Golden Age of Radio Online


The Radio Drama Hour

In 1974 KNX brought back radio drama. And it has met with great success! These exciting, action-packed programs continue to be a popular listening habit for all ages. For those of you listening to the Drama Hour online world-wide, please note that the programs you see in our drama hour listings will be available one day AFTER they are broadcast on the air. For example, Friday night's lineup of shows will be available Saturday, Monday night's on Tuesday, and so forth. In some cases, they may be available to hear online the same day. See below for program schedule dates. Click here to stop the background music

Golden Age of Radio Schedule

Sunday 5-1  
Inner Sanctum 2/12/46 "The Man Who Couldn't Die" starring Richard Widmark
Blackstone the Magic Detective 8/14/49 "The Accusing Corpse"

Monday 5-2  
My Favorite Husband: Liz Feels She's Getting Old, 5/20/49 
Fibber McGee & Molly part 1 at the circus 5/28/40

Tuesday 5-3  
Fibber McGee & Molly part 2, at the circus with Hal Peary & Gale Gordon
Bold Venture 2/18/52 "The One That Got Away" starring Bogart & Bacall

Wednesday 5-4  
The Shadow (Orson Welles, Margot Stevenson) "The Creeper" 5/29/38
Chandu the Magician: Chandler Discovered 12/3/48

Thursday 5-5  
Frontier Gentleman 3/16/58 "Big Sam For Governor"
Guest Star 10/9/49 guest Bill Boyd as Hopalong Cassidy 

Friday 5-6  
The Saint (Vincent Price) "Schizophrenic Psychiatrist" 9/18/49
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar 7/4/1956 "The Midas Touch Matter" Part 3 

Saturday 5-7  
Columbia (CBS) Presents Corwin 4/4/44 "Odyssey of Runyon Jones" do dogs go to Heaven?
Baby Snooks Show: At The Zoo 4/3/41

Sunday 5-8  
Fort Laramie "Sergeant's Baby" 5/27/56
Forecast 8/19/40 "To Tim At 20" by Norman Corwin, starring Charles Laughton & Elsa Lanchester

Monday 5-9  
Red Skelton "The Haunted House Next Door" 5/21/50
Charlie McCarthy Show 5/2/41 part 1, guest Barbara Stanwyck

Tuesday 5-10  
Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy Show 5/2/41, part 2 with Dale Evans
Escape "Three Skeleton Key" 3/17/50

Wednesday 5-11  
The Whistler "Blue Alibi" 5/14/50, with Willard Waterman and William Conrad
Chandu the Magician reveals himself, 12/6/48

Thursday 5-12  
Command Performance 6/17/41 host Jack Benny with Bing Crosby, Harpo Marx, Gary Cooper
Rexall presents Parade of Stars 4/14/42 host Ken Murray with Joe Conti and Judy Canova

Friday 5-13  
The Green Hornet "Dr. Moylan's Patient" 5/21/46
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar 7/5/1956 "The Midas Touch Matter" Part 4 

Saturday 5-14  
Burns & Allen: Gracie for President boarding a train for Omaha, 5/8/40
The Answer Man 3/9/59, Why do birds sing?

Sunday 5-15  
Sam Spade (Steve Dunn) 3/2/51 "The Crab Louie Caper"
Blackstone the Magician 8/7/49 "Ghost In The Crypt"

Monday 5-16  
Phil Harris - Alice Faye 5/28/50 "Girlfriend Problems" with Gale Gordon as Mr. Scott
Abbott & Costello meet Dracula (Bela Lugosi) in Part 1, Lou is appointed Sheriff, 5/5/48

Tuesday 5-17  
Abbott & Costello Meet Dracula, part 2, strange noises at night from Lugosi's house
Screen Director's Guild 1/30/49 "Mr. & Mrs. Smith"

Wednesday 5-18  
Mystery Playhouse 5/15/45, Peter Lorre in "Lady In A Morgue"
Chandu the Magician: Kingdom Regained, 12/7/48 

Thursday 5-19  
Milton Berle, 10/21/1947, Salute to Health 
Guest Star, 10/16/1949, Eddy Arnold  

