Golden Age of Radio in 2006

Monday 1-2-06
Red Ryder "The Rodeo" 4/9/42
Jack Benny Program, 3/31/40, Disney's "Pinocchio" Part 1

Tuesday 1-3
Jack Benny Program, Pinocchio Part 2
The Saint (Vincent Price) 7/30/50 "Author of Murder" a mystery man in the dark tells Simon that he's planned the perfect crime: switch a tycoon's heart medication with worthless placebos

Wednesday 1-4
Inner Sanctum "Strange Passenger" 8/31/52, a man picks up a hitch-hiker then sees the same woman he killed in an auto accident, standing at the side of the road as they pass
Great Gildersleeve 10/18/42 "Gildy's Appointed Water Commisioner" Part 1, a practical jokes goes wrong, or does it?

Thursday 1-5
Great Gildersleeve, Part 2
Richard Diamond, Private Detective "Enigma of Big Ed" 4/4/52

Friday 1-6
Suspense "Ride Down Cajon" 1/18/59, a trucker loses his brakes on southern California's steep El Cajon Pass
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "Indestructable Mike Matter" Part 1, 6/4/56

Monday 1-9
Lone Ranger "Camelback Trail" 3/6/46
Fred Allen Show, Part 1, 5/9/48

Tuesday 1-10
Fred Allen Show, Part 2
Damon Runyon Theater "Pick a Winner"

Wednesday 1-11
Dimension X "A Logic Named Joe" 7/1/50, a boy names his computer Joe and soon it joins with other computers on the internet to form a world-wide community in cyberspace run by pure logic, including advice to people on how to commit a perfect crimes
Fibber McGee and Molly "Spreading Rumors" Part 1, 1/8/52

Thursday 1-12
Fibber McGee and Molly, Part 2
Big Town "Angel of the Street" 10/19/48

Friday 1-13
The Shadow "The Werewolf of Hamilton Mansion" 1/5/47, Lamont & Margo investigate, and they may need silver bullets
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "Indestructable Mike Matter" Part 2, 3/7/56

Monday 1-16
Have Gun, Will Travel "Lucky Penny" 5/22/60
Red Skelton Show "Twinkle Toes" Part 1, 2/19/50

Tuesday 1-17
Red Skelton Show, Part 2
Box 13 "Much Too Lucky" 5/1/49

Wednesday 1-18
Lights Out "Battle of the Magicians" 7/27/46, with a zombie caught in the middle, flying a plane
Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, Part 1, 3/6/49

Thursday 1-19
Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, Part 2
Night Beat "His Name Was Luke" 8/14/52

Friday 1-20
The Whistler "Impulse" 12/4/49
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "Indestructable Mike Matter" Part 3, 3/8/56

Monday 1-23
Hawk Larabee "No Luck on the Cattle Drive" 6/27/47
Charlie McCarthy Show, 11/13/49, Charlie wants to be a private eye and a wacky guidance counselor (Jim Backus) is no help, Part 1

Tuesday 1-24
Charlie McCarthy Show, Edgar & Charlie go along with Richard Diamond (guest Dick Powell) on a dangerous adventure in Part 2
Casey Crime Photographer "Duke of Skid Row" 9/14/46

Wednesday 1-25
X Minus One "The Girls from Earth" 1/16/57, a hustler decides to export girls to a remote mining community but they are a little older than advertised. Later adapted for Star Trek episode "Mudd's Women"
Life of Riley, Part 1, 11/26/44

Thursday 1-26
Life of Riley, Part 2
Boston Blackie "Case of the Exploding Car" 9/17/47

Friday 1-27
Mysterious Traveler "Last Survivor" 10/11/49, the first rocket to Mars returns just in time to see the Earth destroyed by nuclear war
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar, 3/9/56 "Indestructable Mike Matter" Part 4 of 5

Monday 1-30
Frontier Gentleman "The Librarian" 10/5/58
Burns and Allen Show "Acting Contest" Part 1, 10/31/46

