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2014 schedule

"What we have here is a failure to communicate" Strother Martin, Cool Hand Luke

 1 Tuesday  
3:00 AM  American in Paris, An (1951)  
  An American artist finds love in Paris but almost loses it to conflicting loyalties.
Dir: Vincente Minnelli Cast:  Gene Kelly , Leslie Caron , Oscar Levant . BW-114 mins, CC, 
5:00 AM  Man With A Cloak, The (1951)  
  A mystery man tries to help a young innocent escape a murderous housekeeper.
Dir: Fletcher Markle Cast:  Joseph Cotten , Barbara Stanwyck , Louis Calhern . BW-81 mins, CC, 
6:30 AM  Glory Alley (1952)  
  A boxer's drinking problem threatens his career and his love life.
Dir: Raoul Walsh Cast:  Ralph Meeker , Leslie Caron , Kurt Kaszner . BW-79 mins, CC, 
8:00 AM  Lili (1953)  
  A French orphan gets a job with a carnival puppet show.
Dir: Charles Walters Cast:  Leslie Caron , Mel Ferrer , Jean Pierre Aumont . C-81 mins, CC, 
9:30 AM  Story Of Three Loves, The (1953)  
  Passengers on an ocean liner recall their greatest loves.
Dir: Gottfried Reinhardt Cast:  James Mason , Moira Shearer , Agnes Moorehead . C-122 mins, CC, 
11:45 AM  Glass Slipper, The (1955)  
  Musical adaptation of the story of Cinderella and her magical trip to the prince's ball.
Dir: Charles Walters Cast:  Leslie Caron , Michael Wilding , Keenan Wynn . C-94 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
1:30 PM  Gaby (1956)  
  In this remake of Waterloo Bridge, a ballerina turns to prostitution when her fiance is reported killed in World War II.
Dir: Curtis Bernhardt Cast:  Leslie Caron , John Kerr , Sir Cedric Hardwicke . C-97 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
3:15 PM  Doctor's Dilemma, The (1958)  
  A woman tries to convince the medical profession to save her husband despite his lack of character.
Dir: Anthony Asquith Cast:  Leslie Caron , Dirk Bogarde , Alastair Sim . C-99 mins, CC, 
5:00 PM  Hunchback of Notre Dame, The (1939)  
  A deformed bell ringer rescues a gypsy girl falsely accused of witchcraft and murder.
Dir: William Dieterle Cast:  Charles Laughton , Sir Cedric Hardwicke , Thomas Mitchell . BW-117 mins, CC, 
7:15 PM  How Green Was My Valley (1941)  
  A Welsch mining family faces the struggles of life together.
Dir: John Ford Cast:  Walter Pidgeon , Maureen O'Hara , Anna Lee . BW-119 mins, CC, 
9:17 PM  Wandering Through Wales (1948)  
  This short film focuses on the history, culture, and people of Wales. C-9 mins, 
9:30 PM  Sentimental Journey (1946)  
  An actress becomes fatally ill and adopts an orphan so that her husband will not be alone once she has died.
Dir: Walter Lang Cast:  John Payne , Maureen O'Hara , William Bendix . BW-94 mins, 
11:15 PM  Forbidden Street, The (1949)  
  A woman in Victorian London marries an impoverished artist from the slums and becomes victimized by a blackmail plot.
Dir: Jean Negulesco Cast:  Dana Andrews , Maureen O'Hara , Dame Sybil Thorndike . BW-91 mins, CC, 
1:00 AM  Woman's Secret, A (1949)  
  A retired singer takes on a protegee only to be betrayed by her.
Dir: Nicholas Ray Cast:  Maureen O'Hara , Melvyn Douglas , Gloria Grahame . BW-85 mins, CC, 
2:30 AM  Fallen Sparrow, The (1943)  
  Nazi spies pursue a Spanish Civil War veteran in search of a priceless keepsake.
Dir: Richard Wallace Cast:  John Garfield , Maureen O'Hara , Walter Slezak . BW-94 mins, CC, 
2 Wednesday  
4:15 AM  This Land Is Mine (1943)  
  A soft-spoken school teacher tries to prove he's not a Nazi collaborator.
Dir: Jean Renoir Cast:  Charles Laughton , Maureen O'Hara , George Sanders . BW-103 mins, CC, 
6:00 AM  Secrets of the French Police (1932)  
  Strange crimes committed by a hypnotized woman are solved by a French detective.
Dir: Edward Sutherland Cast:  Gwili Andre , Gregory Ratoff , Frank Morgan . BW-58 mins, 
7:00 AM  Flying Deuces, The (1939)  
  Two bumblers join the Foreign Legion to forget a beautiful woman.
Dir: A. Edward Sutherland Cast:  Stan Laurel , Oliver Hardy , Jean Parker . BW-69 mins, 
8:15 AM  Nine Lives Are Not Enough (1941)  
  A reporter tries to solve a series of boardinghouse murders.
Dir: A. Edward Sutherland Cast:  Ronald Reagan , Joan Perry , James Gleason . BW-63 mins, 
9:30 AM  Secret Command (1944)  
  A surprise visit from his brother almost blows an undercover agent out of the water.
Dir: Eddie Sutherland Cast:  Pat O'Brien , Carole Landis , Chester Morris . BW-82 mins, 
11:00 AM  Marines Fly High, The (1940)  
  Two Marines compete for the love of a Central American plantation owner.
Dir: George Nicholls Jr. Cast:  Richard Dix , Lucille Ball , Chester Morris . BW-68 mins, 
12:15 PM  Pacific Liner (1939)  
  A shipboard epidemic triggers mutiny.
Dir: Lew Landers Cast:  Victor McLaglen , Chester Morris , Wendy Barrie . BW-76 mins, 
1:45 PM  Moonlight Murder (1936)  
  A murderer strikes an opera company.
Dir: Edwin L. Marin Cast:  Chester Morris , Madge Evans , Leo Carrillo . BW-66 mins, 
3:00 PM  Playing Around (1930)  
  A tenement girl falls for a smooth con artist.
Dir: Mervyn LeRoy Cast:  Alice White , Chester Morris , William Bakewell . BW-66 mins, 
4:15 PM  MGM Parade Show #30 (1955)  
  Walter Pidgeon discusses Greta Garbo's early career; Irene Papas introduces behind-the-scenes footage from
"Tribute to a Badman." BW-25 mins, 
4:41 PM  Future Is Now, The (1955)  
  This short goes inside government research labs to showcase some of the products that will be used in the near future
Dir: Larry O'Reilly BW-15 mins, 
5:00 PM  Francis (1950)  
  A talking mule helps a hapless soldier uncover an enemy agent.
Dir: Arthur Lubin Cast:  Donald O'Connor , Patricia Medina , ZaSu Pitts . BW-91 mins, 
6:45 PM  Doctor Dolittle (1967)  
  A veterinarian who can communicate with animals travels abroad to search for a giant sea snail.
Dir: Richard Fleischer Cast:  Rex Harrison , Samantha Eggar , Anthony Newley . C-149 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
9:30 PM  Day of the Dolphin, The (1973)  
  After teaching dolphins to speak, a scientist tries to keep them from being used in an assassination plot.
Dir: Mike Nichols Cast:  George C. Scott , Trish Van Devere , Paul Sorvino . C-105 mins, Letterbox Format 
11:30 PM  Black Moon (1975)  
  To escape a war between men and women, a young girl moves into a fantasy world.
Dir: Louis Malle Cast:  Cathryn Harrison , Therese Giehse , Alexandra Stewart . BW-100 mins, Letterbox Format 
1:18 AM  Look Back At Crossbow, A (1965)  
  This promotional short film for "Operation Crossbow" (1965) gives the historical background for the movie's 
plot through archival footage. BW-10 mins, 
1:30 AM  Raven, The (1963)  
  A widowed sorcerer discovers his late wife is alive and living with his mortal enemy.
Dir: Roger Corman Cast:  Vincent Price , Peter Lorre , Boris Karloff . C-86 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
3 Thursday  
3:00 AM  King's Thief, The (1955)  
  A highwayman uncovers a plot to assassinate King Charles II.
Dir: Robert Z. Leonard Cast:  Ann Blyth , Edmund Purdom , David Niven . C-79 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
4:30 AM  Last Voyage, The (1960)  
  Passengers and crew fight to escape a sinking ocean liner.
Dir: Andrew L. Stone Cast:  Robert Stack , Dorothy Malone , George Sanders . C-91 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
6:15 AM  Death of a Scoundrel (1956)  
  A Czech refugee uses women to advance his business interest.
Dir: Charles Martin Cast:  George Sanders , Yvonne De Carlo , Zsa Zsa Gabor . BW-120 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
8:15 AM  Moon and Sixpence, The (1942)  
  Loosely inspired by the life of Gauguin, a man abandons his middle-classed life to start painting.
Dir: Albert Lewin Cast:  George Sanders , Herbert Marshall , Doris Dudley . C-89 mins, CC, 
9:45 AM  Village Of The Damned (1961)  
  After a mysterious blackout, the inhabitants of a British village give birth to emotionless, super-powered offspring.
Dir: Wolf Rilla Cast:  George Sanders , Barbara Shelley , Martin Stephens . BW-77 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
11:15 AM  Journey to Italy (1955)  
  A married couple seek insight and direction within their relationship in Italy.
Dir: Roberto Rossellini Cast:  Ingrid Bergman , George Sanders , BW-83 mins, 
12:45 PM  Foreign Correspondent (1940)  
  An American reporter covering the war in Europe gets mixed up in the assassination of a Dutch diplomat.
Dir: Alfred Hitchcock Cast:  Joel McCrea , Laraine Day , Herbert Marshall . BW-120 mins, CC, 
2:50 PM  London Can Take It! (1940)  
  Despite the nightly Nazi air raids, London's citizens are shown to be courageous and determined in this 
short film. Vitaphone Release B275. BW-9 mins, 
3:00 PM  Picture of Dorian Gray, The (1945)  
  A man remains young and handsome while his portrait shows the ravages of age and sin.
Dir: Albert Lewin Cast:  George Sanders , Hurd Hatfield , Donna Reed . BW-110 mins, CC, 
5:00 PM  I'm No Angel (1933)  
  A carnival dancer evades the law and invades high society.
Dir: Wesley Ruggles Cast:  Mae West , Cary Grant , Gregory Ratoff . BW-88 mins, CC, 
6:45 PM  She Done Him Wrong (1933)  
  A saloon singer fights off smugglers, an escaped con and a Salvation Army officer out to reform her.
Dir: Lowell Sherman Cast:  Mae West , Cary Grant , Owen Moore . BW-65 mins, CC, 
7:54 PM  Taxi Barons (1933)  
  In this comedic short, a pair of taxi drivers get in trouble with the law and disguise themselves as royalty to escape.
Dir: Gus Meins Cast:  Eddie Baker , Howard Truesdale , Charles McAvoy . BW-19 mins, CC, 
8:15 PM  Belle Of The Nineties (1934)  
  A cabaret entertainer shifts her operations to New Orleans and becomes exceedingly popular with the local men.
Dir: Leo McCarey Cast:  Mae West , Roger Pryor , John Mack Brown . BW-73 mins, CC, 
9:45 PM  My Little Chickadee (1940)  
  A small-town seductress' romance with a masked bandit goes on hold when she's forced to marry a con artist.
Dir: Edward F. Cline Cast:  Mae West , W. C. Fields , Joseph Calleia . BW-84 mins, CC, 
11:15 PM  Heat's On, The (1943)  
  A would-be censor's brother produces a Broadway show with a controversial star.
Dir: Gregory Ratoff Cast:  Mae West , Victor Moore , William Gaxton . BW-79 mins, 
12:45 AM  Presenting Lily Mars (1943)  
  A small-town girl fights for her big chance on Broadway.
Dir: Norman Taurog Cast:  Judy Garland , Van Heflin , Fay Bainter . BW-104 mins, CC, 
2:30 AM  MGM Parade Show #30 (1955)  
  Walter Pidgeon discusses Greta Garbo's early career; Irene Papas introduces behind-the-scenes footage 
from "Tribute to a Badman." BW-25 mins, 
4 Friday  
3:00 AM  Give Me Liberty (1936)  
  This short film presents a dramatization of Patrick Henry's speech before the Virginia legislature in which 
he argues for colonial independence. Vitaphone Release 7766-7767. Dir: B. Reeves Eason Cast:  Jesse Graves , 
John Litel , Bancroft Owen . C-21 mins, 
3:30 AM  John Paul Jones (1959)  
  The hero of the Revolutionary War clashes with Congress.
Dir: John Farrow Cast:  Robert Stack , Marisa Pavan , Charles Coburn . C-126 mins, 
5:45 AM  Sons of Liberty (1939)  
  A patriotic short film chronicling the efforts of underground leader and military financier Haym Salomon 
during the American Revolution. Vitaphone Release 9195-9196. C-21 mins, 
6:15 AM  Howards of Virginia, The (1940)  
  A young Virginian joins the American Revolution despite his love for a beautiful Royalist.
BW-116 mins, CC, 
8:15 AM  Scarlet Coat, The (1955)  
  An American officer goes undercover to unmask a Revolutionary War traitor.
Dir: John Sturges Cast:  Cornel Wilde , Michael Wilding , George Sanders . C-101 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
10:00 AM  Declaration of Independence, The (1938)  
  This short film offers an account of the meeting of the Continental Congress in the summer of 1776. 
Vitaphone Release 8874-8875. Dir: Crane Wilbur Cast:  John Litel , Henry Hall , Emmett Vogan . C-17 mins, 
10:30 AM  1776 (1972)  
  The founding fathers struggle to draft the Declaration of Independence.
Dir: Peter H. Hunt Cast:  William Daniels , Howard Da Silva , Ken Howard . C-165 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
1:15 PM  Yankee Doodle Dandy (1942)  
  Spirited musical biography of the song-and-dance man who kept America humming through two world wars.
Dir: Michael Curtiz Cast:  James Cagney , Joan Leslie , Walter Huston . BW-126 mins, CC, 
3:30 PM  Devil's Disciple, The (1959)  
  A preacher and a rebel leader change places during the Revolution.
Dir: Guy Hamilton Cast:  Burt Lancaster , Kirk Douglas , Laurence Olivier . BW-83 mins, 
5:00 PM  Sergeant York (1941)  
  True story of the farm boy who made the transition from religious pacifist to World War I hero.
Dir: Howard Hawks Cast:  Gary Cooper , Walter Brennan , Joan Leslie . BW-134 mins, CC, 
7:18 PM  Lest We Forget (1937)  
  This short film honors the late Will Rogers, with clips from his films and stars paying tribute.
Dir: Frank Whitbeck BW-10 mins, 
7:30 PM  Fighting 69th, The (1940)  
  A braggart soldier learns the true meaning of heroism when he joins World War I's all-Irish unit.
Dir: William Keighley Cast:  James Cagney , Pat O'Brien , George Brent . BW-90 mins, CC, 
9:04 PM  Cary Grant: In A Tribute To The Will Rogers Memorial Hospital (1940)  
  In this short film, Cary Grant asks moviegoers to donate to the Will Rogers Memorial Hospital, a hospital 
and recovery center for tuberculosis patients. BW-2 mins, 
9:15 PM  Dawn Patrol, The (1938)  
  A flight commander in France almost cracks under the pressure of sending men to their deaths.
Dir: Edmund Goulding Cast:  Errol Flynn , Basil Rathbone , David Niven . BW-103 mins, CC, 
11:01 PM  United States Army Air Force Band, The (1942)  
  This patriotic wartime short showcases the U.S. Army Air Force Band interspersed with wartime footage of 
the Army Air Force. Vitaphone Release 1050A. Dir: Jean Negulesco BW-10 mins, 
11:15 PM  Wings (1927)  
  In this silent film, romantic rivals fly against the enemy in World War I.
Dir: William A. Wellman Cast:  Clara Bow , Charles [Buddy] Rogers , Richard Arlen . BW-144 mins, CC, 
1:45 AM  Von Richthofen and Brown (1970)  
  This film focuses on the story of Manfred von Richtofen, a German air ace during World War I.
Dir: Roger Corman Cast:  John Phillip Law , Don Stroud , Barry Primus . C-96 mins, Letterbox Format 
5 Saturday  
3:30 AM  Of Human Bondage (1934)  
  A medical student falls prey to a sluttish waitress.
Dir: John Cromwell Cast:  Leslie Howard , Bette Davis , Frances Dee . BW-83 mins, CC, 
4:54 AM  Happy Times And Jolly Moments (1943)  
  This short film offers a nostalgic look at the Mack Sennet comedies of 1914. Vitaphone Release 1134A.
BW-18 mins, 
5:15 AM  Carbine Williams (1952)  
  True story of the convicted bootlegger who fought for his freedom by inventing a new rifle.
Dir: Richard Thorpe Cast:  James Stewart , Jean Hagen , Wendell Corey . BW-93 mins, CC, 
7:00 AM  Carson on TCM: James Stewart (7/21/76) (2013)  
  TCM presents an interview from The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson, with James Stewart from 7/21/76.
C-10 mins, CC, 
7:30 AM  Nancy Drew...Detective (1938)  
  A teen-aged sleuth investigates a wealthy woman's disappearance.
Dir: William Clemens Cast:  Bonita Granville , John Litel , James Stephenson . BW-66 mins, CC, 
8:37 AM  Slapsie Maxie'S (1939)  
  In this comedic short, a waiter accidentally knocks out a boxing champion leading to a humorous "rematch."
Vitaphone Release 9384-9385. Dir: Noel Smith Cast:  John Ridgely , Frank Faylen , Sol Gorss . BW-16 mins, 
9:00 AM  Attack of the 50 Foot Woman (1958)  
  A space visitor's touch turns an unhappy heiress into a vengeful giant.
Dir: Nathan Hertz Cast:  Allison Hayes , William Hudson , Yvette Vickers . BW-66 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
10:15 AM  Story Of Seabiscuit, The (1949)  
  Fictionalized account of the legendary racehorse's training and triumphs.
Dir: David Butler Cast:  Shirley Temple , Barry Fitzgerald , Lon McCallister . C-93 mins, CC, 
12:00 PM  Guys And Dolls (1955)  
  A big-city gambler bets that he can seduce a Salvation Army girl.
Dir: Joseph L. Mankiewicz Cast:  Marlon Brando , Jean Simmons , Frank Sinatra . C-149 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
2:45 PM  No Time For Sergeants (1958)  
  A hillbilly draftee turns the Air Force upside down.
Dir: Mervyn LeRoy Cast:  Andy Griffith , Myron McCormick , Nick Adams . BW-119 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
5:00 PM  Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf? (1966)  
  An academic couple reveal their deepest secret to a pair of newcomers during an all-night booze fest.
Dir: Mike Nichols Cast:  Elizabeth Taylor , Richard Burton , George Segal . BW-131 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
7:30 PM  Taming of the Shrew, The (1967)  
  A fortune hunter agrees to wed a temperamental woman so his friend can court her sister.
Dir: Franco Zeffirelli Cast:  Elizabeth Taylor , Richard Burton , Cyril Cusack . C-122 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
9:45 PM  V.I.P.S, The (1963)  
  Wealthy passengers fogged in at London's Heathrow Airport fight to survive a variety of personal trials.
Dir: Anthony Asquith Cast:  Elizabeth Taylor , Richard Burton , Louis Jourdan . C-119 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
12:00 AM  Assault On Precinct 13 (1976)  
  A group of individuals trapped in a police station fight off a horde of murderous gang members.
Dir: John Carpenter Cast:  Austin Stoker , Darwin Joston , Laurie Zimmer . C-91 mins, Letterbox Format 
1:30 AM  Super Cops, The (1974)  
  Two rogue cops enlist a streetwalker to help them stop a deadly drug ring.
Dir: Gordon Parks Cast:  Ron Leibman , David Selby , Sheila Frazier . C-94 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
6 Sunday  
3:15 AM  Top Hat (1935)  
  A woman thinks the man who loves her is her best friend's husband.
Dir: Mark Sandrich Cast:  Fred Astaire , Ginger Rogers , Edward Everett Horton . BW-100 mins, CC, 
5:00 AM  Annie Get Your Gun (1950)  
  Fanciful musical biography of wild West sharpshooter Annie Oakley.
Dir: George Sidney Cast:  Betty Hutton , Howard Keel , Louis Calhern . C-107 mins, CC, 
7:00 AM  Dangerous When Wet (1953)  
