Golden Age of Radio for August-October 2009

Golden Age of Radio Drama Online, 2010

Golden Age of Radio Online


The Radio Drama Hour

In 1974 KNX brought back radio drama. And it has met with great success! These exciting, action-packed programs continue to be a popular listening habit for all ages. For those of you listening to the Drama Hour online world-wide, please note that the programs you see in our drama hour listings will be available one day AFTER they are broadcast on the air. For example, Friday night's lineup of shows will be available Saturday, Monday night's on Tuesday, and so forth. In some cases, they may be available to hear online the same day. See below for program schedule dates. Click here to stop the background music

Golden Age of Radio Schedule

Sunday 8-1
Dimension X "Courtesy" 7/26/1951 
The Strange Dr. Weird "The Man Who Talked to Death" 12/12/1944  

Monday 8-2
Milton Berle "Salute to Music" 3/23/1948 
Lum & Abner "Coat of Arms in Newspaper" 7/27/1942  

Tuesday 8-3
Barry Craig, Confidential Inv. "For Love of Murder" 8/3/1954 
Calling All Detectives "Jerry Framed for Murder" 7/7/1948  

Wednesday 8-4
Mystery In The Air "The Lodger" starring Peter Lorre, 8/14/1947 
Unsolved Mysteries "The Mad Monk"

Thursday 8-5
Mayor of the Town "Holly Has A Crush On John Andrews" 9/13/1942 
Ma Perkins: Complaints About Joseph, 11/1/1949  

Friday 8-6
Crime and Peter Chambers "Elaine Janis, School Teacher, 8/17/1954 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Sea Legs Matter - Part 4" 8/2/1956  

Saturday 8-7
Gary Crosby Show, guest Frank Sinatra, 8/15/1954 
Bill Stern Sports Newsreel, guest: Hildegard, 10/17/1947  

Sunday 8-8
Jeff Regan, Investigator "The Diamond Quartet" 8/14/1948 
Blackstone the Magician "Mark of Crime" 10/9/1949  

Monday 8-9
Fred Allen: Racing Form Trial with Burt Lahr, 4/28/1946 
Lum & Abner "Letter by Carrier Pigeon" 7/28/1942  

Tuesday 8-10
Mr. Keen, Tracer of Lost Persons "Poisoned Sandwich Murder Case" 8/17/1951 
Captain Midnight "Shark Prepares a Trap" 11/22/1939  

Wednesday 8-11
Murder at Midnight "The Black Swan" 8/18/1949 
Unsolved Mysteries "Coffins of San Cristobal"

Thursday 8-12
NBC Radio Workshop "Meridian 7-1212" 4/8/1952 
Ma Perkins: Tells Ma About Losing Job, 11/2/1949  

Friday 8-13
Mr. & Mrs. North "Family Affair" 7/28/1953 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Sea Legs Matter - Part 5 of 5, 8/3/1956  

Saturday 8-14
Our Miss Brooks: Connie Threatens to Quit, 7/31/1949 
Burns & Allen "Movie Mogul" 8/5/1940  

Sunday 8-15
The Falcon "The Case of the Silent Butler" 8/21/1952 
Police Headquarters "Antonio Moretti"

Monday 8-16
Life of Riley "The Stamp" 6/11/1944 
Lum & Abner "Mena Star's Editor Helps Out" 7/29/1942  

Tuesday 8-17
Frontier Gentleman "Wonder Boy" 8/17/1958 
Captain Midnight: Captain Avoids the Trap, 11/23/1939  

Wednesday 8-18
Escape "The 13th Truck" 8/16/1953 
Strange Dr. Weird "When Killers Meet" 4/10/1945  

Thursday 8-19
The Cavalcade of America "Walk in the Sun" 8/7/1944 
Ma Perkins: Joseph Won't Stay for Dinner, 11/3/1949  

Friday 8-20
Boston Blackie "The Butcher Boy Gang" 8/6/1947 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "Picture Postcard Matter - Part 1" 10/1/1956  

Saturday 8-21
Red Skelton (Rehearsal show) Contests, 1/3/1942  

Sunday 8-22
Inner Sanctum "Death Across the Board" 6/5/1945 
Unsolved Mysteries "Safari of the Dead"

Monday 8-23
Honest Harold (Hal Peary) Marvin Decides to Stay with Harold, 6/13/1951 
Lum & Abner "A Letter About the Baby" 7/30/1942  

Tuesday 8-24
Cloak and Dagger "Seeds Of Doubt" 9/15/1950 
Calling All Detectives "Mysterious Hospital Deaths" 7/6/1948  

Wednesday 8-25
Lights Out "Revolt of the Worms" 10/13/1942 
X Minus One "The End As a World" 8/1/1957  

Thursday 8-26
Playhouse of Favorites: Piece of String - Episode 29
Ma Perkins: Ann Receives Telegram, 11/4/1949  

Friday 8-27
Adventures of Phillip Marlowe "Fifth Mask" 9/8/1950 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "Picture Postcard Matter - Part 2" 10/2/1956  

Saturday 8-28
A Day in the Life of Dennis Day "Betting on Baby" 6/23/1948 
Baby Snooks "Male Secretary" 1/11/1940  

