Golden Age of Radio in 2005

Tuesday 3-1
Bob Hope Show, Part 2
Inner Sanctum "The Black Sea Gull" starring Peter Lorre, 3/7/43

Wednesday 3-2
Nightbeat "The Girl in the Park" 2/27/50, When I die, you die (or is it a cruel hoax by a stalker?)
Great Gildersleeve "Unclaimed Savings Account" Part 1, 5/20/45. Gildy wants to play the stock market, then has nightmare about margin calls

Thursday 3-3
Great Gildersleeve, Part 2
Mystery In the Air "Horla" (Peter Lorre stars in a love story, if you love horror. Lorre notes at the start that the author of this story eventualy went mad, perhaps haunted by his own invisible Horla) 8/21/47

Friday 3-4
Weird Circle "Declared Insane" 9/26/43
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Plantagenet Matter" Part 4, 3/8/56

Monday 3-7
Challenge of the Yukon "Whistling in the Dark" 11/11/50
Jack Benny Program "Mother Interferes" Part 1, 10/8/39

Tuesday 3-8
Jack Benny Program, Part 2 (Dennis Day's first episode)
Lights Out "The Archer" (turn your lights out now) Someone's hunting bad guys with a bow & arrow, and he prefers the dark. 4/13/42

Wednesday 3-9
Creeps by Night "Final Reckoning" Boris Karloff as a man parolled after 20 years for a murder he didn't commit, who leaves the real killer dead in a way that can't be prosecuted. 5/22/44
Fibber McGee and Molly are lost, looking for "1414 14th Street" Part 1, 2/15/49

Thursday 3-10
Fibber McGee and Molly, Part 2
Boston Blackie "Star of Nile" 7/14/44

Friday 3-11
The Shadow "Phantom Fingerprints" found on the Commissioner's desk next to a murder victim are of a criminal executed 8 years ago. 10/29/39
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Plantagenet Matter" Part 5, 3/9/56

Monday 3-14
Lone Ranger "Billy the Kid" 6/26/44
Red Skelton Show "Red Wants To Do a Serious Film" Part 1, 10/30/49

Tuesday 3-15
Red Skelton Show, Part 2
Quiet Please "Pathetic Fallacy" 2/2/48. A computer programmer discovers that the new supercomputer is malfunctioning because it is in love with him. Later redone as a TV episode of The Twilight Zone

Wednesday 3-16
Mr. Keen, Tracer of Lost Persons "Mr. Treavors Secret" Blackmailer targets a chemist in wartime, 2/17/44
Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet. Ozzie gets "Too Much Change" and feels guilty for not giving it back in part 1, 4/25/52

Thursday 3-17
Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, Part 2
Mr. and Mrs. North "Masquerade" A high school friend pretends not to know Mrs. North

Friday 3-18
Lux Radio Theater Hour "Angels with Dirty Faces" (same cast as the movie) Gangster vs. priest, they were friends as kids. James Cagney. 5/22/39

Monday 3-21
The Falcon "Neighbors Nightmare" 2/4/51
Fred Allen Show, guest: James Mason (The Night Has Eyes) Part 1, 11/4/45

Tuesday 3-22
Fred Allen Show, Part 2
X Minus One 8/2/56 "Surface Tension" by James Blish. A whole population is shrunk to microscopic size when astronomers predict the world will end in the year 2006 due to a supernova

Wednesday 3-23
The Saint "Satan's Angels" 7/8/51
Phil Harris & Alice Faye Show, Part 1, 1/16/49

Thursday 3-24
Phil Harris and Alice Faye Show, Part 2
Murder at Midnight "Death's Worshipper" 11/30/46

Friday 3-25
Suspense "The House in Cypress Canyon" has the dead victim of a werewolf in it according to a diary found by workmen - but the house hasn't been built yet. Howard Duff, Robert Taylor, Hans Conried. 12/3/46
Bill Stern Sports Newsreel, guest: Ted Williams, 5/19/50

Monday 3-28
Academy Award Theater "Shadow of a Doubt" 9/11/46
Charlie McCarthy Show, guest: Lana Turner, Part 1, 11/16/47

Tuesday 3-29
Charlie McCarthy Show, Part 2
Dimension X "Pebble in the Sky" (the third one in solar orbit, still a bit radioactive from the war) 6/17/51

Wednesday 3-30
Mysterious Traveler "Accusing Corpse" 4/15/44
Life of Riley "Change of Time" Part 1, 9/29/45

Thursday 3-31
Life of Riley, Part 2
The Green Lama (played by Paul Frees, an Asian actor) "Million Dollar Chopsticks" 6/26/49

Friday 4-1
The Whistler "Blue Alibi" 5/14/50
The Unexpected "Mercy Killing" 4/11/48 (you think you know the ending, don't you?)