  A family of fitness freaks sets out to swim the English Channel.
Dir: Charles Walters Cast:  Esther Williams , Fernando Lamas , Jack Carson . C-96 mins, CC, 
8:50 AM  Romantic Nevada (1943)  
  This short film takes the viewer to Nevada, with looks at the natural wonders of the state and the city of Reno.
C-9 mins, 
9:00 AM  Viva Las Vegas (1964)  
  A race-car driver falls for a pretty swimming instructor who wants him to slow down his career.
Dir: George Sidney Cast:  Elvis Presley , Ann-Margret , Cesare Danova . C-85 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
10:30 AM  Take Me Out to the Ball Game (1949)  
  A beautiful woman takes over a turn-of-the-century baseball team.
Dir: Busby Berkeley Cast:  Frank Sinatra , Esther Williams , Gene Kelly . C-93 mins, CC, 
12:15 PM  Music Man, The (1962)  
  A con artist hawks musical instruments and band uniforms to small-town America.
Dir: Morton DaCosta Cast:  Robert Preston , Shirley Jones , Buddy Hackett . C-151 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
3:00 PM  Seven Brides For Seven Brothers (1954)  
  When their older brother marries, six lumberjacks decide it's time to go courting for themselves.
Dir: Stanley Donen Cast:  Howard Keel , Jeff Richards , Russ Tamblyn . C-102 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
4:45 PM  Camera Caught It, The (1954)  
  This short film looks at various images that cameras managed to film, none of which was staged.
BW-9 mins, 
5:00 PM  Jason And The Argonauts (1963)  
  The legendary hero enlists the help of the gods to steal the golden fleece.
Dir: Don Chaffey Cast:  Todd Armstrong , Nancy Kovack , Gary Raymond . C-104 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
7:00 PM  7th Voyage Of Sinbad, The (1958)  
  Sinbad hunts for a roc's egg to save his love from an evil sorcerer.
Dir: Nathan Juran Cast:  Kerwin Mathews , Kathryn Grant , Richard Eyer . C-88 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
8:37 PM  Love My Dog (1927)  
  A gang of kids attempt to rescue their beloved pooch from the dogcatcher in this silent short comedy.
Dir: Robert F McGowan Cast:  Charley Young , Bobby Mallon , Joe Cobb . BW-22 mins, Letterbox Format 
9:00 PM  Kiki (1926)  
  A Parisian dancer vies with a glamorous actress for a producer's heart.
Dir: Clarence Brown Cast:  Norma Talmadge , Ronald Colman , Gertrude Astor . BW-97 mins, 
10:41 PM  Giuseppe De Luca, Barber Of Seville (1927)  
  In this short film, Giuseppe De Luca sings "Largo al factotum" from 'The Barber of Seville'. Vitaphone Release 488.
BW-6 mins, 
11:00 PM  Housemaid, The (1960)  
  Drama ensues when a married music teacher hires a young maid to take care of the house.
Dir: Kim Ki-Young Cast:  Lee Eun-Sim , Kim Jin-Kyu , Ju Jeung-Ryu . BW-111 mins, Letterbox Format 
1:00 AM  Diary of a Chambermaid (1964)  
  A chambermaid takes a job in the country with a strange family. 
Dir: Luis Buñuel Cast:  Jeanne Moreau , Georges Géret , Michel Piccoli . BW-98 mins, Letterbox Format 
2:46 AM  Hollywood: Style Center Of The World (1940)  
  This short film focuses on the influence Hollywood has on fashion.
Dir: Oliver Garver Cast:  Ann Morriss , Naomi Childers , May McAvoy . BW-11 mins, 
7 Monday  
3:00 AM  Romeo and Juliet (1936)  
  Shakespeare's classic tale of young lovers from feuding families.
Dir: George Cukor Cast:  Norma Shearer , Leslie Howard , John Barrymore . BW-125 mins, CC, 
5:15 AM  Life Of Her Own, A (1950)  
  An innocent small-town girl climbs to the top of the modeling business man by man.
Dir: George Cukor Cast:  Lana Turner , Ray Milland , Tom Ewell . BW-109 mins, CC, 
7:15 AM  Marrying Kind, The (1952)  
  A judge forces a divorcing couple to think back on the problems that drove them apart.
Dir: George Cukor Cast:  Judy Holliday , Aldo Ray , Madge Kennedy . BW-92 mins, CC, 
9:00 AM  Star Is Born, A (1954)  
  A falling star marries the newcomer he's helping reach the top.
Dir: George Cukor Cast:  Judy Garland , James Mason , Jack Carson . C-176 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
12:00 PM  Bhowani Junction (1956)  
  An Anglo-Indian beauty falls for a British officer as her country fights for independence.
Dir: George Cukor Cast:  Ava Gardner , Stewart Granger , Bill Travers . C-110 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
2:00 PM  My Fair Lady (1964)  
  A phonetics instructor bets that he can pass a street urchin off as a lady.
Dir: George Cukor Cast:  Audrey Hepburn , Rex Harrison , Stanley Holloway . C-173 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
5:00 PM  Show Boat (1951)  
  Riverboat entertainers find love, laughs and hardships as they sail along "Old Man River."
Dir: George Sidney Cast:  Kathryn Grayson , Ava Gardner , Howard Keel . C-108 mins, CC, 
7:00 PM  Carousel (1956)  
  A dramatic love story unfolds between a rough-talking, macho carousel barker, and a young, innocent mill worker.
Dir: Henry King Cast:  Gordon MacRae , Shirley Jones , Cameron Mitchell . C-129 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
9:15 PM  Rose Marie (1936)  
  An opera singer goes undercover in the Canadian wilderness to hunt for her criminal brother.
Dir: W. S. Van Dyke Cast:  Jeanette MacDonald , Nelson Eddy , Reginald Owen . BW-111 mins, CC, 
11:15 PM  Desert Song, The (1953)  
  A French professor secretly leads a band of desert freedom fighters.
Dir: Bruce Humberstone Cast:  Kathryn Grayson , Gordon MacRae , Steve Cochran . C-111 mins, 
1:15 AM  Lady Be Good (1941)  
  Married songwriters almost split up while putting on a big show.
Dir: Norman Z. McLeod Cast:  Eleanor Powell , Ann Sothern , Robert Young . BW-112 mins, CC, 
8 Tuesday  
3:15 AM  Little Caesar (1930)  
  A small-time hood shoots his way to the top, but how long can he stay there?
Dir: Mervyn LeRoy Cast:  Edward G. Robinson , Douglas Fairbanks Jr. , Glenda Farrell . BW-79 mins, CC, 
4:45 AM  Midnight Court (1937)  
  A district attorney sells out to the mob until he falls for an honest girl.
Dir: Frank McDonald Cast:  Ann Dvorak , John Litel , Carlyle Moore Jr. BW-64 mins, 
6:00 AM  Secret Service Of The Air (1939)  
  A government agent battles smugglers.
Dir: Noel Smith Cast:  Ronald Reagan , John Litel , Ila Rhodes . BW-61 mins, 
7:15 AM  Fugitive From Justice, A (1940)  
  An insurance investigator gets caught between cops and crooks when he hides the beneficiary of a million-dollar policy.
Dir: Terry Morse Cast:  Roger Pryor , Lucile Fairbanks , Eddie Foy Jr. BW-53 mins, 
8:15 AM  Lady Gangster (1942)  
  A district attorney tries to reform a gangster's moll who's been sent up the river.
Dir: Florian Roberts Cast:  Faye Emerson , Julie Bishop , Frank Wilcox . BW-62 mins, 
9:30 AM  Cornered (1946)  
  A World War II veteran hunts down the Nazi collaborators who killed his wife.
Dir: Edward Dmytryk Cast:  Dick Powell , Walter Slezak , Micheline Cheirel . BW-103 mins, CC, 
11:13 AM  Magic On A Stick (1946)  
  This short film focuses on chemist John Walker, who invented the wooden friction match.
Dir: Cy Endfield Cast:  Jacqueline White , Paul Langton , BW-9 mins, 
11:30 AM  Unsuspected, The (1947)  
  The producer of a radio crime series commits the perfect crime, then has to put the case on the air.
Dir: Michael Curtiz Cast:  Joan Caulfield , Claude Rains , Audrey Totter . BW-103 mins, CC, 
1:15 PM  Big Steal, The (1949)  
  Seduction and murder follow the theft of an Army payroll.
Dir: Don Siegel Cast:  Robert Mitchum , Jane Greer , William Bendix . BW-71 mins, CC, 
2:30 PM  Prize, The (1963)  
  An American Nobel Prize-winner mixes it up with spies when he travels to Stockholm to collect his award.
Dir: Mark Robson Cast:  Paul Newman , Edward G. Robinson , Elke Sommer . C-135 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
5:00 PM  Dance, Girl, Dance (1940)  
  A ballet dancer and a burlesque queen compete for a wealthy suitor.
Dir: Dorothy Arzner Cast:  Maureen O'Hara , Louis Hayward , Lucille Ball . BW-90 mins, CC, 
6:45 PM  They Met in Argentina (1941)  
  An oil tycoon's representative finds love when he tries to buy a South American race horse.
Dir: Leslie Goodwins Cast:  Maureen O'Hara , James Ellison , Alberto Vila . BW-76 mins, 
8:15 PM  Do You Love Me? (1946)  
  A dean of a music school undergoes a transformation after she meets a swing bandleader. 
Dir: Gregory Ratoff Cast:  Maureen O'Hara , Dick Haymes , Harry James . C-91 mins, CC, 
10:00 PM  Sitting Pretty (1948)  
  An efficiency expert tries to prove his methods apply to child rearing.
Dir: Walter Lang Cast:  Robert Young , Maureen O'Hara , Clifton Webb . BW-84 mins, CC, 
11:30 PM  Our Man in Havana (1960)  
  A salesman in Cuba takes up spying to support his spendthrift daughter.
Dir: Carol Reed Cast:  Alec Guinness , Burl Ives , Maureen O'Hara . BW-107 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
1:30 AM  King in New York, A (1957)  
  A European king loses his money while stranded in the U.S.
Dir: Charles Chaplin Cast:  Charles Chaplin , Maxine Audley , Jerry Desmonde . BW-105 mins, CC, 
9 Wednesday  
3:15 AM  Lady L (1965)  
  A beautiful laundress rises through European society.
Dir: Peter Ustinov Cast:  Sophia Loren , Paul Newman , David Niven . C-109 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
5:15 AM  Operation Crossbow (1965)  
  Allied agents go behind enemy lines to destroy a German missile base.
Dir: Michael Anderson Cast:  Sophia Loren , George Peppard , Trevor Howard . C-116 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
7:15 AM  More Than a Miracle (1967)  
  A prince falls for a peasant girl in a fairy tale kingdom.
Dir: Francesco Rosi Cast:  Sophia Loren , Omar Sharif , Dolores Del Rio . C-103 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
9:00 AM  Fine Pair, A (1969)  
  A detective gets involved with a beautiful jewel thief.
Dir: Francesco Maselli Cast:  Rock Hudson , Claudia Cardinale , Tomas Milian . C-90 mins, CC, 
10:50 AM  Rock, The (1967)  
  This promotional short for the film "Point Blank" (1967) offers a behind-the-scenes look at location shooting on Alcatraz. 
C-9 mins, 
11:00 AM  Don't Make Waves (1967)  
  A swimming-pool salesman gets mixed up with beauty queens and bodybuilders when he falls in love.
Dir: Alexander Mackendrick Cast:  Tony Curtis , Claudia Cardinale , Sharon Tate . C-97 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
12:45 PM  Come September (1961)  
  A womanizing tycoon ends up chaperoning a group of American girls who have rented his Italian villa.
Dir: Robert Mulligan Cast:  Rock Hudson , Gina Lollobrigida , Sandra Dee . C-113 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
2:45 PM  Never So Few (1959)  
  A U.S. military troop takes command of a band of Burmese guerillas during World War II.
Dir: John Sturges Cast:  Frank Sinatra , Gina Lollobrigida , Peter Lawford . C-125 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
5:00 PM  Ruggles of Red Gap (1935)  
  A Western rancher wins a British valet in a poker game.
Dir: Leo McCarey Cast:  Charles Laughton , Mary Boland , Charlie Ruggles . BW-91 mins, CC, 
6:45 PM  Step Lively, Jeeves! (1937)  
  A British butler goes to America duped by mobsters into believing he is the heir to a fortune.
Dir: Eugene Forde Cast:  Arthur Treacher , Patricia Ellis , Robert Kent . BW-69 mins, 
8:15 PM  Holy Matrimony (1943)  
  An artist returning from years abroad takes the identity of his dead valet to escape the attentions of the press. 
Dir: John M. Stahl Cast:  Monty Woolley , Gracie Fields , Laird Cregar . BW-87 mins, 
10:00 PM  On Again - Off Again (1937)  
  Squabbling business partners settle their differences in a wrestling match, with the loser becoming the winner's slave.
Dir: Edward Cline Cast:  Bert Wheeler , Robert Woolsey , Marjorie Lord . BW-68 mins, 
11:13 PM  Friend Indeed (1937)  
  This short film focuses on Sparky, a German shepherd trained to lead a country doctor who lost his sight in a fire.
Dir: Fred Zinnemann Cast:  Mary Gordon , BW-10 mins, 
11:30 PM  Earl Of Chicago, The (1939)  
  A Chicago gangster inherits a British title.
Dir: Richard Thorpe Cast:  Robert Montgomery , Edward Arnold , Reginald Owen . BW-87 mins, CC, 
1:15 AM  Fools For Scandal (1938)  
  A Hollywood star falls for a broken down aristocrat.
Dir: Mervyn Le Roy Cast:  Carole Lombard , Fernand Gravet , Ralph Bellamy . BW-80 mins, CC, 
2:36 AM  Great Library Misery, The (1938)  
  In this comedic short, a man desiring to join the Grouch Club describes the terrible experience of trying 
to check out a book from a public library. Vitaphone Release B168. Dir: Lloyd French Cast:  Arthur Q. Bryan ,
Detmar Poppen , Jack Lescoulie . BW-12 mins, 
10 Thursday  
3:00 AM  MGM Parade Show #30 (1955)  
  Walter Pidgeon discusses Greta Garbo's early career; Irene Papas introduces behind-the-scenes footage 
from "Tribute to a Badman." BW-25 mins, 
3:30 AM  Unexpected Uncle (1941)  
  A bored retiree decides to play matchmaker.
Dir: Peter Godfrey Cast:  Anne Shirley , James Craig , Charles Coburn . BW-67 mins, 
5:00 AM  Screen Directors Playhouse: Carroll Formula, The (1956)  
  A college professor accidentally discovers how to shrink things. BW-26 mins, 
5:30 AM  Big Fisherman, The (1959)  
  Drama that focuses on the later life of Peter, one of the closest disciples of Jesus. 
Dir: Frank Borzage Cast:  Howard Keel , Susan Kohner , John Saxon . C-165 mins, CC, 
8:15 AM  Screen Directors Playhouse: Day I Met Caruso, The (1956)  
  A Quaker girl's resentment of the great tenor's worldliness competes with her admiration for his voice.
BW-26 mins, 
8:45 AM  Lizzie (1957)  
  A mousy woman discovers she has two other personalities.
Dir: Hugo Haas Cast:  Eleanor Parker , Richard Boone , Joan Blondell . BW-81 mins, 
10:30 AM  Screen Directors Playhouse: Dream, The (1956)  
  A young man's dreams about searching for his dead father fill his mother with fear.
BW-26 mins, 
11:00 AM  Man to Man (1931)  
  A young man attempts to overcome the memory of his father, who was sent to jail for committing a murder.
Dir: Allan Dwan Cast:  Phillips Holmes , Grant Mitchell , Lucille Powers . BW-68 mins, 
12:15 PM  Screen Directors Playhouse: High Air (1956)  
  Father and son must reconcile to deal with a tunnel disaster.
BW-26 mins, CC, 
12:45 PM  Teresa (1951)  
  An Italian war bride has problems dealing with her husband's possessive mother.
Dir: Fred Zinnemann Cast:  Pier Angeli , John Ericson , Patricia Collinge . BW-102 mins, CC, 
2:30 PM  Screen Directors Playhouse: Markheim (1956)  
  Another episode of the Screen Directors Playhouse, which ran from 1955-1956. 
BW-26 mins, CC, 
3:00 PM  Fight For Your Lady (1938)  
  A wrestling promoter helps an opera singer with his love life.
Dir: Ben Stoloff Cast:  John Boles , Jack Oakie , Ida Lupino . BW-66 mins, 
4:30 PM  Screen Directors Playhouse: No. 5 Checked Out (1956)  
  A young deaf women confronts desperate crooks who are using one of her remote resort cabins for a hideout.
BW-25 mins, CC, 
5:00 PM  Salesman (1968)  
  The adventures and misadventures of four door-to-door salesmen.
Dir: David Maysles Cast:  Paul Brennan , Charles McDevitt , James, U. S. Baker . BW-91 mins, 
6:45 PM  Times of Harvey Milk, The (1984)  
  This documentary focuses on the successful career and assassination of San Francisco's first elected gay councilor.
Dir: Robert Epstein Cast:  Harvey Milk , Anne Kronenberg , Tory Hartmann . C-88 mins, 
8:30 PM  Come Back, Africa (1959)  
  A documentary that chronicles the life of a black South African living under the rule of the harsh apartheid
government in 1959. Dir: Lionel Rogosin Cast:  Zacharia [Mgabi] , Vinah [Mgabi] , Arnold .  BW-86 mins, CC, 
10:30 PM  Calcutta (1969)  
  The city of Calcutta and its 8 million inhabitants come to life.
Dir: Louis Malle Cast:  Louis Malle , C-99 mins, 
12:30 AM  Sans Soleil (1982)  
  A woman shares her thoughts as the camera traces her travels and memories.
Dir: Chris Marker Cast:  Florence Delay , Alexandra Stewart , Kazuko Kawakita . C-104 mins, Letterbox Format 
2:30 AM  God Respects Us When We Work But Loves Us When We Dance (1968)  
  This short documentary looks at the 1967 Los Angeles Easter Sunday Love-In.
Dir: Les Blank C-20 mins, 
11 Friday  
3:00 AM  Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (1921)  
  In this silent film, a young Argentine fights for France, his father's country, in World War I.
Dir: Rex Ingram Cast:  Rudolph Valentino , Alice Terry , Pomeroy Cannon . BW-133 mins, 
5:15 AM  Spy In Black, The (1939)  
  A German sub tries to sink the British fleet during World War I.
Dir: Michael Powell Cast:  Conrad Veidt , Sebastian Shaw , Valerie Hobson . BW-77 mins, 
6:45 AM  Hell Below (1933)  
  A submarine captain clashes with one of his crew during World War I.
Dir: Jack Conway Cast:  Robert Montgomery , Walter Huston , Madge Evans . BW-101 mins, CC, 
8:30 AM  Flight Commander (1930)  
  A hotshot World War I flyer almost cracks under the pressure of sending his men on perilous missions.
Dir: Howard Hawks Cast:  Richard Barthelmess , Douglas Fairbanks Jr. , Neil Hamilton . BW-108 mins, 
10:30 AM  Ace of Aces (1933)  
  After he's branded a coward, a sculptor travels to France to help fight World War I.
Dir: J. Walter Ruben Cast:  Richard Dix , Elizabeth Allen , Ralph Bellamy . BW-77 mins, 
12:00 PM  Lafayette Escadrille (1958)  
  A hotshot young flyer falls for a French prostitute during World War I.
Dir: William A. Wellman Cast:  Tab Hunter , Etchika Choureau , Marcel Dalio . BW-93 mins, CC, 
1:45 PM  Waterloo Bridge (1931)  
  A ballerina sinks into prostitution when her husband is reported killed in World War I.
Dir: James Whale Cast:  Mae Clarke , Kent Douglass , Doris Lloyd . BW-81 mins, 
3:15 PM  Suzy (1936)  
  A French air ace discovers that his showgirl wife's first husband is still alive.
Dir: Geo. Fitzmaurice Cast:  Jean Harlow , Franchot Tone , Cary Grant . BW-93 mins, CC, 
5:00 PM  Paths Of Glory (1957)  
  A military lawyer comes to question the status quo when he defends three men accused of cowardice.
Dir: Stanley Kubrick Cast:  Fred Bell , John Stein , Harold Benedict . BW-88 mins, CC, 
6:45 PM  All Quiet On The Western Front (1930)  
  Young German soldiers try to adjust to the horrors of World War I.
Dir: Lewis Milestone Cast:  Louis Wolheim , Lew Ayres , John Wray . BW-134 mins, CC, 
9:15 PM  Big Parade, The (1925)  
  In this silent film, a young innocent enlists for World War I service but soon learns the horrors of war.