Friday 5-20  
The Saint, 9/14/1949, The Old Man's Car 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar 7/6/1956 "The Midas Touch Matter" Part 5 
Saturday 5-21  
The Fred Allen Show 5/23/1948, guest Bing Crosby 
Baby Snooks Show 5/14/1942, Driving Home From A Wedding 
Sunday 5-22  
Rogue's Gallery 5/16/1946 "Judge Colin Baker Case" 
Calling All Detectives 4/15/1949 "Diamond Theft"  

Monday 5-23  
Great Gildersleeve 5/19/1946, Leroy Goes To A Party 
The Life of Riley 5/13/1945, Riley's Mother-In-Law Visits - Part 1 
Tuesdav 5-24  
The Life of Riley, Riley's Mother-In-Law Visits - Part 2 
Columbia Workshop 3/2/46 "Slim" An old hobo (Robert Dryden) helps a newcomer ride the rails
                                 home from California (then finds out he died 50 years ago)
Wednesday 5-25  
Lights Out 5/18/1943 "Spider" 
Chandu the Magician 12/8/1948, Phone Call From Robert  

Thursday 5-26  
Our Miss Brooks 10/8/1950 "Radio Bombay" 
Parade of Stars 4/16/1942, host Ken Murray  

Friday 5-27  
The Falcon 5/14/1950 "The Case of the Amorous Bookkeeper" 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar 8/24/1956 "The Kranesburg Matter" Part 1 
Saturday 5-28  
Jack Benny Program, 5/22/1955 "Trouble with SFX" (Last show on radio) 
The Answer Man 3/6/1959, How Thick is the Earth's Crust  

Sunday 5-29  
Tales of the Texas Rangers 3/18/1951 "Death By Adoption" 
Blackstone the Magic Detective 2/20/1949 "The Hand of Cagliostro" 
Monday 5-30  
Judy Canova 6/23/1945 "Masquerade Ball" 
Charlie McCarthy Show 6/11/1953, Highlights of Bergen's Career-Pt 1 
Tuesday 5-31
Charlie McCarthy Show: Highlights of Bergen's Career-Pt 2
Frontier Gentleman "The Well" 6/15/1958  

Wednesday 6-1
Suspense "The Trap" 6/16/1949 
Chandu the Magician: Lab Emptied, 12/9/1948  

Thursday 6-2
Damon Runyon Theater "Blonde Mink" 4/24/1949 
Young Widder Brown "Talk About Louise's Money" 5/17/1950  

Friday 6-3
Philo Vance "The Alibi Murder Case" 6/6/1950 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Kranesburg Matter" Part 2, 8/27/1956  

Saturday 6-4
Screen Directors Playhouse "The Paleface" starring Bob Hope, 3/3/1950 
Bill Stern Sports Newsreel, guest: Hoagy Carmichael, 2/4/1949  

Sunday 6-5
The FBI in Peace & War "The Traveling Man" 6/10/1953 
Calling All Detectives: Taxi Cab Protection Racket, 4/15/1947  

Monday 6-6
Duffy's Tavern "Opera" guest: music critic Deems Taylor, 3/9/1951 
My Favorite Husband: Young Matron's League Play - Pt. 1, 10/9/1948  

Tuesday 6-7
My Favorite Husband: Young Matron's League Play - Pt. 2
Suspense "Little Piece of Rope" 10/14/1948  

Wednesday 6-8
Inner Sanctum "Terrible Vengeance" 6/14/1942 
Chandu the Magician: Gomez Spotted, 12/10/1948  

Thursday 6-9
Family Theater "Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye" 6/5/1947 
Young Widder Brown: Louise Talks to Ellen and Madelyn, 5/18/1950  

Friday 6-10
Boston Blackie "Three Witnesses Killed" 6/4/1946 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Kranesburg Matter - Part 3" 8/28/1956  

Saturday 6-11
Phil Harris - Alice Faye Show: Planning A Trip To Europe, 6/4/1950 
Baby Snooks "New Fishing Rod" 5/7/1942  

