Golden Age of Radio for April-June 2009

Wednesday 4-1-09
A Date With Judy "Judy Makes Her Singing Debut" 4/3/1945 
Vic & Sade "Two Tons of Coal" 7/5/1939  

Thursday 4-2
The Crime Club "Silent Witnesses" 3/27/1947 
The Strange Dr. Weird "The Secret Room" 2/13/1945  

Friday 4-3
Damon Runyon Theatre "The Brain Goes Home" 4/3/1949 
Police Headquarters "Jim Bradley, Jewel Thief"

Saturday 4-4
Mysterious Traveler "Murder In Jazztime" 4/20/1948 
Mary Noble, Backstage Wife: The Nobles Continue Their Talks, 6/5/1950  

Sunday 4-5
Meet The Meeks "Newspaper Article Mix-Up" 4/3/1948 
Baby Snooks "Measles" 11/14/1940  

Monday 4-6
The Shadow "Murder From The Grave" 4/6/1941 
Unexpected "Cargo Unknown" 5/9/1948  

Tuesday 4-7
Crime and Peter Chambers "Bruce Burke Murder Frame-up" 4/6/1954 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "Matter of Reasonable Doubt - Pt. 3" 5/30/1956  

Wednesday 4-8
Abbott & Costello "Lou's Old Flame" 4/10/1947 
Duffy's Tavern, guest Carol Landis, 4/11/1944  

Thursday 4-9
Dimension X "With Folded Hands" 4/15/1950 
Unsolved Mysteries "The Hypnotist"

Friday 4-10
Escape "The Golden Snake" 4/14/1950 
The Strange Dr. Weird "Summoning of Chandor" 11/14/1944

Saturday 4-11
The Falcon "Case of the Handy Helpmate" 4/10/1952 
Mary Noble, Backstage Wife: Larry is Becoming Suspicious, 6/6/1950  

Sunday 4-12
Molle Mystery Theatre "Follow that Cab" 4/19/1946 
Hop Harrigan "Wailing Witches" 11/18/1947

Monday 4-13
Dinah Shore Show, guest Groucho Marx, 4/19/1945 
Vic and Sade "Double Feature in Hopewood" 10/6/1939  

Tuesday 4-14
Pat Novak For Hire "Package For a Friend" 4/9/1949 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "Matter of Reasonable Doubt - Pt. 4" 5/31/1956  

Wednesday 4-15
Inner Sanctum "Lady With A Plan" 4/9/1946 
Blackstone the Magic Detective "Footsteps in the Night" 5/8/1949

Thursday 4-16
Tales of the Texas Rangers "By Just a Number" 4/19/1950 
Blair of the Mounties "Fur Thieves" 3/7/1938  

Friday 4-17
Lum & Abner "Feedroom Filled With Owls" 6/2/1942 
The Adv. of Ozzie & Harriet "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" 4/18/1952  

Saturday 4-18
Nightbeat "I Know Your Secret" 4/10/1950 
Mary Noble, Backstage Wife: Claudia Goes to See Larry's Play, 6/8/1950  

Sunday 4-19
Phil Harris & Alice Faye Show "New Fire Chief Pt. 2" 1/30/1949 
Fibber McGee and Molly "Fibber & Molly's Anniversary" 5/28/1946  

Monday 4-20
X Minus One "Lulungameena" 5/29/1956 
Blackstone the Magic Detective "Footsteps in the Night" 5/8/1949  

Tuesday 4-21
The Adv. of Nero Wolfe "Case of Room 304" 4/27/1951 
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "Matter of Reasonable Doubt - Pt. 5" 6/1/1956  

Wednesday 4-22
Jimmy Durante Show, guests Don Ameche & Vera Vague, 4/21/1950 
Bill Stern Sports Newsreel, guest Lou Little, 11/1/1943  

Thursday 4-23
The Weird Circle "Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde" 4/29/1945 
Unsolved Mysteries "The Jack the Ripper Murders"

Friday 4-24
My Favorite Husband "Where to Vacation?" 4/29/1949 
Easy Aces "405-144 Jane Takes Over Budget" 

Saturday 4-25
Radio City Playhouse "Witness For the Prosecution" 4/25/1949 
Mary Noble, Backstage Wife: Julia & Rupert Ponder Options, 6/9/1950  

Sunday 4-26
Philo Vance "The Mimic Murder Case" 4/4/1950 
The Black Book "The Vagabond Murder" 3/2/1952  

Monday 4-27
The Cisco Kid "The Mummy In The Desert" 4/21/1953 
Blair of the Mounties "The Cedar Lake Mystery" 3/14/1938  

Tuesday 4-28
Life of Riley "Kiss in the Dark" 4/20/1951 
Lum & Abner "Jot'em Down Store History" 1/20/1943  

Wednesday 4-29
Escape "Violent Night" 3/18/1954 
Unexpected "Fool's Silver"

Thursday 4-30
Cavalcade of America "Going Up" 4/29/1952 
Ma Perkins: Evy Warned Not to Gossip (daily serial) 9/15/1949  