Tuesday 1-31
Burns and Allen Show, Part 2
Nick Carter, Master Detective "Vampire Killings" 2/19/44, the creatures in Central Park are not what you think, but they need blood

Wednesday 2-1
Quiet Please "Northern Lights" 1/30/49, A scientist in Alaska discovers that the aurora borealis is actually an alien invasion and the millions of tiny creatures want to turn Earth to ice
Duffy's Tavern (where everyone knows your name) Part 1, 12/14/51

Thursday 2-2
Duffy's Tavern, Part 2
Gangbusters "Case of the Tennessee Triggermen" 6/19/48

Friday 2-3
Escape "Silent Horror" 8/22/51
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "Indestructable Mike Matter" conclusion, 3/10/56

Monday 2-6
Cisco Kid "Railroad War" 9/9/53
Bob Hope Show, guest Zsa Zsa Gabor, Part 1, 1/21/53

Tuesday 2-7
Bob Hope Show, Part 2
The Falcon "Murdering Mrs" 3/20/52

Wednesday 2-8
Murder by Experts "Dark Island" 8/8/49
Our Miss Brooks "Non Fraternization Policy" Part 1, 7/24/55

Thursday 2-9
Our Miss Brooks, Part 2
Adventures of Sam Spade "Rushlight Diamond Caper" 7/4/48

Friday 2-10
Academy Award "White Cliffs of Dover" 9/18/46
Baby Snooks "Measles" 11/14/40

Monday 2-13
Gunsmoke "Change of Heart" 9/3/55
Jack Benny Program "Jack Relaxes at Home" Part 1, 12/12/48

Tuesday 2-14
Jack Benny Program, the endless parade of visitors continue in part 2
Michael Shayne "Judge Shot, Motive: Revenge" 1/14/47

Wednesday 2-15
Inner Sanctum "Terror by Night" 9/18/45
Life with Luigi "Record for Pasquale" Part 1, 11/29/49

Thursday 2-16
Life with Luigi, Part 2
Calling All Cars "Six of a Kind" 9/11/39

Friday 2-17
Suspense "The Waxwork" 5/1/56, William Conrad recounts something strange that happened at the famous wax museum, and why there's a body in there now
Bill Stern Sports Newsreel, guest: Jesse Owens, 4/8/49

Monday 2-20
Wild Bill Hickok "Circle of Death" 12/19/52
Fred Allen Show "Breakfast Show" Part 1, 10/27/46

Tuesday 2-21
Fred Allen Show, Part 2
Mr. District Attorney "Sinister Cinema" 5/5/48

Wednesday 2-22
Dimension X "Outer Limit" 4/8/50, a rocketplane test pilot 15 years in the future returns with a wild tale of being abducted for 10 hours & warned that the Earth will be destroyed if there are any more atom bomb tests
My Friend Irma "Lonely Hearts Club" Part 1, 1/26/48

Thursday 2-23
My Friend Irma, Part 2
I was a Communist for the FBI "Riot Made To Order" 6/25/52

Friday 2-24
The Shadow "Fine Art of Murder" 12/22/46, an artist who witnessed a drowning tries to recapture the moment by kidnapping women, drowning them & then painting their portrait
Blackstone, The Magic Detective "Riddle of the Red Rose"

Monday 2-27
Tales of the Texas Rangers "Cactus Pear" 12/17/52, a fugitive leaves a clue while escaping across the desert
Red Skelton Show "Red's 10th Anniversary Show" Part 1, 9/9/47

Tuesday 2-28
Red Skelton Show, Part 2

Wednesday 3-1-06
Mystery in the Air "The Lodger" 8/14/47, Peter Lorre just might be the Ripper, based on the Hitchcock movie
Father Knows Best "Watching the Dog" Part 1, 9/11/52

Thursday 3-2
Father Knows Best, Part 2
Mr. and Mrs. North "Family Affair"

Friday 3-3
The Whistler "With My Own Eyes" 7/30/50
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "Chesapeake Matter" Part 1, 10/21/55

