Golden Age of Radio Online in 2007

Sunday 4-1-07
Academy Award Theater, 9/11/46: Hitchcock's "Shadow of a Doubt". Little girl slowly realizes that visiting Uncle Charley (Joseph Cotten) is a wanted murderer. Hitchcock was not allowed to use this ending in his Cary Grant movie "Suspense"
Fibber McGee and Molly 2/27/45 clip "Red Cross collections" Fibber tags along while Molly goes door-to-door for the Red Cross to try and sell refrigerators. King's Men sing "Typewriter Serenade"

Monday 4-2
Jack Benny Program 9/11/49 "Sightseeing Bus." Jack doesn't show up for rehearsal the first 20 minutes, then realizes he left his script on the bus
Fred Allen Show 12/6/42 clip, guest George Jessel

Tuesday 4-3
Gunsmoke "Letter of the Law" 6/18/61 with Parley Baer, a Judge sends his own Marshall to Dodge when Dillon refuses to evict a couple from their land for neglecting to file title on time. Dillon arrests the new man when he pushes the young wife, causing a miscarriage. Final episode on radio of series; it was pre-recorded so cast didn't know wouldn't be back in September. The script had been used previously on the Gunsmoke radio & TV series in the 1950s
Speaking of Radio 3/22/84, Chuck Schaden interviews Parley Baer

Wednesday 4-4
Creeps by Night, 5/2/44 "The Final Reckoning" starring Boris Karloff: as a convict released for a crime he didn't commit after 20 years, determined to get revenge by putting a razor to the throat of the real killer (in a barber chair, twist ending)
Adventures of Superman 9/17/45, Chapter 10: Dr. Bly's Confidence Ring, the murder trial of Lois Lane continues

Thursday 4-5
Baby Snooks "Money for Easter Shopping" 3/20/51, they visit a banker whose daughter is a brat but Daddy needs a loan of $300 so she won't call them "poor white trash" anymore
Charlie McCarthy Show 5/9/47 clip, with Don Ameche as Gazolla the Tailor

Friday 4-6
Great Gildersleeve "Family prepares for Easter" 4/16/57, Gildy tells the story of Christ's death and resurrection
Life with Luigi 4/8/52 clip "Planning an Easter dinner"

Saturday 4-7
Life of Riley "Best dressed man for Easter" 4/9/44, Riley gets a suit for Uncle Baxter (Hans Conried), with a catch - he has to wear a sign
Request Performance 4/21/46 clip "Easter story" (drama) and a comedy bit

Sunday 4-8
Suspense "Kaleidoscope" by Ray Bradbury. After an explosion in space sending astronauts outward in all directions, they communicate with each other as long as they can; host/starring William Conrad, 7/12/55
Challenge of the Yukon "Dynamite Provides" 10/23/45, a cat named Dynamite follows a prospector everywhere, leads King to the cave-in

Monday 4-9
Screen Directors' Playhouse "Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House" 7/1/49, Cary Grant reprises his role from the famous comedy
Vic and Sade "Fred might join the Lodge" 1/7/43

Tuesday 4-10
Lum and Abner "Bulldogging Lum" 11/7/48, Lum pretends to be a cowboy to impress a girl and finds himself entered in a bull-riding rodeo
Speaking of Radio 5/17/91, Chuck Schaden interviews Pat Buttram

Wednesday 4-11
Boston Blackie "Murder of Henry Dale" 8/27/47
Adv. of Superman, chapter 11: Dr. Bly's Confidence Gang, 9/18/45

Thursday 4-12
The Shadow "Until Death Do Us Part" 3/6/49, A gangster's wife discovers a letter proving he murdered his first wife; but it may cost her life, too. Grace Matthews, Brett Morrison
Fred Allen Show "Allen's Alley: how are you coping with the meat shortage?" 1/20/46 clip

Friday 4-13
The Clock "The Hunter and the Hunted" 12/22/46, someone or something is stalking two hunters, ripping open the throats of their dogs and their guide. Some kind of 2-legged predator...or is it the Cat People
Challenge of the Yukon "The Trail" 10/30/45, a cop-killer impersonates the murder victim but doesn't count on King to sniff him out. It's as simple as wxyz.