Friday 5-1
Nick Carter, Master Detective "Case of the Luminous Spots" 4/27/1947 
Police Headquarters "Two Officers Disappear"

Saturday 5-2
Burns & Allen, guest Jack Benny, 1/8/1948 
Jack Benny Show, guest Frank Sinatra, 1/8/1950 clip 

Sunday 5-3
The Shadow "The Gorilla Man" 4/21/46, a hairy zoo-keeper starts to look & act like a killer ape
Hop Harrigan "Wailing Witches - Part 4" 11/19/1947  

Monday 5-4
Red Skelton (rehearsal show) "Money" 12/7/1941  

Tuesday 5-5
Tales of the Texas Rangers "Paid In Full" 5/13/1951 
Police Headquarters "High Flights Race"

Wednesday 5-6
Inner Sanctum "You Could Die Laughing" 5/7/1946 
Blackstone the Magic Detective "Death Defying Death" 8/21/1949  

Thursday 5-7
ARCH OBOLER'S PLAYS "Strange Morning" 4/5/1945 
Ma Perkins: Visit to the Schoolhouse 9/16/1949  

Friday 5-8
The Green Hornet "Political Racket" 5/5/1938 
Speed Gibson "Speed Captured/Typhoon Strikes" 2/13/1937  

Saturday 5-9
Let George Do It "The First Client" (Audition Episode) 5/14/1946 
Blair of the Mounties "The Hammerton Mystery - Pt. 1" 3/21/1938  

Sunday 5-10
Great Gildersleeve "Leila's New Beau" 5/12/1946 
The Fred Allen Show, guest Don McNeill, 5/9/1948 clip 

Monday 5-11
The Whistler "Triple Cross" 4/15/1951 
Unexpected "Birthday Present" 4/18/1948  

Tuesday 5-12
My Friend Irma "Bon Voyage Pt.2" 5/10/1948 
Bill Stern Sports Newsreel, guest Rex Harrison 10/15/1948  

Wednesday 5-13
Adv. of Frank Race "Istanbul Adventure" 5/15/1949 
Police Headquarters "Dr. Thornton's Wife Disappears"

Thursday 5-14
Cavalcade of America "Native Land" (The People-Yes, a pre-Pearl Harbor broadcast) 9/22/41
Ma Perkins: Ma Told of Gossip, 9/19/1949  

Friday 5-15
Great Gildersleeve "Engaged To Eve" (Kisses Leila) 5/14/1944 
Lum and Abner "Citizens Leaving Pine Ridge" 1/21/1943  

Saturday 5-16
Destination Freedom "The Ballad of Satchel Paige" 5/15/1949 
Sealtest Variety Theater, guest Jack Benny, 12/9/1948  

Sunday 5-17
Frontier Gentleman "Tragedy At Chugwater" (aka The Cannibal) 5/11/1958 
Hop Harrigan "Wailing Witches - Part 5" 11/20/1947  

Monday 5-18
Lights Out "Little Old Lady" 5/25/1943 
Unsolved Mysteries "Mystery of Sgt-Major Thomas"

Tuesday 5-19
Front Page Farrell "High Explosive" 8/1/1950 
Casey, Crime Photagrapher "Disappearance of Mr. Dizzel" 4/13/1950  

Wednesday 5-20
Our Miss Brooks "Drive Safely Campaign" 5/28/1950 
Vic and Sade "Lodge Holiday Home Visits" 5/1/1944  

Thursday 5-21
Cavalcade of America "Native Land-The Women" 9/27/1941 
Ma Perkins: Talking Things Over with Tom (daily serial) 9/20/1949  

Friday 5-22
Philco Radio Time, guests Hank Greenberg & Groucho Marx, 5/14/1947 
Easy Aces "Needing a Signature for a Loan"

Saturday 5-23
Hopalong Cassidy "Hook, Line and Murder" 5/19/1951 
Blair of the Mounties "The Hammerton Mystery - Pt. 2" 3/28/1938  

Sunday 5-24
Adv of Philip Marlowe "Fox's Tail" 5/23/1950 
Speed Gibson "Speed Captures Splinters" 2/20/1937  

Monday 5-25
Red Skelton (rehearsal show) "House Guests" 12/21/1941  

Tuesday 5-26
Suspense "Flight of the Bumblebee" 5/19/1952 
Blackstone the Magic Detective "The Curse of Kali" 5/1/1949  

Wednesday 5-27
Fort Laramie "Gold" 5/20/1956, Raymond Burr
Police Headquarters "$190,000 Money Transfer"

Thursday 5-28
Arch Oboler's Plays "The Family Nagashi" 9/27/1945 
Ma Perkins: Speaking to Joseph and Ann (soap opera) 9/21/1949  

Friday 5-29
Broadway Is My Beat "Georgia Gray" 4/28/1951 
The Unexpected "Find the Man" 5/16/1948  

Saturday 5-30
Fred Allen, 4/18/1948, guest James Farley 
Lum & Abner "Grandpa's Chemistry Set" 1/27/1943  