Dir: King Vidor Cast:  John Gilbert , Renée Adorée , Hobart Bosworth . BW-151 mins, 
12:00 AM  Westfront 1918 (1930)  
  German soldiers face terror and despair on the front lines during World War I.
Cast:  Gustav Diessl , Claus Clausen , Else Heller . BW-93 mins, 
1:45 AM  Kameradschaft (1931)  
  German miners defy international prejudice to rescue French miners trapped beneath their countries' borders.
Cast:  Ernst Busch , Andree Ducret , Alexander Granach . BW-86 mins, 
12 Saturday  
3:15 AM  Hollywood My Hometown (1965)  
  In this special, Ken Murray hosts his own behind-the-scenes home movies of some of Hollywood's greatest stars.
BW-53 mins, CC, 
4:15 AM  My Favorite Brunette (1947)  
  A baby photographer mistaken for a private eye ends up framed for murder.
Dir: Elliott Nugent Cast:  Bob Hope , Dorothy Lamour , Peter Lorre. BW-86 mins, CC, 
5:45 AM  Global Affair, A (1964)  
  A U.N. official tries to locate the mother of an abandoned baby.
Dir: Jack Arnold Cast:  Bob Hope , Lilo Pulver , Michele Mercier . BW-84 mins, CC, 
7:15 AM  Carson on TCM: Bob Hope (10/13/78) (2013)  
  TCM presents an interview from The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson, with Bob Hope from 10/13/78. 
C-10 mins, CC, 
7:45 AM  Nancy Drew, Reporter (1939)  
  A teen-aged sleuth sets out to prove a young girl innocent of murder charges.
Dir: William Clemens Cast:  Bonita Granville , John Litel , Frank Thomas Jr. BW-68 mins, CC, 
9:00 AM  Queen of Outer Space (1958)  
  A space mission to Venus discovers a society of Amazons.
Dir: Edward Bernds Cast:  Zsa Zsa Gabor , Eric Fleming , Lisa Davis . C-80 mins, Letterbox Format 
10:30 AM  Cincinnati Kid, The (1965)  
  Card sharps try to deal with personal problems during a big game in New Orleans.
Dir: Norman Jewison Cast:  Steve McQueen , Edward G. Robinson , Ann-Margret . C-103 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
12:30 PM  To Have And Have Not (1944)  
  A skipper-for-hire's romance with a beautiful drifter is complicated by his growing involvement with the French resistance.
Dir: Howard Hawks Cast:  Humphrey Bogart , Walter Brennan , Lauren Bacall . BW-100 mins, CC, 
2:15 PM  Bound For Glory (1976)  
  True story of folk singer Woody Guthrie, who rose to the top while fighting for the rights of migrant farm workers.
Dir: Hal Ashby Cast:  David Carradine , Ronny Cox , Melinda Dillon . C-148 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
5:00 PM  Bus Stop (1956)  
  An innocent cowboy kidnaps a small-time singer with whom he's infatuated.
Dir: Joshua Logan Cast:  Marilyn Monroe , Don Murray , Arthur O'Connell . C-94 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
7:00 PM  Lusty Men, The (1952)  
  A faded rodeo star mentors a younger rider but falls for his wife.
Dir: Nicholas Ray Cast:  Susan Hayward , Robert Mitchum , Arthur Kennedy . BW-113 mins, CC, 
9:00 PM  Unholy Wife, The (1957)  
  An ambitious beauty marries a vintner, then falls for one of his workers.
Dir: John Farrow Cast:  Diana Dors , Rod Steiger , Tom Tryon . C-94 mins, 
11:00 PM  Baby, The (1973)  
  A social worker investigates a strange family.
Dir: Ted Post Cast:  Anjanette Comer , Ruth Roman , Marianna Hill . C-85 mins, 
12:45 AM  Lightning Strikes Twice (1951)  
  An actress champions the cause of a man whom she believes has been falsely accused of murdering his wife. 
Dir: King Vidor Cast:  Ruth Roman , Richard Todd , Mercedes McCambridge . BW-90 mins, 
2:15 AM  Holiday From Rules? (1959)  
  In this educational short film, a group of young children understand why rules are important.
Dir: William H. Murray C-11 mins, 
2:15 AM  When You Grow Up (1973)  
  In this short film, children learn about the world of fun that awaits them when they grow up and go to work.
Dir: Jerry Kurtz C-11 mins, 
2:15 AM  Don't Get Angry (1953)  
  This short social guidance film offers advice covering anger management. BW-11 mins, 
13 Sunday  
3:00 AM  Rhapsody In Blue (1945)  
  Fictionalized biography of George Gershwin and his fight to bring serious music to Broadway.
Dir: Irving Rapper Cast:  Robert Alda , Joan Leslie , Alexis Smith . BW-141 mins, CC, 
5:30 AM  I'll Be Seeing You (1944)  
  A soldier meets a woman on Christmas furlough from prison and they fall in love.
Dir: William Dieterle Cast:  Ginger Rogers , Joseph Cotten , Shirley Temple . BW-85 mins, CC, 
7:00 AM  Make Way For Tomorrow (1937)  
  A devoted couple faces the harsh economic realities of growing older.
Dir: Leo McCarey Cast:  Victor Moore , Beulah Bondi , Fay Bainter . BW-92 mins, 
9:00 AM  Roman Spring Of Mrs. Stone, The (1961)  
  A fading stage star gets caught up in the decadent life of modern Rome when she hires a male companion.
Dir: José Quintero Cast:  Vivien Leigh , Warren Beatty , Lotte Lenya . BW-104 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
11:00 AM  Pillow Talk (1959)  
  A man and woman carry their feud over the telephone line they share into their real lives.
Dir: Michael Gordon Cast:  Rock Hudson , Doris Day , Tony Randall . C-102 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
1:00 PM  Mogambo (1953)  
  In this remake of Red Dust, an African hunter is torn between a lusty showgirl and a married woman.
Dir: John Ford Cast:  Clark Gable , Ava Gardner , Grace Kelly . C-116 mins, CC, 
3:00 PM  Dial M For Murder (1954)  
  A straying husband frames his wife for the murder of the man he'd hired to kill her.
Dir: Alfred Hitchcock Cast:  Ray Milland , Grace Kelly , Robert Cummings . C-105 mins, CC, 
5:00 PM  Little Princess, The (1939)  
  When her father is reported dead in war, his daughter fights harsh conditions at her boarding school.
Dir: Walter Lang Cast:  Shirley Temple , Richard Greene , Anita Louise . C-93 mins, CC, 
7:00 PM  Princess O'Rourke (1943)  
  A flying ace's romance with a princess creates diplomatic problems.
Dir: Norman Krasna Cast:  Olivia de Havilland , Robert Cummings , Charles Coburn . BW-95 mins, CC, 
9:00 PM  Trail of '98, The (1928)  
  San Francisco boys risk their lives to scout gold in the Klondike.
Dir: Clarence Brown Cast:  Dolores Del Rio , Ralph Forbes , Karl Dane . BW-88 mins, 
11:00 PM  Throne of Blood (1957)  
  Spurred by his wife and a witch's prediction, a samurai murders his lord to steal the throne.
Dir: Akira Kurosawa Cast:  Toshiro Mifune , Isuzu Yamada , Takashi Shimura . BW-109 mins, 
1:00 AM  Youngblood Hawke (1964)  
  A novelist exercises a powerful spell over every woman he meets.
Dir: Delmer Daves Cast:  James Franciscus , Suzanne Pleshette , Geneviève Page . BW-137 mins, Letterbox Format 
14 Monday  
3:30 AM  MGM Parade Show #30 (1955)  
  Walter Pidgeon discusses Greta Garbo's early career; Irene Papas introduces behind-the-scenes footage 
from "Tribute to a Badman." BW-25 mins, 
4:00 AM  Critic's Choice (1963)  
  A Broadway critic must write a negative review about his wife's play.
Dir: Don Weis Cast:  Bob Hope , Lucille Ball , Marilyn Maxwell . C-100 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
5:45 AM  Sex And The Single Girl (1964)  
  A journalist sets out to expose a female sex expert but falls for her instead.
Dir: Richard Quine Cast:  Tony Curtis , Natalie Wood , Henry Fonda . C-114 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
7:45 AM  Yellow Rolls-Royce, The (1964)  
  A classic car changes the lives of three sets of owners.
Dir: Anthony Asquith Cast:  Rex Harrison , Jeanne Moreau , Edmund Purdom . C-123 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
10:00 AM  36 Hours (1965)  
  Nazis kidnap a key American intelligence officer and try to convince him that World War II is over.
Dir: George Seaton Cast:  James Garner , Rod Taylor , Eva Marie Saint . BW-115 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
12:00 PM  Inside Daisy Clover (1965)  
  A girl on the road to stardom fights the dehumanizing effects of Hollywood life.
Dir: Robert Mulligan Cast:  Natalie Wood , Christopher Plummer , Robert Redford . C-129 mins, CC, Letterbox  
2:15 PM  Hotel (1967)  
  A New Orleans hotel owner fights off a corporate raider while his guests struggle through a variety of personal problems.
Dir: Richard Quine Cast:  Rod Taylor , Catherine Spaak , Karl Malden . C-125 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
4:30 PM  Costume Designer, The (1950)  
  This short film focuses on the job of the costume designer in the production of motion pictures.
Cast:  Bess Flowers , BW-9 mins, 
5:00 PM  For the Defense (1930)  
  An attorney, who specializes in springing criminals out of prison, is faced with a moral dilemma when 
his girlfriend drunkenly kills a pedestrian with her car and another man takes the blame. Dir: John Cromwell 
Cast:  William Powell , Kay Francis , Scott Kolk . BW-63 mins, CC, 
6:15 PM  Trouble In Paradise (1932)  
  A love triangle ignites trouble between two jewel theives and their intended victim
Dir: Ernst Lubitsch Cast:  Miriam Hopkins , Kay Francis , Herbert Marshall . BW-82 mins, CC, 
7:45 PM  I Found Stella Parish (1935)  
  An actress stops at nothing to protect her daughter from her shady past.
Dir: Mervyn LeRoy Cast:  Kay Francis , Ian Hunter , Paul Lukas . BW-85 mins, CC, 
9:15 PM  Jewel Robbery (1932)  
  A jewel thief falls for a tycoon's wife in Vienna.
Dir: William Dieterle Cast:  William Powell , Kay Francis , Helen Vinson . BW-68 mins, CC, 
10:30 PM  Raffles (1930)  
  A distinguished British gentleman hides his true identity as a notorious jewel thief.
Dir: Harry d'Abbadie D'Arrast Cast:  Ronald Colman , Kay Francis , Bramwell Fletcher . BW-71 mins, 
12:00 AM  Stranded (1935)  
  A Traveler's Aid worker who delights in solving people's problems gets mixed up with gangsters.
Dir: Frank Borzage Cast:  Kay Francis , George Brent , Patricia Ellis . BW-73 mins, 
1:30 AM  Allotment Wives (1945)  
  Unscrupulous women marry servicemen for their pay.
Dir: William Nigh Cast:  Kay Francis , Paul Kelly , Otto Kruger . BW-78 mins, 
15 Tuesday  
3:00 AM  Secret Bride, The (1935)  
  A district attorney secretly marries the daughter of a man he's trying to convict.
Dir: William Dieterle Cast:  Barbara Stanwyck , Warren William , Glenda Farrell . BW-64 mins, 
4:15 AM  Satan Met A Lady (1936)  
  In the second screen version of The Maltese Falcon, a detective is caught between a lying seductress and a lady jewel thief.
Dir: William Dieterle Cast:  Bette Davis , Warren William , Alison Skipworth . BW-74 mins, CC, 
5:45 AM  Story of Louis Pasteur, The (1936)  
  True story of the French scientist's battle to establish modern medical methods.
Dir: William Dieterle Cast:  Paul Muni , Josephine Hutchinson , Anita Louise . BW-86 mins, CC, 
7:15 AM  White Angel, The (1936)  
  In this true story, Florence Nightingale defies military leaders to organize humanitarian nursing services during the Crimean War.
Dir: William Dieterle Cast:  Kay Francis , Ian Hunter , Donald Woods . BW-92 mins, CC, 
9:00 AM  Another Dawn (1937)  
  An officer's wife at a British outpost in Africa falls for another man.
Dir: William Dieterle Cast:  Kay Francis , Errol Flynn , Ian Hunter . BW-73 mins, CC, 
10:30 AM  Great O'Malley, The (1937)  
  A ruthless cop gets mixed up with a man who's only turned to crime to help his crippled daughter.
Dir: William Dieterle Cast:  Pat O'Brien , Sybil Jason , Humphrey Bogart . BW-71 mins, 
12:00 PM  Dispatch From Reuters, A (1940)  
  An entrepreneur builds an international news agency.
Dir: William Dieterle Cast:  Edward G. Robinson , Edna Best , Eddie Albert . BW-90 mins, CC, 
1:30 PM  Tennessee Johnson (1942)  
  Biography of Andrew Johnson, who followed Abraham Lincoln into office and became the first U.S. president ever to be impeached.
Dir: William Dieterle Cast:  Van Heflin , Lionel Barrymore , Ruth Hussey . BW-103 mins, CC, 
3:15 PM  Kismet (1944)  
  In the classic Arabian Nights tale, the king of the beggars enters high society to help his daughter marry a handsome prince.
Dir: William Dieterle Cast:  Ronald Colman , Marlene Dietrich , James Craig . C-100 mins, CC, 
5:00 PM  Black Swan, The (1942)  
  When he's named governor of Jamaica, a former pirate sets out to clean up the Caribbean.
Dir: Henry King Cast:  Tyrone Power , Maureen O'Hara , Laird Cregar . C-85 mins, CC, 
6:30 PM  Spanish Main, The (1945)  
  Dutch rebels in the Caribbean turn pirate and kidnap the corrupt Spanish governor's bride-to-be.
Dir: Frank Borzage Cast:  Maureen O'Hara , Paul Henreid , Walter Slezak . C-101 mins, CC, 
8:15 PM  Sinbad The Sailor (1947)  
  The Arabian Nights hero sets off to find the lost treasure of Alexander the Great.
Dir: Richard Wallace Cast:  Douglas Fairbanks Jr. , Maureen O'Hara , Walter Slezak . C-117 mins, CC, 
10:15 PM  At Sword's Point (1951)  
  The children of the Three Musketeers swing into action against a traitor.
Dir: Lewis Allen Cast:  Cornel Wilde , Maureen O'Hara , Robert Douglas . C-81 mins, CC, 
11:45 PM  Three Musketeers, The (1935)  
  Alexandre Dumas's classic swashbuckler about a young guardsman fighting for the queen's honor.
Dir: Rowland V. Lee Cast:  Walter Abel , Paul Lukas , Margot Grahame . BW-96 mins, CC, 
1:30 AM  Modern Musketeer, A (1917)  
  A young man from Kansas is inspired by the legendary Three Musketeers.
Dir: Allan Dwan Cast:  Douglas Fairbanks , Marjorie Daw , Kathleen Kirkham . BW-69 mins, 
16 Wednesday  
3:00 AM  Tip-Off, The (1932)  
  A dim-witted boxer helps a naive friend romance a gangster's girl
Dir: Albert Rogell Cast:  Eddie Quillan , Robert Armstrong , Ginger Rogers . BW-71 mins, 
4:15 AM  You Said A Mouthful (1932)  
  To sell his unsinkable bathing suit, an inventor passes himself off as a championship swimmer.
Dir: Lloyd Bacon Cast:  Joe E. Brown , Ginger Rogers , Preston S. Foster . BW-70 mins, 
5:30 AM  Finishing School (1934)  
  A boarding-school girl has to cope with family problems and puppy love.
Dir: Wanda Tuchock Cast:  Frances Dee , Billie Burke , Ginger Rogers . BW-73 mins, 
6:45 AM  First Traveling Saleslady, The (1956)  
  A corset designer takes a job selling barbed wire in the wild West.
Dir: Arthur Lubin Cast:  Ginger Rogers , Barry Nelson , Carol Channing . C-92 mins, CC, 
8:30 AM  Hollywood: The Dream Factory (1972)  
  Dick Cavett narrates this documentary about the MGM auction and the studio's glorious history.
C-51 mins, CC, 
9:30 AM  Jeopardy (1953)  
  A woman desperately seeks help to prevent her trapped husband from drowning.
Dir: John Sturges Cast:  Barbara Stanwyck , Barry Sullivan , Ralph Meeker . BW-69 mins, CC, 
10:45 AM  Witness To Murder (1954)  
  A woman fights to convince the police that she witnessed a murder.
Dir: Roy Rowland Cast:  Barbara Stanwyck , George Sanders , Gary Merrill . BW-82 mins, 
12:15 PM  These Wilder Years (1956)  
  A wealthy businessman sets out to find his long-lost illegitimate son.
Dir: Roy Rowland Cast:  James Cagney , Barbara Stanwyck , Walter Pidgeon . BW-91 mins, CC, 
2:00 PM  Crime Of Passion (1957)  
  An executive's wife barters sex for her husband's business success.
Dir: Gerd Oswald Cast:  Barbara Stanwyck , Sterling Hayden , Raymond Burr . BW-86 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
3:30 PM  Trooper Hook (1957)  
  A woman returns from Indian captivity to find herself an outcast.
Dir: Charles Marquis Warren Cast:  Joel McCrea , Barbara Stanwyck , Earl Holliman . BW-82 mins, CC, 
5:00 PM  Fanny (1961)  
  An old waterfront character tries to help his daughter when her lover leaves her pregnant.
Dir: Joshua Logan Cast:  Leslie Caron , Maurice Chevalier , Charles Boyer . C-134 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
7:30 PM  Bitter Tea of General Yen, The (1932)  
  An American missionary falls in love with a Chinese warlord.
Dir: Frank R. Capra Cast:  Barbara Stanwyck , Nils Asther , Toshia Mori . BW-87 mins, CC, 
9:15 PM  Experiment Perilous (1944)  
  A small-town doctor tries to help a beautiful woman with a deranged husband.
Dir: Jacques Tourneur Cast:  Hedy Lamarr , George Brent , Paul Lukas . BW-91 mins, CC, 
11:00 PM  Yolanda And The Thief (1945)  
  A con man poses as a Latin American heiress' guardian angel.
Dir: Vincente Minnelli Cast:  Fred Astaire , Lucille Bremer , Frank Morgan . C-108 mins, CC, 
1:00 AM  Dark Delusion (1947)  
  A young doctor tries to keep a neurotic beauty from being committed.
Dir: Willis Goldbeck Cast:  Lionel Barrymore , James Craig , Lucille Bremer . BW-90 mins, 
2:30 AM  MGM Parade Show #30 (1955)  
  Walter Pidgeon discusses Greta Garbo's early career; Irene Papas introduces behind-the-scenes footage 
from "Tribute to a Badman." BW-25 mins, 
17 Thursday  
3:00 AM  Taxi! (1932)  
  A feisty independent cab driver fights off a crooked syndicate.
Dir: Roy Del Ruth Cast:  James Cagney , Loretta Young , George E. Stone . BW-69 mins, CC, 
4:15 AM  Winner Take All (1932)  
  A prize fighter tries to help an invalid and her baby.
Dir: Roy Del Ruth Cast:  James Cagney , Marian Nixon , Guy Kibbee . BW-66 mins, CC, 
5:30 AM  Footlight Parade (1933)  
  A producer fights labor problems, financiers and his greedy ex-wife to put on a show.
Dir: Lloyd Bacon Cast:  James Cagney , Joan Blondell , Ruby Keeler . BW-104 mins, CC, 
7:30 AM  Hard To Handle (1933)  
  A hustling public relations man promotes a series of fads.
Dir: Mervyn LeRoy Cast:  James Cagney , Mary Brian , Allen Jenkins . BW-78 mins, CC, 
9:00 AM  Lady Killer (1933)  
  A criminal on the run becomes a Hollywood movie star.
Dir: Roy Del Ruth Cast:  James Cagney , Mae Clarke , Margaret Lindsay . BW-76 mins, CC, 
10:30 AM  Mayor Of Hell, The (1933)  
  A racketeer goes straight to run a reform school.
Dir: Archie Mayo Cast:  James Cagney , Madge Evans , Arthur Byron . BW-90 mins, CC, 
12:15 PM  Picture Snatcher (1933)  
  An ex-con brings his crooked ways to a job as a news photographer.
Dir: Lloyd Bacon Cast:  James Cagney , Ralph Bellamy , Patricia Ellis . BW-77 mins, CC, 
1:45 PM  Here Comes the Navy (1934)  
  A cocky naval cadet clashes with an old friend serving with him.
Dir: Lloyd Bacon Cast:  James Cagney , Pat O'Brien , Gloria Stuart . BW-87 mins, CC, 
3:15 PM  Jimmy The Gent (1934)  
  An unscrupulous detective makes a killing locating missing heirs.
Dir: Michael Curtiz Cast:  James Cagney , Bette Davis , Allen Jenkins . BW-68 mins, CC, 
4:30 PM  MGM Parade Show #30 (1955)  
  Walter Pidgeon discusses Greta Garbo's early career; Irene Papas introduces behind-the-scenes footage 