Saturday 4-14
My Friend Irma "Dinner date" 4/19/48
Baby Snooks "Psychoanalyzing Snooks" 12/14/39

Sunday 4-15
Hopalong Cassidy "Dead Man's Hand" 1/1/50 (first ep on CBS radio)
Fibber McGee and Molly "Installing new locks" 11/4/53, Fibber installs a new front door lock, that has no key

Monday 4-16
Lights Out! "The Revenge of India" 8/3/46, gangsters kidnap a man from India who knows how to cloud their minds
Red Skelton Show 5/12/42 clip "Circus fun"

Tuesday 4-17
Jack Benny Program "Going to New York for TV" 4/1/51, Jack runs up against his nemesis, Frank Nelson, while trying to buy a ticket at the train station
Speaking of Radio: Chuck Schaden interviews Frank Nelson 2/18/75, who says he played all sorts of people for Jack Benny, so Jack simply called it the Nemesis Character

Wednesday 4-18
Box 13 "Death is No Joke" Alan Ladd, 5/22/49, a house full of nasty, greedy relatives with a million dollar inheritance up for grabs
Adv. of Superman, chapter 12: Dr. Bly's Confidence Gang, 9/19/45

Thursday 4-19
This is Your FBI "The Sightseeing Killer" 10/3/52
Aldrich Family 11/11/48 clip "The Broken Toy"

Friday 4-20
Have Gun, Will Travel "Winchester Quarantine" 2/22/59, Paladin goes up against bigots trying to force an Indian off his farm
Challenge of the Yukon "The Last Laugh" 11/6/45, a shrew leaves her husband for a treasure map under the head of her first husband in his grave

Saturday 4-21
Inner Sanctum "The Melody of Death" 4/22/44
Jack Benny Program 11/12/50 clip, guest Richard Widmark (the giggling psycho in 1947's Kiss Of Death)

Sunday 4-22
X Minus One "A Wind is Rising" 10/3/57, arrogant colonists from Earth ignore local customs until it's too late
X Minus One "Prime Difference" 1/2/58

Monday 4-23
Damon Runyon Theater "The Lemon Drop Kid" 9/26/50 (Bob Hope starred in the movie version released in 1951)
My Friend Irma "The reward" 12/1/47 clip

Tuesday 4-24
Falcon "Case of the Double Exposure" 10/29/50
Speaking of Radio Interview: John Gannon, Sarajane Wells 6/16/70

Wednesday 4-25
Suspense 5/18/40 "Vial of Death" an acting police chief (Lloyd Nolan) tries to track down a stolen car with a germ-warfare vial in it containing enough bacteria to wipe out the city
Adv. of Superman, chapter 13: Dr. Bly's Confidence Gang, 9/20/45

Thursday 4-26
Boston Blackie "Murder of John Austin" 8/20/47
Bill Stern's Sports Newsreel "Four Horsemen of Notre Dame" 11/25/49

Friday 4-27
Father Knows Best "Time for a new car" 6/8/50, the family car costs more to fix than it's worth so they buy a lottery ticket with a car as first prize. They win, sort-of...
Fred Allen Show "Allen's Alley" 6/27/48

Saturday 4-28
Family Theatre 8/23/50 "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne" starring Gene Lockhart
Challenge of the Yukon "The Irish Wolf Hound" 11/13/45, a couple from Ireland with a huge dog make friends with Preston and King while staying in a prospector's cabin. Then the wolves surround them at night

Sunday 4-29
The Shadow 3/12/39 "Appointment with Death." After 5 years behind bars, Blackie wants revenge on The Shadow after a city-wide crime spree leading to an off-shore island. Bill Johnstone, Marjorie Anderson, ad by Blue Coal
Fred Allen Show 1/31/40 clip, "Man in the street"

