Golden Age of Radio in 2006

Monday 7-3-06
My Friend Irma 2/9/48, Al Invests a Loan
The Bickersons 4/20/47, Bachelor Party

Tuesday 7-4
The Saint (Tom Conway) Dossier on a Doggone Dog, 9/24/50, a lost dog leads to stolen jewels & murder
Ripley's Believe It Or Not 4/9/38 "Titanic"

Wednesday, July 5
Lone Ranger "Dead Witness" 1/14/48, a murdered Mexican gold miner comes to town to accuse his killer
Adv. of Superman "Knights of the White Carnation" 3/15/47 conclusion, Clark Kent and the D.A. confront Kirby and expose his racist organization, with arrests and convictions for murder

Thursday 7-6
Mysterious Traveler "Vacation from Life" 9/7/47, a husband and wife each plan for the other to die at a remote beach cottage. Both succeed
Exploring Tomorrow "First Contact" 1/15/58, an Earth spaceship meets an alien one and each is afraid the other will attack unless they can come up with a plan for mutual trust

Friday 7-7
Campbell's Playhouse (previously Mercury Theatre) "The Hurricane" 11/5/39, based on the novel and movie. Orson Welles

Monday 7-10
Burns and Allen "George Is Late for the Show" 8/19/40
Fibber McGee & Molly "Phantom Burglar" 11/3/53

Tuesday 7-11
Nero Wolfe "Case of the Dear Dead Lady" 11/3/50
Third Man "Mexican Hat Trick" 11/2/51, Orson Welles

Wednesday 7-12
Gunsmoke "Biography" 1970s bio of show with comments by cast & crew, host & date unknown

Thursday 7-13
Murder at Midnight "Ace of Death" 1/6/47, the classic story of a suicide club in which one random player draws a card to be a killer and another his willing victim
I Love a Mystery "Million Dollar Curse" (continued from 2006 June 1 broadcast)

Friday 7-14
Screen Director's Playhouse "The Lady Gambles" 12/14/50 (remake of The Lost Weekend) Barbara Stanwyck

Monday 7-17
Adv. of Ozzie and Harriet "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" 4/18/52
Lum and Abner "Abandoned Baby" 2/6/49

Tuesday 7-18
Adv. of Philip Marlowe "Restless Day" 1/8/49
Calling All Detectives "Twin Brothers" 11/25/48

Wednesday 7-19
Family Theater "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" 8/23/50
Bill Stern Sports Newsreel, guest Jack Dempsey, 4/2/48

Thursday 7-20
Lights Out "Revolt of the Worms" 10/13/42 (turn your lights out now)
Hall of Fantasy "Night the Fog Came In" 3/23/52

Friday 7-21
Mercury Theater on the Air "Affairs of Anatole" 8/22/38, Orson Welles

Monday 7-24
Nick Carter, Master Detective "Murder by Fire" 1/14/45
Burns and Allen Show, guest: Dorothy Lamour, Part 1, 2/29/44

Tuesday 7-25
Burns and Allen Show, Part 2
Gunsmoke "Executioner" 4/15/56

Wednesday 7-26
Green Hornet "A Matter of Evidence" 1/20/48, when an employee of Britt's newspaper tries to assassinate a crooked politician whose illegal gambling joint cleaned him out, the Green Hornet decides to take him on
Archie Andrews 5/7/46 "Day at Camp" Part 1

Thursday 7-27
Archie Andrews, Part 2
Escape "Misfortune's Isle" 3/21/48 starring Paul Frees

Friday 7-28
The Shadow "Murders in Wax" 7/24/38, there's something odd about the Wax Museum
Blackstone, The Magic Detective "Reluctant Saw" 10/10/48

Monday 7-31
This Is Your FBI "Flying Felon" 11/23/51
Stan Freberg Show "Program Censor" Part 1, 8/18/57

Tuesday 8-1-06
Stan Freberg Show, Part 2
Tales of the Texas Rangers "Blood Harvest" 1/21/51

Wednesday 8-2
Calling All Cars "Tobaccoville Road" 9/7/37
Our Miss Brooks "Faculty Cheerleader" Part 1, 9/18/49

Thursday 8-3
Our Miss Brooks, Part 2
Frontier Gentleman "Charlie Meeker" 2/9/58, Indian activity has been reported near Little Bighorn

Friday 8-4
Suspense Poe's "The Pit and The Pendulum" 1/12/43 starring Henry Hull (1935's Werewolf of London)
Vic and Sade "Rush's New School Clothes" 8/24/42

Saturday 8-5
Wild Bill Hickok (Guy Madison) "Circle Of Death" 12/19/52, desert guides kill clients for their money, but Marshal Hickok plans to bring the coyotes to justice
Fred Allen Show "Breakfast Show" Part 1, 10/27/46, Allen's Alley question, do you support the buyer's strike against high grocery prices?

