Golden Age of Radio Online

Thursday 7-1
Jack Benny Program, Part 2
The Cavalcade of America "Citizen Mama" 4/4/49

Friday 7-2
Screen Guild Theater "Between Americans" as broadcast Dec. 7, 1941. Host Orson Wells narrates history of America, Nazi Germany, Italy & Japan
Vic and Sade "Save Scrap" (WW2)

Monday 7-5
Columbia Presents Corwin "New York: A Tapestry for Radio" 5/16/44
Bob Hope Show "From Camp Santa Anita Ordnance Training Center" Part 1, 2/9/43

Tuesday 7-6
Bob Hope Show, Part 2
Luke Slaughter of Tombstone "Duel on the Trail" 2/23/58

Wednesday 7-7
The Shadow "The Man Who Was Death" 4/12/50
The Life of Riley "Babs Wants to Take a Summer Job in San Francisco" Part 1, 6/21/47

Thursday 7-8
The Life of Riley, Part 2
Richard Diamond, Private Detective "The Man Who Hated Women" 4/12/50

Friday 7-9
Suspense "The Thing in the Window" 12/19/46 Lassie "The Big Cat" 1/1/40

Monday 7-12
Pat Novak for Hire "The Only Way to Make Friends is to Die" 6/18/49
My Friend Irma "The Eyes Have It" Part 1, 12/8/47

Tuesday 7-13
My Friend Irma, Part 2
Have Gun, Will Travel "Dollhouse in Diamond Springs" 2/28/60

Wednesday 7-14
X-Minus One "Mr. Costello, Hero" 7/3/56
Halls of Ivy "Hall finds a Dog" Part 1, 4/14/50

Thursday 7-15
Halls of Ivy, Part 2
Crime Classics "23 Knives Against Caesar" 2/10/54

Friday 7-16
Bold Venture "Slate Shannon is Accused of Murder" 1/1/50
Baby Snooks "Snook's Bedtime Story" 6/29/39

Monday 7-19
The Lone Ranger "False Story" 10/19/38
Quiz Kids "8th Anniversary Show" Part 1, 6/27/48

Tuesday 7-20
Quiz Kids, Part 2
I Was a Communist for the FBI "Little Boy Red" 10/22/52

Wednesday 7-21
Mysterious Traveler "Fire in the Sky" A newlywed couple is abducted underground and learn that a doomsday comet is headed for Earth. 8/28/51
The Mel Blanc Fix-it Shop "Cousin Dottie Visits Betty" Part 1, 3/18/47

Thursday 7-22
Mel Blanc Fix-it Shop, Part 2
Wild Bill Hickok "Satin at the Circus" 1/1/50

Friday 7-23
Lux Radio Theatre "The Jazz Singer" 6/2/47

Monday 7-26
The Whistler "The Blue Alibi" 5/14/50
Jack Benny Program "The Fiddler" (Whistler spoof) Part 1, 10/20/46

Tuesday 7-27
Jack Benny Program, Part 2, the real Whistler has a cameo at the end
Nick Carter, Master Detective "Case of the Lucrative Wrecks" 4/20/47

Wednesday 7-28
Dimension X "Destination Moon" by Robert Heinlein, 6/24/50
Lum and Abner "Lum Searches for a Newsworthy Story" Part 1, 3/6/49

Thursday 7-29
Lum and Abner, Part 2
Hopalong Cassidy "Death Crosses the River" 1/13/51

Friday 7-30
The Shadow "Carnival of Death" 11/10/40
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar "The Midas Touch Matter" 7/2/56

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