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In 1974 KNX brought back radio drama. And it has met with great success! These exciting, action-packed programs continue to be a popular listening habit for all ages. For those of you listening to the Drama Hour online world-wide, please note that the programs you see in our drama hour listings will be available one day AFTER they are broadcast on the air. For example, Friday night's lineup of shows will be available Saturday, Monday night's on Tuesday, and so forth. In some cases, they may be available to hear online the same day. See below for program schedule dates.

Golden Age of Radio in 2007

Sunday 7-1
Great Gildersleeve "Gildy vs. Golf" (Willard Waterman) 11/5/52
Speaking of Radio: Chuck Schaden interviews Willard Waterman, 3/17/84

Monday 7-2
Life of Riley: Mash note at night school, 12/10/44
Lum and Abner: Anxiously waiting for a reply, 9/4/41

Tuesday 7-3
Screen Guild Theatre "Yankee Doodle Dandy" James Cagney, 10/19/42, based on the movie
Can You Top This? "Jokes about Requests and Hotels" 4/17/43 clip

Wednesday 7-4
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Calgary Matter" (Edmund O'Brien) 7/13/50
Adventures of Superman, Chapter 7 "The Scarlet Widow" 10/4/45

Thursday 7-5
Gunsmoke "Piano" starring William Conrad, 8/17/58
Fibber McGee and Molly 10/16/53 "Molly speaks for Fibber"

Friday 7-6
Sherlock Holmes "Adventure of the Creeping Man" 3/17/47
Red Skelton Show: Clem Kadiddlehopper clip, 12/3/48

Saturday 7-7
Escape "Occurance at Owl Creek Bridge" 12/10/47, as reprinted in Alfred Hitchcock Magazine
Bob Hope Show 2/19/52 clip, guest Tyrone Power tricks Bob into judging a beauty contest for grandmothers, then Bob dreams that he's Tyrone and Tyrone's him

Sunday 7-8
Eddie Cantor Show 6/9/43, Guests: Jack Benny, Burns & Allen, Groucho
Speaking of Radio: Chuck Schaden interviews Harry Von Zell

Monday 7-9
Dragnet "Garbage Chute" 12/15/49, the only clue to robbery & murder in an apartment is fingerprints inside the chute
Lum and Abner 9/5/41, Lum to marry rich widow (he thinks)

Tuesday 7-10
Green Hornet "State's Witness" 2/16/49
Drene Show 3/30/47 clip "The Bickersons" with Don Ameche, Danny Thomas

Wednesday 7-11
Lone Ranger 12/14/42, Part 1 of 6 "Heading North"
Adventures of Superman, Chapter 8: The Scarlet Widow, 10/5/45

Thursday 7-12
Our Miss Brooks "Stretch, the basketball star" 2/13/49
Burns and Allen 9/26/46 clip "Radio quiz shows"

Friday 7-13
Roy Rogers "Night Riders" 10/19/51
The Bickersons 5/9/47 starring Don Ameche & Marsha Hunt

Saturday 7-14
Halls of Ivy "Toddy plays hooky" 4/7/50, interrupted by long lineof visitors
Vic and Sade "Business trip to Chicago" 9/8/44

Sunday 7-15
Escape 3/17/50 "Three Skeleton Key" (Vincent Price) three men in a remote lighthouse surrounded by thousands of hungry rats chewing at the doors & windows. See title
Speaking of Radio 9/8/71: Chuck Schaden interviews Vincent Price

Monday 7-16
Great Gildersleeve "Peavy disappears" 5/14/47
Lum and Abner 9/8/41 "Practicing JuJitsu"

Tuesday 7-17
This is Your FBI "Fugitive Pirate" 3/14/47
Sgt. Preston of the Yukon "The Mail Team" 1/10/46
Wednesday 7-18
Lone Ranger, Part 2 of 6: Design for Murder, 12/16/42 
Adventures of Superman, Chapter 9: The Scarlet Widow, 10/8/45  

Thursday 7-19
Inner Sanctum "The Man from Yesterday" 12/21/41 
Jack Benny Program 2/26/39 clip: Jesse James, Part 1 of 2

Friday 7-20
Big Town "The Fatal Fix" 1/25/49 
Jack Benny Program 3/5/39, Part 2 of 2 

Saturday 7-21
Frontier Gentleman "The Honky-Tonkers" 2/16/58 
Bill Stern's Sports Newsreel, 11/23/45, guest Frank Sinatra

Sunday 7-22
Jack Benny Program "Mean Old Man Radio Show" 7/18/54 
Speaking of Radio 1/29/76, Chuck Schaden interviews Author Irving Fein

Monday 7-23
A Date With Judy "Dreams of Frank Sinatra" 3/20/45 
Lum and Abner "Mrs. Barrington's Letter" 9/9/41 (the diamonds weren't stolen afterall) 