Monday 4-30
Box 13 "Death is No Joke" Alan Ladd, 5/22/49, repeated from 4-18-07 above
Life of Riley "Free medical advice" 11/30/46 clip

Tuesday 5-1
Mr. District Attorney "Case of the Deadly Snowflake" 5/26/48, guest star Tony Randall
Speaking of Radio: Chuck Schaden interviews Tony Randall 9/16/70 (I Love A Mystery)

Wednesday 5-2
Our Miss Brooks "Cat burglars" 8/7/55
Adventures of Superman, chapter 14: "Dr. Bly's Confidence Gang" 9/21/45, conclusion: Superman finds the real killer and interrupts the trial of Lois Lane

Thursday 5-3
Murder at Midnight "Death Across the Board" 9/27/46, a chess player is up against a psycho who kills someone in the city corresponding with each opposing piece he takes in the game
Challenge of the Yukon "Father Donovan" 11/20/45

Friday 5-4
Man Called X (Herbert Marshall) "Missing Scientist" 11/3/50
Eddie Cantor Show 4/2/41 clip, guest Oscar Levant

Saturday 5-5
Dr. Christian "The Other One" starring Jean Hersholt, 2/21/51. Christian sends away the police chief and questions a boy about the blood, the knife, the girl, and covering for his brother (who doesn't exist)
Bing Crosby Show "TV show for Bing" 12/13/53

Sunday 5-6
Green Hornet "Youth Takes the Headlines" 3/26/46, a latch-key teen falls in with criminals
Milton Berle Show 9/23/47 clip: "Salute to Automobiles"

Monday 5-7
Bold Venture "Man from Sumatra" 2/25/52, starring Bogart & Bacall
Baby Snooks "Trip to the dentist" 9/7/39

Tuesday 5-8
Jack Benny Program 3/14/37, guest Fred Allen
Speaking of Radio: Chuck Schaden interviews Tony Randall, 9/16/70 (I Love A Mystery)

Wednesday 5-9
Great Gildersleeve "Mousetrap invention" 9/24/44
Adventures of Superman 9/24/45 "Meteor from Krypton"

Thursday 5-10
Cisco Kid "Fire in the Night" 4/9/53, the local banker buys up property for half price after buildings burn down, and seems to enjoy watching fires a little too much
Bill Stern's Sports Newsreel 2/18/49, guest Casey Stengel

Friday 5-11
Gunsmoke "Chester's Murder" 1/15/55, a bitter man frames Chester for murder
Challenge of the Yukon "Long Fall Canyon" 11/27/45, Preston gets the others working on a rope while stranded near a cliff

Saturday 5-12
David Harding, Counterspy "Case of the Magic Murder" 4/4/50, a gun can't be found after a deadly shot in a locked room
Bob Hope Show 3/7/39 clip: a spy sketch

Sunday 5-13
Box 13 "Daytime Nightmare" 5/15/49, Alan Ladd wakes up in an insane asylum with another man's appearance
Jack Benny Program 12/12/50 clip: Allen's Alley spoof with Mary as Portland

Monday 5-14
Burns and Allen "Can't get rid of Meredith Willson" 1/24/46, Meredith is their new tenant and is driving George nuts with his bad jokes. Then Gracie invites Kay Kyser (You'll Find Out) to sleep on the couch
Vic and Sade (created by Paul Rhymer) 1/7/43, Vic is enraged about joining a lodge and how hard it must be

Tuesday 5-15
Screen Guild Theatre 2/10/47 "Heavenly Days with Fibber McGee & Molly" same stars as the movie
Speaking of Radio: Chuck Schaden interviews Harry Elders (Curtain Time/Mr. First Nighter) 6/16/70, one of the actors heard on current radio's syndicated Unshackled from Pacific Garden Mission in Chicago

