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In 1974 KNX brought back radio drama. And it has met with great success! These exciting, action-packed programs continue to be a popular listening habit for all ages. For those of you listening to the Drama Hour online world-wide, please note that the programs you see in our drama hour listings will be available one day AFTER they are broadcast on the air. For example, Friday night's lineup of shows will be available Saturday, Monday night's on Tuesday, and so forth. In some cases, they may be available to hear online the same day. See below for program schedule dates.

Golden Age of Radio, January-February 2008

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Tuesday 1-1-08
Our Miss Brooks, 1/1/50 "New Year's Eve"
The Couple Next Door, 1/1/58 "Hangover"

Wednesday 1-2
Gunsmoke, 1/2/54 "Stage Holdup" a friendly cowboy shows Dillon where one of three robbers died, or was he in on it?
Superman, 2/11/48 "Batman's Great Mystery" part 7 of 11, time is running out for Batman & Robin!

Thursday 1-3
Rogue's Gallery "Stark McVey Case" 1/3/46
Ripley's Believe It Or Not "Albany Times - Union Contest" 8/8/47

Friday 1-4
Lux Radio Theatre Hour Day The Earth Stood Still 1/4/54, starring Michael Rennie

Saturday 1-5
Jack Benny Program, guests Bogart & Bacall, 1/5/47
Charlie McCarthy Show clip, guest: Charles Boyer, 1/5/47

Sunday 1-6
The Mysterious Traveler "Devil & The Deep Blue Sea" 1/6/49, gueststars Mason Adams & Santos Ortega
The Unexpected "Museum" 7/4/48, a man lets his rich aunt's uninsured mansion full of priceless antiques burn down because she always treats him like dirt (twist ending, she dies suddenly, leaving him everything in her will)

Monday 1-7
The Saint "Ladies Never Lie, Much" 1/7/51, a woman confesses to murdering her husband, before it happens
Unexpected "Eavesdropper" 6/20/48, gueststar Barry Sullivan, who also guest-starred in a single ep of The Saint as Templar

Tuesday 1-8
Burns & Allen, 1/8/48, guest Jack Benny wants to play a concert accompanied by George's singing
Jack Benny Show clip, guest: Frank Sinatra, 1/8/50, skit continues next week

Wednesday 1-9
X Minus One "Roads Must Roll" 1/4/56, a strike threatens the future world's self-moving superhighways, which have replaced all other forms of travel
Superman, Batman's Great Mystery, 8 of 11, 2/12/48

Thursday 1-10
Have Gun, Will Travel "The Lonely One" 1/10/60, a bitter man plans to get back at the bitter banker who foreclosed on his parents farm by marrying his homely daughter (ending: she kills herself)
Gunsmoke "Man Hunter" 5/27/56, a bounty hunter comes to town and Dillon doesn't like his nasty attitude toward a peaceful local 3-year resident

Friday 1-11
Dragnet "The Big Jump" 1/11/51, looks at why the police try so hard to prevent a suicide, and there may not be a happy ending
Ripley's Believe It Or Not 12/8/47 "Song On A Beggar's Back" dramatizes one of Ripley's stories a week that he's absent

Saturday 1-12
The Bickersons "Danny In A Phone Booth" 1/12/47, a psychiatrist is called when Danny Thomas won't leave a phonebooth
Vic & Sade "More Lodge Talk" 1/4/43

Sunday 1-13
Suspense "Dime A Dance" 1/13/44, Lucille Ball is working as a dime-a-dance girl and there's a psycho on the loose, killing dancers with red hair
My Favorite Husband 1/14/1949 clip "Piano Lessons" Richard Denning, Lucy Ball, Hans Conried

Monday 1-14
The Lone Ranger, 1/14/48, without his mask, Brit Reid takes the place of a "Dead Witness" to smoke out the killers
Red Skelton Show, 1/14/48 "Doctors and Junior," he swallows a nut, bolt and a Quarter.