Sunday 6-12
Escape "The Scarlet Plague" 4/8/1954 
Unsolved Mysteries "Poltergeist"

Monday 6-13
Fred Allen "Quiz Program and Soap Opera" 6/6/1948 
Burns & Allen Show "Swiss Family Robinson - Pt. 1" 6/13/1940  

Tuesday 6-14
Burns & Allen Show "Swiss Family Robinson - Pt. 2"
Hopalong Cassidy "Hoppy Plays a Hunch" 6/2/1951  

Wednesday 6-15
Suspense "Fugue In C Minor" 6/1/1944 
Chandu the Magician: Robert Seen in Crystal, 12/13/1948  

Thursday 6-16
Halls of Ivy "Studen Thief" 2/24/1950 
Young Widder Brown: Ellen Picks Up Christopher, 5/19/1950 

Friday 6-17
Crime and Peter Chambers "Stony Carter" 6/15/1954 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar: The Kranesburg Matter - Part 4, 8/29/1956  

Saturday 6-18
Father Knows Best "Father's Day Trip" 6/15/1950 
Lum & Abner: Belated Report on Black Pelican, 7/14/1942  

Sunday 6-19
Broadway Is My Beat "Earl Lawson" 6/9/1951 
Blackstone the Magic Detective "Phantom Detective" 7/10/1949  

Monday 6-20
The Great Gildersleeve: Three Roles in the Town Play, 6/14/1942 
Fibber McGee & Molly "The Employment Agency - Pt. 1" 6/22/1936  

Tuesday 6-21
Fibber McGee & Molly "The Employment Agency" Pt. 2
Suspense "Backseat Driver" 2/3/1949  

Wednesday 6-22
The Shadow "The Old People" 6/26/1938 
Chandu the Magician: Learns Roxor's Location, 12/14/1948  

Thursday 6-23
Screen Director's Playhouse "It's in the Bag" 2/17/1950 
Young Widder Brown: Madelyn and Christopher Argue, 5/22/1950  

Friday 6-24
Sam Spade "The Apple Of Eve Caper" 6/19/1949 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Kranesburg Matter - Part 5" 8/30/1956  

Saturday 6-25
The Jack Benny Show: From Cleveland Palace, 6/20/1948 
Life With Luigi: At the Race Track, 6/5/1949  

Sunday 6-26
Tales of the Texas Rangers "Death Plant" 12/9/1951 
Blair of the Mounties "Finger Smith" 2/7/1938  

Monday 6-27
Honest Harold (Hal Peary) Runaway Boy, 10/18/1950 
Abbott & Costello 7/14/48 - Part 1  

Tuesday 6-28
Mysterious Traveler "Killer Come Home" 7/18/1950 
Abbott & Costello 7/14/48 - Part 2

Wednesday 6-29
X Minus One "Dr. Grimshaw's Sanitorium" 7/14/1955 
Chandu the Magician: Wants to Enter Village of Lost, 12/15/1948  

Thursday 6-30
Hallmark Hall of Fame "The Prairie Years" 2/3/1949 
Young Widder Brown: Ellen Receives Louise's Diary, 5/23/1950  

Friday 7-1
Richard Diamond, Private Detective "Chapel Hill Case" 7/19/1953 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Kranesburg Matter - Part 6" 8/31/1956  

Saturday 7-2
My Friend Irma "Assuming The Worst…" 2/2/1948 
Lum & Abner: Ghost in Abner's House, 7/15/1942  

Sunday 7-3
Adventures of Philip Marlowe "The Key Man" 6/25/1949 
Blackstone the Magic Detective "Missing Palmist" 3/20/1949  

Monday 7-4
Duffy's Tavern "Actor's Club At The Tavern" 1/26/1951 
The Life of Riley: Rileys Leave For Vacation - Part 1, 6/29/1951  

Tuesday 7-5
The Life of Riley: Rileys Leave For Vacation - Part 2
Green Hornet "Put It On Ice" 7/4/1939  

Wednesday 7-6
Murder by Experts "Prescription for Murder" 7/11/1949 
Chandu the Magician: Jeff is Worried, 12/16/1948  

