KNX Golden Age of Radio in 2001
Thursday, November 1
9:00 PM "Nightbeat," starring Frank Lovejoy as newspaper reporter Randy Stone as he covers crime & wierd stories in after-hours Chicago: Randy encounters a woman in a panic, in "Zero." Original air date 2-6-1950
9:30 PM "The Lone Ranger" starring Brace Beemer as The Lone Ranger and John Todd as Tonto: "Laugh Of Death" 1-23-56

Friday, November 2
9:00 PM "Gunsmoke" starring William Conrad as Marshall Matt Dillon: "Pretty Momma"
9:30 PM "Suspense" starring top Hollywood stars: A mining engineer decides to keep some secret gold for himself, "The Big Shot" 9-9-48

Saturday, November 3
9:00 PM "The Jack Benny Program" starring Jack Benny and Mary Livingstone: Jack presents a "cavalcade of his 8 years of being sponsored by Jello" 5-31-42
9:30 PM "Fibber McGee & Molly" (Jim & Marian Jordan), a hilarious comedy series chuck full of homespun humor and tall tales: Fibber hires a butler to impress some important house guests, "Butler Gildersleeve" 12-26-39
10:00 PM KNX RADIO HALL OF FAME HOUR airs every Saturday - "Life With Luigi" starring Jay Carroll Nash: "The Football Game" 11-1-49
10:30 PM "Challenge of the Yukon/Sgt. Preston" of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, starring Jay Michael: "The Great Dane" 6-13-46

Sunday, November 4
7:00 PM - KNX simulcasts TV's "60 Minutes" every Sunday
9:00 PM "Lux Radio Theater" (one hour). Loretta Young and Van Johnson star in the comedy "Mother Was A Freshman," the story of a mother and daughter both attending college at the same time - and they're both after the same man. 10-17-49

Monday, November 5
9:00 PM "Tales Of The Texas Rangers" starring Joel McCrae as Ranger Jace Pearson. A young thief discovers that stealing cars isn't as easy as he thinks, "Bright Boy" 2-24-52
9:30 PM "Sherlock Holmes," classic British detective series starring John Stanley as Holmes and Alfred Shirley as Dr. Watson. A man with a mangled thumb poses a big problem for Holmes, "The Case Of The Engineer's Thumb" 1-25-48

Tuesday, November 6
9:00 PM "Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar" starring Bob Bailey as a no-nonsense private insurance investigator. A fellow insurance investigator wants Johnny's help to avoid jail time, "The Big Matter" 5-31-49
9:30 PM "Sgt. Preston" comes across an unconscious man in the snow and discovers he is from a nearby icebound ship, "Icebound" 9-20-48

Wednesday, November 7
8:00 PM - KNX simulcasts 60 MINUTES II every Wednesday
9:00 PM "Dragnet" starring Jack Webb as LAPD detective Joe Friday: Two super market employees are severely beaten, "The Big Drag" 9-29-53
9:30 PM "The Whistler" starring Bill Forman in strange tales and hidden secrets: A lawyer refuses to help his brother who's involved in a crime, "Front Man" 7-10-49

Thursday, November 8
9:00 PM "Nightbeat" A man uses the dark of night to cover his crimes, "The Night As A Weapon" 2-13-50
9:30 PM "The Lone Ranger: "The Last Of The Gang" 1-4-56

Friday, November 9
9:00 PM "Gunsmoke" A man returns to Dodge to marry his sweetheart only to find things have changed over the years, "Brother Whelp"
9:30 PM "Suspense" A hitchhiker finds that thumbing a ride can be dangerous, "Hitchhike Poker" 9-16-48

Saturday, November 10
9:00 PM "Jack Benny" makes a big deal out of a new sponsor for his show. 10-4-42
9:30 PM "Fibber McGee & Molly" Fibber has a problem in dressing up for a night out, especially when he has to "Borrow Gildy's Suit" 1-9-40
10:00 PM "Arch Obler's Plays," starring Loren Tuttle in "The Naked Mountain." Arch Oboler hosted and directed Lights Out. 6-21-45
10:30 PM "Vic & Sade," comedy starring Art Van Harvey and Bernadine Flynn: "Speaking Acquaintances"

Sunday, November 11
9:00PM "Lux Radio Theater" (one hour). Barbara Stanwyck and Fred MacMurray star in "Double Indemnity, the story of a woman who involves an insurance salesman in a murder plot. 10-30-50

Monday, November 12
9:00 PM "Texas Rangers" Two sisters use a clever gimmick to rob a movie theater, "Little Sister" 5-4-52
9:30 PM "Sherlock Holmes" A nobleman asks Holmes to protect him from an ancient curse, "The Case Of The Avenging Blade" 2-1-48

Tuesday, November 13
9:00 PM "Johnny Dollar" is hesitant to take on a case until he learns that national security is involved, "Wayward Moth Matter" 3-8-58
9:30 PM "Sgt. Preston" finds two prospectors left for dead on the trail by the "White Hawk" 10-15-48