Sunday 8-29
The Green Hornet "Man Wanted for What?" 6/15/1941 
Blair of the Mounties "The Train Wreckers" 4/18/1938  

Monday 8-30
Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet "Too Much Change" 4/25/1952 
Lum & Abner: Baby is Lost King, 8/3/1942  

Tuesday 8-31
Have Gun Will Travel "Prunella's Fella" 4/17/1960 
Frontier Fighters (program one) "LaSalle"

Wednesday 9-1
Molle Mystery Theatre "Saint Louis Lady" 8/23/1946 
Origin of Superstition: Horseshoe Over the Door

Thursday 9-2
CBS Radio Workshop "Fire at Malibu" 1/20/1957 
Ma Perkins: Ann Waits for Joseph, 11/7/1949  

Friday 9-3
Nightbeat "The Showgirl is a Pickpocket" 8/14/1952 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "Picture Postcard Matter - Part 3" 10/3/1956  

Saturday 9-4
Command Performance 9/6/1945, with Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra and Judy Garland 
Bill Stern Sports Newsreel, guest host: John Garfield, 8/8/1947  

Sunday 9-5
Suspense "The Story of Markham's Death" 10/2/1947 
Blackstone the Magic Detective "The Knife From the Dark" 4/17/1949  

Monday 9-6
Father Knows Best "Minding Pierre" 9/11/1952 
Lum & Abner: Taking Baby King's Place, 8/4/1942  

Tuesday 9-7
The Saint "The Tony Cartega Case" 8/27/1950 
Calling All Detectives: TV / Bookie thing, 7/8/1948  

Wednesday 9-8
The Whistler "Dark Island" 8/3/1952 
Unsolved Mysteries "The Bandit Priest"

Thursday 9-9
Sealtest Village Store "Jack Haley and Frank Sinatra" 9/9/1943 
Ma Perkins: Brad Comes to Town, 11/8/1949  

Friday 9-10
Pat Novak, For Hire (Jack Webb) "Bookie Outfit" 8/10/1947 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "Picture Postcard Matter - Part 4" 10/4/1956  

Saturday 9-11
Judy Canova "Getting Mineral Water" 9/7/1943 
Abe Burrows "Brooklyn" 7/4/1949  

Sunday 9-12
The Line Up "The Unexplained Murder" 6/17/1952 
Police Headquarters: Phoney Payroll Check

Monday 9-13
Jack Benny Program: Violin Lesson, 4/30/1950 
Lum & Abner: Stranger Calls About the Baby, 8/5/2010  

Tuesday 9-14
Hopalong Cassidy "A Shot in the Dark" 9/29/1951 
Frontier Fighters: Program Two - Lewis & Clark

Wednesday 9-15
Mysterious Traveler "Vacation From Life" 9/7/1947 
Strange Dr. Weird "Dead Man's Paradise" 4/17/1945  

Thursday 9-16
Theater of Romance "One Way Passage" 12/18/1945 
Ma Perkins: Brad Falls Out of the Window, 11/9/1949  

Friday 9-17
Sam Spade, Detective "The Adam Figg Caper" 10/5/1947 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "Picture Postcard Matter - Part 5 of 5" 10/5/1956  

Saturday 9-18
Duffy's Tavern, guest Jinx Falkenberg, 6/8/1945 
The Red Skelton Show "Local Department Stores" 1/15/1946  

Sunday 9-19
X Minus One "The Martian Death March" 9/8/1955 
Unsolved Mysteries "The Washington Square Mystery"

Monday 9-20
Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show "Alice's Burlesque Act" 10/8/1950 
Lum & Abner: Foreign Languages for Baby, 8/6/1942  

Tuesday 9-21
Jeff Regan, Investigator "Lady With No Name" 9/25/1948 
Calling All Detectives "Pick Pocket Convention" 7/9/1948  

Wednesday 9-22
The Shadow "Curse of the Gypsies" 10/5/1947 
Supernaturally Yours "The Cyprian Cat" 4/23/1947  

Thursday 9-23
Playhouse of Favorites "Silas Marner"
Ma Perkins: Brad Dies, 11/10/1949  

Friday 9-24
Rocky Fortune "Steven in a Rest Home" 10/13/1953 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Confidential Matter - Part 1" 9/10/1956  

Saturday 9-25
The Bickersons: Amo's Deep Sea Treasure, 9/22/1946 
Abe Burrows: Purple Phantom, 5/22/1948  

Sunday 9-26
Inner Sanctum "Lady With A Plan" 4/9/1946 
Blackstone the Magic Detective: Footsteps in the Night, 5/8/1949  

Monday 9-27
The Burns & Allen Show: Gracie Gives Dating Advice, 10/4/1945 
Lum & Abner: Lum Buys a Horse, 8/10/1942  

Tuesday 9-28
The Cisco Kid: The Cattleman's War, 5/26/1953 
Frontier Fighters: Program Three - Pike

Wednesday 9-29
Escape "Roulette" 10/8/1950 
Strange Dr. Weird "The Ghost Ship" 4/24/1945  