Tuesday 1-15
The Whistler "Escape To Skull Island" 1/15/50, a wanted man decides to dive for treasure after locking up his boss's girl, twist ending
Jack Benny Show "How Jack & Fred Met" part 2, 1/15/50, Jack Benny & Fred Allen give differing versions of how they met

Wednesday 1-16
The Shadow "Sabotage" 1/16/38, Orson Welles & Agnes Moorehead investigate a rash of fatal ship accidents in the Navy and Merchant Marine that were no accident. Similar to Doc Savage story Terror In The Navy
Superman "Batman's Great Mystery" 2/13/48, part 9 of 11

Thursday 1-17
Box 13, 1/17/49 "Speed To Burn" starts with a 1938 car going 100 mph, guest star Gerald Mohr
The Unexpected "Horrorscope" 6/13/48, a psychic prediction comes true

Friday 1-18
Suspense "The Face is Familiar" 1/18/54, guest Jack Benny as a bumpkin tricked into working for bank robbers. Sheldon Leonard
Jack Benny Show, 3/10/46 clip: guest Ray Milland spoofs The Lost Weekend with Jack as his twin brother

Saturday 1-19
Life of Riley "The House Husband" 1/19/51, Riley tricks boy scouts into doing his all household chores for him
Charlie McCarthy Show, 1/19/47 clip from the 10th Anniversary Show: Ameche as Charlie's substitute dentist, Dorothy Lamoure kisses Mortimer, Nelson Eddy (their first singer in 1937) sings "Great Day" and Rudy Vallee has the final guest line

Sunday 1-20
The Green Hornet "Matter of Evidence" 1/20/48, Brit kidnaps the owner of a crooked gambling den and puts him there as the police raid it
Fred Allen Show, 1/20/46 clip: guest George Jessel takes over every scene in Fred's biography

Monday 1-21
Family Theatre "A Kind of Treasure" 1/21/53, Walter Brennan as a retired bank guard who found a kind of buried treasure
Bob Hope Show, 1/21/53 clip: guest Zsa Zsa Gabor

Tuesday 1-22
Fort Laramie "Playing Indian" 1/22/56, Raymond Burr suspects Indians are being framed by a gang of white raiders killing settlers
Sgt. Preston of the Yukon "Attempted Manslaughter" 8/20/43, it was supposed to look like an mine cave-in accident

Wednesday 1-23
Lum & Abner "The Farewell Dinner" 1/23/49, Lum thinks he's been invited to a poison-mushroom dinner
Superman, 2/16/48, Batman's Great Mystery, 10 of 11

Thursday 1-24
Escape "Treasure, Inc" 1/24/50, gangster finances a Caribbean resort to use story of buried treasure to launder stolen jewels
Calling All Detectives "Too Many Santas" (all voices supplied by one actor)

Friday 1-25
This is Your FBI "Fiesta Fugitive" 1/25/52, husband & wife robbers target loan companies
Fibber McGee & Molly "Dining Out" 1/25/44, finding an available resturant during WW2 is an adventure

Saturday 1-26
The Shadow "Ghost of Caleb Mackenzie" 1/26/41, a rich man dies in a mansion full of strange relatives
Walter Winchell Show, 3/27/49, news inc. a bill by Congressman John F. Kennedy outlawing wiretaps without a court order; Axis Annie sentenced

Sunday 1-27
Crime Classics "Boorn Brothers & The Hangman" 1/27/54, William Conrad
Abbott & Costello 1/27/54 clip as Sam Shovel, Detective

Monday 1-28
Bob Hope Show, guest Jimmy Stewart, 1/28/53, the bank tells Bob they won't finance his next movie without a big co-star
The Beulah Show "Lunch Room Grand Opening" 1/28/54, a spin-off from Fibber McGee & Molly

Tuesday 1-29
Philco Radio Time "Road To Hollywood" 1/29/47, starring Hope & Crosby, Dorothy Lamour; Crosby sings several songs, interfers with Ken Nile's ad for Philco radio/phonograph

Wednesday 1-30
The Mysterious Traveler "House of Death" 1/30/44, two elderly ladies burn down the house thinking their nephew is trying to kill them (twist ending)
Superman, 2/17/48 "Batman's Great Mystery" part 11 of 11

Thursday 1-31
Gunsmoke "Cavalcade" 1/31/53, Doc's real name turns out to be Calvin Moore, wanted for murder by a visiting Deputy, due to a duel without witnesses in Richmond, Virginia
Bill Stern Sports Newsreel, 1/29/53, guest Jerry Colonna tells the story of a light weight boxer who went into radio (Fred Allen)

Friday 2-1-08
Suspense "Most Dangerous Game" 2/1/45, a bored big-game hunter (played film star J. Carrol Naish) now hunts & kills humans on his island. Joseph Cotton. Adapted into several movies including Surviving The Game, Hard Target, and even one starring Fay Wray the year King Kong came out!
Jack Benny Program, 2/1/48 clip: Jack sees Ronald Colman's movie "A Double Life" and tells Colman he could have done it better