Wednesday 5-16
Hopalong Cassidy (William Boyd) "The Whistling Ghost" 8/20/50
Adv. of Superman 9/25/45 "Origin story retold" Clark Kent tells Lois Lane & Perry White about Superman's home planet, origin, and that kryptonite can destroy Superman

Thursday 5-17
Lone Ranger "Dead Man" 8/23/54
Challenge of the Yukon "The Bonanza Belle" 12/4/45, bad guys plan to blow up the new riverboat with everyone onboard

Friday 5-18
Lights Out! "It Happened" guest star Mercedes McCambridge (Linda Blair's demonic voice in The Exorcist), 5/11/38
Philco Radio Time 10/23/46 clip, Bing Crosby and Spike Jones

Saturday 5-19
Screen Directors' Playhouse 2/3/50 "The Sea Wolf" starring E.G. Robinson as the ruthless Captain
The Bickersons "Everybody has a baby" 9/29/46

Sunday 5-20
The Whistler "The Brass Ring" 9/16/46
Jack Benny Program 10/20/46 clip "The Fiddler" (spoof of The Whistler)

Monday 5-21
Bob Hope Show 2/29/44, guests Lum & Abner
Lum and Abner 8/25/41 "Operating a bank" Part 1, continued next Monday

Tuesday 5-22
Dr. Christian "The Wolf Cried Navy Blue" 9/26/45
Speaking of Radio: Chuck Schaden interviews Radio organist Ivan Ditmars, 5/17/91

Wednesday 5-23
Dragnet "The Big Escape" 1/5/50
Adventures of Superman 9/26/45, Chapter 1: The Scarlet Widow, Lois Lane's article saying that Superman is weakened by kryptonite attracts the Scarlet Widow, who plans to steal it from the museum safe

Thursday 5-24
Suspense "Three Skeleton Key" with Vincent Price, 11/11/56, three men in a remote lighthouse are surrounded by thousands of hungry rats, chewing the doors and windows
Abbott and Costello, Costello's gold mine (Clip) 10/12/44

Friday 5-25
X Minus One "If You Was a Mocklin" 6/12/56, a planet where natives love everything human and imitate everything about them
Flash Gordon "On the Planet Mongo" 4/27/35, starring 29-year-old Gale Gordon, 45 years before the 1980 Flash Gordon movie. Flash & Dale jump from a crashing airliner and meet Dr. Zarkoff, who takes them to the planet Mongo in his rocketship to meet Ming the Merciless and his exotic daughter. Then the Lion-men attack and are fascinated to see a white man (Flash)

Saturday 5-26
Burns and Allen, Guest: Eddie Cantor, 4/21/49
Red Skelton Show 1/21/49 clip "Willy Lump-Lump reviews the opera"

Sunday 5-27
Screen Guild Players "The Shop Around the Corner" 9/29/40, you've got mail
Eddie Cantor Show 1/27/43 clip, guests: Betty Hutton and Rudy Vallee

Monday 5-28
Fred Allen Show 10/27/46, Fred and guest Tallulah Bankhead of Hitchcock's "Lifeboat" spoof happy-talk morning programs (Fred goes nuts and shoots everyone)
Lum and Abner 8/26/41, Buys bank guard uniform for Abner (continued next Monday)

Tuesday 5-29
Fibber McGee and Molly "Gildersleeve's Diary" 10/22/40
Speaking of Radio 2/15/74, Chuck Schaden interviews the Fibber McGee cast inc. Jim Jordan, Gale Gordon & Hal Peary, Part 1 of 3

Wednesday 5-30
Academy Award Theater 4/27/46 "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" based on the 1937 animated movie
Adventures of Superman 9/27/45, Chapter 2: The Scarlet Widow, Clark Kent sees the thieves already inside the museum, getting the kryptonite

Thursday 5-31
Inner Sanctum "Dead Man's Holiday" 6/19/45
Philco Radio Time 10/27/48 clip: Bing Crosby and William Powell

