Golden Age of Radio for May-July 2008

Thursday 5-1-08
Murder at Midnight "Death Hand" 5/1/50, a pianist murders a pickpocket for his hand after losing his own in a car accident
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Long Shot Matter" Part 4, 6/28/56

Friday 5-2
This is Your FBI "The Courier" 5/2/52, the FBI uncovers nuclear spies at Los Alamos, NM. Based on a true story
Lum and Abner "Printing Bills" 5/14/42, they use an abandoned personal printer to create past-due bills, then can't bear to send them out

Saturday 5-3
My Friend Irma "Accute Love Sickness" 5/3/48, will cheap hustler Al ever propose?
Lora Lawton "Peter Kept Prisoner in France" 11/27/47, a sample installment of the popular soap-opera

Sunday 5-4
Lights Out "The Heavenly Jeep" 5/4/43, two dead men in WW2 leave their bodies and visit another planet where insects evolved faster than humans
Chandu the Magician: psychic powers used to search for sister, 7/5/48, continued next Sunday

Monday 5-5
Martin & Lewis Show, 5/5/53, guest Anne Baxter on how to sound like a great movie star
Tom Mix Straightshooters "Secret Mission" 5/8/45

Tuesday 5-6
Fort Laramie "Never The Twain" 5/6/56, a prejusticed white recruit risks Indian war to save a chief's daughter from a rattlesnake
Captain Midnight 11/20/39, Zolinger Found in Secret Passage

Wednesday 5-7
Cloak & Dagger 5/7/50 (NBC) "File 2218" based on America's O.S.S. of WW2, guest star Ross Martin of TV's Wild Wild West as Austrian underground agent Karl
Tarzan 10/3/32, A Fight Aboard Ship

Thursday 5-8
Boston Blackie "Winthrope Jewel Robberies" 5/7/46, an insurance company offers $10,000 for an unsolved mystery: a single diamond disappears each day from a shop with 3 employees
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Long Shot Matter" Part 5, 6/29/56

Friday 5-9
Great Gildersleeve "Leroy Out of Craig's B-Day Party" 5/7/47
Lum & Abner "Abner is Sleeping on the Job" 5/15/42

Saturday 5-10
Command Performance, 5/10/45, host: Jack Benny goes on a dream date requested by a letter from a serviceman
Tennessee Jed "The Man With The Crooked Knife" 5/24/46

Sunday 5-11
Lights Out "Murder in the Script Department" 5/11/43, two secretaries typing up a Lights Out script late at night hear strange noises in the empty building...
Chandu the Magician "Dorothy Rescued" 7/6/48, continued next Sunday

Monday 5-12
Great Gildersleeve "Leila's New Beau" 5/12/46, guest star Jim Backus
The Fred Allen Show, 5/9/48 clip, guest: Don McNeill

Tuesday 5-13
Tales of the Texas Rangers "Paid In Full" 5/13/51, a thugish farmer thinks he can get away with murdering a Hispanic sharecropper instead of paying him
Police Headquarters "High Flights Race" the jockey is killed during a horserace

Wednesday 5-14
Philco Radio Time starring Bing Crosby, guests Hank Greenberg, Groucho Marx, 5/14/47
Easy Aces "Needing a Signature for a Loan" (continued next Monday)

Thursday 5-15
Destination Freedom "The Ballad of Satchel Paige" 5/15/49
Sealtest Variety Theater, guest Jack Benny, 12/9/48

Friday 5-16
The Shadow "The Giant of Madras" 5/16/48, the Conductor disappears from a passenger train and his replacement claims it's 1am not 5am, then passengers start disappearing along with a huge diamond. Brett Morrison, Grace Matthews
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "Indestructible Mike Matter" Part 1, 6/4/56, continued next Friday. Someone buys a life insurance policy for a lovable drunk (Howard McNear), then the murder attempts start. Alan Reed

Saturday 5-17
Family Theater "The Outcasts of Poker Flat" by Brett Hart, 5/17/50
Pepper Young's Family "Trying to Stop the Presses" (syndicated soap opera)