Monday 8-7
Bob Hope Show, guest Babe Ruth, 3/3/42
Vic and Sade "Dwight's Scrapbook" 11/30/45

Tuesday 8-8
Calling All Cars "Murder in Basin" 9/14/37
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Alder Matter" Part 1, someone's trying to kill rich Mr. Alder (John Dehner). Is it his wife or one of the houseguests? 8/6/56

Wednesday 8-9
Hopalong Cassidy "Hoppy Pays a Debt" 10/14/50
The Adventures of Superman "Drought in Freeville" Part 1, 1/21/47, Clark Kent & Lois Lane are sent to investigate a mysterious heat wave in the town of Freeville

Thursday 8-10
Molle Mystery Theater "Female of the Species" 6/7/46
Blackstone, The Magic Detective "The Coins of Confusuis"

Friday 8-11
Ford Theater Hour "Connecticut Yankee" 10/5/47, a modern man finds himself in the year 528 A.D., then explains why a suit of armor now in a museum has a bullet hole in it

Monday 8-14
Duffy's Tavern "Dream Girl" 5/26/48, guest Rex Harrison
Baby Snooks "Buying a New Car" 9/12/40

Tuesday 8-15
Green Hornet (Bob Hall) "Oliver Perry Tries Again" 9/7/46, a reporter tries to expose the Hornet's identity
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Alder Matter" Part 2, 8/7/56

Wednesday 8-16
Academy Award Theater "Suspicion" 10/30/46, uncle Cary Grant just might be a murderer
Adv. of Superman "Drought in Freeville" Part 2, Lois Lane disappears and is not on the only train out of town, 1/22/47

Thursday 8-17
Quiet Please "Presto, Change-0, I'm Sure" 8/16/48, an outcast comes into possession of a magic wand and uses it to make people he doesn't like to disappear. Then the wand's owner sends him to the same place
The Strange Dr. Weird "Devil's Cavern" 4/3/45

Friday 8-18
Lux Radio Theatre Hour "Road to Morocco" (Hope & Crosby) 4/5/43

Monday 8-21
Jack Benny Program "Murder at the Romanoffs" 1/8/50, guest Prince Romanoff (owner of the famous resturant), cameos by Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly (who does shameless plugs for his movies) and Rosalind Russell
The Bickersons "Blanche Wrecks the Car" 2/23/47

Tuesday 8-22
Tales of the Texas Rangers "Death Plant" 12/9/51, a farmer plants a pipebomb in his own truck and uses another to kill a man he was feuding with
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Alder Matter" Part 3, 8/8/56

Wednesday 8-23
Red Ryder "Bank Theft" 4/4/42, a run on the local bank turns into an ugly mob, but was the robbery an inside job?
Adv. of Superman "Drought in Freeville" Part 3, 1/23/47, local farmers are being robbed & beaten, and Clark is told that rogue war veterans are suspected

Thursday 8-24
Suspense "Community Property" 4/10/47
The Unexpected "Birthday Present"

Friday 8-25
Screen Director's Playhouse hour "Mrs. Mike" 11/30/50

Monday 8-28
Great Gildersleeve "The Golf Tournament" 9/6/42
Fibber McGee 2-25-54, Fibber heads to the tax accountant with his shoebox of records

Tuesday 8-29
Dragnet "The Big Jump" 1/11/51
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Alder Matter" Part 4, 8/9/56

Wednesday 8-30
Escape "The Abominable Snowman" (Peter Cushing starred in the movie version) 9/13/53
Adv. of Superman "Drought in Freeville" Part 4, 1/24/47, the war veterans are equally suspicious of the farmers, but who is really behind the violence?

Thursday 8-31
Whistler "Whirlwind" 9/3/50, a man plans to poison his rival upstairs, but doesn't count on the sharp ears of his wife
I Love a Mystery "The Million Dollar Curse" (part 3) 5-13-54

Friday 9-1-06
Mercury Theater on the Air "A Tale of Two Cities" 7/25/38, Orson Welles loses his head for a friend during the French Revolution

Monday 9-4
The Fred Allen Show, 4/14/46, guest Leo Durocher (Brooklyn Dodgers coach 1939-46 & 48) returns to reprise a spoof of "HMS Pinafore" with a baseball theme
Lum and Abner, 1/5/42, come up with a scheme to sell bread with a silver dollar in every 25th loaf

Tuesday 9-5
The Adventures of Sam Spade "Sam and the Psyche" 8/2/46
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Alder Matter" Part 5, 8/10/56

