Golden Age of Radio in 2005

Tuesday 11-1-05
Lux Radio Theater "The Wizard of Oz" original 1939 cast, 12/25/50

Wednesday 11-2
Quiet Please "Calling All Souls" 10/31/48 (from the creator of Lights Out)
Archie Andrews "The Halloween Party" Part 1, 10/30/48, as silly as it sounds

Thursday 11-3
Archie Andrews, Part 2
Suspense "Frankenstein" 6/7/55

Friday 11-4
Mercury Theater (Orson Welles) "Bram Stoker's Dracula" 7/11/38 (more faithful than the movie)

Monday 11-7
Gunsmoke "Bloody Hands" 4/2/55
The Burns and Allen Show, guest Lorretta Young, Part 1, 11/23/43

Tuesday 11-8
The Burns and Allen Show, Part 2
Mr. and Mrs. North "Wheel of Chance" 6/30/53

Wednesday 11-9
Murder at Midnight "Island of the Dead" 5/5/47
My Friend Irma "Friendship Ring" Part 1, 2/24/52

Thursday 11-10
My Friend Irma, Part 2
Escape "Ancient Sorceries" 2/15/48

Friday 11-11
The Whistler "Ticket to Murder" 10/30/49
The Unexpected "Revenge" 5/23/48 (you think you know the ending, don't you?)

Monday 11-14
Hawk Larabee "Mountain Creek Railroad" 7/18/47
The Bob Hope Show, Part 1, 1/30/45 for the USO at an Air Force base in Florida on FDR's birthday

Tuesday 11-15
The Bob Hope Show, Part 2, guest Edward G. Robinson tries to thwart a bank robbery
The Damon Runyon Theater "Breech of Promise"

Wednesday 11-16
X-minus-1 "Dwellers in Silence" by Ray Bradbury, 11/10/55, a rocket crew returns from Mars 20 years after WW3 and finds an old man with his ageless wife & children. He is dying but they appear to be immortal
Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet "Nosey Neighbors" Part 1, 4/10/49

Thursday 11-17
Adv. of Ozzie & Harriet, Part 2
Murder By Experts "The Unseen Witness" 9/26/49

Friday 11-18
Academy Award Theater "The Informer" 5/25/46, turns a buddy into the British for the reward
Blackstone, The Magic Detective "The Hooded Rider" by Walter B. Gibson

Monday 11-21
The Lone Ranger "Thanksgiving in Modoc City" 11/25/53, with Dan Reid
The Milton Berle Show "Salute to Thanksgiving" Part 1, 11/25/47

Tuesday 11-22
The Milton Berle Show, Part 2
Family Theater "Home For Thanksgiving" 11/27/47, a man returning from Dachau with his American wife finds his childhood house destroyed and family dead from a WW2 bombing raid

Wednesday 11-23
Our Miss Brooks "Thanksgiving Weekend" 11/27/49 everyone invites themselves to dinner with Miss Brooks, who has no turkey
Father Knows Best "Thanksgiving Show" Part 1, 11/23/50

Thursday 11-24
Father Knows Best, Part 2
Dr. Christian "Prelude to Thanksgiving" 11/22/39

Friday 11-25
Suspense "The Long Shot" 11/24/49
The Challenge of the Yukon "Thanksgiving in the Wilderness" 11/28/46

Monday 11-28
Tales of The Texas Rangers "Brightboy" 3/2/52
Jack Benny Program "The Trial" Part 1, 10/27/46

Tuesday 11-29
Jack Benny Program, Part 2
Night Beat "World of His Own" 2/20/50 A punchdrunk fighter (William Conrad) wants a reunion with the woman who laughed as she left him years ago (he ends up killing her)

Wednesday 11-30
Lights Out "The Flame" 3/23/43
Great Gildersleeve "Bessie Quits" Part 1, 5/27/45