Sunday 5-31
The Shadow "Touch of Death" 5/19/46, A man who can kill with a touch knows Lamont's secret id
Hop Harrigan "Wailing Witches - Part 6" 11/21/1947

Monday 6-1-09
Boston Blackie "Missing Millicent Bromley" 4/22/1947 
Unexpected "The Cripple" 5/30/1948  

Tuesday 6-2
Inner Sanctum "Death Across the Board" 6/5/1945 
Unsolved Mysteries "The Safari of the Dead"

Wednesday 6-3
Fibber McGee & Molly "McGee The Magician" 6/12/1945 
The Jack Benny Program: From Detroit - Don's Weight, 6/13/1948  

Thursday 6-4
Cavalcade of America "The Melody Man" 9/2/1952 
Ma Perkins: Ann Wants to Go on Milk Run, 9/22/1949  

Friday 6-5
The Life of Riley "The Spicy Book" 6/9/1950 
Lum & Abner "Experiments on Secret Formula" 7/31/1947  

Saturday 6-6
The Adventures of Sam Spade "Overjord Caper" 6/5/1949 
Police Headquarters "McKenzie Death"

Sunday 6-7
Orson Welles Almanac "Special D-Day Show" 6/7/1944 
Vic and Sade "Leland Richards is Coming" 2/16/1943  

Monday 6-8
Hopalong Cassidy "The Sundown Kid" 6/5/1951 
Blair of the Mounties "The Cherry Hill Mystery" 4/11/1938  

Tuesday 6-9
Little Orphan Annie "Bob Bond's Wright Bros. Story" 6/16/1936 
My Favorite Husband "Hair Dyed" 6/10/1949  

Wednesday 6-10
Sherlock Holmes "Complicated Poisoning At Eel Pie" 6/6/1948 
Blackstone the Magic Detective "Death in the Crystal" 6/5/1949  

Thursday 6-11
Command Performance 3/8/1945, guest Elizabeth Taylor 
Ma Perkins: Agrees to Take Ann on Milk Run, 9/23/1949  

Friday 6-12
Escape "Benchillina & The Fisherman" 6/10/1954 
The Unexpected "Understudy" 7/11/1948  

Saturday 6-13
Red Skelton (rehearsal) "Military" 2/15/1942  

Sunday 6-14
The Mysterious Traveler "Killer at Large" 6/6/1950 
Hop Harrigan "Wailing Witches - Part 7" 11/24/1947  

Monday 6-15
Fred Allen Show "Finale with Jack Benny" 6/26/1949 
Baby Snooks "Dollar Day" 6/19/1941  

Tuesday 6-16
The Line Up "The Unexplained Murder" 6/17/1952 
Police Headquarters "Phoney Payroll Check"

Wednesday 6-17
The Whistler "Concerto of Death" 6/16/1948 
Strange Dr. Weird "The Two Faces of Death" 3/13/1945  

Thursday 6-18
Father Knows Best "Mother Drives A Car" 6/21/1951 
Ma Perkins: On the Milk Run, 9/26/1949  

Friday 6-19
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "Arrowcraft Matter, part 1" 6/15/1950 
Blackstone the Magic Detective "The Cellini Statuette" 4/24/1949  

Saturday 6-20
The Green Hornet "Man Wanted for What" 6/15/1941 
Blair of the Mounties "The Train Wreckers" 4/18/1938  

Sunday 6-21
Life of Riley "Father's Day" 6/16/1950 
Bill Stern Sports Newsreel, guest Allan Jones, 6/22/1945  

Monday 6-22
X-Minus One "A Gun For Dinosaur by Ray Bradbury" 3/7/1956 
Unsolved Mysteries "Disappearance of Judge Draper"

Tuesday 6-23
Screen Director's Playhouse "Criss Cross" 10/10/1949 
Mary Foster, Editor's Daughter # 2255 "Bank Note is Extended"

Wednesday 6-24
The Man Called X "The Silver Scarab" 6/19/1947 
Studio X "Frozen Justice"

Thursday 6-25
Burns & Allen Show, Final Broadcast For CBS, 6/27/1940 
Baby Snooks "Lockstep Higgins Fortune" 2/1/1940  

Friday 6-26
Richard Diamond, Private Detective "The Fred Sears Murder Case" 6/19/1949 
Speed Gibson "A Message From the Octopus" 2/27/1937  

Saturday 6-27
Mail Call, host Betty Hutton, 6/25/1945 
Lear Radio Show: Orson Welles Commentaries, 10/21/1945  

Sunday 6-28
I Was a Communist For the FBI "Abby as in Abigail" 6/17/1953 
Hop Harrigan "Wailing Witches - Part 8" 11/25/1947

Monday 6-29
Cisco Kid "Contraband" 5/28/1953 
Tom Mix "Mystery Of The Black Cat" 12/1/1941  

Tuesday 6-30
Screen Director's Playhouse "It Happens Every Spring" 4/14/1950 
Mary Foster, Editor's Daughter: A Friend Provides a Clue (soap opera #2256)
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