Golden Age of Radio in 2005

Monday 5-2
Gunsmoke "Brother Whelp" 11/18/56
Red Skelton Show "Going to See Jack Benny" Part 1, 11/13/49. Red tries to see Jack in order to cash his one-dollar paycheck from being on Jack's program

Tuesday 5-3
Red Skelton Show, Part 2
Rocky Jordan "The White Beetle" 3/12/50, Murder and intrigue in Cairo: a scarab antiquity brings death to those who possess it

Wednesday 5-4
Beyond Tomorrow "Incident at Switchpath" 4/11/50, an ancient alien machine in a cave begins broadcasting when it senses the first A-bomb test, but no one will believe the only eye-witness
Duffy's Tavern "Most Popular Bartender" Part 1, 5/18/49

Thursday 5-5
Duffy's Tavern, Part 2
Night Beat "Big John McMasters" 3/4/51

Friday 5-6
Lux Radio Theater Hour "Pride of the Yankees" Lou Gehrig (Gary Cooper) considers himself the luckiest man...

Monday 5-9
Fort Laramie "Gold" 5/20/56
Charlie McCarthy Show, Part 1, 8/22/37

Tuesday 5-10
Charlie McCarthy Show, Part 2
X Minus One "No Contact" 4/25/55, In the year 1987, something keeps wrecking spaceships from Earth without a trace

Wednesday 5-11
Bulldog Drummond "The Hijackers" 9/28/41
Aldrich Family "Henry Paints the Garage" Part 1, 6/24/48

Thursday 5-12
Aldrich Family, Part 2
First Nighter Program "Writer in the Family" 1/29/48. A woman's the author of a series of popular pulp westerns, to the horror of the publisher, inspired by her 2-fisted cowboy grandfather's yarns

Friday 5-13
Suspense "Treasure Chest of Don Jose" 2/4/52
Adventures of Superman "Dead Man's Secret" Part 1, 1/14/48

Monday 5-16
Cisco Kid "The Apologetic Killer" 4/2/53
Burns & Allen Show "Gracie Does Income Tax" Part 1, 1/15/48

Tuesday 5-17
Burns & Allen Show, Tax Part 2
Hall of Fantasy "Dance of the Devil Dolls" 2/9/53

Wednesday 5-18
The Line-Up "Cigar Box Bandit" 2/15/51
My Friend Irma "Irma Meets Jane" Part 1, 4/11/47

Thursday 5-19

My Friend Irma, Part 2
Adv. of Nero Wolfe "The Friendly Rabbit" (it's murder) 12/1/50

Friday 5-20
The Shadow "The Phantom Voice" 2/6/38
Adv. of Superman "Dead Man's Secret" Part 2, 1/15/48

Monday 5-23
Have Gun, Will Travel "The Treasure Hunt" by Gene Roddenberry, 9/13/59
Bob Hope Show, guest: Gracie Allen, Part 1, 3/25/52

Tuesday 5-24
Bob Hope Show, Part 2
Adv. of Sam Spade "Adam Figg Caper" 10/5/47 (how ya doin, baldy?)

Wednesday 5-25
The Clock "Guilty as Always"
Date With Judy "Judy Plays Matchmaker" Part 1, 8/11/42

Thursday 5-26
Date With Judy, Part 2
Adv. of Philip Marlowe "Tail of the Mermaid" 10/1/49

Friday 5-27
The Whistler "Element X" 4/6/52
Adv. of Superman "Dead Man's Secret" Part 3, 1/16/48

Monday 5-30
Hopalong Cassidy "The Black Grass Fever" 2/17/51
Jack Benny Program "The Bob Hope Show Parody" Part 1, 4/23/44

Tuesday 5-31
Jack Benny Program, Part 2
The Falcon "Grand Gamble" 3/13/52

Wednesday 6-1
Arch Oboler's Plays "Exercise In Horror" 5/24/45, Oboler and guest Peter Lorre try to tell the ultimate horror story (one of Lorre's is a man who likes his date's ear - he collects ears, on a keychain), ends with Nazis taking over America and Lorre rounding up American Jews
Life of Riley, Part 1, 9/8/45, during "Layoffs" Riley is given 2 weeks - of vacation

