KNX Golden Age of Radio in 2002

Wednesday, May 1
9:00 PM "The 6 Shooter" A woman tries to hide an outlaw in her home, "Jenny" Original air date 9-20-53
9:30 PM "Dimension X" A spaceship from Earth lands on Mars and finds some surprising inhabitants, "Mars Is Heaven" by Ray Bradbury, 7-7-50

Thursday, May 2
9:00 PM "The Whistler," A man tries to eliminate his business partner so he can get all the profits, "Fatal Error" 5-7-50
9:30 PM "Philip Marlowe" One of Marlowe's friends is accused of murder, "August Lion" 8-6-49

Friday, May 3
9:00 PM "Suspense" A man plots to kill his wife, accusing her of being responsible for his dull life, "Blue Eyes" 8-29-46
9:30 PM "Lights Out" A sneaky woman plots a divorce from her husband, "Cat wife" Boris Karloff guest stars. 4-6-38

Saturday, May 4
9:00 PM "Jack Benny" takes the show to Palm Springs. 11-14-43
9:30 PM "Red Skelton" needs a stamp to mail an important letter, "The 3-Cent Stamp" 1-14-51

Sunday, May 5
9:00 PM "Lux Radio Theater" (one hour), Charles Laughton and Ella Raines star in "The Suspect," the story of a hen pecked husband whose wife gets in the way of his affair. 4-9-45

Monday, May 6
9:00 PM "Gunsmoke" Despite Marshall Dillon's efforts, a grudge turns deadly, "The Pacifist"
9:30 PM "Texas Rangers" A sock filled with sand leads to a killer, "Wheelchair Killing" 10-7-51

Tuesday, May 7
9:00 PM "Johnny Dollar" (Mandel Kramer) A man thinks his wife plans to murder him, "The Placebo Matter"
9:30 PM "Dragnet" looks for check forgers in "The Big Small" 11-1-53

Wednesday, May 8
9:00 PM "The 6 Shooter" A young sheriff captures an outlaw only to find out it's his father, "Sheriff Billy" 11-29-53
9:30 PM "Dimension X," A group of islanders escape from an atom bomb test with nuclear material, "The Castaways" 8-11-50

Thursday, May 9
9:00 PM "The Whistler" A politician's wife discovers her husband is accepting bribes, "Blue Alibi" 5-14-50
9:30 PM "Philip Marlowe" while looking for a missing woman, finds some stolen jewelry, "Headless Peacock" 7-16-49

Friday, May 10
9:00 PM "Suspense" An expedition is not only beaten by other explorers but by the weather as well, "Diary of Captain Scott" 2-28-56
9:30 PM "Lights Out" A man has the ability to wish things to happen, "The Projective Mr. Drogen" 1-26-43

Saturday, May 11
9:00 PM "Jack Benny" Orson Welles subs for an ailing Jack Benny, who dreams that he is a Thanksgiving turkey. 11-21-43
9:30 PM "Red Skelton" buys what he thinks is a champion boxer, "Red Buys A Prize Fighter" 6-11-52

Sunday, May 12
9:00 PM "Lux Radio Theater" Robert Taylor and Loretta Young star in "Philadelphia Story," the tale of a society girl who wants a down-to-earth romance. 6-14-43

Monday, May 13
9:00PM "Gunsmoke: "How To Sell A Ranch"
9:30 PM "Texas Rangers" A town constable could be a suspect in the killing of a sheriff, "Play For Keeps." 10-14-51

Tuesday, May 14
9:00 PM "Johnny Dollar" (Mandel Kramer) One of Johnny's clients always pays with cash, some of it counterfeit, "Well Of Trouble Matter" 7-9-61
9:30 PM "Dragnet" Friday investigates a man who is dealing drugs to teenagers, "The Big Layout" 1-25-43

Wednesday, May 15
9:00 PM "The 6 Shooter" A gunfighter wants to enhance his reputation by killing Britt, "Duel At Lockwood" 3-21-54
9:30 PM "Dimension X" A space traveler lands on Mars and discovers a dead city, "And The Moon Be Still As Bright" by Ray Bradbury, 9-29-50