Sunday 5-18
Jack Benny Program, 5/18/47, guest Al Jolson fills in for singer Dennis Day, Lucky Strike ads not included
Chandu the Magician "Storyteller Has Robert's Ring" 7/7/48, continued next Sunday

Monday 5-19
Fibber McGee & Molly "Fibber Is Going to Be Rich" 5/19/42, Fibber misunderstands a newspaper headline
Easy Aces "Jane Needs Another Signature"

Tuesday 5-20
Fort Laramie "Gold" 5/20/56, Quince (Raymond Burr) suspects amoral prospectors are risking an Indian war by illegally hunting for gold on their reservation
Police Headquarters "$190,000 Money Transfer" (syndicated, broadcast date unknown) an old-timer about to retire sets out to prove that a big robbery was an inside job by finding their hide-out

Wednesday 5-21
Boston Blackie "Breaks Into Prison" 5/21/47
Captain Midnight "The Secret Squadron Strikes" 5/26/43

Thursday 5-22
The Shadow "Message from the Hills" 5/22/38, a native chief contacts The Shadow (Orson Welles) and Margo by telepathy when bad men take over his island
Sky King "Poison Fruit" 6/30/47

Friday 5-23
Abbott & Costello, 4/5/45, Mellonhead tries to sell Lou lesser-known singers "The Andrews Brothers"
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "Indestructible Mike Matter" Part 2, 6/5/56, continued next Friday

Saturday 5-24
The Halls of Ivy "Fighting Med Student" 5/24/50, guest star Stacy Harris, with Sheldon Leonard cameo as a punch-drunk ex-boxing champ
Lum & Abner "Family Tree" 7/14/47, Lum is still looking for a rightful heir but too many fellers from the hills seem to be related

Sunday 5-25
Mysterious Traveler "The Lady in Red" 5/23/50, a man tries to find out who Theda is and why people die near her [rearrange the letters]
Chandu the Magician, 7/8/48, the signet ring - continued next Sunday

Monday 5-26
Duffy's Tavern "Archie's Dream Girl" guest Rex Harrison as himself, 5/26/48
Joyce Jordan MD, 12/18/48 soap opera

Tuesday 5-27
Casey, Crime Photographer "Disappearance of Mr. Dizzel" 4/13/50, Casey is taken hostage during a shootout surrounded by police
Front Page Farrell "High Explosive" 8/1/50

Wednesday 5-28
Cisco Kid "Contraband" 5/28/53, an old prospector is killed when he discovers one of his mules being used with a muzzle in the desert so it can't eat or drink
Tom Mix "The Mystery Of The Black Cat" (guest villain Howard McNeer) 12/1/41, serial story

Thursday 5-29
Inner Sanctum "Musical Score" 5/29/45, a man murders 2 in a lifeboat then hunts down the other 2 possible witnesses after rescue
Sea Hound, 7/6/42 (NBC's Blue Network, serial)

Friday 5-30
Dangerous Assignment "Assignment in Portugal" 3/25/53, what does a beautiful woman and smuggled dental records have to do with it?
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "Indestructible Mike Matter" Part 3, 6/6/56, continued next Friday

Saturday 5-31
Burns & Allen "Traffic Court" 6/1/43, Gracie got a ticket and never told George, now there's a summons. Voice Of Justice: Hans Conreid, Attorney: Mel Blanc
Lora Lawton, 3/24/47 (soap opera installment)

Sunday 6-1
Dark Fantasy "Death is a Savage Deity" 1/30/42
Chandu the Magician "Princess Nadji is Missing" 7/9/48, continued next Sunday

Monday 6-2
Life of Riley "South Pacific" 6/2/50, Riley gets scarce tickets to the hit play from Digger Odell (John Brown), then gives them to his boss (Alan Reed) only to find out someone else got the promotion he wanted
Lum & Abner "Hempstead Secret Formula" 7/30/47

Tuesday 6-3
Jack Benny Program "Vacation Plans" 6/9/40, Jack has booked his motel in Hawaii for vacation: an autocourt near the bus station. Don does a Jello commercial in Hawaiian
Easy Aces "Neff Learns About Ace's Finances" (continued on 6-18-08)

