Golden Age of Radio Online


The Radio Drama Hour

In 1974 KNX brought back radio drama. And it has met with great success! These exciting, action-packed programs continue to be a popular listening habit for all ages. For those of you listening to the Drama Hour online world-wide, please note that the programs you see in our drama hour listings will be available one day AFTER they are broadcast on the air. For example, Friday night's lineup of shows will be available Saturday, Monday night's on Tuesday, and so forth. In some cases, they may be available to hear online the same day. See below for program schedule dates. Click here to stop the background music

Golden Age of Radio Schedule

Saturday 1-1
Couple Next Door "Hangover" 1/1/1958 
Our Miss Brooks "New Year's Eve" 1/1/1950  

Sunday 1-2
Mr. Keen, Tracer of Lost Persons "The Silver Dagger Murder Case" 10/13/1949 
Police Headquarters "Mrs. Smallwood Killed"

Monday 1-3
The Aldrich Family: Jealous of a Jock, 9/28/1952 
My Favorite Husband: Liz In The Hospital - Part 1, 5/27/1949  

Tuesday 1-4
My Favorite Husband: Liz In The Hospital - Part 2
The Shadow "Murder Incorporated" 12/17/1939  

Wednesday 1-5
New Adventures of Nero Wolfe "Case of the Girl Who Cried Wolfe" 12/15/1950 
Calling All Detectives "Ten Thousand Dollar Theft" 7/22/1948  

Thursday 1-6
Life of Riley: Riley Coaches Junior's Basketball Team, 1/7/1949 
Ma Perkins: Joseph Tells the Truth, 12/5/1949  

Friday 1-7
Gang Busters "Appointment with Death" 12/18/1948 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Tears of Night Matter - Part 1" 5/21/1956  

Saturday 1-8
Hopalong Cassidy "Black Grass Fever" 11/11/1950 
Speed Gibson: Barney is Safe, 3/13/1937  

Sunday 1-9
Murder At Midnight "The Ace of Death" 1/6/1947 
Blackstone the Magic Detective "Magic Writing" 9/18/1949

Monday 1-10
Request Performance, guest: Lionel Barrymore, 1/27/1946 
A Date with Judy, guest: Joseph Cotton - Part 1, 2/6/1945  

Tuesday 1-11
A Date with Judy, guest: Joseph Cotton - Part 2
Inner Sanctum Mysteries "Corridor of Doom" 10/23/1945

Wednesday 1-12
Cisco Kid "Son of the Chief" 1/21/1954 
Frontier Fighters: Program 8 - Dr. John McLaughlin

Thursday 1-13
Lux Radio Theatre "Break Of Hearts" 9/11/1944  

Friday 1-14
Green Hornet "Escape For Revenge" 1/29/1946 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Tears of Night Matter" Part 2, 5/22/1956  

Saturday 1-15
Abbott & Costello, guest: Veronica Lake, 12/2/1943 
Duffy's Tavern, guest: Dinah Shore, 12/14/1943  

Sunday 1-16
X Minus One "Volpa" 8/29/1957 
Exploring Tomorrow "Happiness Effect"

Monday 1-17
Fred Allen "Picadilly" 2/3/1946 
Father Knows Best: Elusive Card Game" Part 1, 1/12/1950  

Tuesday 1-18
Father Knows Best: Elusive Card Game - Part 2
Suspense "You'll Never See Me Again" 9/5/1946  

Wednesday 1-19
Counterspy "The Case of the Captured Contact" 1/14/1951 
Behind The Mike: FDR Third Inaugural Ceremonies 1/19/1941  

Thursday 1-20
Lights Out "Special to Hollywood" 2/7/1941 
Dial Dave Garroway, May 29th 1951

Friday 1-21
Philo Vance, Detective "The Idol Murder Case" 1/25/1949 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Tears of Night Matter" Part 3, 5/23/1956  

Saturday 1-22
Burns & Allen Show "Good Help is Hard to Find" 2/2/1943 
Baby Snooks "Making a Robot & Tax Returns" 2/8/1940  

Sunday 1-23
Adventures of Philip Marlowe "The Orange Dog of Foe" 1/22/1949 
Police Headquarters: Tommy Woods Killed

