Golden Age of Radio for November-December 2009

Sunday 11-1
Life of Riley "Halloween Haunted House" 10/29/1944 
Ozzie & Harriett "Haunted House" 10/31/1948 clip 

Monday 11-2
Phil Harris & Alice Faye Show, 11/6/1949 "Harry Hart TV Pilot"  
Abbott & Costello Show, 11/9/1944 "Costello Buys A Horse" 
Tuesday 11-3
The Falcon "Case of the Widow's Gorilla" 11/12/1950 
Police Headquarters "The Williams Brothers"

Wednesday 11-4
The Whistler "Cover Up" 11/7/1948 
Chandu the Magician "Contacting Dorothy" 10/4/1948  

Thursday 11-5
Dr. Christian "Operation In A Shack" 11/7/1937 
Ma Perkins "Joseph is Upset" 10/12/1949  

Friday 11-6
Rocky Jordan "Strange Death of Van Dorn" 11/13/1949 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Lorcoe Matter - Part 5" 11/11/1955  

Saturday 11-7
Great Gildersleeve "Secretary Search" 9/20/1950 
Bill Stern Sports Newsreel, guest Kay Kyser, 1/25/1945  

Sunday 11-8
Suspense "Hitchhike Poker" 9/16/1948 
Unsolved Mysteries "Buried Treasure"

Monday 11-9
The Green Hornet "The Highway that Graft Built" 10/3/1940 
Blair of the Mounties "Canada Western Bank - Part 1" 6/6/1938  

Tuesday 11-10
Martin & Lewis Show "Having Money Problems" 11/14/1949 
Lum & Abner "A Plan to Make Elizabeth Jealous" 12/11/1944  

Wednesday 11-11
The Shadow "Dream of Death" 11/9/1947 
Chandu the Magician "Gardner Recognized" 10/5/1948  

Thursday 11-12
Screen Director's Playhouse "The Dark Mirror" 3/31/1950 
Ma Perkins: Can't Get Ann on the Telephone 10/13/1949  

Friday 11-13
Nick Carter "Case of the Forgetful Killers" 11/7/1948 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Amy Bradshaw Matter - Part 1" 11/25/1955  

Saturday 11-14
Dark Fantasy "Pennsylvania Turnpike" 3/20/1942 
Origin of Superstition "Knocking on Wood" 4/18/1905  

Sunday 11-15
Baby Snooks "Playing Hooky" 9/19/1940 
Mail Call - Fred Allen (State of Maine Tribute) 8/9/1944  

Monday 11-16
Hopalong Cassidy "Junior Badman" 11/17/1951 
Blair of the Mounties "Canada Western Bank" 6/13/1938  

Tuesday 11-17
Life of Riley "Win a Buick Contest" 11/22/1947 
Lum & Abner "Abner Goes on Hunger Strike" 12/12/1944  

Wednesday 11-18
Lights Out "Come to the Bank" 11/17/1942, he's in the walls
Chandu the Magician "Bribery Attempt" 10/6/1948  

Thursday 11-19
Screen Guild Players "Johnny Come Lately" 2/9/1948 
Ma Perkins: Joseph Goes to Hotel (serial) 10/14/1949  

Friday 11-20
Philo Vance, Detective "Thundering Murder Case" 11/29/1949 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Amy Bradshaw Matter - Part 2" 11/26/1955  

Saturday 11-21
My Favorite Husband "Quiz Show" 11/25/1949 
Fibber McGee & Molly "Autumn Leaves Drive" 11/25/1953  

Sunday 11-22
Mystery In The Air "The Black Cat" starring Peter Lorre, 9/18/1947 
Unsolved Mysteries "Mystery of the Athletic Club Murders"

Monday 11-23
Broadway is My Beat "Mary Gilbert" 11/26/1949 
Blackstone the Magic Detective "Crime on a Merry Go Round" 9/11/1949  

Tuesday 11-24
My Friend Irma "Wall Street Magazine Contest" 11/22/1948 
Lum & Abner "Abner Still on Hunger Strike" 12/12/1944  

Wednesday 11-25
The Whistler "Letters From Aaron Burr" 11/20/1949 
Chandu the Magician "Secret Meeting" 10/7/1948  

Thursday 11-26
Jack Benny Program: Jack Dreams He is a Thanksgiving Turkey, 11/21/1943 
Ma Perkins: Ann Asked Not to See Joseph, 10/17/1949  

Friday 11-27
Big Town "Death By Plan" 11/16/1948 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Amy Bradshaw Matter - Part 3" 11/27/1955  

Saturday 11-28
Suspense "Drive-In" 11/21/1946 
Police Headquarters "Small Girl Found Chained"

Sunday 11-29
Frontier Gentleman "The Cat Man" 8/10/1958 
Have Gun, Will Travel "Ella West" 12/7/1958  

Monday 11-30
The Weird Circle "The Wooden Ghost" 12/3/1944 
Blackstone the Magic Detective "Crime in the Stars" 7/24/1949  

Tuesday 12-1
Fibber McGee & Molly: Christmas Shopping Early, 12/7/1948 
Lum & Abner "Third Day of Hunger Strike" 12/14/2009  