Thursday 9-30
Screen Guild Theater "Bachelor Mother" 11/23/1942 
Ma Perkins: Ma Told, 11/11/1949  

Friday 10-1
This is Your FBI "The Harvest" 9/28/1951 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Confidential Matter - Part 2" 9/11/1956  

Saturday 10-2
Charlie McCarthy Show, guest: Hedy Lamarr, 9/26/1943 
The Couple Next Door: Madge to Help Decorate, 9/22/1958  

Sunday 10-3
Adventures of Frank Race "Istanbul Adventure" 5/15/1949 
Police Headquarters: Dr. Thornton's Wife Disappears

Monday 10-4
The Great Gildersleeve: Marjorie's Job With Gildy, 9/26/1951 
Lum & Abner: Genealogical Trace for Baby, 8/11/1942  

Tuesday 10-5
Cloak and Dagger "The Last Mission" 9/29/1950 
Calling All Detectives "Carnival Con" 7/12/1948  

Wednesday 10-6
The Whistler "Whirlpool" 10/10/1948 
Origin of Superstition: Walking Beneath Ladder

Thursday 10-7
Theater of Romance "Love Affair" 12/11/1945 
Ma Perkins: Joseph Agrees Not to Get Involved, 11/14/1949  

Friday 10-8
Nick Carter, Master Detective "Flying Duck Murders" 10/4/1943 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Confidential Matter - Part 3" 9/12/1956  

Saturday 10-9
Our Miss Brooks "The New Principal" 7/19/1948 
Baby Snooks: New School, 10/9/1941  

Sunday 10-10
Tales of the Texas Rangers "Trigger Men" 7/29/1950 
Blair of the Mounties "The Naked Truth" 5/2/1938  

Monday 10-11
My Favorite Husband: Liz Sells Dresses, 10/16/1948 
Lum & Abner: Baby is Heir to Goldmine, 8/12/1942  

Tuesday 10-12
Frontier Gentleman "The Rainmaker" 10/26/1958 
Frontier Fighters: Program Four - Freemont

Wednesday 10-13
Lights Out "The Author & The Thing" 9/28/1943 
Blackstone the Magic Detective "Four Keys to Crime" 5/22/1949  

Thursday 10-14
Behind the Mike "Warming Up A Studio Audience" 9/22/1940 
Ma Perkins: Ma Refuses to Turn Against Sinclair, 11/15/1949  

Friday 10-15
The Falcon "Case of the Careless Client" 10/15/1950 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Confidential Matter - Part 4" 9/13/1956  

Saturday 10-16
Fibber McGee & Molly "Best Kept Lawn" 10/17/1939 
The Jack Benny Program "Sorry, Wrong Number" guest Barbara Stanwyck, 10/17/1948  

Sunday 10-17
Suspense "Sorry, Wrong Number" 8/21/1943 
Unsolved Mysteries "The Yarmouth Sands Mystery"
Monday 10-18
Martin and Lewis Show, guest: Arlene Dahl, 10/26/1951 
Fibber McGee & Molly: Overnight in the Wrong House, 10/28/1955  

Tuesday 10-19
Calling All Detectives "Hit and Run" 7/19/1948 
Richard Diamond, Private Detective: Neighbor Tries to Ruin Diamond's Voice" 11/5/1949  

Wednesday 10-20
The Shadow "Gun Island" 10/23/1938 
Strange "Great Eastern"
Thursday 10-21
Screen Guild Players "For Me & My Gal" 3/22/1943 
Ma Perkins: Ma Asks for the Truth, 11/16/1949  

Friday 10-22
The Saint "The Return of Harry Morgan" 11/12/1950 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Confidential Matter - Part 5 of 5" 9/14/1956  

Saturday 10-23
Phil Harris & Alice Faye Show "Harry Hart TV Pilot" 11/6/1949 
Abbott & Costello Show: Costello Buys A Horse, 11/9/1944  

Sunday 10-24
Inner Sanctum "Death of a Doll" 10/18/1948 
Police Headquaters "Antonio Morrietti"
Monday 10-25
Father Knows Best "Halloween Blues" 10/29/1953 
The Great Gildersleeve (Halloween Show) Lost Boy Pt.1, 10/31/1951  

Tuesday 10-26
The Great Gildersleeve (Halloween Show) Lost Boy Pt.2, 10/31/1951 
Nightbeat "The Black Cat" 11/3/1950  

Wednesday 10-27
Quiet Please "Adam and The Darkest Day" 11/7/1948 
Origin of Superstition: Three on a Match
Thursday 10-28
Cavalcade of America: The Philippines Never Surrendered, 4/30/1945 
Ma Perkins: Mr. Sinclair Questioned, 11/17/1949  

Friday 10-29
Boston Blackie "Granny's Witchcraft" 10/29/1946 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "Curse of Kamoshek Matter-Part 1" 9/3/1956  

Saturday 10-30
Murder At Midnight "The Kaballah" 12/30/1946 
Blackstone the Magic Detective "The Whispering Buddah" 11/14/1948  

Sunday 10-31
Lights Out "Lord Marley's Guest" 9/7/1943 
Unsolved Mysteries "The Witch Doctor"
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