Saturday 2-2
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Price of Fame Matter" 2/2/58, guest starring Vincent Price as himself, the victim of an art robbery
Baby Snooks Show (Fanny Brice) "New School / Beauty Parlor" 1/9/41

Sunday 2-3
Suspense "Backseat Driver" 2/3/49, a couple (Fibber McGee & Molly) driving home from a movie are carjacked by a mass-murderer and attempt to tip off someone (newsradio station they are listening to in the story is KNX, Suspense's CBS affiliate in Los Angeles area)
Fibber McGee & Molly "Blizzard" 1/27/42, not even a snowstorm can keep people from dropping in, including guest star Frank Nelson

Monday 2-4
I Was A Communist For the FBI (Dana Andrews) "The Sleeper" 2/4/53, the wife of the U.S. government's top anti-Communist is a 10-year party member, now ordered to reactivate. She refuses, then finds out her husband is also a Communist sleeper.
Red Skelton Show, 2/4/51 clip: "Helter Skelter" Red Skelton wants to dig a backyard bomb shelter but doesn't get far

Tuesday 2-5
Gunsmoke "Legal Revenge" 2/5/56, Doc says a badly wounded man on woman's couch is hiding a gun; after he dies it turns out he wasn't her husband. In fact, he...
Have Gun, Will Travel "Killer's Widow" 2/8/59, a bank robber Paladin killed 2 months ago will cause a run on the bank unless Paladin can find the missing $30,000 first. He starts with the man's widow.

Wednesday 2-6
Nightbeat (debut) 2/6/50 "Zero" Rudy Stone (Frank Lovejoy) hears a woman in an all-night diner despirately phoning a man she accidentally killed. She is played by Joan Banks, Lovejoy's actress wife
Dreamtime Shampoo 3/30/47 clip: The Bickersons "Fishing Poles" with Danny Thomas cameo as Uncle Amos (his real first name)

Thursday 2-7
Lights Out "Sub-Basement" 2/7/43, don't go down there alone. He did and look what's left of him...this is one train track that doesn't have a Shady Rest
Strange Dr Weird "Journey Into The Unknown" 11/21/44, a scientist's son turns himself into a prehistoric killer ape with a serum designed only to increase strength

Friday 2-8
Burns & Allen, 2/8/44, guest Adolphe Menjou gets caught up in one of Gracie's misunderstandings
Abe Burrows Show 8/16/47, Writing Successful Screenplays

Saturday 2-9
Richard Diamond "Blue Serge Suit" 2/9/51, killers are after a certain blue suit, whose buyer was murdered. And the FBI is interested. Guest client: Jim Backus
Ripley's Believe It Or Not "Drums of War" 5/14/48, host Gregory Adams says Ripley will call in to the Radio Odditorium from Honolulu by wireless. A civil war breaks out in Hawaii in 1790, but whose side will Pele take? Then the volcano begins erupting

Sunday 2-10
The Shadow "The Living Head" 2/10/46, kidnapped people are shown a living, severed head, supposedly that of a previous victim that didn't pay ransom. Brett Morrison, with Leslie Woods as Margo
Jack Benny Program, 2/10/46 clip: Eddie Cantor gets talked into renting his Palm Springs house to Jack Benny for a week

Monday 2-11
Fibber McGee & Molly "Fibber's History of Invention" 2/11/47, Fibber buys an airplane kit to invent the world's fastest plane
Command Performance, 6/3/44 clip: Bob Hope with Sinatra, Judy Garland, Bing Crosby

Tuesday 2-12
Escape 2/12/49 "The Lost Special" by Arthur Conan Doyle, how can a whole train disappear in 1890? Ben Wright, Paul Frees, John Dehner, Parley Bahr
Eddie Cantor Show, 2/12/41 clip: guest Joe DiMaggio

Wednesday 2-13
The Lone Ranger 2/13/52 "Snowbound" with desperate robbers willing to kill for the gold hidden in their saddlebags
Blackstone, The Magic Detective 2/13/49 "Coins of Cleopatra" trip up a jewel thief

Thursday 2-14
Jack Benny Show "Jack's Birthday" 2/14/54, Jack's been dropping hints everywhere
Jack Benny Show, 2/15/1948 clip: Jack thinks everyone's forgotten his birthday; ending turns into giant musical production by everyone