Wednesday 6-4
Screen Director's Playhouse 6/5/49 "The Killers" Burt Lancaster & William Conrad reprise their 1946 movie in this Hemingway mobster story; movie introduced the song "Danger Lights" later used as Dragnet's themesong, and the quote: ...for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee. Conrad had a smaller part in the movie version
Pepper Young's Family "Peggy Explains to Carter" syndicated WW2-era soap opera ep

Thursday 6-5
The Shadow "Preview of Terror" 6/5/49, a dark and stormy night in a spooky old house and a practical joke gone wrong. Brett Morrison, Grace Matthews, Ralph Bell
Tom Mix "Mystery Of The Border Smugglers" 12/15/41, coyotes can be vicious

Friday 6-6
Inner Sanctum "Death On The Highway" 6/6/49, the head of a security firm steals ten times as much as an employee embezzled and frames him for it, then hits a hitchhiker
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "Indestructible Mike Matter" Part 4, 6/7/56, continued next Friday

Saturday 6-7
Richard Diamond, Private Detective "The Cover Up Murders" 6/7/53, a madman kills a random victim each night at 8pm, taunting the police by phone that they're helpless to stop him. But Rick thinks it's leading to a specific murder
Police Headquarters "Body Stolen"

Sunday 6-8
Suspense "Case History of Edgar Lowndes" 6/8/44
Chandu the Magician "The Storyteller Approaches Betty" 7/12/48, continued next Sunday

Monday 6-9
Life of Riley "The Spicy Book" 6/9/50, Riley recommends a banned-in-Boston book to schools and churches without reading it entirely, not knowing Babs switched dustcovers
Lum & Abner "Experiments on Secret Formula" 7/31/47

Tuesday 6-10
Escape, 6/10/54 "Benchillina & The Fisherman" written by John Dehner, who also has a cameo as a Gypsy
The Unexpected, 7/11/48 "Understudy" arranges for the star to have an accident so she can go onstage instead

Wednesday 6-11
My Favorite Husband, 6/10/49 "Hair Dyed" Lucille Ball's hair is dyed the wrong color and rumors spread that her husband was seen with another woman
Little Orphan Annie "Bob Bond's Wright Brothers Story" 6/16/36

Thursday 6-12
X Minus One "If You Was A Moklin" 6/12/50, friendly locals on a colonized planet start imitating people in every way, until all humans must be evacuated
Tennesee Jed "The Man With The Crooked Knife" 5/28/46 (children's serial, Jed has no lines this week)

Friday 6-13
Adv. of Sherlock Holmes "Case of the Bleeding Chandelier" 6/13/48, John Stanley, Alfred Shirley (MBS)
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "Indestructible Mike Matter" conclusion Part 5, 6/8/56

Saturday 6-14
Family Theater "The Scout" 6/15/49, Eddie Bracken as baseball pitcher who also coaches orphans and would give anything to be a big leaguer. Satan: Jack Webb (uncredited)
Police Headquarters "Tommy Evans Run Down" An accused murderer's father refuses to believe it, was he framed?

Sunday 6-15
Suspense, 6/15/44 "Friend to Alexander" by James Thurber, a man (actor/director Richard Whorf) has nightmares of friendship with Alexander Hamilton and upcoming duel with Aaron Burr. Geraldine Fitzgerald
Chandu the Magician "Betty and Abdullah Make a Plan" 7/13/48, continued next Sunday

Monday 6-16
The Whistler "Concerto of Death" 6/16/48, soldier steals a priceless violin and kills its owner, who had planned to be buried with it. PSA by Signal Oil
Strange Dr. Weird "The Two Faces of Death" 3/13/45, bad guy kills lookalike and partner in stock swindle, taking identity of small-time Chicago hood (who stole money from the Mob)

Tuesday 6-17
Story of Dr. Kildare "Pricilla's Broken Arm" 6/22/50 (syndicated). Lew Ayres, Lionel Barrymore reprise their movie roles (William Shatner auditioned for the Ayres role in the TV-series, but let Richard Chamberlain get it)
Pepper Young's Family "The Trent's Send a Lawyer" (1941, serial) More info

Wednesday 6-18
Blondie, 6/18/44 "Dagwood's Icy Challenge" Dagwood (Arthur Lake) claims he used to swim in the river when it still had ice on it (AFRS)
Easy Aces "Ace Learns of Jane's Meeting" with 1940s Anacin ad