Thursday 12-1
Great Gildersleeve, Part 2
Adventures of Sam Spade "The Hot Hundred Grand Caper" 9/19/48

Friday 12-2
The Shadow "Scent of Death" 2/2/47
Vic And Sade, 11/20/45

Monday 12-5
Family Theater "The Littlest Angel" 12/21/49
The Fred Allen Show, Part 1, 12/22/37

Tuesday 12-6
The Fred Allen Show, Part 2
Authoprs Playhouse "Christmas by Injunction" 12/24/41

Wednesday 12-7
Mysterious Traveler "A Christmas Story"
Fibber McGee and Molly "Ringing in the Holidays" Part 1, 12/23/41

Thursday 12-8
Fibber McGee and Molly, Part 2
Nick Carter, Master Detective "Christmas Adventure" 12/25/43

Friday 12-9
Suspense "A Christmas for Carol" 12/21/50, a bank teller (Dennis Day) teams up with a hardened thug to rob an elderly couple of their life savings then has second thoughts
Baby Snooks "Christmas Skates" 12/19/40

Monday 12-12
Escape "Back For Christmas" 12/27/47, surprise - it's a devil's garden
The Charlie McCarthy Show "The Oversight Before Christmas" Part 1, 12/24/44

Tuesday 12-13
The Charlie McCarthy Show, Part 2
Treasury Star Parade "A Modern Scrooge" 12/25/42, a factory owner sees no reason to buy war bonds, so his dead partner takes $18.50 and gives it to Congress to start up a factory...

Wednesday 12-14
Romance "Richer by One Christmas" 12/24/55
Life of Riley "Christmas Show" Part 1, 12/23/49

Thursday 12-15
Life of Riley, Part 2
Casey Crime Photographer "Christmas Shopping" 12/21/46

Friday 12-16
The Shadow "The Stockings Were Hung" 12/24/39 or 38, a miserly rich guy gets the Dickens from the invisible Shadow
Challenge of the Yukon "The Spirit of Christmas" 12/24/53

Monday 12-19
Gunsmoke "A Christmas Story" 12/20/52
The Burns and Allen Show "George and Gracie Save Christmas" Part 1, 12/22/42

Tuesday 12-20
The Burns and Allen Show, Part 2, George's weird dream continues
Radio City Playhouse "Twas the Night Before Christmas" 12/25/49

Wednesday 12-21
Lux Radio Theater Hour "Miracle on 34th Street" 12/22/47, same cast as movie

Thursday 12-22
The Campbell Playhouse, 12/24/39 (previously Mercury Theater) "A Christmas Carol" Lionel Barrymore, with Frank Reddick, Everett Sloan & Bea Benedarett, narrated by Orson Welles

Friday 12-23
Lux Radio Theater Hour "It's a Wonderful Life" 3/10/47 (Jimmy Stewart, Donna Reed)

Monday 12-26
The Lone Ranger "The Three Wisemen" 12/24/54
The Bob Hope Show "Christmas Show" Part 1, 12/23/41

Tuesday 12-27
The Bob Hope Show, Part 2
Cavalcade of America "The Green Pastures" 12/22/41

Wednesday 12-28
Theater of Romance "Messiah" 12/24/45, how Handel came to write the famous piece
The Phil Harris and Alice Faye Show "Will the Real Santa Please Stand Up" Part 1, 12/25/49

Thursday 12-29
The Phil Harris and Alice Faye Show, Part 2, Jack Benny shows up playing Santa
Quiet Please "Rain on New Years Eve" (same creator as Lights Out) 12/29/47, a studio writer is told to create a new monster for a horror movie, then the secretary is found dead

Friday 12-30
Mysterious Traveler "New Years Nightmare" 1/5/47, a man wakes up from amnenia a year later to a wife he doesn't know, and decides to kill her to go back to his old girlfriend, but it doesn't turn out as planned
Lum and Abner "New Years Day at Abners" 1/1/45

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