editor's Daughter: Over to See Mrs. Darby #2295

Friday 7-2
I Was A Communist For the FBI "Fifteen Minutes To Murder" 7/1/1953 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "Fathom Five Matter - Part 4"

Saturday 7-3
Blondie "Alexander the Actor" 2/16/1950 
Baby Snooks "Chemistry" 1/18/1940  

Sunday 7-4
Cavalcade of America "An Amercian is Born" 1/19/1942 
Bill Stern's Sports Newsreel: Independence Day Broadcast, 6/29/1945  

Monday 7-5
Phil Harris/Alice Faye Show "Getting A Suit" guest Fred Allen, 1/23/1949 
Lum & Abner: Elizabeth and Pearl Return, 7/16/1942  

Tuesday 7-6
The Shadow "Mark of the Bat" 7/24/1938 
Shadow Documentary, Part 2

Wednesday 7-7
Murder By Experts "The Big Money" 7/25/1949 
Chandu the Magician: Influences Dimitri, 11/19/1948  

Thursday 7-8
Mayor of the Town "Favorite Radio Actor On The Air" 6/30/1943 
Mary Foster, Editor's Daughter: Talk About a Trip # 2296

Friday 7-9
Adv. of Frank Race "The Reckless Daughter" 7/10/1949 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "Fathom Five Matter - Part 5 of 5"

Saturday 7-10
Our Miss Brooks: Budgeting Problems, 7/3/1955 
Bill Stern Sports Newsreel, guest Paul Whiteman, 8/22/1947  

Sunday 7-11
X Minus One "Bad Medicine" 7/10/1956 
Unsolved Mysteries "Mystery of the Black Drakes"

Monday 7-12
The Aldrich Family: Mary's Marriage Mix-Up, 10/7/1948 
Lum & Abner "Who Will Keep the Baby?" 7/20/1942  

Tuesday 7-13
The Shadow "Island of the Devil" 1/8/1939 
Shadow Documentary, Part 3

Wednesday 7-14
The Whistler "House on Hainsley Blvd" 7/1/1951 
Chandu the Magician: Metsos Killed, 11/22/1948  

Thursday 7-15
San Francisco Final "Fighting Brothers"
Mary Foster, Editor's Daughter: Will Mary, Edna & Della Go? #2297

Friday 7-16  
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar, 7/30/1956 "The Sea Legs Matter - Part 1" 
Saturday 7-17  
Fibber McGee & Molly, 6/12/1945 "McGee The Magician" 
The Jack Benny Program, 6/13/1948: From Detroit "Don's Weight" 
Sunday 7-18  
Philo Vance, 11/22/1949 "Nightmare Murder Case" 
Police Headquarters "Man Stealing Food"  

Monday 7-19  
Abbott & Costello, 3/1/1945, guest: Frank Sinatra 
Lum & Abner, 7/21/1942: Baby Will Draw Name for Himself  

Tuesday 7-20  
The Shadow, 12/8/1946 "The Devil Takes a Wife 
Shadow Documentary, Part 4  

Wednesday 7-21  
Judy Canova Show, 6/30/1945 "Back To The Farm For Summer" 
Are You a Genius? Guest: Bugs Bunny  

Thursday 7-22  
Rogers of the Gazette, 7/15/1953 "Teenager Trouble"  
Mary Foster, Editor's Daughter: Mary and Bill Have a Fight #2298  

Friday 7-23  
Nick Carter, Master Detective, 7/22/1945 "The Make-Believe Murder" 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar, 7/31/1956 "The Sea Legs Matter - Part 2" 

Saturday 7-24

Sunday 7-26

Monday 7-26
Lum & Abner (1942)  

Tuesday 7-27
The Shadow  
Shadow Documentary, Part 4

Wednesday 7-28
Chandu the Magician  

Thursday 7-29
Mary Foster, Editor's Daughter

Friday 7-30  
Gang Busters, 7/31/1948 "Carnival Caper" 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar, 8/1/1956 "The Sea Legs Matter - Part 3" 

Saturday 7-31
Hopalong Cassidy "Hook, Line and Murder" 5/19/1951 
Blair of the Mounties "The Hammerton Mystery" 3/28/1938  
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