from "Tribute to a Badman." BW-25 mins,  
5:00 PM  Criminal Code, The (1931)  
  A convict trying to reform is torn between conflicting loyalties when he witnesses a murder behind bars. 
Dir: Howard Hawks Cast:  Walter Huston , Phillips Holmes , Constance Cummings . BW-96 mins, CC, 
7:00 PM  Convicted (1950)  
  A prison warden fights to prove one of his inmates was wrongly convicted.
Dir: Henry Levin Cast:  Glenn Ford , Broderick Crawford , Millard Mitchell . BW-91 mins, CC, 
9:00 PM  Scarface (1932)  
  A murderous thug shoots his way to the top of the mobs while trying to protect his sister from the criminal life.
Dir: Howard Hawks Cast:  Paul Muni , Ann Dvorak , Karen Morley . BW-94 mins, CC, 
11:00 PM  Scarface (1983)  
  A determined Cuban immigrant takes over a drug cartel while succumbing to greed in this adaptation of "Scarface" (1932)
Dir: Brian De Palma Cast:  Al Pacino , Steven Bauer , Michelle Pfeiffer . C-170 mins, Letterbox Format 
2:00 AM  TCM Presents Elvis Mitchell Under the Influence: John Leguizamo (2008)  
  Celebrities reveal the classic movies that influenced their lives in interviews with acclaimed 
film critic/interviewer Elvis Mitchell. C-28 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
2:30 AM  TCM Presents Elvis Mitchell Under the Influence: Laurence Fishburne (2008)  
  Celebrities reveal the classic movies that influenced their lives in interviews with acclaimed 
film critic/interviewer Elvis Mitchell. C-27 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
18 Friday  
3:00 AM  J'Accuse (1919)  
  In this silent film, a soldier meets his wife's lover in the trenches during World War I.
Dir: Abel Gance Cast:  Severin-Mars , BW-166 mins, 
6:00 AM  Today We Live (1933)  
  An aristocratic English girl's tangled love life creates havoc during World War I.
Dir: Howard Hawks Cast:  Joan Crawford , Gary Cooper , Robert Young . BW-113 mins, CC, 
8:00 AM  Farewell To Arms, A (1932)  
  An American serving in World War I falls for a spirited nurse.
Dir: Frank Borzage Cast:  Helen Hayes , Gary Cooper , Adolphe Menjou . BW-89 mins, CC, 
9:30 AM  Stamboul Quest (1934)  
  A notorious enemy spy falls for an American medical student during World War I.
Dir: Sam Wood Cast:  Myrna Loy , George Brent , Lionel Atwill . BW-86 mins, CC, 
11:00 AM  Ever In My Heart (1933)  
  During World War I, a woman suspects her husband of being a German spy.
Dir: Archie Mayo Cast:  Barbara Stanwyck , Otto Kruger , Ralph Bellamy . BW-68 mins, CC, 
12:15 PM  British Intelligence (1940)  
  A lady spy uses a British nobleman's home in her undercover work for the Germans.
Dir: Terry Morse Cast:  Boris Karloff , Margaret Lindsay , Bruce Lester . BW-61 mins, CC, 
1:30 PM  Dark Journey (1937)  
  Rival spies fall in love during World War I.
Dir: Victor Saville Cast:  Conrad Veidt , Vivien Leigh , Joan Gardner . BW-79 mins, CC, 
3:00 PM  Rendezvous (1935)  
  A decoding expert tangles with enemy spies.
Dir: William K. Howard Cast:  William Powell , Rosalind Russell , Binnie Barnes . BW-94 mins, CC, 
5:00 PM  Lawrence of Arabia (1962)  
  A British military officer enlists the Arabs for desert warfare in World War I.
Dir: David Lean Cast:  Peter O'Toole , Alec Guinness , Anthony Quinn . C-227 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
9:00 PM  Gallipoli (1981)  
  Two Australian sprinters face the brutal realities of war when they are sent to fight in World War I.
Dir: Peter Weir Cast:  Mel Gibson , Bill Kerr , Diane Chamberlain . C-112 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
11:00 PM  Grand Illusion (1937)  
  French POWs fight to escape their German captors during World War I.
Dir: Jean Renoir Cast:  Jean Gabin , Pierre Fresnay , Marcel Dalio . BW-113 mins, 
1:00 AM  King & Country (1964)  
  A British soldier, charged with desertion, is defended by an officer who despises his actions until he 
finds out there is more to the case than meets the eye. Dir: Joseph Losey 
Cast:  Dirk Bogarde , Tom Courtenay , Leo McKern . BW-87 mins, 
19 Saturday  
3:00 AM  Southern Yankee, A (1948)  
  A bellboy masquerades as a spy and lands behind enemy lines during the Civil War.
Dir: Edward Sedgwick Cast:  Red Skelton , Brian Donlevy , Arlene Dahl . BW-91 mins, CC, 
4:30 AM  Watch the Birdie (1951)  
  A photographer falls for a rich girl and gets mixed up with crooks.
Dir: Jack Donohue Cast:  Red Skelton , Arlene Dahl , Ann Miller . BW-71 mins, CC, 
5:45 AM  Texas Carnival (1951)  
  A penniless carnival worker runs up a mountain of debts when he's mistaken for a millionaire.
Dir: Charles Walters Cast:  Esther Williams , Red Skelton , Howard Keel . C-77 mins, CC, 
7:15 AM  Carson on TCM: Red Skelton (12/6/83) (2013)  
  TCM presents an interview from The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson, with Red Skelton from 12/6/83.
C-10 mins, CC, 
7:45 AM  Nancy Drew...Trouble Shooter (1939)  
  A teen-aged sleuth tries to clear one of her father's friends of a murder charge.
Dir: William Clemens Cast:  Bonita Granville , Frankie Thomas , John Litel . BW-68 mins, 
9:00 AM  Wasp Woman, The (1959)  
  A cosmetics executive's search for eternal beauty turn her into a monster.
Dir: Roger Corman Cast:  Susan Cabot , Fred Eisley , Barboura Morris . BW-61 mins, 
10:15 AM  Raintree County (1957)  
  In this sumptuous Civil War story, a willful southern belle goes mad out of fear that she may be part black.
Dir: Edward Dmytryk Cast:  Montgomery Clift , Elizabeth Taylor , Eva Marie Saint . C-173 mins, CC, Letterbox 
1:15 PM  Bad Day At Black Rock (1955)  
  A one-armed veteran uncovers small-town secrets when he tries to visit an Asian-American war hero's family.
Dir: John Sturges Cast:  Spencer Tracy , Robert Ryan , Anne Francis . C-82 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
2:45 PM  Captain Horatio Hornblower (1951)  
  The famed 19th century hero defeats enemy fleets and courts an admiral's widow.
Dir: Raoul Walsh Cast:  Gregory Peck , Virginia Mayo , Robert Beatty . C-117 mins, CC, 
5:00 PM  Sugarland Express, The (1974)  
  An ex-convict springs her husband from prison to keep their child from being adopted.
Dir: Steven Spielberg Cast:  Goldie Hawn , Ben Johnson , William Atherton . C-110 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
7:00 PM  AFI's Master Class - The Art of Collaboration: Spielberg-Williams (2011)  
  The composer and the director discuss their work. C-52 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
8:00 PM  Man Who Loved Cat Dancing, The (1973)  
  A kidnapped woman joins forces with her captors in the old West.
Dir: Richard C. Sarafian Cast:  Burt Reynolds , Sarah Miles , Lee J. Cobb . C-123 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
11:00 PM  Visitor, The (1979)  
  A young girl with telekinetic powers becomes the center of a battle between good and evil.
Dir: Michael J Paradise Cast:  Mel Ferrer , Glenn Ford , Lance Henriksen . C-109 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
12:45 AM  Tentacles (1977)  
  A giant octopus attacks a seaside resort.
Dir: Ovidio G Assonitis Cast:  Shelley Winters , Henry Fonda , Bo Hopkins . C-102 mins, Letterbox Format 
2:30 AM  Perversion For Profit (1965)  
  This anti-porn short film shows a floodtide of filth engulfing the country in the form of newsstand obscenity.
Cast:  Damian O'Flynn , C-31 mins, 
20 Sunday  
3:00 AM  Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo (1944)  
  General Jimmy Doolittle trains American troops for the first airborne attacks on Japan.
Dir: Mervyn LeRoy Cast:  Van Johnson , Robert Walker , Tim Murdock . BW-138 mins, CC, 
5:30 AM  Woman Against The World (1938)  
  A young widow faces numerous trials and hardships in her quest to keep and support her child.
Dir: David Selman Cast:  Alice Moore , Edgar Edwards , RALPH MASTERS . BW-66 mins, 
7:00 AM  Lifeboat (1944)  
  Survivors of a torpedoed boat take in a German Naval officer from the sub that sank them.
Dir: Alfred Hitchcock Cast:  Tallulah Bankhead , William Bendix , Walter Slezak . BW-97 mins, CC, 
9:00 AM  Rome Adventure (1962)  
  A rebellious teacher moves to Rome and finds love.
Dir: Delmer Daves Cast:  Troy Donahue , Angie Dickinson , Rossano Brazzi . C-119 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
11:15 AM  His Girl Friday (1940)  
  An unscrupulous editor plots to keep his star reporter-and ex-wife-from re-marrying.
Dir: Howard Hawks Cast:  Cary Grant , Rosalind Russell , Ralph Bellamy . BW-92 mins, CC, 
1:00 PM  Patch Of Blue, A (1965)  
  A blind white girl falls in love with a black man.
Dir: Guy Green Cast:  Sidney Poitier , Shelley Winters , Elizabeth Hartman . BW-105 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
3:00 PM  Night Of The Hunter, The (1955)  
  A bogus preacher marries an outlaw's widow in search of the man's hidden loot.
Dir: Charles Laughton Cast:  Robert Mitchum , Shelley Winters , Lillian Gish . BW-93 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
5:00 PM  Immigrant, The (1917)  
  An immigrant gets into a variety of scrapes on the road to the U.S. in this silent short comedy.
Cast:  Charles Chaplin , Edna Purviance , Tom Harrington . BW-25 mins, 
5:00 PM  Coney Island (1917)  
  In this silent short, a vacationing man tries to evade his wife until another man goes after her.
Dir: Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle Cast:  Buster Keaton , BW-26 mins, 
5:00 PM  Never Weaken (1921)  
  In this silent short film, a young man thwarted in love stumbles through a series of bungled suicide attempts. 
BW-29 mins, 
5:00 PM  Two Tars (1928)  
  Two sailors on shore leave get caught in a massive traffic jam in this short silent comedy. BW-22 mins, 
7:00 PM  Gold Rush, The (1925)  
  In this silent film, a lost soul in the Yukon seeks love and wealth.
Dir: Charlie Chaplin Cast:  Mack Swain , Tom Murray , Georgia Hale . BW-89 mins, 
9:00 PM  Court House Crooks (1915)  
  In this silent short film, a judge undergoes various trials and travails when his wife insists to buy a present
to celebrate their second marriage. Dir: Ford Sterling Cast:  Patrick Kelly, Minta Durfee, Doris Baker. BW-23 mins
9:00 PM  Submarine Pirate, A (1915)  
  In this short silent comedy, a waiter attempts to thwart a robbery led by a submarine pirate and steal 
the money for himself. Dir: Charles Avery Cast:  Sydney Chaplin , Glen Cavender , Wesley Ruggles . BW-24 mins, 
9:00 PM  Look Pleasant, Please (1918)  
  An innocent man gets mixed up with a perverted photographer in this silent short comedy.
Dir: Alfred J. Goulding Cast:  William Gillespie , Irene Tyner , Harry Burns . BW-10 mins, 
9:00 PM  Captain Kidd's Kids (1919)  
  After a wild bachelor party, a boy finds himself aboard a sailing vessel where he encounters numerous
adventures in this short film. Dir: Hal Roach Cast:  Sammy Brooks , Fred Newmeyer , Noah Young . BW-19 mins
9:00 PM  Take a Chance (1918)  
  Comedian Harold Lloyd gets mixed up with an escaped convict in this silent short film.
Dir: Alfred J. Goulding Cast:  Bud Jamison , William Petterson , Harry Burns . BW-11 mins, 
11:00 PM  World on a Wire (1973)  
  A cybernetics engineer uncovers a conspiracy in a corporation specializing in virtual reality.
Dir: Rainer Werner Fassbinder Cast:  Klaus Lowitsch , Mascha Rabben , Karl-Heinz Vosgerau . C-213 mins, 
21 Monday  
3:00 AM  Come on Danger! (1932)  
  A woman turns outlaw to save her ranch.
Dir: Robert Hill Cast:  Tom Keene , Julie Haydon , Rosco Ates . BW-54 mins, 
4:00 AM  Just a Gigolo (1931)  
  To escape gold diggers, a British lord pretends to be a gigolo.
Dir: Jack Conway Cast:  William Haines , Irene Purcell , C. Aubrey Smith . BW-66 mins, 
5:15 AM  Man In Possession, The (1931)  
  An out-of-luck heiress falls for the man appointed to dispose of her property.
Dir: Sam Wood Cast:  Robert Montgomery , Charlotte Greenwood , Irene Purcell . BW-85 mins, 
6:45 AM  Jalna (1935)  
  A young bride struggles to cope with the tangled relationships on her husband's Canadian estate.
Dir: John Cromwell Cast:  Kay Johnson , Ian Hunter , C. Aubrey Smith . BW-78 mins, CC, 
8:15 AM  Florentine Dagger, The (1935)  
  A playwright descended from the Borgias becomes a murder suspect.
Dir: Robert Florey Cast:  Donald Woods , Margaret Lindsay , C. Aubrey Smith . BW-69 mins, 
9:30 AM  Free and Easy (1941)  
  A father and son compete in the search for rich wives.
Dir: George Sidney Cast:  Robert Cummings , Ruth Hussey , Judith Anderson . BW-56 mins, CC, 
10:30 AM  Ideal Husband, An (1947)  
  An upstanding politician is haunted by his past when a blackmailer threatens to reveal a youthful indiscretion.
Dir: Alexander Korda Cast:  Paulette Goddard , Hugh Williams , Michael Wilding . C-93 mins, CC, 
12:15 PM  MGM Parade Show #30 (1955)  
  Walter Pidgeon discusses Greta Garbo's early career; Irene Papas introduces behind-the-scenes 
footage from "Tribute to a Badman." BW-25 mins, 
12:45 PM  Night Spot (1938)  
  An undercover cop tries to catch a gang of jewel thieves at a high-society nightclub.
Dir: Christy Cabanne Cast:  Parkyakarkus , Allan Lane , Gordon Jones . BW-60 mins, 
2:00 PM  I Married A Witch (1942)  
  A 300-year-old witch wreaks havoc when she falls in love with a young politician, inspiration for Bewitched.
Dir: René Clair Cast:  Fredric March , Veronica Lake , Robert Benchley . BW-77 mins, CC, 
3:30 PM  Ghost Goes West, The (1936)  
  An American millionaire moves a Scottish castle to Florida, not realizing it's haunted.
Dir: René Clair Cast:  Robert Donat , Jean Parker , Eugene Pallette . BW-82 mins, 
5:00 PM  And Then There Were None (1945)  
  Guests at a remote island mansion realize a crazed killer is stalking them.
Dir: René Clair Cast:  Barry Fitzgerald , Walter Huston , Louis Hayward . BW-97 mins, 
7:00 PM  Evil Under The Sun (1982)  
  A detective trying to solve a case finds himself on an exclusive island frequented by the rich and famous. 
Dir: Guy Hamilton Cast:  Peter Ustinov , Colin Blakely , Jane Birkin . C-117 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
9:00 PM  Murder She Said (1961)  
  When nobody will believe she witnessed a murder, elderly sleuth Miss Marple takes a job as a maid to ferret out clues.
Dir: George Pollock Cast:  Margaret Rutherford , Arthur Kennedy , Muriel Pavlow . BW-86 mins, CC, Letterbox  
10:30 PM  Ten Little Indians (1966)  
  Party guests at a remote mansion have been brought together to pay for past crimes.
Dir: George Pollock Cast:  Hugh O'Brian , Shirley Eaton , Fabian . C-90 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
12:30 AM  Witness For The Prosecution (1958)  
  A British lawyer gets caught up in a couple's tangled marital affairs when he defends the husband for murder.
Dir: Billy Wilder Cast:  Tyrone Power , Marlene Dietrich , Charles Laughton . BW-116 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
2:30 AM  MGM Parade Show #30 (1955)  
  Walter Pidgeon discusses Greta Garbo's early career; Irene Papas introduces behind-the-scenes 
footage from "Tribute to a Badman." BW-25 mins, 
22 Tuesday  
3:00 AM  TCM Presents Elvis Mitchell Under the Influence: Sydney Pollack (2008)  
  Celebrities reveal the classic movies that influenced their lives in interviews with acclaimed 
film critic/interviewer Elvis Mitchell. C-28 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
3:45 AM  Return of the Badmen (1948)  
  A farmer falls for the female leader of a band of notorious outlaws.
Dir: Ray Enright Cast:  Randolph Scott , Robert Ryan , Anne Jeffreys . BW-90 mins, CC, 
5:30 AM  Two Guys From Texas (1948)  
  Two vaudevillians on the run from crooks try to pass themselves off as cowboys.
Dir: David Butler Cast:  Dennis Morgan , Jack Carson , Dorothy Malone . C-86 mins, CC, 
7:00 AM  Station West (1948)  
  A federal agent takes on a gang of gold thieves.
Dir: Sidney Lanfield Cast:  Dick Powell , Jane Greer , Agnes Moorehead . BW-80 mins, CC, 
8:45 AM  Silver River (1948)  
  A ruthless gambler's rise to power is cut short by character flaws.
Dir: Raoul Walsh Cast:  Errol Flynn , Ann Sheridan , Thomas Mitchell . BW-109 mins, CC, 
10:45 AM  3 Godfathers (1948)  
  Three outlaws on the run risk their freedom and their lives to return a newborn to civilization.
Dir: John Ford Cast:  John Wayne , Pedro Armendariz , Harry Carey Jr. C-106 mins, CC, 
12:45 PM  Blood On The Moon (1948)  
  A gunslinger hired to drive off a rancher falls in love with the man's daughter.
Dir: Robert Wise Cast:  Robert Mitchum , Barbara Bel Geddes , Robert Preston . BW-88 mins, CC, 
2:15 PM  Rachel And The Stranger (1948)  
  A mail-order bride finds herself attracted to a handsome drifter.
Dir: Norman Foster Cast:  Loretta Young , William Holden , Robert Mitchum . BW-79 mins, CC, 
3:45 PM  Dick Cavett Show, The: Robert Mitchum (1971)  
  Robert Mitchum appears on The Dick Cavett Show in an interview that originally aired on April 29, 1971.
C-66 mins, CC, 
5:00 PM  Immortal Sergeant (1943)  
  During WWII, a corporal in the desert reminisces about the love he left behind and faces uncertainty about 
his strength as a leader. Dir: John M. Stahl Cast:  Henry Fonda , Maureen O'Hara , Thomas Mitchell . BW-91 mins, 
6:45 PM  Buffalo Bill (1944)  
  This film follows the legendary story of William "Buffalo Bill" Cody, from buffalo hunter to wild west showman.
Dir: William A. Wellman Cast:  Joel McCrea , Maureen O'Hara , Linda Darnell . C-90 mins, 
8:30 PM  McLintock! (1963)  
  A cattle baron fights to tame the West and his estranged wife.
Dir: Andrew V. McLaglen Cast:  John Wayne , Maureen O'Hara , Patrick Wayne . C-122 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
10:45 PM  Deadly Companions, The (1961)  
  To make amends for killing a man, a Civil War veteran accompanies his corpse through dangerous territory.
Dir: Sam Peckinpah Cast:  Maureen O'Hara , Brian Keith , Steve Cochran . C-93 mins, Letterbox Format 
12:30 AM  Wings of Eagles, The (1957)  
  Biography of Frank "Spig" Wead, the pioneer aviator who turned to writing after being grounded by an accident.
Dir: John Ford Cast:  John Wayne , Dan Dailey , Maureen O'Hara . C-110 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
2:30 AM  Long Gray Line, The (1955)  
  An Irish immigrant becomes one of West Point's most beloved officers.
Dir: John Ford Cast:  Tyrone Power , Maureen O'Hara , Robert Francis . C-137 mins, Letterbox Format

