Golden Age of Radio in 2005

Friday 7-1
Suspense "The Cave" 12/20/55, a boy discovers a cave that emerges back in the time of pirates of the Caribbean. Narrated by John Dehner; Pirate Captain is played by Hans Conreid, voice of Capt. Hook in Disney's "Peter Pan" (1953)
Adv. of Superman "Dead Man's Secret" Part 8, 1/21/48, the Boot continues torturing Frederick the Midget for information about solar fusion energy

Monday 7-4
Lone Ranger "Design for Murder" 12/16/42, bad guys kidnap Dan to bait the Ranger & Tonto into a trap
Bob Hope Show, guest: Grace Kelly, Part 1, 5/14/54

Tuesday 7-5
Bob Hope Show, Part 2
Box 13 "Find Me, Find Death" 4/24/49

Wednesday 7-6
Dimension X "Time and Time Again" 7/12/51. A soldier dying of radiation in New York goes back in time 30 years to 1945, determined to prevent World War 3
Duffy's Tavern "Block Party" Part 1, 3/30/51

Thursday 7-7
Duffy's Tavern, Part 2
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Price of Fame Matter" 2/2/58

Friday 7-8
The Shadow "The Devil's Wife" 12/8/46, Brett Morrison: Lamont & Margo investigate voodoo murders and a specter in bayou country
Adv. of Superman "Dead Man's Secret" Part 9, 1/22/48, the Boot orders Freddy burned alive after a hypnotist learns his secrets

Monday 7-11
Fort Laramie "The New Recruit" starring Raymond Burr as Capt. Quince, 4/22/56
The Jack Benny Program, Part 1, 10/17/48, guest Barbara Stanwyck does a scene from movie "Sorry Wrong Number"

Tuesday 7-12
Jack Benny Program, Part 2, Jack has a living nightmare after seeing the movie
Murder by Experts "Three's a Crowd" 5/25/50

Wednesday 7-13
Mysterious Traveler "Death Is My Caller" 10/21/47
Fibber McGee and Molly "Molly Wants a Budget" Part 1, 4/18/39

Thursday 7-14
Fibber McGee and Molly, Part 2
Adventures of Sam Spade "Bail Bond Caper" 6/27/48

Friday 7-15
Academy Award Theatre "The Maltese Falcon" 7/3/46; Bogart, Greenstreet
Adv. of Superman "Dead Man's Secret" Part 10, 1/23/48

Monday 7-18
The Cisco Kid "Prairy Fire" 10/1/53, bad guys set a fire to cover up murder
Fred Allen Show, question "Are you superstitious?" 4/25/48, Part 1

Tuesday 7-19
Fred Allen Show, Part 2, with guest Leo Durocher "The Dodgers & Me"
Mr. Keen, Tracer of Lost Persons "Murder and 1000 Witnesses" 9/29/49

Wednesday 7-20
X Minus One "Lulu" 10/31/57, A spaceship's computer falls in love with a crewman who writes poetry and angrily sends the ship into deep space away from Earth when he stops writing. Then a jealous 5-ton robot shows up and says that she loves him now
Phil Harris & Alice Faye Show "New Suit" Part 1, 1/23/49

Thursday 7-21
Phil Harris & Alice Faye Show, Part 2
Mr. & Mrs. North "Die Hard"

Friday 7-22
The Whistler "Triggerman" 8/7/49
Adv. of Superman "Dead Man's Secret" Part 11, 1/24/48

Monday 7-25
Have Gun, Will Travel "Like Father" 9/27/59
Red Skelton Show, Part 1, 1/15/50

Tuesday 7-26
Red Skelton Show, Part 2
Nightbeat "Doctor's Secret" 8/21/50

Wednesday 7-27
Lights Out "Immortal Gentleman" 6/14/39
My Friend Irma "Dancing Fools" Part 1, 12/15/47

Thursday 7-28
My Friend Irma, Part 2
Box 13 "Delinquent Dilemma" 2/13/49

Friday 7-29
Suspense "Last Letter of Dr Bronson" 11/4/54
Adv. of Superman "Dead Man's Secret" Part 12

Monday 8-1
Hopalong Cassidy "Stagecoach West" 4/21/51, Hoppy suspects a series of stage station murders blamed on Indians are instead the work of a local criminal gang
Charlie McCarthy Show, guest: Betty Hutton, Part 1, 9/28/47

Tuesday 8-2
Charlie McCarthy Show, Part 2
Damon Runyon Theater "Lonely Heart" Nicely-Nicely Jones finds a woman in the personal ads & marries her, but discovers her quirks too late: she sets a place at the table for her first husband, all 5 previous husbands died from accidents, and she wants him to get life insurance even though he's not employed