Thursday 6-19
The Man Called X "The Silver Scarab" 6/19/1947, Ken Thurston (Herbert Marshall) looks for the international assassin who killed him in Cairo using silver bullets. Pagan Zellschmidt (Leon Belasco) helps in the search for missing Relief shipments being hijacked by pirates
Studio X "Frozen Justice" (syndicated, 1948) Paul Frees "your one-man theater" narrates and does all voices in story of meek Little John who challenges Big Ben to a duel with rifles at 30 paces. 2nd ep of series also known as The Player

Friday 6-20
Sherlock Holmes "Adventure of the Speckled Band" 6/23/47, a locked-room murder case. A lovely young lady, in mourning for her sister, is terrified for her own life. Tom Conway, Nigel Bruce
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Crystal Lake Matter" 8/13/56, Part 1. A Denver man disappears and his car is found parked with unused over-night luggage inside. The only clue: a brochure for Crystal Lake fishing resort, continued next Friday

Saturday 6-21
Mercury Summer Theatre "The Hitchhiker" starring Orson Welles 6/21/46 (later redone on TV as a Twilight Zone episode)
Calling All Detectives "Apartment House Ghost" 12/30/48, similar to an episode of Nightbeat: tenants flee an apartment and won't say about why

Sunday 6-22
Dimension X "A Pebble in the Sky" 6/17/51, an archeologist visits Earth to prove his theory that there was life there before the nuclear wars
Chandu the Magician "Meeting Princess Nadji" 7/14/48, continued next Sunday

Monday 6-23
Fibber McGee & Molly "Getting Ready for a Camping Trip" 6/22/43, last show of season, cameo by Myrte the Operator (never heard before)
Henry Morgan "Advertisers: The Bringers of Words" 3/21/46, tune in tomorrow at this same time

Tuesday 6-24
Escape "Judgment Day At Crippled Deer" 6/24/54, intro by Paul Frees. 3 men trapped in a blizzard decide that a fourth has murdered his mining partner and hold a kangaroo court. After they lynch him, his partner shows up, alive and well
Howie Wing, Episode 78 (serial)

Wednesday 6-25
MAIL CALL 6/25/45, Host: Betty Hutton, guest Frank Sinatra complains that the show has never had a salute to New Jersey, sings I Can't Give You Anything But Love. His later costar Vivian Blaine (Guys and Dolls, 1951) sings The Man I Love
Lear Radio Show "Orson Welles Commentaries" 10/21/45, ad for Lear Radios inc. one that can record & play back programs from a built-in wire recorder. Orson remembers someone he met in China before WW2 and hasn't heard from since, then remembers the British "confusion machines" dropped on occupied Europe for Nazis to find

Thursday 6-26
Fred Allen Show "Finale" with Jack Benny, 6/26/49, last ever broadcast of Fred Allen Show
Baby Snooks "Dollar Day" 6/19/41, Snooks is sent to store with $2 but instead buys candy

Friday 6-27
True Detective Mysteries "Websters Pick Up Psycho Hitchhiker" 1/6/58, similar to the 1953 movie Hitch-Hiker
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Crystal Lake Matter" Part 2, 8/14/56, continued next Friday

Saturday 6-28
This Is Your FBI "The Traitor" 6/22/51, a heavy gambler is offered $200 to take pictures of Navy ports
Dear John "Faith Meets Michael Murray" 10/6/40 soap opera, ad for Welch's Grape Juice

Sunday 6-29
X-1 "Project Trojan" 6/19/56, the British hire a scifi writer to invent an unworkable machine and let the Nazis find it to waste their time trying to perfect it (inspired by a true story). Then they do...
Chandu the Magician "Betty is Being Held Captive" 7/15/48, continued next Sunday

Monday 6-30
My Favorite Husband "Liz & George Reminisce" 7/1/49, last of season. DMV Officer: Frank Nelson
Lum & Abner "Lizabeth & Pearl Have Left" 6/29/42 (cont. next Monday)