Friday 6-1
Richard Diamond, Private Detective "The Caspary Case" 2/2/51 (cigarette ads removed due to current ban on broadcasting tobacco ads)
Jack Benny Program 5/30/48 clip: Jack narrates the murder mystery "I Was Framed"

Saturday 6-2
The Shadow "The Phantom of the Lighthouse" 9/7/47, Lamont & Margo (Brett Morrison, Grace Matthews) investigate murders in a haunted lighthouse. Ad for Blue Coal's free furnace cleaning service
Bob Hope Show 1/27/42 clip, joking around with guest Robert Young

Sunday 6-3
Lights Out! "The Coffin in Studio B" written by Willis Cooper (creator of King Kong)7/23/46, a coffin is delivered to Lights Out during rehearsal. Is it a joke, or is someone about to die?
Milton Berle Show 9/16/47 "Salute to Radio"

Monday 6-4
My Favorite Husband "George is messy" 6/4/50, starring Lucille Ball of "I Love Lucy"
Lum and Abner "Strange box left at bank" 8/28/41, can they resist finding out what's inside?

Tuesday 6-5
Fibber McGee and Molly "Catching Teeney's cat" 10/14/47, Doc Gamble crawls under the house to find her lost cat
Speaking of Radio, Chuck Schaden interviews the Fibber McGee cast, Pt 2 of 3, 2/15/74
Wednesday 6-6
Sgt. Preston of the Yukon "Circumstantial Evidence" 2/1/50
Adventures of Superman, Chapter 3: The Scarlet Widow, 9/28/45

Thursday 6-7
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "Virtuous Mobster Matter" 6/21/58, after 20 years, people are having doubts about a town purchased by gangsters who went strait
Command Performance 8/30/45 clip: Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall

Friday 6-8
This is Your FBI "Ghost Town" 8/31/51, a couple scouting locations for a movie are taken hostage by ruthless bank robbers hiding out in an old west ghost town
Vic and Sade "Suggestion Box" 10/27/42

Saturday 6-9
Dark Fantasy "The Man Who Came Back" 11/14/41
Strange Dr. Weird "The House Where Death Lived" 11/7/44

Sunday 6-10
The Clock "Bank Holiday" 4/30/48 starring Kathy & Elliott Lewis. Bank robbers know that a teller is holding $25,000 for a regular customer, and her boyfriend (William Conrad) is the bank manager.
Jack Benny Program 2/13/49 clip: Jack's birthday

Monday 6-11
Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show "The Live Steer" 10/24/48, Phil tries to buy beef in bulk during a meat shortage, only to discover he has purchased a real live cow. After processing, dressing & freezer storage the price goes from 30 to over $7 a pound. Packing house manager: Gale Gordon
Lum and Abner, 8/29/41: Speculating on locked box's contents left in their safe (continued next Monday)

Tuesday 6-12
Fibber McGee and Molly "Truthful McGee" 2/22/49, Fibber tells someone he met in Canada that he's rich, then has to borrow Mayor LaTrivia's mansion & Cadillac when the man visits
Speaking of Radio, Chuck Schaden interviews the Fibber McGee cast, Pt 3 of 3, 2/15/74

Wednesday 6-13
Suspense 8/25/57 "Leinengin vs. The Ants" starring Wm. Conrad, who also appeared in the movie version "The Naked Jungle" starring Charlton Heston as Leinengin
Adv. of Superman, Chapter 4: The Scarlet Widow, 10/1/45

Thursday 6-14
Murder By Experts "Dig Your Own Grave" by John Dickson Carr 8/15/49, a suspicious wife switches coffee cups with suicidal husband, thinking he's going to poison her, drinking his poison instead
The Bickersons "Blanche has dizzy spells" 3/30/47

Friday 6-15
Nick Carter, Master Detective "Eight Records of Death" 4/2/46, recordings found in an unclaimed storage box with a bloody dress sold at auction replay the voice of a woman who disappeared, who says she was about to be murdered
Fred Allen Show 5/1/49, Allen's Alley "Be Kind To Animals Week"

