Golden Age of Radio in 2006

Monday 4-3-06
The Red Skelton Show, 1-22-50, Junior is missing, part 1 of 2
Lum & Abner, 4-17-46, a wacky inventor's machine has blown up their store and is determined to try again

Tuesday 4-4
Adv. of Sam Spade 6-20-48 "The Death's Bed Caper," which turns into the caper of the 2 death's beds with a second body
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar 1-3-56 "Caylin Matter" Part 1, Bob Bailey

Wednesday 4-5
Nightbeat, 7/17/50 "Molly Keller" a cleaning lady comes up with a unique way to find out who framed her dead husband for a big robbery and kept the money from the other 2 partners in crime
Adventures of Superman, 2/26/47 "Knights of the White Carnation" Part 1, Clark Kent investigates a racist organization threatening world peace

Thursday 4-6
The Whistler, 7/24/49 "The Hermit" an old man suspected of stealing and hoarding money gets a deadly visit
The Unexpected, 8/15/48 "The Rematch" A boxer (Jackie Cooper) throws a fight for $20,000 when he gets an offer he can't refuse, but there just might be a twist ending

Friday 4-7
Lux Radio Theatre "For Whom the Bell Tolls" 2/12/45, Gary Cooper & Ingrid Bergman help the peasants fighting in Spain's 1937 Civil War

Monday 4-10 Duffy's Tavern "Archie and Finnegan Double Date" 4/6/49
Vic and Sade "House Becomes a Thoroughfair" 10/26/46

Tuesday 4-11
Richard Diamond, Private Detective "Betty Moran Case" 5/29/49
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "Caylin Matter" Part 2, 1/4/56

Wednesday 4-12
Damon Runyon Theater "Tobias the Terrible" 8/15/50, a meek man becomes infamous overnight when 7 mobsters hide their guns in his pockets during a raid
Adventures of Superman "Knights of the White Carnation" Part 2

Thursday 4-13
Mysterious Traveler "Till Death Do Us Part" 11/11/48
Strange Dr. Weird "Picture of a Killer" 5/8/45

Friday 4-14
Screen Director's Playhouse "Spellbound" 1/25/51, based on the Hitchcock movie. A psychiatrist falls in love with her patient, but is he a murderer? Joseph Cotton

Monday 4-17
Charlie McCarthy Show, guest Orson Welles, 10/29/44, Orson leads a bombastic tour of a natural history museum
Baby Snooks "The Dentist" 9/7/39

Tuesday 4-18
Casey, Crime Photographer "Scene of the Crime" 3/10/49
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "Caylin Matter" Part 3, 1/5/56

Wednesday 4-19
Gunsmoke "Alarm at Pleasant Valley" 9/10/55, a handful of renegade Indians attract the Cavalry when they massacre a remote farm family
Adventures of Superman "Knights of the White Carnation" Part 3, 2/28/47

Thursday 4-20
Lights Out "The Ball" 3/9/43, two Americans go to a fancy Mask Ball in Paris only to discover too late that it's a haunted mansion and all the ghosts lost their heads in the Revolution. They're looking for replacements...
Blackstone, Magic Detective "Murder Onstage" 12/26/48

Friday 4-21
Mercury Theater hour "Sherlock Holmes" 9/25/38. Based on the hit Broadway play, Holmes (Orson Welles) discovers the location of perloined letters in act 1, bringing the wrath of Prof. Moriarty and a deathtrap room in act 2. This play introduced the line: "Elementary, my dear Watson, elementary," never said in the original stories.

Monday 4-24
Our Miss Brooks "Hillbilly Heifitz" 7/3/55
Bickersons "Honeymoon is Over" 3/16/47

Tuesday 4-25
Nick Carter, Master Detective "Haunted Rocking Chair" 5/27/45, Nick doesn't believe in ghosts, but reconsiders investigating when an artist in the house is found dead
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "Caylin Matter" Part 4, 1/6/56

Wednesday 4-26
Mystery in the Air "Crime and Punishment" 9/25/47, starring Peter Lorre, narrated by Harry Morgan
Adventures of Superman "Knights of the White Carnation" Part 4, 3/3/47