Wednesday 8-3
Murder at Midnight "The Man Who Died Yesterday" 8/31/46
Adv. of Topper "Malvena Hires a Psychiatrist" (same writer as TV's Bewitched) Part 1

Thursday 8-4
Adv. of Topper, Part 2
Pat Novak for Hire "John St. John" 5/21/49

Friday 8-5
The Shadow "Spider-Boy" 6/1/47, a strange young man (Richard Widmark) tells the story of how a spider gave him the ability to spin webs around his victims, starting with Margo Lane
Adv. of Superman "Dead Man's Secret" Part 13, 1/26/48

Monday 8-8
Frontier Gentleman "The Cannibal" 5/11/58, a violent drunk is reluctant to talk about his past - or what happened to his partners when they were snowed in
Burns and Allen Show, guest: Jack Benny, Part 1, 11/2/43

Tuesday 8-9
Burns and Allen Show, Part 2
Broadway Is My Beat "Dr. Robbie McClure" 8/4/49

Wednesday 8-10
Hall of Fantasy "The Crawling Thing" 5/18/53, a mad doctor's enlargement experiments on a spider result in a giant monster lurking in the dark with hypnotic eyes
Life of Riley "Family of Actors" Part 1, 6/1/46, Babs takes up acting lessons over Riley's objections

Thursday 8-11
Life of Riley, Part 2
Bold Venture "Louis Gasper" starring Bogart & Bacall

Friday 8-12
Screen Director's Playhouse "Jezebel" 8/12/49, same director & star as the movie
Adv. of Superman "Dead Man's Secret" Part 14, 1/27/48, as the solar-fusion weapon comes online to destroy the world, Superman seems helpless to stop it

Monday 8-15
Adv. of Red Ryder "Pepperwood" 3/26/42
Bob Hope Show, guest: Burt Lancaster, Part 1, 11/13/53

Tuesday 8-16
Bob Hope Show, Part 2
I was a Communist for the FBI "An Un-American Activity" 5/6/53

Wednesday 8-17
Escape "Fall of the House of Usher" by Poe, 10/22/47
Adv. of Ozzie and Harriet "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" Part 1, 4/18/52

Thursday 8-18
Adv. of Ozzie and Harriet, Part 2
Man from Homicide, 9/16/50

Friday 8-19
Lux Radio Theater "She Wore a Yellow Ribbon" 3/12/51, John Wayne tries to prevent war with the local Indian tribe by secretly meeting with his native counterpart

Monday 8-22
Gunsmoke "The Coward" 10/9/55
Jack Benny Program "The Benny Versus Allen Fight" Part 1, 1/29/39 Don writes a murder mystery that turns into a product-placement spoof (Jello is mentioned in every other sentence) while Jack fumes about something Fred Allen said on a rival network

Tuesday 8-23
Jack Benny Program, Part 2: Jack, Rochester & Mary head for a Andy Devine's farm so Jack can train for a boxing grudge match
Calling All Cars "Murder at Sunset" 5/29/39 sponsored by Rio Grande Crack Gas

Wednesday 8-24
Quiet Please "The Good Ghost" 10/24/48, A ghost has to do a good deed though he wants revenge on the guy who murdered him
The Halls of Ivy "The Gangster's Son" Part 1, 1/20/51. A "businessman" (William Conrad) offers to buy the school a new gym if his kid gets good grades

Thursday 8-25
The Halls of Ivy, Part 2
The Falcon "The Happy Hoodlum" 5/22/52

Friday 8-26
Suspense "The Ghost Hunt" 6/23/49 A radio shock-jock (Ralph Edwards) decides to expose a ghost-hunter by spending the night in a haunted house. This recording is all that was found the next morning. Morton Downey Jr. later starred in a similar story in Tales From The Crypt episode "Television Terror"
The Unexpected "Solid Citizen" 4/25/48

Monday 8-29
Hawk Larabee "The California Kid" 10/18/47
Fred Allen Show, Part 1, 10/26/47

Tuesday 8-30
Fred Allen Show, Part 2
Crime Club "Death is a Knockout" 6/12/47

Wednesday 8-31
Black Museum "The Canvas Bag" (containing human body parts) host Orson Welles
Father Knows Best "The Golf Challenge" Part 1, 5/11/50

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For those interested in more trivia facts about radio drama, we suggest the book, On The Air: An Encyclopedia Of Old Time Radio," by John Dunning. The publisher is Oxford Press. It is one of the many books used in radio drama research.

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