Saturday 6-16
Gunsmoke "Never Pester Chester" 7/5/52, rowdy cowboys drag Chester out of town by his feet behind their horses until he's almost dead. Dillon is mad
Bob Hope Show 3/29/49, guests Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis

Sunday 6-17
Mr. District Attorney (Jay Jostyn) "Case of Spring Fever" 5/19/48, Mr. DA suspects that a small-time hood's girlfriend is trying to protect him
Speaking of Radio: Chuck Schaden interviews Jay Jostyn, 8/22/75

Monday 6-18
Our Miss Brooks "Preparing for the Faculty dance" 3/6/49
Lum and Abner 9/1/41: the box contains diamonds, are they stolen? (continued next Monday)

Tuesday 6-19
The Shadow "Scent of Death" 2/2/47, bad guys accidentally sell poisoned perfume to a retail store, then start killing everyone responsible before the police get to them. Blue Coal ad
Vic and Sade "Aunt's Letter" 6/15/44

Wednesday 6-20
I Was a Communist for the FBI "American Kremlin" 6/11/52, thugs from Moscow are sent to purge disloyal agents in America
Adv. of Superman 10/2/45, Chapter 5: The Scarlet Widow reveals her plan: to sell 4 chunks of kryptonite to 4 master criminals for $1,000,000 each so they can each stop or kill Superman

Thursday 6-21
Mr and Mrs North "Who Killed Mr. Stefano?" 8/9/44
Challenge of the Yukon "The Dachshund" 12/11/45, a little weiner dog with a sweater looks like an easy target for vicious thieves

Friday 6-22
Adventures of Red Ryder "The Range War" 2/26/42
Bill Stern's Sports Newsreel "Frank Sinatra subs for Bill Stern" 7/9/48

Saturday 6-23
Fibber McGee & Molly 2/13/45, Fibber decides to tune the piano himself, with hammer & pliers
Fred Allen Show 5/1/49 clip, guest Bert Lahr wants Fred to invest in a "theater in the round" in a railroad roundhouse

Sunday 6-24
Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show "Remley moves in" 2/27/49, and won't move out until he finds a job...
Speaking of Radio: Chuck Schaden interviews Elliott Lewis (Remley) 8/27/75

Monday 6-25
Adventures of Ellery Queen "World Series Crime" 9/30/43, who stole the champ's lucky bat?
Lum and Abner "Dealing with stolen jewels" 9/2/41 (continued next Monday)

Tuesday 6-26
Eddie Cantor Show, guest Ezra "Henry Aldrich" Stone, 4/30/41, George Bernard Shaw (Henry Aldrich) tries to sell Eddie a play
Milton Berle Show 8/12/47 clip "Salute to Summer Sports"

Wednesday 6-27
Six Shooter "Rink Larson" 10/18/53, a boy is looking for his father, who may be a wanted criminal
Adv. of Superman 10/3/45, Chapter 6: The Scarlet Widow, the gangsters capture Superman and pay her $1,000,000 each for pieces of krytonite

Thursday 6-28
Suspense 3/3/57 "Present Tense" starring Vincent Price, an ax-murderer dies over & over
Charlie McCarthy Show 12/7/47 clip with Edgar Bergen, Mortimer Snerd

Friday 6-29
Rocky Fortune "Oyster Shucker" starring Frank Sinatra, 10/6/53, pearl smugglers use an oyster cafe as a front
Challenge of the Yukon, 1/5/46 "The Grave Robbers" discover gold while digging a grave and sell the dead man's devoted dog to get at it

Saturday 6-30
Inner Sanctum "The Creeping Wall" starring Ireene Wicker, 1/18/46, a woman lashes out whenever she feels threatened and thinks the walls are closing in. Wicker was the most popular host of children's stories on radio until she was blacklisted by Senator McCarthy's Communist blacklist.
Bob Hope Show, guest Robert Young 1/27/42 clip

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