23 Wednesday  
5:00 AM  It May Happen To You (1937)  
  In this short film, mobsters convince a meat packing company employee to help them hijack a truckload of beef.
Dir: Harold S. Bucquet Cast:  George Magrill , Dick Rich , Clarence Wilson . BW-21 mins, 
5:30 AM  Hollywood Hotel (1938)  
  A small-town boy wins a Hollywood talent contest.
Dir: Busby Berkeley Cast:  Dick Powell , Rosemary Lane , Lola Lane . BW-110 mins, CC, 
7:30 AM  Naughty But Nice (1939)  
  A college professor turns songwriter and falls for his lyricist.
Dir: Ray Enright Cast:  Ann Sheridan , Dick Powell , Gale Page . BW-89 mins, 
9:15 AM  Broadway Melody Of 1940 (1940)  
  A vaudeville team breaks up when both men fall for the same gorgeous hoofer.
Dir: Norman Taurog Cast:  Fred Astaire , Eleanor Powell , George Murphy . BW-102 mins, CC, 
11:00 AM  Lady Be Good (1941)  
  Married songwriters almost split up while putting on a big show.
Dir: Norman Z. McLeod Cast:  Eleanor Powell , Ann Sothern , Robert Young . BW-112 mins, CC, 
1:00 PM  Date With Judy, A (1948)  
  A teenager thinks her grandfather is involved with a fiery Latin singer.
Dir: Richard Thorpe Cast:  Wallace Beery , Jane Powell , Elizabeth Taylor . C-113 mins, CC, 
3:00 PM  Three Daring Daughters (1948)  
  Three young girls try to help their widowed mother find the right husband.
Dir: Fred M. Wilcox Cast:  Jeanette MacDonald , José Iturbi , Jane Powell . C-115 mins, CC, 
5:00 PM  Bullitt (1968)  
  When mobsters kill the witness he was assigned to protect, a dedicated policeman investigates the case on his own.
Dir: Peter Yates Cast:  Steve McQueen , Robert Vaughn , Jacqueline Bisset . C-114 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
7:15 PM  Treasure of the Sierra Madre, The (1948)  
  Three prospectors fight off bandits and each other after striking-it-rich in the Mexican mountains.
Dir: John Huston Cast:  Humphrey Bogart , Walter Huston , Tim Holt . BW-126 mins, CC, 
9:30 PM  Belle de jour (1967)  
  A frigid young housewife decides to spend her midweek afternoons as a prostitute.
Dir: Luis Buñuel Cast:  Catherine Deneuve , Jean Sorel , Geneviève Page . C-100 mins, Letterbox Format 
11:15 PM  Blow-Up (1966)  
  A photographer discovers a murder in the background of a candid photo.
Dir: Michelangelo Antonioni Cast:  Vanessa Redgrave , Sarah Miles , David Hemmings . 
C-111 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
1:15 AM  La Notte (1961)  
  A successful writer and his wife face the meaninglessness of their relationship during a night of wild partying.
Dir: Michelangelo Antonioni Cast:  Jeanne Moreau , Marcello Mastroianni , Monica Vitti . BW-115 mins, Letterbox