Friday 2-15
X Minus One "Skulking Permit" 2/15/56, a colony without crime appoints a town criminal so they won't seem backward to visiting officials from Earth in 2204 in this seriocomedy
The Unexpected "Legacy" 6/27/48, a taxi-dancer is hired by conman to inherit an estate from a childless rich uncle

Saturday 2-16
Quiet, Please "Whence Came You" 2/16/48, never fall in love with a vengeful female mummy
Bill Stern's Sports Newsreel, 11/18/49, guest: football's Doak Walker

Sunday 2-17
Suspense "Catch Me If You Can" 2/17/49, Jane Wyman murders her husband and anyone else who knocks on the door
Martin and Lewis, 11/30/51 clip: guest Jane Wyman does an impression of Jerry, Dean sings tribute to late Al Jolson

Monday 2-18
Escape "The Follower" 2/18/51, a man follows his disappeared wife in Mexico; gets mixed up with drug dealers & death
The Quiz Kids, "8th Anniversary Show" 6/27/48

Tuesday 2-19
Richard Diamond (Dick Powell) "Jewel Thief" 2/19/50, jewels in a low-rent apartment, a dead fisherman, and a fishing boat in the wrong place
Ripley's Believe It Or Not "Emperor's Art Treasures" 5/11/48, guest host introduces dramatized story of ancient Japan--an emperor shamed; then Robert L. Ripley broadcast from Hiroshima standing at ground zero describing what he sees, including new vegetable gardens

Wednesday 2-20
Our Miss Brooks "The Frog" 2/20/49, it's Valentine's Day but Boyington thinks only of his sick frog. Eve Arden, Richard Crenna, French teacher: Gerald Mohr.
Burns & Allen, 2/20/47 clip: 15th Anniversary Show, guest star Al Jolson won't let George sing

Thursday 2-21
Frontier Gentleman (John Dehner) 2/9/58 "Charlie Meeker," the Battle of Little Big Horn from a lowly private's perspective
Duffy's Tavern 2/22/44, guest: $64 Question host Phil Baker. Duffy's already planning on how to spend his winnings when a conman comes around selling oil wells

Friday 2-22
Fibber McGee & Molly, 2/22/49 "Washington's Birthday, Telling The Truth" Fibber borrows Mayor LaTrivia's mansion and Cadillac for an out-of-town visitor who thinks the McGees are rich for some reason (he's here to visit the Mayor)
Couple Next Door "House for Sale" 2/10/58

Saturday 2-23
Great Gildersleeve "Taking Up Singing" 2/23/49, a music teacher has no money for water bill, so offers free singing lessons to a certain Water Commissioner
Bill Stern's Sports Newsreel 11/25/49 "Four Horsemen of Notre Dame" reunion, and various handicapped athletes call in to tell how they overcame their handicaps to succeed

Sunday 2-24
Pat Novak For Hire "Marcia Halpern" 2/27/49, a woman with amnesia dies in Novak's arms in a greasy diner
The Bickersons "John's Wrecked Car" 2/23/47, Uncle Amos borrowed John's new car, wrecked it, is now in jail & using his one phonecall

Monday 2-25
The Whistler "Murder Arrangement" 2/25/51, an old boyfriend thinks someone's after him; the man he framed who just got out of prison. But he's not the real killer. Mildred: Joan Banks
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar 6/11/56 "The Laughing Matter" Part 1, a TV star (John Dehner) working in Ensenada is getting death threats and nobody who works for him seems to like him much, despite his lovable public image (continues next Monday)

Tuesday 2-26
The Man Called X (Herbert Marshall) "Venezuela Waterway Sabotage" 2/26/52, someone plans to sabotage an important new canal, and it's dynamite! Tourist: Howard McNear, Pagan Zeldchmidt: Leon Belasco
Captain Midnight "Patsy and Chuck Explore Cave" 11/10/39, villain Ivan Shark has them trapped. Sponsored by the Skelly Oil Company

Wednesday 2-27
Screen Director's Playhouse 2/27/49 "Night Has A Thousand Eyes" by Cornell Woolrich. A stage magician has an uncanny power to predict the future for real; adapted from the 1948 movie also starring Edward G. Robinson
The Lassie Show "The Big Cat" 1/1/40, a wild one-eyed cat attacks a baby carriage

Thursday 2-28
The Adventures of Nero Wolfe "Case Of The Hasty Will" 3/2/51, a rich man hires them, then seemingly commits suicide after looting his own company
Tarzan 9/12/32 "Tarzan's First Birthday" (1st ep of series)