Wednesday 12-2
The Shadow "Death Shows the Way" 12/3/1939 
Chandu the Magician "Landmark Spotted" 10/8/1948  

Thursday 12-3
Cavalcade of America "Ulysses In Love" 12/12/1950 
Ma Perkins: Joseph Missing, 10/18/1949  

Friday 12-4
Casey, Crime Photographer "The Serpent Goddess" 12/4/1947 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Amy Bradshaw Matter - Part 4" 11/28/1955  

Saturday 12-5
The Life of Riley "Babs Get Blackmailed" 12/13/1947 
Bill Stern, guest Linda Darnell (on Carol Lombard) 3/1/1946  

Sunday 12-6
Escape "The Follower" 2/18/1951 
The Quiz Kids: 8th Anniversary Show, 6/27/1948  

Monday 12-7
Tales of the Texas Rangers "Death Plant" 12/9/1951 
Blair of the Mounties "Finger Smith" 2/7/1938  

Tuesday 12-8
Jack Benny Program: Addressing Christmas Cards, 12/7/1952 
Lum & Abner: Abner and Marriage Advice, 12/18/1944  

Wednesday 12-9
Inner Sanctum "Murder Faces East" 12/13/1948 
Chandu the Magician: Map Found, 10/11/1948  

Thursday 12-10
Family Theater "Rip Van Winkle" 11/30/1949 
Mary Foster, Editor's Daughter: Miss Moss Wants to Help (#2271)

Friday 12-11
Jeff Regan, Investigator "Five Hundred Santas from Mexico" 11/30/1949 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Amy Bradshaw Matter - Part 5" 11/29/1955  

Saturday 12-12
Author's Playhouse "The Inexperienced Ghost" 12/4/1944 
Blackstone the Magic Detective "The Ghost That Trapped A Killer" 10/3/1948  

Sunday 12-13
Burns & Allen "Plot to Murder George" 3/13/1947 
Vic & Sade "Dull Evening Comes to Life" 12/3/1945  

Monday 12-14
This is Your FBI "The Return of St. Nick" 12/21/1950 
Blair of the Mounties "The Phantom Sniper" 2/14/1938  

Tuesday 12-15
Father Knows Best "Father Gets Nothing For X-Mas" 12/25/1952 
Lum & Abner "A Bum's Life" 12/19/1944  

Wednesday 12-16
Suspense "The Cave" 12/22/1955 
Chandu the Magician "Dancing Partner Recognized" 10/13/1948  

Thursday 12-17
Philco Radio Time: Christmas Play "The Small One" 12/24/1947 
Mary Foster, Editor's Daughter: Last Hope to Find a Printer (#2272)

Friday 12-18
Rocky Fortune "Plot to Murder Santa Claus" 12/22/1953 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Bennet Matter - Part 1" 2/24/1956  

Saturday 12-19
Jack Benny Program: Christmas Shopping, 12/17/1939 
Fibber McGee & Molly "Christmas At Home" 12/25/1953  

Sunday 12-20
Hallmark Playhouse "The Desert Shall Rejoice" 12/16/1948 
Unsolved Mysteries "The Toll Bridge"

Monday 12-21
Broadway Is My Beat "The Nick Norman (Santa) Case" 12/24/1949 
Blackstone the Magic Detective "The Ladder of Wealth" 3/27/1949  

Tuesday 12-22
The Great Gildersleeve: Christmas Show, 12/19/1951 
Lum & Abner "Elizabeth Invites Abner Home" 12/20/1944  

Wednesday 12-23
Stars Over Hollywood "A Christmas Carol" 12/22/1951 
Chandu the Magician: Meeting Dimitri, 10/14/1948  

Thursday 12-24
Grand Central Station "Miracle For Christmas" 12/24/1949 
Treasury Star Parade "A Modern Scrooge" 12/25/1942  

Friday 12-25
Romance "Richer By One Christmas" 12/24/1955 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Bennet Matter - Part 2" 2/25/1956  

Saturday 12-26
Our Miss Brooks "The Magic Christmas Tree" 12/25/1949 
Fibber McGee & Molly: Exchanging Gifts At Bon-Tons, 12/26/1953  

Sunday 12-27
Honest Harold "New Year's Barn Dance" 12/27/1950 
Baby Snooks & Daddy: Returning Christmas Presents, 12/26/1940  

Monday 12-28
Murder At Midnight "The Ace of Death" 1/6/1947 
Blackstone the Magic Detective "Magic Writing" 9/18/1949  

Tuesday 12-29
Ozzie & Harriet "New Year's Resolution" 1/2/1949 
Lum & Abner: Abner Doesn't Want to Go Home, 12/21/1944  

Wednesday 12-30
Hall of Fantasy "The Cask of Amontillado" 1/1/1953 
Chandu the Magician: Spell Cast on Bob, 10/15/1948  

Thursday 12-31
Cavalcade of America "Citizen Mama" 4/4/1949 
Mary Foster, Editor's Daughter: Della Talks With Mary (#2273)
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