Monday 1-24
Jack Benny Program: Jack's Scrapbook, 1/16/1949 
Phil Harris & Alice Faye Show: Fixing The Furnace - Part 1, 1/15/1950  

Tuesday 1-25
Phil Harris & Alice Faye Show, Fixing The Furnace - Part 2
The Whistler "Murder Is Legal" 2/5/1945  

Wednesday 1-26
Nightbeat "Football Player and the Syndicate" 6/12/1950 
Calling All Detectives "Uncle Merv's Radio Show" 7/23/1948  

Thursday 1-27  
Screen Directors Playhouse, 12/16/1949 "The Affairs of Susan" 
Front Page, 11/19/1933 "Switchboard Secrets"  

Friday 1-28  
Tales of the Texas Ranger, 2/3/1952 "Rub Out" 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar, 5/24/1956 "The Tears of Night Matter - Part 4" 
Saturday 1-29
Fibber McGee & Molly: Fibber the Military Advisor, 1/31/1939 
Lum & Abner: Abner Becomes "Doc Peabody" 12/27/1944  

Sunday 1-30
Boston Blackie "According to the Plan" 1/28/1947 
Have Gun, Will Travel "Matter of Ethics" 2/1/1959  

Monday 1-31
The Green Hornet "The Parking Lot Racket" 10/31/1939 
My Friend Irma "The Lonely Hearts Club - Part 1" 1/26/1948  

Tuesday 2-1
My Friend Irma "The Lonely Hearts Club - Part 2"
Mr. Keen Tracer of Lost Persons "Girl Who Flirted" 2/3/1944  

Wednesday 2-2
Escape "Conqueror's Isle" 1/11/1953 
Blackstone Magic Detective "The Hooded Rider" 1/16/1949  

Thursday 2-3
Milton Berle Show: Salute to Finance, 1/20/1948 
Dial Dave Garroway: June 5th 1949

Friday 2-4
Richard Diamond, Private Detective "Rollins Case" 1/26/1951 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Tears of Night Matter - Part 5" 5/25/1956  

Saturday 2-5
The Burns & Allen Show "The Beverly Hill Uplift Society" 1/22/1945 
The Charlie McCarthy Show, guests Keenan Wynn & June Kilgore, 9/9/1945  

Sunday 2-6
Gangbusters "Cincinnati Narcotics Ring" 1/1/1940 
Big Town "Iron Fist" 4/19/1949  

Monday 2-7
Judy Canova: Back From Rancho Canova Motel, 2/29/1944 
Jack Benny Program: Sinatra, Kaye, Burns, Marx - Pt. 1, 3/2/1952  

Tuesday 2-8
Jack Benny Program: Sinatra, Kaye, Burns, Marx - Pt. 2
Rocky Fortune "Rocket to the Morgue" 3/23/1954  

Wednesday 2-9
Hopalong Cassidy "Murder On The Trail" 2/12/1950 
Frontier Fighters: Program 17 - Denver, CO

Thursday 2-10
The Screen Guild Players "Rebecca" 11/18/1948 
Front Page "Retribution" 11/26/1933  

Friday 2-11
The Shadow "The Plot Murder: 2/27/1938 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Shady Lane Matter - Part 1" 7/9/1956  

Saturday 2-12
Screen Guild Theatre "The Gay Divorcee" 3/6/1944 
Bill Stern Sports Newsreel: Guest Eddie "Rochester" Anderson, 6/7/1946  

Sunday 2-13
Adventures of Sam Spade "The Lazarus Caper" 9/12/1948 
Police Headquarters: James Davis Killed 

Monday 2-14
Jack Benny Program: Life of Jack Benny Movie, 3/6/1955 
Jack Benny Program: Guest Bing Crosby - Part 1, 2/15/1953  

Tuesday 2-15
Jack Benny Program: Guest Bing Crosby - Part 2
Inner Sanctum "The Ghost in the Garden" 2/10/1947  

Wednesday 2-16
Chase "Pennypinching Boarding House Owner" 2/8/1953 
Calling All Detectives "The Super Comet Train" 7/26/1948  

Thursday 2-17
Martin & Lewis Show: Guest Dinah Shore, 10/5/1951 
Dial Dave Garroway: June 19, 1951