Thursday, May 16
9:00 PM "The Whistler" A woman attempts suicide to cover up the fact that she killed her husband, "The Return" 5-21-50
9:30 PM "Philip Marlowe" (Van Heflin) witnesses a murder and the killer knows it, "Red Wind" 6-17-47

Friday, May 17
9:00 PM "Suspense" 3 convicts on a work detail in the Everglades plan their escape, "Quiet Night" 3-6-56
9:30 PM "Lights Out" One magician is out to stop an evil colleague, "Battle Of The Magicians" 7-27-46

Saturday, May 18
9:00 PM "Jack Benny" Dennis Day wants a raise. Guest star: Barbara Stanwyck. 11-28-43
9:30 PM "Red Skelton" Junior tries to explain why he's always in trouble, "I Caught The Devil" 2-25-51

Sunday, May 19
9:00 PM "Lux Radio Theater" Dick Powell and Claire Trevor star in "Murder My Sweet," the story of a private detective who's involved in murder and blackmail. 6-11-45

Monday, May 20
9:30 PM "Gunsmoke: "The Man Who Would Be Marshall"
9:30 PM "Texas Rangers" A babysitter's boyfriend is found dead and his girlfriend missing, "Fugitive's Trail" 10-21-51

Tuesday, May 21
9:00 PM "Johnny Dollar" (Mandel Kramer) A client wants Johnny to investigate a murder that hasn't happened yet, "Old Fashioned Murder Matter" 7-16-61
9:30 PM "Dragnet" Friday searches for a gang of car strippers, "The Big Strip" 2-1-53

Wednesday, May 22
9:00 PM "The 6 Shooter" tries to raise money for a church organ from outlaws in the serio-comedy "Crisis At Eastercreek" 4-15-54
9:30 PM "Dimension X" A war is being fought totally underground, "The Last Objective" 6-3-51

Thursday, May 23
9:00 PM "The Whistler" A crime boss suspects his wife of infidelity with deadly results, "Caesar's wife" 6-4-50
9:30 PM "Philip Marlowe" (Van Heflin) travels to Hawaii to find some heirlooms and to track down an imposter, "Cloak Of Kamehameha" 5-16-60

Friday, May 24
9:00 PM "Suspense" A woman is able to travel in time and finds out she is about to be murdered, "The Black Shawl" 12-10-51
9:30 PM "Lights Out" A man buys a cursed box at an auction, "Mr. Maggs" 12-1-42

Saturday, May 25
9:00 PM "Jack Benny" gets his drivers license. 12-5-43
9:30 PM "Red Skelton" Junior talks about when he has been bad, "The Devil Got Loose" 3-11-51

Sunday, May 26
9:00PM "Lux Radio Theater" Bob Hope and Virginia Bruce star in "My Favorite Blonde," the hilarious story of Bob getting involved with a spy. 10-19-42

Monday, May 27
9:00 PM "Gunsmoke" Dillon has a surprising way of getting a confession, "Hanging Man"
9:30 PM "Texas Rangers" A traveling salesman pays with his life by being at the wrong place at the wrong time, "The White Elephant" 10-28-51

Tuesday, May 28
9:00 PM "Johnny Dollar" (Mandel Kramer) A violinist is killed and his valuable violin stolen, "Fiddle Faddle Matter" 7-30-61
9:30 PM "Dragnet" Friday is out to get a gang passing bad checks in, "The Big Press" 2-8-53

Wednesday, May 29
9:00 PM "The 6 Shooter" Britt helps the sheriff track down the killer of a hotel owner, "Johnny Stringer" 4-22-54
9:30 PM "Dimension X" A man buys a robot likeness of himself to fool his wife in "Marionettes, Inc." by Ray Bradbury, 8-30-51

Thursday, May 30
9:00 PM "The Whistler" A stock broker tries to illegally cover his losses, "Rebound" 6-11-50
9:30 PM "Philip Marlowe" (Van Heflin) Episode: TBA

Friday, May 31
9:00 PM "Suspense" Episode: TBA
9:30 PM "Lights Out" Episode: TBA

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