Tuesday 7-1
Escape "Blood Bath" 6/30/50, intro by Paul Frees. Uranium prospectors discover a rich find, split among 5 partners...then 4, then 3. Narrated by sole survivor Vincent Price. Ad by Richfield Oil Co. (ARCO)
Studio X / The Player "The Professor Goes for a Walk" (1948, Paul Frees)

Wednesday 7-2
Murder By Experts "Two Coffins To Fill" 7/4/49, he murdered twice for her money, but...
Calling All Detectives "Two Clients on the Same Case" 11/24/48, rival stamp collectors accuse each other of stealing priceless collections

Thursday 7-3
Fibber McGee & Molly "Fishing Trip" 6/30/53, Fibber catches a giant bass but no one believes him
Lear Radio Show "Orson Welles Commentary" 9/23/45, so much for the cult leader who recently predicted the end of the world

Friday 7-4
The Whistler "Small Town Girl" 6/30/48, a con-man murders the woman who exposed him and frames her roommate (not knowing her never-seen roommate was fictional)
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Crystal Lake Matter" Part 3, 8/15/56

Saturday 7-5
Dangerous Assignment "Relief Supplies" 7/9/49, undercover agent/journalist Mitchell is sent to find out if a rebel leader (uncredited William Conrad) is stealing food and medicine in Sicily intended for war-torn Europe (1st ep of series)
Little Orphan Annie "A Message to the Secret Society" 6/17/36 Ovaltine ad, set your decoder pin to Y19

Sunday 7-6
Tales of the Texas Rangers, 7/6/52 "The Boomerang," a woman in 1937 tells her father (Howard McNeer) to take all his hoarded money to the bank, but he disappears (happy ending, he just ran away because of her nagging)
Chandu the Magician "Betty is Found" 7/16/48

Monday 7-7
Father Knows Best "Vacation Arrives" 7/6/50, Robert Young
Lum & Abner "Letter From Washington" 6/30/42, continued next week

Tuesday 7-8
Screen Director's Playhouse "The Big Clock" 7/8/49, Ray Milland, Maureen O'Sullivan
Studio X/The Player "Jack the Giant Killer" (Paul Freessyndicated 1948)

Wednesday 7-9
I Was a Communist for the FBI "Dangerous Dollars" 7/9/52, a vacation resort is actually a nest of spies
Dr. Paul "Talking to the Police" 12/2/52 soap-opera

Thursday 7-10
Have Gun, Will Travel "Five Days to Yuma" 7/10/60, the Governor wants Paladin to return a young man who kidnapped his unmarried daughter
Tom Mix "Mystery of the Vanishing Village" 8/10/45 (continued next Tuesday)

Friday 7-11
Boston Blackie "The Murdered Truck Driver" 7/16/46, an empty truck is hijacked for no apparent reason
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Crystal Lake Matter" Part 4, 8/16/56

Saturday 7-12
Arch Oboler's Plays "A Gallery of Big Shots" 7/12/45, male and female bullies we encounter in everyday life
Calling All Detectives "Uncle Enoch" 11/23/48

Sunday 7-13
Adv. Of Philip Marlowe "The Dude From Manhattan" 7/2/49, a dude-ranch vacation turns into murder
Chandu the Magician "Roxor Meets Nagi" 7/19/48

Monday 7-14
Life Of Riley "Riley's Dream House" 7/25/43, pilot episode
Abe Burrows Show, 12/6/47

Tuesday 7-15
Boston Blackie "Black Market Case" 7/21/44, a woman hires Blackie than says she never saw him before
Just Plain Bill "Arlene Wilson Wants to Kill Nancy" 8/1/55 (soap opera)

Wednesday 7-16
Columbia Presents Corwin "The Undecided Molecule" 7/17/45, a trial in Heaven calls witnesses to help a molecule decide what it wants to be, told entirely in rhyme. Vincent Price, Groucho Marx, Keenan Wynn, Robert Benchley
Lum & Abner "Searching Party" 7/2/42, Abner's wife and child are still missing

Thursday 7-17
Escape 7/21/47 "A Diamond as Big as the Ritz" by F. Scott FitzGerald, a Confederate general has a secret plantation in Montana where he keeps slaves in the 20th century, and a gigantic diamond. But no one who sees it can ever leave
Tom Mix "Mystery of the Vanishing Village, part 2" 8/14/45