Tuesday 7-24
Casey, Crime Photographer "Self-Made hero" 7/17/47 
Charlie McCarthy Show 12/7/47 clip: guest Roy Rogers 

Wednesday 7-25
Lone Ranger 12/18/42, Part 3 of 6: Rope's End
Adventures of Superman 10/9/45, Chapter 10: The Scarlet Widow

Thursday 7-26
Gangbusters "Case of Reese-Wren-Reid" 8/16/52 
Red Skelton Show 1/14/49 clip: Junior, the mean little kid

Friday 7-27
Tales of the Texas Rangers "Fool's Gold" 8/19/50 
Baby Snooks 11/30/39 "Insurance Exam"

Saturday 7-28
Sgt. Preston of the Yukon "Casper Mott's Adventure" 1/30/50 
Charlie McCarthy Show 12/12/37 clip: Edgar Bergen and Nelson Eddy

Sunday 7-29
Adeventures of Sam Spade "Dry Martini Caper" starring Howard Duff, 8/1/48 
Speaking of Radio 8/25/75: Chuck Schaden interviews Howard Duff 

Monday 7-30
Casey, Crime Photographer "Acquitted" 7/3/47 
Lum and Abner "Jewels missing from box" 9/11/41  

Tuesday 7-31
Life with Luigi "Boys' Club" 4/25/50 
Can You Top This? 4/17/43 clip, Jokes: Tramps and Misunderstanding

Wednesday 8-1
Lone Ranger 12/21/42, Part 4 of 6: "Law of the Apex"
Adventures of Superman 10/10/45, Chapter 11: The Scarlet Widow

Thursday 8-2
Suspense "Zero Hour" 4/5/55 
Fibber McGee and Molly "Ribbon on finger" 10/19/53  

Friday 8-3
Dimension X "Report on the Barnhouse Effect" 4/22/50 
Request Performance 4/21/46 clip: Dick Powell, Abbott & Costello 

Saturday 8-4
Abbott and Costello 10/15/42, guest Marlene Detrich

Sunday 8-5
Mr and Mrs North starring Alice Frost "Wheel of Chance" 6/30/53 
Speaking of Radio: Chuck Schaden interviews Alice Frost, 8/10/76  

Monday 8-6
Father Knows Best "New housekeeper" 6/22/50 
Lum and Abner "Everything squared away" 9/12/41  

Tuesday 8-7
X Minus One "Lulu" starring Jan Miner, 10/31/57 
Exploring Tomorrow "First Contact" 1/1/58  

Wednesday 8-8
Lone Ranger, Part 5 of 6: Dan's Strange Behavior, 12/23/42 
Adventures of Superman, Chapter 1: Superman vs Atom Man, 10/11/45  

Thursday 8-9
Burns and Allen "Meredith, the ladykiller" 12/11/47 
Vic and Sade "Thimble Club meeting" 10/27/44  

Friday 8-10
Richard Diamond, Private Detective "Central Park Murder" 8/20/49 
Red Skelton Show 12/3/48 clip: Junior at the beauty parlor 

Saturday 8-11
Inner Sanctum "The Black Sea Gull" 3/7/43 
Jack Benny Program 5/7/39 clip: Kentucky Derby 

Sunday 8-12
Fibber McGee and Molly "Citizenship Test" 6/3/47 
Speaking of Radio: Chuck Schaden interviews writer Phil Leslie 12/13/73  

Monday 8-13
Rogue's Gallery starring Dick Powell "McDonald Murder Case" 6/24/45 
Lum and Abner "Lum and the Board of Directors" 9/15/41  

Tuesday 8-14
Abbott and Costello 1/20/44, guest Hal Peary as Gildersleeve
Fibber McGee and Molly "Letter to Postmaster" 10/6/53  

Wednesday 8-15
Lone Ranger, Part 6 of 6: A Nephew is Found, 12/25/42 
Adv. of Superman, Chapter 2: Superman versus Atom Man, 10/12/45  

Thursday 8-16
Fat Man starring J. Scott Smart "Ninteenth Pearl" 1/21/46 
Charlie McCarthy Show 8/1/37, guest W. C. Fields 

Friday 8-17
Life with Luigi 5/2/50, Luigi tries to get rid of his cough
Red Skelton Show 5/5/42: Junior, the mean little kid

Saturday 8-18
Adv. of Nero Wolfe "Case of the Careworn Cuff" 10/27/50 
Command Performance 8/30/45 clip: Victor Borge 

Sunday 8-19
Life of Riley, with Paula Winslowe "Riley's promotion" 9/7/46 
Speaking of Radio: Chuck Schaden interviews Paula Winslowe, 6/17/88  