 24 Thursday  
3:15 AM  Kiss, The (1929)  
  A woman's generosity to an amorous youth leads to tragedy.
Dir: Jacques Feyder Cast:  Greta Garbo , Conrad Nagel , Anders Randolf . BW-62 mins, 
4:30 AM  Last of Mrs. Cheyney, The (1929)  
  A chic jewel thief in England falls in love with one of her marks.
Dir: Sidney Franklin Cast:  Norma Shearer , Basil Rathbone , George Barraud . BW-94 mins, 
6:30 AM  Wise Girls (1929)  
  A sheepish plumber gets conned into a marriage scheme.
Dir: E. Mason Hopper Cast:  Elliott Nugent , Norma Lee , Roland Young . BW-98 mins, 
8:15 AM  Strictly Unconventional (1930)  
  A woman looks up her philandering mother-in-law for advice on adultery .
Dir: David Burton Cast:  Catherine Dale Owen , Paul Cavanagh , Tyrrell Davis . BW-55 mins, 
9:15 AM  Lovers Courageous (1932)  
  A failed playwright falls for an admiral's daughter.
Dir: Robert Z. Leonard Cast:  Robert Montgomery , Madge Evans , Roland Young . BW-77 mins, 
10:45 AM  White Sister, The (1933)  
  A noblewoman becomes a nun when she thinks her lover is killed during the war.
Dir: Victor Fleming Cast:  Helen Hayes , Clark Gable , Lewis Stone . BW-106 mins, CC, 
12:45 PM  Beg, Borrow Or Steal (1937)  
  Con men on the Riviera live by their wits.
Dir: William Thiele Cast:  Frank Morgan , Florence Rice , John Beal . BW-72 mins, CC, 
2:00 PM  Personal Property (1937)  
  The bailiff charged with disposing of a financially strapped widow's estate pretends to be her butler.
Dir: W. S. Van Dyke II Cast:  Jean Harlow , Robert Taylor , Reginald Owen . BW-84 mins, 
3:30 PM  Stronger Than Desire (1939)  
  A lawyer's wife keeps mum as her husband defends an innocent woman for the crime she committed.
Dir: Leslie Fenton Cast:  Virginia Bruce , Walter Pidgeon , Lee Bowman . BW-78 mins, CC, 
5:00 PM  Lust For Life (1956)  
  Passionate biography of painter Vincent van Gogh, whose genius drove him mad.
Dir: Vincente Minnelli Cast:  Kirk Douglas , Anthony Quinn , James Donald . C-122 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
7:15 PM  Kirk Douglas: Before I Forget (2009)  
  Kirk Douglas shares stories about his life, his family, his work, and his philosophy in this documentary.
C-86 mins, 
9:00 PM  Young Man With a Horn (1950)  
  A young trumpet player is torn between an honest singer and a manipulative heiress.
Dir: Michael Curtiz Cast:  Kirk Douglas , Lauren Bacall , Doris Day . BW-112 mins, CC, 
11:00 PM  Out of the Past (1947)  
  A private eye becomes the dupe of a homicidal moll.
Dir: Jacques Tourneur Cast:  Robert Mitchum , Jane Greer , Kirk Douglas . BW-97 mins, CC, 
1:00 AM  Hook, The (1963)  
  Three soldiers in Korea go through inner torment when they're ordered to execute an enemy soldier.
Dir: George Seaton Cast:  Kirk Douglas , Robert Walker Jr. , Nick Adams . BW-98 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
25 Friday  
3:00 AM  Last Flight, The (1931)  
  Four disillusioned Army buddies roam post-WWI Europe.
Dir: William Dieterle Cast:  Richard Barthelmess , David Manners , John Mack Brown . BW-76 mins, 
4:30 AM  Heroes For Sale (1933)  
  A veteran fights drug addiction to make his way in the business world.
Dir: William A. Wellman Cast:  Richard Barthelmess , Aline MacMahon , Loretta Young . BW-71 mins, CC, 
5:45 AM  They Gave Him A Gun (1937)  
  With no other prospects, a World War I veteran turns to crime.
Dir: W. S. Van Dyke II Cast:  Spencer Tracy , Gladys George , Franchot Tone . BW-95 mins, CC, 
7:30 AM  Marianne (1929)  
  Two American soldiers fall for the same French girl during World War I.
Dir: Robert Z. Leonard Cast:  George Baxter , Lawrence Gray , Cliff Edwards . BW-111 mins, 
9:30 AM  Shopworn Angel, The (1938)  
  A showgirl gives up life in the fast lane for a young soldier on his way to fight World War I.
Dir: H. C. Potter Cast:  Margaret Sullavan , James Stewart , Walter Pidgeon . BW-85 mins, CC, 
11:00 AM  Better 'Ole, The (1926)  
  In this silent film, friends face misadventures during World War I
Dir: Charles Reisner Cast:  Sydney Chaplin , Doris Hill , Harold Goodwin . BW-95 mins, 
12:45 PM  Shoulder Arms (1918)  
  In this silent film, a private fresh out of boot camp accepts a daring mission behind enemy lines.
Dir: Charles Chaplin Cast:  Charles Chaplin , BW-38 mins, 
1:30 PM  Doughboys (1930)  
  A young eccentric joins the Army and tries to outwit his temperamental sergeant.
Dir: Edward Sedgwick Cast:  Buster Keaton , Sally Eilers , Cliff Edwards . BW-80 mins, CC, 
3:00 PM  King Of Hearts (1966)  
  During World War I, a Scottish soldier finds an abandoned town ruled by whimsical lunatics.
Dir: Philippe de Broca Cast:  Alan Bates , Pierre Brasseur , Jean-Claude Brialy . C-102 mins, Letterbox Format 
5:00 PM  Random Harvest (1942)  
  A woman's happiness is threatened when she discovers her husband has been suffering from amnesia.
Dir: Mervyn LeRoy Cast:  Ronald Colman , Greer Garson , Philip Dorn . BW-127 mins, CC, 
7:15 PM  Waterloo Bridge (1940)  
  A ballerina turns to prostitution when her fiance is reported killed in World War I.
Dir: Mervyn LeRoy Cast:  Vivien Leigh , Robert Taylor , Lucile Watson . BW-109 mins, CC, 
9:15 PM  Oh! What A Lovely War (1969)  
  This film offers a series of vignettes based on British involvement in WWI, as seen through the eyes of a
working-class family. Dir: Richard Attenborough Cast:  Ralph Richardson, Meriel Forbes, Wensley Pithey. C-144 mins
11:45 PM  Mata Hari (1931)  
  Romantic biography of World War I's notorious lady spy.
Dir: George Fitzmaurice Cast:  Greta Garbo , Ramon Novarro , Lionel Barrymore . BW-89 mins, CC, 
1:30 AM  After Tonight (1933)  
  A female Russian spy falls for the enemy during WWI.
Dir: George Archainbaud Cast:  Constance Bennett , Gilbert Roland , Edward Ellis . BW-71 mins, 
26 Saturday  
3:00 AM  Julius Caesar (1953)  
  An all-star adaptation of Shakespeare's classic about Julius Caesar's assassination and its aftermath.
Dir: Joseph L. Mankiewicz Cast:  John Doucette , George Macready , Michael Pate . BW-121 mins, CC, 
5:15 AM  Last Days of Pompeii, The (1935)  
  A blacksmith's rise to wealth and power is jeopardized by his son's Christianity and the eruption of Vesuvius.
Dir: Ernest B. Schoedsack Cast:  Preston Foster , Alan Hale , Basil Rathbone . BW-96 mins, 
7:15 AM  Carson on TCM: Dudley Moore (5/18/79) (2013)  
  TCM presents an interview from The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson, with Dudley Moore from 5/18/79.
C-10 mins, CC, 
7:45 AM  Nancy Drew And The Hidden Staircase (1939)  
  A teen-aged sleuth helps two old ladies deal with the "haunting" of their mansion.
Dir: William Clemens Cast:  Bonita Granville , Frankie Thomas , John Litel . BW-60 mins, CC, 
9:00 AM  Valley of the Dragons (1961)  
  A comet transports two enemies to a jungle on the moon.
Dir: Edward Bernds Cast:  Cesare Danova , Sean McClory , Joan Staley . BW-82 mins, Letterbox Format 
10:30 AM  Winning Team, The (1952)  
  Baseball great Grover Cleveland Alexander fights his way back from a blinding injury.
Dir: Lewis Seiler Cast:  Doris Day , Ronald Reagan , Frank Lovejoy . BW-98 mins, CC, 
12:15 PM  Nun's Story, The (1959)  
  A headstrong girl fights the strictures of the Catholic church in Europe and the Belgian Congo.
Dir: Fred Zinnemann Cast:  Audrey Hepburn , Peter Finch , Dame Edith Evans . C-152 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
3:00 PM  King Solomon's Mines (1950)  
  A spirited widow hires a daredevil jungle scout to find a lost treasure in diamonds.
Dir: Compton Bennett Cast:  Deborah Kerr , Stewart Granger , Richard Carlson . C-103 mins, CC, 
5:00 PM  Metropolis (1926)  
  In this silent film, a city of the future is threatened with destruction when a wealthy corporate leader
enlists a mad scientist to put down labor reformers. Dir: Fritz Lang Cast:  Brigitte Helm , Alfred Abel , 
Rudolf Klein-Rogge . BW-149 mins, 
7:45 PM  Seventh Cross, The (1944)  
  Seven men escape from a concentration camp and fight their way to freedom.
Dir: Fred Zinnemann Cast:  Spencer Tracy , Signe Hasso , Hume Cronyn . BW-112 mins, CC, 
9:45 PM  Mummy, The (1932)  
  An Egyptian mummy returns to life to stalk the reincarnation of his lost love.
Dir: Karl Freund Cast:  Boris Karloff , Zita Johann , David Manners . BW-73 mins, CC, 
11:15 PM  Spider Baby (1964)  
  Greedy relatives try to repossess the decaying mansion of an inbred Southern family. 
Dir: Jack Hill Cast:  Lon Chaney Jr. , Carol Ohmart , Quinn Redeker . BW-84 mins, Letterbox Format 
12:45 AM  Rain People, The (1969)  
  A housewife who feels trapped leaves home and takes up with a hitchhiker.
Dir: Francis Ford Coppola Cast:  James Caan , Shirley Knight , Robert Duvall . C-101 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
2:30 AM  Time Out for Trouble (1961)  
  The spirit of an evil mantle clock examines various household accidents in this short film.
Dir: David S. Glidden Cast:  Bonnie Hammett , Nancy Clifton , Loren Brown . BW-19 mins, 
27 Sunday  
3:00 AM  Charge Of The Light Brigade, The (1936)  
  Two brothers love the same woman at a perilous Indian outpost.
Dir: Michael Curtiz Cast:  Errol Flynn , Olivia de Havilland , Patric Knowles . BW-115 mins, CC, 
5:00 AM  Fire Over England (1937)  
  A British spy infiltrates the Spanish court to thwart their planned invasion of England.
Dir: William K. Howard Cast:  Flora Robson , Raymond Massey , Leslie Banks . BW-89 mins, 
7:00 AM  Journey, The (1959)  
  A Communist officer falls hard for a married woman trying to escape from Hungary.
Dir: Anatole Litvak Cast:  Deborah Kerr , Yul Brynner , Jason Robards Jr. C-126 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
9:15 AM  Ladykillers, The (1955)  
  An eccentric bandit gang moves into a little old lady's boardinghouse to plot a major heist.
Dir: Alexander Mackendrick Cast:  Alec Guinness , Cecil Parker , Herbert Lom . C-91 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
11:00 AM  Blackboard Jungle (1955)  
  An idealistic teacher confronts the realities of juvenile delinquency.
Dir: Richard Brooks Cast:  Glenn Ford , Anne Francis , Louis Calhern . BW-101 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
1:00 PM  Rebel Without a Cause (1955)  
  An alienated teenager tries to handle life's troubles and an apron-wearing dad.
Dir: Nicholas Ray Cast:  James Dean , Natalie Wood , Sal Mineo . C-111 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
3:00 PM  Magnificent Obsession (1954)  
  A playboy becomes a doctor to right the wrong he's done to a sightless widow.
Dir: Douglas Sirk Cast:  Jane Wyman , Rock Hudson , Agnes Moorehead . C-108 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
5:00 PM  Cat People (1942)  
  A newlywed fears that an ancient curse will turn her into a bloodthirsty beast.
Dir: Jacques Tourneur Cast:  Simone Simon , Tom Conway , Jane Randolph . BW-73 mins, CC, 
6:30 PM  Curse of the Cat People (1944)  
  A lonely child creates an imaginary playmate with surprisingly dangerous results.
Dir: Gunther V. Fritsch Cast:  Simone Simon , Kent Smith , Jane Randolph . BW-70 mins, CC, 
7:45 PM  Martin Scorsese Presents, Val Lewton: The Man In The Shadows (2007)  
  This TCM original documentary looks at the imaginative producer who fashioned a lasting body of beautiful 
and unsettling films on meager budgets. Dir: Kent Jones C-77 mins, CC, 
9:15 PM  Pandora's Box (1928)  
  A young innocent's sexuality destroys all who come near her.
Dir: G. W. Pabst Cast:  Louise Brooks , Fritz Kortner , Daisy D'Ora . BW-134 mins, 
11:45 PM  La Haine (1995)  
  After a youth is tortured by the police, a riot explodes on the streets of Paris in this examination of 
racial tensions in France. Dir: Mathieu Kassovitz Cast:  Vincent Cassel , Hubert Kounde , Said Taghaoui . BW
1:30 AM  Saturday Night and Sunday Morning (1961)  
  A factory worker lives for the chance to have fun on the weekends.
Dir: Karel Reisz Cast:  Albert Finney , Shirley Field , Rachel Roberts . BW-90 mins, CC, 
28 Monday  
3:00 AM  Central Park (1932)  
  Small-town kids out to make it in the big city inadvertently get mixed up with gangsters.
Dir: John G. Adolfi Cast:  Joan Blondell , Wallace Ford , Guy Kibbee . BW-58 mins, CC, 
4:00 AM  Tenderfoot, The (1932)  
  An innocent cowboy sets out to back a Broadway play.
Dir: Ray Enright Cast:  Joe E. Brown , Ginger Rogers , Lew Cody . BW-69 mins, 
5:15 AM  Elmer The Great (1933)  
  A country hick bats his way to baseball stardom.
Dir: Mervyn LeRoy Cast:  Joe E. Brown , Patricia Ellis , Frank McHugh . BW-72 mins, CC, 
6:45 AM  Son Of A Sailor (1933)  
  A lovesick fool bumbles into espionage and finds a stolen plane.
Dir: Lloyd Bacon Cast:  Joe E. Brown , Jean Muir , Frank McHugh . BW-73 mins, 
8:00 AM  6 Day Bike Rider (1934)  
  A young failure tries to impress his girlfriend by entering a bicycle race.
Dir: Lloyd Bacon Cast:  Joe E. Brown , Maxine Doyle , Frank McHugh . BW-69 mins, 
9:15 AM  Circus Clown, The (1934)  
  A young man defies his father's wishes to join the circus.
Dir: Ray Enright Cast:  Joe E. Brown , Patricia Ellis , Dorothy Burgess . BW-64 mins, CC, 
10:30 AM  Very Honorable Guy, A (1934)  
  A gambler sells his body to science to pay his debts.
Dir: Lloyd Bacon Cast:  Joe E. Brown , Alice White , Robert Barrat . BW-62 mins, 
11:45 AM  Alibi Ike (1935)  
  A brash baseball star gets mixed up with gamblers and a pretty young girl.
Dir: Ray Enright Cast:  Joe E. Brown , Olivia de Havilland , Ruth Donnelly . BW-72 mins, CC, 
1:00 PM  Bright Lights (1935)  
  Husband-and-wife vaudeville stars separate when success goes to his head.
Dir: Busby Berkeley Cast:  Joe E. Brown , Ann Dvorak , Patricia Ellis . BW-82 mins, CC, 
2:30 PM  Earthworm Tractors (1936)  
  At the urging of his ambitious girlfriend, a salesman starts hawking tractors.
Dir: Raymond Enright Cast:  Joe E. Brown , June Travis , Guy Kibbee . BW-69 mins, 
3:45 PM  Polo Joe (1936)  
  A young man has to learn polo fast to impress his girlfriend.
Dir: William McGann Cast:  Joe E. Brown , Carol Hughes , Richard "Skeets" Gallagher . BW-64 mins, CC, 
5:00 PM  Smiles of a Summer Night (1955)  
  An actress schemes to win back her married lover from his still virginal wife.
Dir: Ingmar Bergman Cast:  Ulla Jacobsson , Eva Dahlbeck , Margit Carlqvist . BW-109 mins, 
7:00 PM  Wild Strawberries (1957)  
  On his way to an awards ceremony, a distinguished professor thinks back on his loveless life.
Dir: Ingmar Bergman Cast:  Bibi Andersson , Ingrid Thulin , Gunnar Björnstrand . BW-92 mins, 
8:45 PM  Seventh Seal, The (1957)  
  A medieval knight challenges Death to a chess game to save himself and his friends.
Dir: Ingmar Bergman Cast:  Max von Sydow , Bengt Ekerot , Gunnar Björnstrand . BW-97 mins, 
10:30 PM  Through A Glass Darkly (1961)  
  A recently released mental patient becomes obsessed with her younger brother.
Dir: Ingmar Bergman Cast:  Harriet Andersson , Gunnar Björnstrand , Max von Sydow . BW-90 mins, 
12:15 AM  Winter Light (1962)  
  A disillusioned priest copes with his loss of faith.
Dir: Ingmar Bergman Cast:  Ingrid Thulin , Gunnar Björnstrand , Max von Sydow . BW-81 mins, 
1:45 AM  Silence, The (1964)  
  Two sisters deal with their tangled relationship while stranded in a war-torn city.
Dir: Ingmar Bergman Cast:  Ingrid Thulin , Gunnel Lindblom , Jörgen Lindström . BW-95 mins, 
29 Tuesday  
3:30 AM  Dodsworth (1936)  
  A husband whose wife left him looks for new love in Europe.
Dir: William Wyler Cast:  Walter Huston , Ruth Chatterton , Paul Lukas . BW-101 mins, CC, 
5:15 AM  Judge Hardy And Son (1939)  
  A small-town judge tries to save an elderly couple from eviction while coping with his wife's illness.
Dir: George B. Seitz Cast:  Lewis Stone , Mickey Rooney , Cecilia Parker . BW-90 mins, CC, 
7:00 AM  Mortal Storm, The (1940)  
  The Third Reich's rise tears apart a German family.
Dir: Frank Borzage Cast:  Margaret Sullavan , James Stewart , Robert Young . BW-100 mins, CC, 
8:45 AM  Cossacks (1928)  
  A young Cossack is branded a coward when he opposes the slaughter of the Turks.
Dir: George Hill Cast:  John Gilbert , Renée Adorée , Ernest Torrence . BW-92 mins, 
10:30 AM  Tide of Empire (1929)  
  A cowboys love life turns topsy turvy when he wins his girlfriend's family ranch.
Dir: Allan Dwan Cast:  Renée Adorée , George Duryea , George Fawcett . BW-72 mins, 
11:45 AM  Children Of Pleasure (1930)  
  A Jewish songwriter forsakes his heritage for a society girl.
Dir: Harry Beaumont Cast:  Lawrence Gray , Wynne Gibson , Helen Johnson . BW-70 mins, 
1:00 PM  Flame Within, The (1935)  
  A lady psychiatrist falls for a patient's husband.
Dir: Edmund Goulding Cast:  Ann Harding , Herbert Marshall , Maureen O'Sullivan . BW-72 mins, 
2:15 PM  Dangerous Number (1937)  
  A showgirl marries well, then has to contend with her stuffy in-laws.
Dir: Richard Thorpe Cast:  Robert Young , Ann Sothern , Reginald Owen . BW-71 mins, 
3:30 PM  Yellow Jack (1938)  
  A Marine in turn-of-the-century Cuba risks his life in the fight to cure yellow fever.
Dir: George B. Seitz Cast:  Robert Montgomery , Virginia Bruce , Lewis Stone . BW-83 mins, CC, 
5:00 PM  Rio Grande (1950)  
  A cavalry unit located on the Mexican border must control Indian uprisings.
Dir: John Ford Cast:  John Wayne , Maureen O'Hara , Ben Johnson . BW-105 mins, CC, 
7:00 PM  Spencer's Mountain (1963)  
  A Wyoming farmer fights to build a better life for his oldest son. Spinoff TV-series was "The Waltons"
Dir: Delmer Daves Cast:  Henry Fonda , Maureen O'Hara , James MacArthur . C-118 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
9:15 PM  Battle Of The Villa Fiorita, The (1965)  
  The children of an upper-class married woman and an Italian musician attempt to break off the affair.
Dir: Delmer Daves Cast:  Maureen O'Hara , Rossano Brazzi , Richard Todd . C-111 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
11:15 PM  Fire Over Africa (1954)  
  A lady spy infiltrates smugglers in Tangier.
Dir: Richard Sale Cast:  Maureen O'Hara , MacDonald Carey , Binnie Barnes . C-81 mins, CC, 
1:00 AM  Port Afrique (1956)  
  Returning to his home in French Morocco, an ex-army flier finds his wife dead and suspects murder.
Dir: Rudolph Maté Cast:  Pier Angeli , Eugene Deckers , Pat O'Mera . C-92 mins, 
30 Wednesday  
3:00 AM  MGM Parade Show #30 (1955)  
  Walter Pidgeon discusses Greta Garbo's early career; Irene Papas introduces behind-the-scenes 
footage from "Tribute to a Badman." BW-25 mins, 
3:30 AM  Guardsman, The (1931)  
  A jealous husband dons a disguise to test his wife's fidelity.
Dir: Sidney Franklin Cast:  Alfred Lunt , Lynn Fontanne , Roland Young . BW-82 mins, CC, 
5:00 AM  Bride Wore Red, The (1937)  
  A chorus girl crashes an exclusive Swiss resort to snare a rich husband.
Dir: Dorothy Arzner Cast:  Joan Crawford , Franchot Tone , Robert Young . BW-103 mins, CC, 
7:00 AM  Chocolate Soldier, The (1941)  
  A jealous husband tests his opera-singer wife's fidelity by pretending to be another man.
Dir: Roy Del Ruth Cast:  Nelson Eddy , Risë Stevens , Nigel Bruce . BW-102 mins, CC, 
9:00 AM  Double Wedding (1937)  
  A dress designer tries to break her sister's engagement to a free-living artist, only to discover the man is
falling for her instead. Dir: Richard Thorpe Cast:  William Powell , Myrna Loy , Florence Rice . BW-87 mins, CC, 
10:45 AM  One Romantic Night (1930)  
  A princess engaged to a prince falls for her brother's tutor.
Dir: Paul L. Stein Cast:  Lillian Gish , Rod La Rocque , Conrad Nagel . BW-72 mins, 
12:00 PM  Swan, The (1956)  
  On the eve of her marriage to a prince, a noblewoman falls for her brother's tutor.
Dir: Charles Vidor Cast:  Grace Kelly , Alec Guinness , Louis Jourdan . C-108 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
2:00 PM  Carousel (1956)  
  A dramatic love story unfolds between a rough-talking, macho carousel barker, and a young, innocent mill worker.
Dir: Henry King Cast:  Gordon MacRae , Shirley Jones , Cameron Mitchell . C-129 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
4:15 PM  Twenty Classic Moments (2014)  
  A look at some unforgettable moments in the twenty-year history of Turner Classic Movies. 
C-34 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
5:00 PM  Detective Story (1951)  
  A rigid police detective accidentally uncovers his wife's illegal past.
Dir: William Wyler Cast:  Kirk Douglas , Eleanor Parker , William Bendix . BW-103 mins, CC, 
7:00 PM  Landlord, The (1970)  
  A spoiled rich boy buys a Brooklyn tenement and gets mixed up in his tenants' lives.
Dir: Hal Ashby Cast:  Beau Bridges , Pearl Bailey , Diana Sands . C-110 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
9:00 PM  Buona Sera, Mrs. Campbell (1968)  
  During a military reunion, three veterans discover they've been sending support payments for the same child.
Dir: Melvin Frank Cast:  Gina Lollobrigida , Shelley Winters , Phil Silvers . C-113 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
11:00 PM  Middle of the Night (1959)  
  A widowed businessman courts a younger woman who works for him.
Dir: Delbert Mann Cast:  Kim Novak , Glenda Farrell , Jan Norris . BW-117 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
1:15 AM  Marty (1955)  
  A lonely butcher finds love despite the opposition of his friends and family.
Dir: Delbert Mann Cast:  Ernest Borgnine , Betsy Blair , Esther Minciotti . BW-94 mins, CC