Friday 2-18
The Falcon "Case of the Gangster's Girl" 3/4/1951 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Shady Lane Matter - Part 2" 7/10/1956  

Saturday 2-19
Aldrich Family "Debate Team" 2/21/1952 
Lum & Abner: Cedric Works on the Projector, 10/19/1943  

Sunday 2-20
The Shadow "Bones of the Dragon" 1/11/1948 
Blackstone the Magic Detective "The Deathless Shot" 4/10/1949

Monday 2-21
Red Skelton: Red's Dog, 2/26/1950 
The Great Gildersleeve: Difficulty with Leroy - Part 1, 2/14/1951  

Tuesday 2-22
The Great Gildersleeve: Difficulty with Leroy - Part 2
The Whistler "Meeting In Tenth Street" 2/25/1948  

Wednesday 2-23
Hollywood Star Playhouse "The Six Shooter" 4/13/1952 
Frontier Fighters: Program 19 - Wild Bill Hickcock

Thursday 2-24
Suspense "Always Room at the Top" 2/20/1947 
Front Page "A Doctor's Love" 12/3/1933  

Friday 2-25
Adventures of Frank Race "The Big Top" 2/19/1950 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Shady Lane Matter - Part 3" 7/11/1956  

Saturday 2-26
My Favorite Husband "Women's Rights" 3/3/1950 
Lum & Abner: Grandpap's Player's Piano, 10/20/1943  

Sunday 2-27
This is Your FBI "The Return of St. Nick" 12/21/1950 
Blair of the Mounties "The Phantom Sniper" 2/14/1938  

Monday 2-28
Burns & Allen: Gracie Turns the House Into an Office Pt.2, 2/27/1947 
Fibber McGee & Molly: Getting it Wholesale, 12/9/1941  

Tuesday 3-1
Suspense "In Fear & Trembling" 2/16/1943
Blackstone the Magic Detective "Murder on Stage" 12/26/1948  

Wednesday 3-2
The Saint "The What-Not What Got Hot" 3/4/1951 
Calling All Detectives "If Your Business is Trouble" 7/27/1948  

Thursday 3-3
The Bickersons "Clams Are Healthy" 5/18/1947 
Dial Dave Garroway: June 20, 1951

Friday 3-4
Tales of the Texas Rangers "The Ice Man" 3/2/1952 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Shady Lane Matter - Part 4" 7/12/1956  

Saturday 3-5
Life of Riley: Riley's Dancing Lessons, 2/9/1951 
Lum & Abner: Too Many Free Passes, 10/21/1943  

Sunday 3-6
Frontier Gentlemen "Kendall's Last Stand" 2/23/1958 
Bill Stern Sports Newsreel: Guest Pat O'Brien, 7/22/1949  

Monday 3-7
Our Miss Brooks "Another Day, Another Madame Ameliia Dress" 4/1/1951 
Jack Benny Program: From Livermore, Calif - Part 1, 3/12/1944  

Tuesday 3-8
Jack Benny Program: From Livermore, Calif - Part 2
The Damon Runyon Theatre "Cemetery Bait" 4/10/1951  

Wednesday 3-9
Lights Out "The Dream" 3/16/1943 
Chandu the Magician: Spell Broken, 11/23/1948  

Thursday 3-10
Have Gun, Will Travel "Helen of Adajinian" 1/4/1959 
Frontier Fighters: Program 20 - Rev. Thomas Starr King 

Friday 3-11
Mr. and Mrs. North "Murder Mismanaged" 3/8/1952 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Shady Lane Matter - Part 5" 7/13/1956

Saturday 3-12  
Abbott & Costello, 3/22/1945 From Tucson, Arizona 
The Answer Man, 3/4/1959 "Did Indians Ever Fight With Fists?"  