Wednesday, November 14
9:00 PM "Dragnet" Sgt. Friday is on the trail of supermarket thieves, "The Big Present" 11-24-53
9:30 PM "The Whistler" A film is used to blackmail a wealthy woman, "Death In 16 Millimeter" 7-17-49

Thursday, November 15
9:00 PM "Nightbeat" Randy tries to be a good Samaritan, only to get into trouble, "A World All His Own" 2-20-50.
9:30 PM "The Lone Ranger: "Two Little Men" 1-9-56

Friday, November 16
9:00 PM "Gunsmoke: "Tail Of The Wind"
9:30 PM "Suspense" A henpecked husband becomes obsessed with a movie actor in "The Man Who Wanted To Be Edward G. Robinson" (Robinson plays both roles) 9-30-1948.

Saturday, November 17
9:00 PM "Jack Benny" Guest star: Barbara Stanwyck. 10-11-42
9:30 PM "Fibber McGee & Molly" Fibber picks up new license plates for his car only to find out that "Fibber's Car Is Stolen" 1-16-40
10:00 PM "Fibber McGee & Molly" 2nd episode: Fibber follows a suspicious man around town, "Spy" 6-12-42
10:30 PM "The Green Hornet" mystery starring John Dehner in, "Walkout For Profit" 6-21-41

Sunday, November 18
9:00 PM "Lux Radio Theater" James Mason, Nigel Bruce and Bobby Driscoll star in "Treasure Island," Robert Louis Stevenson's classic tale of pirates and stolen treasure. 1-29-51

Monday, November 19
9:00 PM "Texas Rangers" A hardware store owner and his assistant are shot, "Sellout" 6-1-52
9:30 PM "Sherlock Holmes" and Watson go ghost hunting in a home whose walls drip blood, "The Case Of The Sanguinary Spectre" 2-8-48

Tuesday, November 20
9:00 PM "Johnny Dollar" investigates a curiously late insurance payment, "The Durango Laramie Matter" 2-22-58
9:30 PM "Sgt. Preston" Two con men try to sell a bad gold mine, "The Limping Dog" 11-15-47

Wednesday, November 21
9:00 PM "Dragnet" Friday investigates a truck hijacking, "The Big Odd" 12-1-53
9:30 PM "The Whistler" A girl visits her uncle's strange house, "The Hermit" 7-24-49

Thursday, November 22
9:00 PM "Nightbeat" An actor becomes obsessed with his starring opportunities, "Twill Be The Death Of Me" 7-10-50
9:30 PM "The Lone Ranger"

Friday, November 23
9:00 PM "Gunsmoke: "Speak Me Fair"
9:30 PM "Suspense" A homicide detective tries to hide the fact that the suspect he's after is himself, "Night Cry" 10-7-48

Saturday, November 24
9:00 PM "The Jack Benny Program"
9:30 PM "Fibber McGee & Molly" Fibber gets a set of tools for Christmas and he immediately tries to build something: "McGee Builds A Dog House" 1-2-40
10:00 PM "Have Gun, Will Travel," a Western series starring John Dehner as Palladin: "Shanghai Is A Verb" 4-3-60
10:30 PM "Martin & Lewis" classic comedy starring Dean and Jerry. Guest star: Jane Wyman. 11-30-51

Sunday, November 25
9:00 PM "Lux Radio Theater" Michael Rennie and Jean Peters star in "The Day The Earth Stood Still," the story of an alien who comes to deliver a warning to Earth. 1-4-54

Monday, November 26
9:00 PM "Texas Rangers" An illusive felon causes problems for the Rangers, "Illegal Entry" 6-8-52
9:30 PM "Sherlock Holmes" is hired to find out what has happened to bodies buried in a crypt, "The Case Of The Shoscombe Old Place" 2-15-48

Tuesday, November 27
9:00 PM "Johnny Dollar" investigates a huge insurance claim, "The DeSalles Matter" 1-13-57
9:30 PM "Sgt. Preston" A man who is used to taking what he wants is after a prospector's gold find, "The Sergeant's Right" 12-3-48

Wednesday, November 28
9:00 PM "Dragnet" Friday tries to catch of gang of pick-pockets, "The Big Pick" 12-8-53
9:30 PM "The Whistler" A man keeps receiving threatening murder letters, "Brotherly Hate" 7-31-49

Thursday, November 29
9:00 PM "Nightbeat" Two men start out with greed and fear, and wind up committing murder, "Molly Keeler" 7-17-50
9:30 PM "The Lone Ranger: "Doug's Great Adventure" 11-8-55

Friday, November 30
9:00 PM "Gunsmoke: "Old Pal"
9:30 PM "Suspense" An escaped convict assumes another man's identity, "Give Me Liberty" 10-21-48

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