31 Thursday  
3:00 AM  Min And Bill (1930)  
  Two crusty waterfront characters try to protect their daughter from a terrible secret.
Dir: George Hill Cast:  Marie Dressler , Wallace Beery , Dorothy Jordan . BW-66 mins, 
4:15 AM  Woman of Experience, A (1932)  
  A female con artist uses her skills against German spies.
Dir: Harry Joe Brown Cast:  Helen Twelvetrees , William Bakewell , Lew Cody . BW-74 mins, 
5:30 AM  Wicked Woman, A (1934)  
  A woman kills her drunken husband to defend her children.
Dir: Charles Brabin Cast:  Mady Christians , Jean Parker , Charles Bickford . BW-73 mins, 
7:00 AM  Another Thin Man (1939)  
  Not even the joys of parenthood can stop married sleuths Nick and Nora Charles from investigating a murder on a
Long Island estate. Dir: W. S. Van Dyke II Cast:  William Powell , Myrna Loy , Virginia Grey . BW-103 mins, CC, 
9:00 AM  Lady Scarface (1942)  
  Police try to capture a murderous female gangster and her band of killers.
Dir: Frank Woodruff Cast:  Dennis O'Keefe , Judith Anderson , Frances Neal . BW-66 mins, CC, 
10:15 AM  East Side, West Side (1949)  
  A chic New York couple is torn apart by a seductive model.
Dir: Mervyn LeRoy Cast:  Barbara Stanwyck , James Mason , Van Heflin . BW-108 mins, CC, 
12:15 PM  Lady Without Passport, A (1950)  
  A secret service agent falls in love with an illegal immigrant.
Dir: Joseph H. Lewis Cast:  Hedy Lamarr , John Hodiak , James Craig . BW-74 mins, CC, 
1:45 PM  Decks Ran Red, The (1958)  
  Dishonest seamen plan a murderous mutiny.
Dir: Andrew L. Stone Cast:  James Mason , Dorothy Dandridge , Broderick Crawford . BW-84 mins, 
3:15 PM  Penelope (1966)  
  A neglected wife turns to bank robbery to get her husband's attention.
Dir: Arthur Hiller Cast:  Natalie Wood , Ian Bannen , Dick Shawn . C-98 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
5:00 PM  Twelve Chairs, The (1970)  
  A fallen aristocrat, a priest and a con artist search for a treasure of jewels hidden inside one of twelve
dining chairs. Dir: Mel Brooks Cast:  Ron Moody , Frank Langella , Dom DeLuise . C-93 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
6:45 PM  Silent Movie (1976)  
  A film director struggles to produce a major silent feature film.
Dir: Mel Brooks Cast:  Mel Brooks , Marty Feldman , Dom DeLuise . C
8:30 PM  High Anxiety (1977)  
  A man must come to terms with his own "high anxiety" in this loving parody of the films of Alfred Hitchcock.
Dir: Mel Brooks Cast:  Mel Brooks , Madeline Kahn , Cloris Leachman . C-94 mins, 
10:15 PM  Dick Cavett Show, The: Mel Brooks (2006)  
  In this TCM world premiere interview, comedian Mel Brooks discusses his life and career with Dick Cavett.
C-58 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
11:15 PM  To Be or Not to Be (1983)  
  An actor and his wife struggle to survive (and make a living) when the Nazi's invade Poland in this remake of "To Be or Not to Be" (1942).
Dir: Alan Johnson Cast:  Mel Brooks , Anne Bancroft , Tim Matheson . C-107 mins, CC, Letterbox Format 
1:15 AM  To Be or Not to Be (1942)  
  A troupe of squabbling actors joins the Polish underground to dupe the Nazis.
Dir: Ernst Lubitsch Cast:  Carole Lombard , Jack Benny , Robert Stack . BW-99 mins, CC
In June: Panic in Year Zero, The Beatles in Hard Day's Night, Rock Hudson month
Coming In July: Doctor Dolittle, 1776, Nancy Drew, The Music Man, The Little Princess, Maureen O'Hara month
Coming in August: Summer Under The Stars: 24-hour marathon of movies devoted to a different star each day