Friday 2-29
Frontier Gentleman "The Lost Mine" 3/2/58, Jeremy Brian Kendall, a British reporter for the London Times, accompanies an old coot to his lost goldmine
Bill Stern Sports Newsreel 3/4/53, guest is actor Zachary Scott

         More feature titles to be announced
Robert L. Ripley's radio series ran from 1930 to his death in 1949. Music was provided by band leader Ozzie Nelson and vocalist Harriet Hilliard who later became sitcom stars, believe it or not!
Want to get away from it all? We offer you Escape
Turner Classic Movies is doing movies based on radio series this year including Fibber McGee, Gildersleeve, I Love A Mystery, The Whistler, Crime Doctor, etc.
Blake Edwards created Richard Diamond for radio, then later the hard-boiled private eye tv-series "Peter Gunn"
Peter Gunn themesong

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Jack Benny Show broadcasting live

Part 2 of Jack Benny broadcast

Jack sneaks onto Groucho's quiz show as a contestant

Beverly Sills died 7-2-07 from cancer complications. Beverly Sills spoofing opera on the Danny Kaye Show

Gracie Allen vs. the Tax Auditor

(he leaves in confusion)

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Ripley's Believe It Or Not (1932 clip)

Origin of the term "Pot-head" for a drunk in Korea

Paul Harvey has been broadcasting for 50 years so far.
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This is Wally Ballou reminding you to Hang by your thumbs.
I love a mystery so welcome again through the squeaking door

Note: Stan Freberg hosted "When Radio Was" for 10 years, after previous host Art Fleming passed away suddenly. His final broadcast as host was 10/6/06. The new host from then until June, 2007 was Chuck Schaden. Greg Bell, program director and host of XM Radio’s very popular old-time radio channel, "Radio Classics", has been named as the new host. Chuck Schaden has interviewed some of the radio stars (recorded in the 1970s, see broadcast archive).

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Fun fact:
Jimmy Stewart's The Six Shooter only lasted one season (he wouldn't accept a tobacco company as sponsor), and he made the Hitchcock movie "Rear Window" the same year.

Walter B. Gibson co-created and wrote the Shadow novels. When he left The Shadow magazine after asking for more money, he became head script writer for radio's Nick Carter, Master Detective for awhile.

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Jack Benny vs. the Floor Walker (Frank Nelson)
Note: in 1943, NBC sold its Blue network, creating the American Broadcasting System (the name was changed to American Broadcasting Company the following year). The Columbia Broadcasting System promptly dropped the call letters of its New York radio station WABC (which ABC snatched up)

For those interested in more trivia facts about radio drama, we suggest the book, "On The Air: An Encyclopedia Of Old Time Radio," by John Dunning. The publisher is Oxford Press. It is one of the many books used in radio drama research.

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1 large roast beef
1 small roast beef
Take the 2 roasts and put them in the oven. Turn oven on. When the little one burns, the big one is done.

Fran Stryker wrote the life output of Shakespeare every 15 weeks: How he did it

NBC/GE chimes (G-E-C musical notes, for General Electric Co.) NBC's special alert 4 chimes (used for Hindenberg crash, Pearl Harbor, and WW2 bulletins)

Countdown to blast-off X-5,4,3,2,X-1...Fire
It's Sunday night and time for Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy
Who is it? The Fatman...The Falcon...The Green Hornet strikes again
The Shadow knows in 1939, in 1941 and 1948...the end
The Jack Benny Program presented by Lucky Strike. There's always room for Jello...Sold: American!
Welcome to the Hermit's Cave...Duffy ain't here
Welcome to the Black Museum (Orson Welles) That was the end of Harry Lime
I'm the first person they look for and the last they want to meet
Henry? Henry Aldrich...Hi ya, Baldy!
I carry a badge. Hi-Ho Silver. I am The Whistler. Yes King, this case is closed. A tale calculated to keep you in Suspense!
Join the new 1940 Flight Patrol with Captain Midnight. Flash! Ethiopia surrenders to Mussolini
Turn your lights out, everybody. If you are easily frightened, turn your radio off now.
It is I, Digby Odell, the friendly undertaker By golly, I believe that's our ring. Don't open that closet. Heavenly days!
Mr. Keen, tracer of lost persons. How do you do? Yours truly, Johnny Dollar

This is your FBI

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