Monday 4-4
Hopalong Cassidy "Buckshot Madman" 3/3/51
Burns and Allen Show, Part 1, 11/2/43

Tuesday 4-5
Burns and Allen Show, Part 2, 11/2/43
Inner Sanctum "The Man Who Couldn't Die" 2/12/46

Wednesday 4-6
Molle Mystery Theater "Close Shave" 7/24/49
My Favorite Husband "The Health Farm" (Lucille Ball) Part 1, 5/7/50

Thursday 4-7
My Favorite Husband, Part 2
Box Thirteen "The Perfect Crime" (Alan Ladd) 6/14/48, A bored murder-mystery novelist decides to commit the perfect murder and says he'll get away with it

Friday 4-8
The Shadow "The Unburied Dead" 4/14/46
Captain Midnight "Temple of the Aztecs" 11/15/39

Monday 4-11
Lone Ranger "Red Mark" 7/16/51
Bob Hope Show, guest Jack Webb gets Bob as his new partner in an ep of Dragnet, Part 1, 2/4/53

Tuesday 4-12
Bob Hope Show, Part 2
Lights Out "Sub Basement" (guess what's down there, in the dark - it's already mauled one person to death) 4/13/43

Wednesday 4-13
Boston Blackie "2nd Hand Watch" 4/13/49
Great Gildersleeve "Lela Returns" Part 1, 9/23/45

Thursday 4-14
Great Gildersleeve, Part 2
Escape "Occurrence at Owl Creek" (as published in Alfred Hitchcock Magazine) 12/10/47

Friday 4-15
Suspense "The Trap" 6/16/49 Agnes Moorehead's house seems to be haunted by someone or something that wants her dead
Vic and Sade, guess what's in "Mrs. Donahue's Attic" (comedy) 11/19/45

Monday 4-18
Tales of the Texas Rangers "Alibi" 9/7/52
Jack Benny Program "After the Races" Part 1, 3/13/49

Tuesday 4-19
Jack Benny Program, Part 2
Have Gun, Will Travel "Assignment at Stone's Crossing" by Gene Roddenberry, 11/29/59

Wednesday 4-20
This Is Your FBI "The Traveling Bride" 11/9/51, a runaway bride takes off with money stolen from a series of newlywed grooms
Fibber McGee and Molly "Fibber Goes to Night School" Part 1, 11/14/44

Thursday 4-21
Fibber McGee and Molly, Part 2
Mysterious Traveler "The Big Brain" 3/14/50

Friday 4-22
Suspense "The Man Who Couldn't Lose" 12/12/47
Blackstone, The Magic Detective "The Vanishing Pearls" by Walter B. Gibson, 1/30/49

Monday 4-25
The Whistler "Man on the Roof" 2/2/49, murder leads to blackmail
Fred Allen Show, guest: Martha Raye, Part 1, 1/4/45

Tuesday 4-26
Fred Allen Show, Part 2
Man Called X "The Rembrandt in Rio" 6/24/47, a famous museum painting has been switched for a forgery

Wednesday 4-27
Quiet Please "The Red and White Guidon" (2 ghosts pass the time in a battlefield graveyard) 2/9/48
Father Knows Best, Part 1, 9/25/52

Thursday 4-28
Father Knows Best, Part 2
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Ghost to Ghost Matter" 5/18/58, is an entire town haunted? With AFRS ad about gun safety at home

Friday 4-29
The Shadow "The Face" 9/21/47. A handsome actor, disfigured by a fire, decides to kill every woman who has seen his new ugly face, and Margo's 4th on his list. Brett Morrison
The Strange Dr. Weird "Dead Man's Paradise" 4/17/45. Two bank robbers kill their Cajun guide in a swamp 30 miles from New Orleans and seem to be haunted by him

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