Thursday 7-7
Academy Award Theater "Hold Back the Dawn" 7/31/1946 
Young Widder Brown: Madelyn Visits Anthony, 5/24/1950  

Friday 7-8
Nick Carter, Master Detective "Sunken Dollar" 6/29/1947 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Caylin Matter - Part 1" 1/3/1956  

Saturday 7-9
Judy Canova: Back To The Farm For Summer, 6/30/1945 
Are You a Genius? Guest: Bugs Bunny

Sunday 7-10
The Shadow "The Voice of the Trumpet" 7/3/1938 
Shadow Documentary, Part 1

Monday 7-11
The Red Skelton Show: Red Gets a Physical, 10/8/1950 
Jack Benny Program: Going To Train Station - Part 1, 6/27/1954  

Tuesday 7-12
Jack Benny Program: Going To Train Station - Part 2
Rogue's Gallery "Lady with a Gun Case" 6/30/1946  

Wednesday 7-13
Whistler "Death In Sixteen Millimeter" 7/17/1949 
Chandu the Magician: Warned About Jeff, 12/17/1948  

Thursday 7-14
Everyman's Theater "I'll Tell My Husband" 11/8/1940 
Young Widder Brown: Should Ellen Read the Diary? 5/25/1950  

Friday 7-15
The Falcon "Broken Key" 7/24/1952 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Caylin Matter - Part 2" 5/25/1956  

Saturday 7-16
Phil Harris/Alice Faye Show: Getting A Suit, guest star Fred Allen, 1/23/1949 
Lum & Abner: Elizabeth and Pearl Return, 7/16/1942  

Sunday 7-17
Pat Novak, For Hire "Agnes Bolton" 6/4/1949 
Calling All Detectives "Locked Door Murder Case" 6/15/1948  

Monday 7-18
It's Higgins, Sir: Higgins Arrives, 7/3/1951 
Our Miss Brooks "Telegram for Mrs. Davis - Part 1" 7/10/1949  

Tuesday 7-19
Our Miss Brooks: Telegram for Mrs. Davis - Part 2
I Was a Communist for the FBI "Red Men Roamed" 7/2/1952  

Wednesday 7-20
The Shadow "The White God" 7/10/1938 
Chandu the Magician: Jeff's New Mission, 12/20/1948  

Thursday 7-21
Family Theater "The Short Career of Dexter Coles" 2/8/1950 
Young Widder Brown: Anthony Tells Ellen to Read Diary, 5/26/1950  

Friday 7-22
Philo Vance, Detective "White Murder Case" 7/5/1949 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Caylin Matter - Part 3" 5/26/1956  

Saturday 7-23
The Aldrich Family: Mary's Marriage Mix-Up, 10/7/1948 
Lum & Abner: Who Will Keep the Baby? 7/20/1942  

Sunday 7-24
Night Beat "The Night Watchman" 5/15/1950 
Blackstone the Magic Detective "The Devil's Cauldron" 7/31/1949  

Monday 7-25
The Burns and Allen Show: Crime Wave / Getting a Dog for Protection, 3/20/1947 
The Fred Allen Show, guest: Jack Benny - Part 1, 5/26/1946  

Tuesday 7-26
The Fred Allen Show, guest: Jack Benny - Part 2
Casey, Crime Photographer "Death In Lover's Lane" 7/31/1947  

Wednesday 7-27
Dimension X "The Potters of Firsk" 7/28/1950 
Chandu the Magician: House in the Desert, 12/21/1948  

Thursday 7-28
Damon Runyon Theater "Madame La Gimp" 3/20/1949 
Young Widder Brown: Anthony Confronts Louise, 5/29/1950  

Friday 7-29
The Humphrey Bogart Theatre (Audition Show) "Dead Man" 8/17/1949 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Caylin Matter - Part 4" 5/27/1956  

Saturday 7-30
Abbott & Costello, guest Frank Sinatra, 3/1/1945 
Lum & Abner: Baby Will Draw Name for Himself, 7/21/1942  

Sunday 7-31
The Shadow "Mark of the Bat" 7/24/1938 
Shadow Documentary, Part 2

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