Wednesday 9-6
The Six Shooter "Gabriel Starbuck" 11/22/53, a town tries to force their Sheriff into retirement rather than hire a Deputy to help him
Adv. of Superman "Drought in Freeville" Part 5, Lois tells Clark of being held by 2 men, & the local newspaper owner is shot down

Thursday 9-7
The Shadow "Ghost of Captain Bayloe" 2/5/39, a vengeful ghost is sinking ships. Bill Johnstone
Calling All Detectives "Fatal Magic" 11/26/48, all voices by Paul Barnes

Friday 9-8
The Campbell Playhouse "Mutiny on the Bounty" host Orson Welles also stars as Capt. Bligh, with Burgess Meredith as his spy in the crew

Monday 9-11
Phil Harris & Alice Faye Show "The Driving Test" 5/21/50, D.M.V. clerk: Hans Conried
Vic and Sade "Uncle Fletcher's Phone Call" 11/29/45

Tuesday 9-12
Broadway is my Beat "Kurt Bower" 10/20/50
Challenge of the Yukon "Long Fall Canyon" 11/27/45, King must go for help after Preston falls over a cliff with a prisoner

Wednesday 9-13
Damon Runyon Theater "It Comes up Mud" 7/31/49, lacking transportation to the Kentucky Derby, they attempt to ride their racehorses from New York to Kentucky
Adv. of Superman "Drought in Freeville" 1/28/47, part 6, a bomb explodes when Lois opens her hotelroom door

Thursday 9-14
X-Minus One "A Wind is Rising" 10/3/57, superior men from Earth take over a planet and ignore native customs until it's too late. In the unemotional words of one native, "Very regretable. Maybe you don't stay and colonize our planet after all."
Blackstone, The Magic Detective "The Icy Touch" (you're getting warm)

Friday 9-15
Screen Directors Playhouse (NBC Theater, presented by the Director's Guild of America) "The Captain From Castile" 5/3/51, a sea captain's family is persecuted by the Spanish Inquisition, driving him to join Cortez in America after killing his tormentor. Paula Morgan, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.

Monday 9-18
Charlie McCarthy Show, guest Michael Romanoff, 9/14/47
Baby Snooks "Inventing Sugar" 5/21/42

Tuesday 9-19
Richard Diamond, Private Detective "The Bald Head Case" 9/20/50
Ripley's "Strange War Facts" 10/25/36, will there be a second world war? Robert Ripley looks at goofy reasons wars have started in the past

Wednesday 9-20
Gunsmoke "Robin Hood" 1/8/55, Marshall Dillon plans to expose a bad guy who's building up a reputation of only robbing the rich to gain popular support
Adv. of Superman "Drought in Freeville" Part 7, 1/23/47

Thursday 9-21
Dimension X "Kaleidoscope" by Ray Bradbury, men in spacesuits talk to each other as long as they can while moving outward in space from an explosive accident. 9/15/51
The Strange Dr. Weird "The Voice of Death" 3/6/45, a woman kills off others named in a Will, then is haunted by voices

Friday 9-22
Lux Radio Theatre Hour "Treasure Island" 1/29/51, a story of "adventure, pirates and no women" by Robert Louis Stevenson (his young son wanted a story with no mushy stuff). Long John Silver: James Mason; Bobby Driscoll reprises his role from the 1950 movie, and Nigel Bruce reprises his from the 1934 movie version.

Monday 9-25
Halls of Ivy "Trouble in the Poetry Department"
Fibber McGee "Installing a New Lock" 11/4/53

Tuesday 9-26
I was a Communist for the FBI "15 Minutes to Murder" 7/1/53
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Shady Lane Matter" Part 1 of 5, Johnny searches for a murderer in a small town full of secrets, 7/9/56

Wednesday 9-27
Box 13 "Hunt and Peck" 3/6/49, Dan has 24 hours to prove a man on death row innocent before his execution
Adv. of Superman "Drought in Freeville" Part 8, 1/24/47

Thursday 9-28
Lights Out! "Bon Voyage" 11/10/42, there's something strange about this cruise ship, it's captain works for Satan and they're headed for an iceburg - again
I Love a Mystery "The Girl In The Gilded Cage" (someone wants to kill the 18-year-old Chinese girl they're protecting in San Francisco, there's big trouble in little China)

Friday 9-29
The Ford Theater hour "The Man who Played God" 12/23/47

Rescheduled for a future date:
Burns and Allen "Married but Single" 10/6/42
Lum and Abner "Substitute Postmaster" 10/24/48
Mr. Keen, Tracer of Lost Persons "Man Who Invented Murder" 10/6/49
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Shady Lane Matter" Part 2, 7/10/56
Frontier Gentleman "Mighty Tired" 7/27/58
Adventures of Superman "Drought in Freeville" Part 9
Suspense! "The Black Path of Fear" 3/7/46
The Unexpected "Fools Siver"
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