Sunday 3-13  
The Whistler, 3/18/1951 "Jackson Street Affair" 
The Black Book, 2/24/1952 "My Favorite Corpse" 
Monday 3-14  
My Favorite Husband, 3/26/1950 "Liz's Radio Script" 
The Great Gildersleeve, 3/19/1947 "Guarding the Money" Part 1 
Tuesday 3-15
The Great Gildersleeve, Part 2
Screen Directors Playhouse "Champion" 3/17/1950  

Wednesday 3-16
The Shadow "Mind Over Murder" 3/31/1946 
Chandu the Magician "Threat From Dwarf" 11/24/1948  

Thursday 3-17
Command Performance, guest Mickey Rooney, 6/2/1942 
Vic and Sade "Y.Y. Flirch" 6/5/1939  

Friday 3-18
Boston Blackie "The Horseroom Thefts of Boston Blackie" 3/25/1947 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Lansing Fraud Matter - Part 1" 12/12/1955  

Saturday 3-19
Fred Allen "Charlie McCarthy Sues Fred" 10/28/1945 
Fibber McGee & Molly: Fibber Writes a Song, 3/24/1942  

Sunday 3-20
Broadway is My Beat "Mary Gilbert" 11/26/1949 
Blackstone the Magic Detective "Crime on a Merry Go Round" 9/11/1949  

Monday 3-21
Abbott & Costello, guest Claire Trevor, 5/11/1944 
Screen Guild Theater "Too Many Husbands" 9/4/1944  

Tuesday 3-22
Arch Oboler's Plays "Holiday 194X" 5/10/1945 
Calling All Detectives "Is the Wife Really Dead?" 7/30/1948  

Wednesday 3-23  
The Sealed Book "King of the World" 3/25/1945 
Chandu the Magician: Nadji Arrives, 11/25/1948  

Thursday 3-24  
Hopalong Cassidy "Stagecoach West" 4/21/1951 
Frontier Fighers: Program 21 "Cochise and Captain Tom Jeffords" 4/18/1905  

Friday 3-25  
Rocky Fortune "Boarding House Double-Cross" 3/30/54
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Lansing Fraud Matter - Part 2" 12/13/1955  

Saturday 3-26  
Phil Harris - Alice Faye Show 3-13-49 "Frankie Is Hired By Rexal" with Gale Gordon
The Answer Man 3-2-59, Do men or women have a keener sense of touch? Were Romans buried in asbestos?

Sunday 3-27  
Lights Out "Money, Money, Money" 3/30/43, greed costs a diver his life, Ad about WW2 ration stamps
The Origin Of Superstition: Break A Mirror - Bad Luck, 4-16-35

Monday 3-28  
Duffy's Tavern 3/16/51, Archie's Fashion Lecture, guest Arthur Treacher
Life Of Riley 3/16/51 "Time Clock Woes" part 1

Tuesday 3-29  
Life Of Riley "Time Clock Woes" part 2
Bold Venture: Bogart & Bacall in "Joe Ryan's Final K.O." (syndicated)

Wednesday 3-30  
The Whistler 4/1/51 "Man In A Corner"
Chandu The Magician "Fire" 11/26/48, continued from last week

Thursday 3-31  
Colgate Tooth Powder presents Judy Canova 3/21/44 "Trip To The Hollywood Canteen"
Dial Dave Garroway 6/21/51, ad for Dial Soap

Friday 4-1  
Adv. of Philip Marlowe 3/12/49 "The Grim Hunters" with Alan Reed
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Lansing Fraud Matter - Part 3" 12/14/1955  

Saturday 4-2  

Sunday 4-3  

Monday 4-4  

Tuesday 4-5  

Wednesday 4-6  
Chandu the Magician

Thursday 4-7  

Friday 4-8  
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Lansing Fraud Matter - Part 4" 12/15/1955  

Saturday 4-9  

Sunday 4-10  

Monday 4-11  

Tuesday 4-12  

Wednesday 4-13  
Chandu the Magician

Thursday 4-14  

Friday 4-15  
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Lansing Fraud Matter - Part 5" 12/16/1955  

Saturday 4-16  

Sunday 4-17  

Monday 4-18  

Tuesday 4-19  

Wednesday 4-20  
Chandu the Magician

Thursday 4-21  

Friday 4-22  
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar 7/2/1956 "The Midas Touch Matter" Part 1 

Saturday 4-23  

Sunday 4-24  

Monday 4-25  

Tuesday 4-26  

Wednesday 4-27  
Chandu the Magician

Thursday 4-28  

Friday 4-29  
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar 7/3/1956 "The Midas Touch Matter" Part 2 

Saturday 4-30  

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