Thursday 4-27
Suspense "The Most Dangerous Game" 2/1/45, Joseph Cotton stars in the famous tale of a retired Russian general (J. Carroll Naish) who hunts down and kills people on his private island for sport
Chandu the Magician "House of Fear" 3/31/49, Chandu uses his magic to expose a killer in Istanbul

Friday 4-28
Ford Theater hour "A Farewell to Arms" by Hemmingway, 6/24/49, starring Helen Hayes

Monday 5-1-06
Burns and Allen, 2/28/40 "Government Jobs"
Fibber McGee and Molly: 4/15/54 "Freeway Ride"

Tuesday 5-2
Green Hornet "Paroled for Revenge" 5/16/44
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "Caylin Matter" 1/7/56, part 5 of 5

Wednesday 5-3
Tales of the Texas Rangers "The Hatchet" 2/11/51
Adventures of Superman "Knights of the White Carnation" 3/4/47, part 5

Thursday 5-4
Black Museum "The Chain" 5/5/1905, host Orson Welles. A woman is in the hospital, 3 people are dead, the only clue are a chain and a ghost's fingerprints. And Scotland Yard doesn't believe in ghosts
Third Man "Double Double Cross" 1/18/52 starring Orson Welles, Harry Lime is double-crossed, but it might keep him out of jail

Friday 5-5
Screen Director's Playhouse "Damned Don't Cry" 4/5/51

Monday 5-8
Life with Luigi "The Wedding" 5/29/49
Lum & Abner "Dress as a Woman to Avoid Curfew" 3/25/46

Tuesday 5-9
Mr. Keen, Tracer of Lost Persons "Murder & Blood Stained Pearls" 9/15/49
Sergeant Preston of the Yukon "Land Otter's Totem" 3/6/52 (Paul Sutton as Preston, Dewey Cole as his wonder dog King) a greedy Russian uses superstition with an Indian tribe while he digs for gold on their land and tricks them into attacking any visitors

Wednesday 5-10
Columbia Presents Corwin "Undecided Molecule" 7/17/45, Groucho Marx as the Cosmic Judge, Vincent Price as Prosecutor, entire story told in rhyme
Adv. of Superman "Knights of the White Carnation" 3/5/47, in part 6 a man who threatened to expose the Knights is found murdered

Thursday 5-11
True Detective Mysteries "Websters Pick up a Psycho" (or Couple Kidnapped) 1/6/58, a young couple is stuffed in the trunk of their car after picking up a hitchhiker & come up with a desperate plan. Based on a true story
The Unexpected "Finale" 5/2/48

Friday 5-12
Lux Radio Theatre "Casablanca" 1/24/44, Alan Ladd, Hedy Lamarr

Monday 5-15
Bob Hope Show, guest Chico Marx of "Room Service" (1938) 3/8/42
Vic and Sade "House Becomes a Thoroughfair" 10/26/46

Tuesday 5-16
Dragnet "Big Beer" 8/16/55
Dick Tracy "Case of the Dark Corridor" 1/19/46

Wednesday 5-17
Arch Oboler "Johnny Got His Gun" 3/9/40
Adv. of Superman "Knights of the White Carnation" 3/6/47, part 7

Thursday 5-18
X-Minus One "And The Moon Be Still As Bright" 9/22/55, the Earth after World War 3 is just no fun anymore
Strange Dr. Weird "Summoning of Chandor" 11/14/44

Friday 5-19
Campbell Playhouse "June Moon" 3/24/40

Monday 5-22
Life of Riley "Driving Test" 10/13/50
Baby Snooks "Psychoanalyzing Snooks" 12/14/39

Tuesday 5-23
Rogues Gallery "Little Drops of Rain" 11/8/45
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "McCormack Matter" 10/3/55, part 1, an ex-con has a tip about an unsolved jewel robbery that leads to murderers

Wednesday 5-24
Escape "Casting the Runes" 11/19/47
Adv. of Superman "Knights of the White Carnation" 3/7/47, part 8

Thursday 5-25
Suspense "Copper Tea Strainer" 4/21/49
Exploring Tomorrow "Happiness Effect" 5/10/1905