Monday 3-6 Lone Ranger "Arizona Pete" 7/21/48
Charlie McCarthy Show, Part 1, 2/4/45

Tuesday 3-7
Charlie McCarthy Show, Charlie invites Maurice Evans of Bewitched to recite Shakespeare in his barn, in part 2
Dr. Christian "Cupid's Boomerang" 11/26/47

Wednesday 3-8
Lights Out "The Coffin in Studio B" 7/13/46, a coffin saleman interrupts a boring rehearsal, but may be needed later
Phil Harris & Alice Faye Show "Firing Someone in the Band" Part 1, 2/6/49

Thursday 3-9
Phil Harris and Alice Faye Show, Part 2, guest star Gale Gordon as the boss
Big Town "Shiny Gun" 3/15/49, the newspaper investigates when a boy accidentally shoots his playmate, playing with an unlocked gun he found at home

Friday 3-10 Mysterious Traveler "Man the Insects Hated" 7/27/47, an inventor in the swamp who hates insects discovers an insecticide that kills better than DDT, but the new handyman kills too
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "Chesapeake Matter" Part 2, 10/22/55

Monday 3-13
Hopalong Cassidy "Death Crosses the River" 4/14/51
Burns and Allen Show "Gracie Gets Presidential Endorsement" Part 1, 3/27/40

Tuesday 3-14
Burns and Allen Show, Part 2
Third Man "Violets Sweet Violets" Orsom Welles, 3/14/52

Wednesday 3-15
X Minus One "Haunted Corpse" 7/25/57, the government is interested when a man invents a machine that allows mind transfers into younger bodies
Great Gildersleeve "Gildy Arrives at Summerfield" Part 1, 8/31/41

Thursday 3-16
Great Gildersleeve, Part 2
Boston Blackie "Hypnotic Murder Case" 8/6/45

Friday 3-17
Escape "Papa Benjamin" 1/21/48, a famous band leader turns himself in after shooting a man in New Orleans who was killing him using voodoo
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "Chesapeake Matter" Part 3, 10/23/55

Monday 3-20
Fort Laramie "Don't Kick My Horse" (Raymond Burr) 6/3/56
Bob Hope Show, guest Fred Astaire, Part 1, 2/17/48

Tuesday 3-21
Bob Hope Show, Part 2
The Saint "Greed Causes Murder" 10/29/47

Wednesday 3-22
Quiet Please "Whence You Came" 2/16/48, a man on an escavation near Cairo meets a woman who looks like Cleopatra, then sees her face painted inside an ancient tomb
Fibber McGee & Molly "Cleaning Out the Closet" Part 1, 2/2/43

Thursday 3-23
Fibber McGee and Molly, Part 2
This is Your FBI "Crime for Sale" 12/14/51

Friday 3-24
Suspense "Hunting Trip" 9/12/46, there just might be a fatal accident. Vincent Price as the business partner
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "Chesapeake Matter" Part 4, 10/24/55

Monday 3-27
Red Ryder "Trouble at Boullion Bend" 3/3/42
Jack Benny Program "Jack Prepares for London" Part 1, 5/25/52

Tuesday 3-28
Jack Benny Program, Part 2
Box Thirteen "Book of Poems" 10/17/48

Wednesday 3-29
Dimension X "Last Objective" 6/3/51. Long after life ceased on the surface of Earth due to nuclear war, a submarine seeks the enemy while swimming in rock and molten lava. And nobody likes the ship's political "psych" officer
Life of Riley "Riley Refuses Babs to See Simon" Part 1, 10/6/45

Thursday 3-30
Life of Riley, Part 2
Casey, Crime Photographer "Loaded Dice" 9/4/47

Friday 3-31
The Shadow "Death Gives an Encore" 2/22/42
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "Chesapeake Matter" Part 5, 10/25/55
Pat Novak for Hire "Geranium Plant" 5/14/49, someone frames Jack Webb for murder

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