Superman at the Gilbert Hall of Science

All About Erector, American Flyer Trains, Gilbert Chemistry Sets,
and other Gilbert Scientific Wonders

Hello boys! This is the book you asked me to send to you. It is written for boys who want action and lots of it--who want to tread new paths of adventure--who want to discover new frontiers to conquer.
To our forefathers, adventure meant blazing a trail through the wilderness, fighting off Indians and wild animals, and conquering the forces of nature.
Today the world's most thrilling adventures lie in the field of science--engineering, chemistry, electricity, microscopy and other forms of scientific activity. There is much romance in discovering the secrets of strange chemicals as the secrets of strangle lands.
There is as much exciting fun in building a giant engineering marvel as in exploring a giant mountain. There is as much glory in conquering the wild forces of electricity as in conquering wild tribes.
The Gilbert Hall of Science--where all the products shown in this book are developed and made--was founded so that you can play a leading part in the spectacular drama of modern science.
As you read this book, you'll probably feel you want every type of set you see. But of course you can't ask Dad for too much at once. So here's what I suggest. Tell him which sets you want the most this Christmas. Then save this book, ask for another set for your birthday, more sets next Christmas

A.C. Gilbert

Founder of the Gilbert Hall of Science

Visit the Famous Gilbert Hall of Science
in New York and other cities

Dedicated to the boys and girls of America, the Gilbert Hall of Science is the greatest scientific exhibit of its kind in the world. Here you see a colossal scale model railroad system. Mighty trains fill the air with real smoke and realistic "choo-choo" sounds. Thrilling automatic loading equipment loads cars with logs, coal and metal. You see the Erector Mysterious Walking Giant...miraculous jumping rings and lightning-hurling Jacob's ladder...
Polarizing microscopes that reveal Nature's hidden colors...exciting chemical labs...mysterious "Push me" buttons that bring you sensational surprises. Admission to all Gilbert Halls of Science is free--and here is where to find them. New York--Washington--Miami, and at leading department stores and toy dealers.

When a scientific outfit is developed at the Gilbert Hall of Science, you know it is the finest made

Back of every product made by the enormous factories of the A.C. Gilbert Company is the Research Department of The Gilbert Hall of Science.
Here, under the personal direction of A.C. Gilbert, the inventor of Erector, are skilled engineers and other technical experts who devote their full time and energy to creating new and ever-better scientific outfits.
So--if you want the best--always look for the name "The A.C. Gilbert Company" on the box

Other Years
1959 Frontier Train

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who specialize in collecting one or the other, rarely both. The American Flyer dot-com website is currently owned by an unrelated luggage company by that name
Copyright 1948 The A.C. Gilbert Co., New Haven, Conn.
All figures and representations of Superman copyright, 1948 National Publications Inc.

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