Friday 7-18
Mr. & Mrs. North "Bet On Murder" 7/14/53 AFRS, Bookie: Sheldon Leonard
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar 8/17/56 "The Crystal Lake Matter" Part 5 of 5

Saturday 7-19
Dimension X "Beyond Infinity" 7/21/50, an inventor in East Europe shrinks his son and daughter-in-law to sub-atomic size to escape secret police. They live out their lives, founding a race of tiny humans on the 3rd electron orbiting an atom. Wheaties ad
Don Winslow of the Navy "Japanese Mini-Sub Sunk" 10/7/42

Sunday 7-20
Inner Sanctum "The Listener" 7/20/52. Agnes Moorehead, Mason Adams, double-twist ending
Chandu the Magician "The Tunnel Under the Sphinx" 7/20/48 (cont. next Sunday)

Monday 7-21
Academy Award Theatre "The Prisoner Of Zenda" 7/17/46, both roles played by Douglas Fairbanks Jr. With Virginia Bruce as the queen
The Brighter Day (soap opera) "Christmas Eve" 12/24/48

Tuesday 7-22
Richard Diamond "Mrs William Baker, Klepto" 9/3/49, an elderly rich woman steals small items from a department store which then simply sends the bills to her husband, but when jewelry disappears Diamond smells a rat, especially when she ends up dead
Calling All Detectives "Numbers Add Up To Murder" 12/27/48

Wednesday 7-23
Academy Award Theatre "Foreign Correspondent" 7/24/46, Joseph Cotten, Loraine Day
A Man Named Jordan "Triflis is Waiting to Kill Rocky" 4/11/45 (cont. from a previous episode)

Thursday 7-24
The Whistler "A Pattern For Terror" 7/16/45, a man blacks out while drinking and seems to have killed a friend after threatening him. Elliot Lewis
Tom Mix & The Ralston Strait Shooters "Mystery of the Bay of Whales, part 1" 2/1/42, is the Flying Dutchman ghost ship making whales disappear? Tom is hired by a whaling factory ship to solve the mystery

Friday 7-25
Richard Diamond, Private Detective "Mona Lisa Murder Case" 7/26/53, bumbling Otis thinks the butler did it, and for once he may be right
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "Jolly Rogers Fraud" Part 1, 3/19/56. A man who got rich selling almost worthless ships during WW2 dies. It's supposed to look like an accident and that's just what Johnny thinks it is until the threatening phone call (cont. next Friday)

Saturday 7-26
Jack Benny Program "Jack & The Bean Stalk" 7/25/54, after working in the vegetable garden Jack dreams that he's in the children's story. Illegal alien/Bugs Bunny: Mel Blanc, Giant: Frank Nelson. AFRS ad by Don
The Henry Morgan Show "Foolishness" 10/30/46, including his wacky tribute to Nazi Germany

Sunday 7-27
Inner Sanctum "Murder Takes A Honeymoon" 7/26/48, newlywed New Yorkers buy a farm unseen, and the last 2 owners ended up dead from unknown causes
Chandu the Magician "Dorothy Under a Spell" 7/21/48

Monday 7-28
Philip Marlowe "Good Neighbor Policy" 7/28/51, crossed telephone wires can be murder
Sky King "$30,000 String of Pearls" 7/23/47 (children's serial)

Tuesday 7-29
Burns & Allen Show "Going to a Kiddy Party" 7/29/40
Easy Aces "Jane's $100 Present"

Wednesday 7-30
Crime Classics "The Axe & The Droot Family…" 8/10/53, a woman convinces her husband to kill her 2 brothers so she can inherit everything. He is executed, based on a true story
Police Headquarters "Judge Carlson Missing" (1932, syndicated)

Thursday 7-31
Our Miss Brooks "Special Party" 4/3/49
Vic and Sade "Kleeberger's Haberdashery" 9/8/42

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Fun facts:
Orson Welles refused to rehearse The Shadow's live broadcasts, saying he wanted to be surprised by the plot along with the audience
The star of Sky King was killed in an automobile accident on his way to see the next to last launch of space shuttle Challenger

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