Monday 8-20
Mysterious Traveler "The Good Die Young" 2/27/44 
Lum and Abner "Bank has no Charter" 9/16/41  

Tuesday 8-21
Suspense "Give Me Liberty" 3/29/55 
Eddie Cantor Show 3/5/41 clip: guest Humphrey Bogart

Wednesday 8-22  
Great Gildersleeve, 11/5/44 "Election woes for Gildy" 
Adv. of Superman, 10/15/45, Chapter 3: Superman versus Atom Man 
Thursday 8-23  
Tom Corbett, Space Cadet, 5/20/52, Part 1 of 2: Greatest Show in the Universe 
Fibber McGee and Molly, 10/7/53, Part 1 of 2: Buying a parakeet 
Friday 8-24  
Tom Corbett, Space Cadet, 5/22/52, Part 2 of 2 
Fibber McGee and Molly, 10/8/57, Part 2 of 2: Teaching the parakeet to talk 
Saturday 8-25  
Suspense, 12/19/46 "The Thing in the Window" starring Joseph Cotton 
Fred Allen Show, 3/20/49 clip: Why are prices coming down? 

Sunday 8-26  
Archie Andrews, 6/27/46 "Bubble bath" starring Bob Hastings 
Speaking of Radio 6/20/88, Chuck Schaden interviews Bob Hastings 

Monday 8-27  
Hopalong Cassidy 1/8/50 "Rainmaker of Eagle Nest Mountain" 
Lum and Abner 9/18/41 "Mohammed to the Mountain"  

Tuesday 8-28  
Bickersons 3/2/47 "John's new suitcase"

Wednesday 8-29
My Favorite Husband, 6/11/50, Liz learns to swim 
Adv. of Superman, 10/16/45, Chapter 4: Superman versus Atom Man 

Thursday 8-30
Suspense, Part 1 of 2: Moonstone starring Peter Lawford, 11/16/53 
Strange Dr. Weird "Tiger Cat" 1/2/45  

Friday 8-31
Suspense, Part 2 of 2: 11/23/53 
Strange Dr. Weird "Murder Ship" 1/9/45  

Saturday 9-1
Bold Venture "One That Got Away" starring Bogart and Bacall, 2/18/52 
Jack Benny Program 2/12/39 clip: Love Finds Annie Hardy 

Sunday 9-2
First Nighter "Refresher Course" with Soule and Luddy, 4/27/52 
Speaking of Radio: Olan Soule & Barbara Luddy interview, 2/17/75  

Monday 9-3
Boston Blackie "Rockwell Diamond" starring Chester Morris, 6/23/44 
Baby Snooks "Airplane trip to Washington" 3/14/40  

Tuesday 9-4
Fibber McGee and Molly "The McGees go to the Carnival" 4/22/47 
Vic and Sade "Muted Silver Moonbeam Chimes" 9/6/44  

Wednesday 9-5
Cisco Kid "Bank Robbers in Cactus Junction" 3/26/53 
Adventures of Superman, Chapter 5: Superman versus Atom Man, 10/17/45  

Thursday 9-6
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "Parakoff Policy" starring Charles Russell, 2/11/49 
Eddie Cantor Show 9/26/46 clip: guests: Burns and Allen 

Friday 9-7
Frontier Gentleman "Claim Jumpers" starring John Dehner, 3/9/58 
Challenge of the Yukon "Footprints in Leather" 8/12/43  

Saturday 9-8
Molle Mystery Theater "Killer Come Back to Me" starring Richard Widmark, 5/17/46 
Baby Snooks "New insurance policy" 5/5/39  

Sunday 9-9
Gunsmoke "Letter of the Law" with Parley Baer, 6/18/61 
Speaking of Radio: Chuck Schaden interviews Parley Baer, 3/22/84
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Jack Benny Show broadcasting live

Part 2 of Jack Benny broadcast
Beverly Sills died 7-2-07 from cancer complications. Beverly Sills spoofing opera on the Danny Kaye Show

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This is Wally Ballou and I love a mystery so welcome again through the squeaking door

Note: Stan Freberg hosted "When Radio Was" for 10 years. His final broadcast as host was 10/6/06. The new host is Chuck Schaden, who also has interviews some of the radio stars (recorded in the 1970s, see broadcast schedule above)

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Jimmy Stewart's The Six Shooter only lasted one season (he wouldn't accept a tobacco company as sponsor), and he made the Hitchcock movie "Rear Window" the same year.

Jack Benny TV clip: Gisele MacKenzie gets Jack to show her his vault
Walter B. Gibson co-created and wrote the Shadow novels. When he left The Shadow magazine after asking for more money, a became head script writer for radio's "Nick Carter, Master Detective" for awhile.

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