Thursday 6-2
Life of Riley, Part 2
Dr. Christian "Operation in a Shack" 11/7/37

Friday 6-3
Suspense "The Black Door" 11/19/61, an archeologist investigating a lost city in the jungles of Central America opens what his guide calls the black "portal," unwittingly releasing ghouls who preyed on mankind 6000 years ago and were worshipped as gods by Egypt
Adv. of Superman "Dead Man's Secret" Part 4, 1/17/48

Monday 6-6
Frontier Gentleman "Nasty People" by Gene Roddenberry, 11/2/58
Fred Allen Show, guest Orson Welles has a nervous breakdown & thinks he is his most recent movie character, 3/3/46, Part 1

Tuesday 6-7
Fred Allen Show, Part 2
Dimension X "With Folded Hands" 4/14/50, robots built to serve Man in the year 2006 will not allow activity of any kind; you might hurt yourself

Wednesday 6-8
The Avenger "High Tide Murders" 6/8/45, a new crime-fighter with the power of invisibility
Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet "The Argument" Part 1, 1/23/48

Thursday 6-9
Adv. of Ozzie and Harriet, Part 2
Mr. District Attorney "Case Of The Money Machine" 4-11-51, fake psychics kill a client for money

Friday 6-10
The Shadow "Nursery Rhyme" 2/22/48, a psycho-killer is inspired by Mother Goose, coinciding with the release of a mental patient
Adv. of Superman "Dead Man's Secret" Part 5, 1/18/48, Frederick the Midget and Jimmy Olson are gassed by The Boot

Monday 6-13
Adv. of Red Ryder "Casa Grande Valley" 3/12/42
Red Skelton Show, Part 1, 4/25/44

Tuesday 6-14
Red Skelton Show, Part 2
Richard Diamond, Private Detective "Central Park Murder" 8/20/49

Wednesday 6-15 Lights Out "The Dream" 3/16/43 (turn your lights out now)
Our Miss Brooks "Bye Bye Boynton" Part 1, 7/10/55

Thursday 6-16
Our Miss Brooks, Part 2
Boston Blackie "Hypnotic Murder" 8/6/45

Friday 6-17
Screen Director's Playhouse "Casablanca" (same stars as the movie) 4/26/43. Play it, Sam
Adv. of Superman "Dead Man's Secret" Part 6, 1/19/48, Clark Kent revives Jimmy & Superman flies to find the kidnapped midget

Monday 6-20
Gunsmoke, 10/16/55, Trouble in Kansas
Charlie McCarthy Show, 11/9/47, guest: Maurice Evans of Bewitched Part 1

Tuesday 6-21
Charlie McCarthy Show, Part 2
This Is Your FBI, 7/21/51, Connoisseurs of Crime

Wednesday 6-22
X Minus One, 12/21/55 "Marionettes" by Ray Bradbury (no, not my wife...)
Great Gildersleeve, 10/14/45, Leroy's Debt, Part 1

Thursday, 6-23
Great Gildersleeve, Part 2
Casey, Crime Photographer, 7/17/47, Self Made Hero

Friday 6-24
The Whistler "Spell in Green" 2/11/51
Adv. of Superman "Dead Man's Secret" Part 7, 1/20/48

Monday 6-27
Tales of the Texas Rangers "Candy Man" 9/16/50
Burns & Allen Show, guest: Rita Heyworth, Part 1, 3/21/44

Tuesday 6-28
Burns & Allen Show, Part 2
Inner Sanctum "The Silent Hands" 5/13/44, a serial strangler is stalked by a detective, or vice-versa

Wednesday 6-29
The Saint (Vincent Price) "Baseball Murder" 9/30/50
Lum & Abner "Abner Jails Lum" Part 1, 7/30/46

Thursday 6-30
Lum & Abner, Part 2
Nick Carter, Master Detective "The Echo of Death" by Walter B. Gibson, 7/5/43

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