Silent movie science fiction fans, remember Steam Trek, The Moving Picture?

Clint Eastwood movies showing on other channels this week

Dr. Strangelove
clip, Slim Pickens drops the Bomb
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Short: The Duoped

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Fun facts:
Official Lon Chaney website In that famous scene, Gene Kelly is not actually "singing in the rain," because water didn't show up well on camera at night. They used a mixture of milk and water for Gene to splash around in.
For The Hunchback Of Notre Dame, Lon Chaney wore a hump weighing over 50 pounds so that he would walk realistically. For "The Penalty" (1920), he had his legs bound tightly behind him in a harness, inserting his knees into leather stumps devised as artificial legs with his feet bound at the thighs. This was a very painful ordeal which cut circulation to his legs resulting in broken blood vessels.

Movie producer David O. Selznick was fined $5000 by the MPAA for allowing the word "damn" in the movie Gone With The Wind. And producer Darryl F. Zanuck once rented the entire country of San Marino, the world's oldest republic, as the medievel setting for "Prince Of Foxes" to be filmed, believe it or not!
David Niven was one of the first Hollywood stars to join the war effort, joining the British commando service in 1940.
His first feature movie after the war was Stairway To Heaven (1946), about WW2 pilots and others arriving in Heaven. The publisher of "The Maltese Falcon" wanted the original novel's title changed because he didn't think most Americans know what a falcon is

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The Chronicles of Narnia has arrived on DVD... The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

"Good night and God bless" Red Skelton

The story of "It's A Wonderful Life" told in 30 seconds by cartoon bunnies...unless you prefer The Exorcist Bunny

This is another fine mess you've gotten me into Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy

Freaks (1932) was banned in Britain for 30 years, directed by Tod Browning, and even the ending was edited out before it was released in America. The original ending of the storyboard wasn't approved for filming (it involved an axe and a bag of feathers)

Other Lost Scenes from cult movies (if it's still there)

Today is , you old poop Katharine Hepburn

"Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else"

Judy Garland (quoted in TCM's Viewer Guide)
¿Badges? We ain't got no badges. We don't need no badges. I don't got to show you any stinking badges!
Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948)
Guess Who's Coming To Dinner? (Star Trek 6)

Are you a good witch or a bad witch? Or a wicked fairy?

Fragi-le, must be Italian! Darren McGavin in A Christmas Story

There's going to be a rumble tonight Westside Story. The Jewish writers of Westside Story planned for it to be a retelling of Romeo & Juliet, with Catholics vs. a Jewish street gang, until they realized Shakespeare himself had rewritten an older such story of a Catholic marrying a Jew, so changed it to a Hispanic (Puerto Rican) vs. white street gang

TCM was launched 4/14/94 as a 24-hour commercial-free classic movie channel, originally for movies 1930-1960, with the occasional silent movies, and newer movies added over time. It was Ted Turner's answer to American Movie Classics, using the vast film libraries Turner bought from MGM, RKO, Warner Brothers and other studio vaults. Ted Turner launched TBS as his first cable channel by sending the signal of his WTBS Atlanta TV-station to satellite 12/17/76, followed by TNT in 1988. TBS and TNT show mostly TV reruns and sports, with 24-hour news on his CNN starting in 1980.

Before Glenn Beck, there was Network. The bees know...Hello, Clarice

I never shot nobody I didn't have to John Wayne