Friday 5-26
Ford Theater "Of Human Bondage" 10/29/48

Monday 5-29
Jack Benny Program "Journey to the Surface of the Earth" 4/3/55, Jack helps Rochester fill out his income tax form, then goes down to his famous underground vault. He lets his old guard come upstairs for a look at the outside world
Bickersons "Amos' Deep Sea Adventure" 9/22/46, guest star Danny Thomas as Amos cleans out John's bank account

Tuesday 5-30
Adv. of Sam Spade "Chargagogmanchogagog…" 9/25/49
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "McCormack Matter" 10/4/55, part 2

Wednesday 5-31
This Is Your FBI "The Courier" 5/2/52
Adv. of Superman "Knights of the White Carnation" 3/10/47, part 9

Thursday 6-1
Mystery in the Air "Mask of Medusa" 9/4/47, starring/narrated by Peter Lorre as a murderer trapped in a wax museum full of famous killers, all still alive but unable to move, until...
I Love a Mystery "Million Dollar Curse" 5/11/54 (no beginning or ending)

Friday 6-2
Lux Radio Theatre hour "Pride of the Yankees" 10/4/43

Monday 6-5
Great Gildersleeve "Fibber and Molly Visit" 1/10/43
Fibber McGee & Molly "Prowler on the Loose" 11/2/53

Tuesday 6-6
The Lineup, 12/12/52
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "McCormack Matter" 10/5/55, part 3

Wednesday 6-7
Have Gun, Will Travel "Irish Luck" 4/24/60, Paladin goes after a man's evil twin, after becoming his unwitting alibi for murder
Adv. of Superman "Knights of the White Carnation" 3/11/47, part 10

Thursday 6-8
The Shadow "Phantom of the Lighthouse" 9/7/47
Calling All Cars "Bone Button" 9/21/37

Friday 6-9
Screen Director's Playhouse hour - Hitchcock's "Life Boat" 11/16/50, starring/narrated by Tallulah Bankhead

Monday 6-12
Fred Allen Show "The Cost Of Living" 3/20/49, guest Bert Lahr
Lum and Abner "Papering The Dining Room" part 1 of 2

Tuesday 6-13
Richard Diamond, Private Detective "Edna Wolfe Wants to Get Nancy" 9/20/53
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "McCormack Matter" 10/6/55, part 4

Wednesday 6-14
I Was a Communist for the FBI "Abby as in Abigail" 6/17/53
Adventures of Superman "Knights of the White Carnation" 3/12/47, part 11

Thursday 6-15
The Whistler "The Weakling" 1/3/43
Blackstone, Magic Detective "Hand of the Caloused Row"

Friday 6-16
Mercury Theater on the Air "Hell on Ice" 10/9/38, Orson Welles

Monday 6-19
Phil Harris and Alice Faye Show "Jury Duty" 2/20/49
Vic and Sade "Suggestion Box" 10/27/42

Tuesday 6-20
Boston Blackie "Skating Rink Murder" 7/9/46
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "McCormack Matter" 10/7/55, part 5 of 5

Wednesday 6-21
Nightbeat "Zero" 6/6/50
Adventures of Superman "Knights of the White Carnation" 3/13/47, part 12

Thursday 6-22
Murder by Experts "Two Can Die as Cheaply as One" 4/17/50
Strange Dr. Weird "He Woke Up Dead" 3/27/45

Friday 6-23
Ford Theater "Horn Blows at Midnight" 3/4/49 comedy/fantasy, God decides it's time to end the world and sends an angel to signal doomsday by blowing Gabriel's Horn, but the angel has second thoughts when he arrives on Earth

Monday 6-26
Charlie McCarthy Show, 2/4/45
Baby Snooks "Homework" 9/28/39

Tuesday 6-27
Nick Carter, Master Detective "The Glass Coffin" 9/27/43
Sergeant Preston, Challenge of the Yukon "Till a Man's Proved Dead" 7/22/43

Wednesday 6-28
Box Thirteen "Death Is No Joke" 5/22/49
Adv. of Superman "Knights of the White Carnation" 3/14/47, part 13

Thursday 6-29
(main feature to be announced)
The Unexpected "The Cripple"

Friday 6-30
Lux Radio Theatre Hour "It Happened One Night" 3/20/39, Clark Gable in his first starring role as a reporter helping a rich runaway bride-to-be

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